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Kagro in the Morning - December 3, 2015

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David Waldman, along with the rest of us, has to address yesterday’s mass shooting, again not be confused with any other mass shooting yesterday

Greg Dworkin points out that hours before the San Bernardino shooting, doctors urged Congress to lift funding ban on gun violence research.

The outpouring of thoughts, prayers, and BS from NRA supported politicians was immediate, possibly heartfelt. #thoughtsandprayers has been the best place to read replies

People are still thinking about that Planned Parenthood shooting some time back, and think Republicans deserve some of the blame.

Here is the best way to ask an Iowa Caucus gun control question, if you don’t mind what answer you will still probably get.

Ted Cruz hopes Republican voters are less bloodthirsty than what Rubio hopes they are, going into the primary.

A private memo turns up describing how the Gop would handle Trump if he was nominee — there is probably a memo for each possible nominee, other than Pataki. 

Armado calls in to ask where have the Liberals been the last 20 years or so while this mess has been growing? Where are the politicians that will make the stand that gun ownership is not a fundamental right? Or emphasize the power of states to decide? And, of course remember the state of the Supreme Court when making any voting decision.

Meet The Press tries to be “fair and balanced”, may even invite on someone that doesn’t like anyone getting shot.  Instead, they will definitely make certain to book M'aiq Huqqabeh.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 2, 2015

David Waldman promises, and delivers an eclectic show today:

A former police officer has his first love stolen from him, as well as his faith in humanity, vows to let nothing stop him in his search for its return.

Greg Dworkin calls in with the news you can use — which includes polling! How yooge is Trump’s lead? It not only depends on whom you ask, but how. Voters start to shift to Hillary Clinton, although Bernie Sanders does just as well head to head with Republicans.  

The media continues to catch on to Trump,  but what is the real reason that it is time to dump on Trump? Trump may have found his match with the Homo-Demon Hate-Pastor.  

New Jersey Muslims used to trust Governor Chris Christie, but quit trusting presidential candidate Chris Christie. As the U.S. continues Middle East coalition building by cahooting with enemies and antagonizing friends, Iraqis do not know who to trust at this moment.

Ted Cruz had it all figured out, when he was going to take out Jeb Bush, but now he has Marco Rubio in his way.

Armando calls in with a few bones to pick with Greg, David, and others:

Ted Cruz hits Marco Rubio on foreign policy, linking him to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, actually creating a Gop debate on policy and substance. Meanwhile the pundits wring their hands over Hillary Clinton’s likability, a problem she shares with Jeb! and Trump, the other two well-known candidates. 

David and Armando discuss Bernie Sander’s plan for free tuition, and similar programs for which a decision needs to be made to help those at the extremes or to help everyone, and if means testing is the path to helping everyone.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 1, 2015

Happy December! Between bites of pie and gravy, David Waldman helps us shake off the tryptophan.

Greg Dworkin does not promote, but helps recount how Iowa and New Hampshire got to be first in line to decide who will run for president. Greg and David also do not promote, but report on how the shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility could convince Democrats to risk a government shutdown over guns.  

The guys that warned you about Jade Helm and saw thousands of dancing Muslims in New Jersey have theories on what went wrong in Syria. John McCain and Lindsey Graham want 20,000 troops in Syria and Iraq to turn things into something that they do not quite have a plan for. Ben Carson moves way past dog-whistles in his campaign as he battles Ted Cruz for the hearts and votes of people that think homosexuals should be killed. As Cruz rises, so does Gop support for Marco Rubio, thus ruining Rubio’s outsider cred. New Hampshire’s top paper endorses Chris Christie, mostly because they don’t know Chris Christie

Research reveals the network of dedicated professionals working to create American skepticism of climate change. For more info on this kind of shenanigans, check out the John M. Olin Foundation on Dkosopedia!

Apparently unaware of the dangers of guns, a teen sticks one right through his neck. He is alive, as is one of many toddlers recently shot in Tennessee. Sadly, not as fortunate: the 7 month old in Rome, New York. (warning: graphic description)

David explores the magical thinking about Isis, as well as the murky history of how Saudi Arabia exports radical Islam.

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