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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 15, 2015

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Greg Dworkin brings us many polls and much more: 

Trump. No matter what he says, or what happens, or maybe because of it, Trump is somewhere in the lead with the Gop. The good news is that with most others, including Independents, he is still a loser. Hillary Clinton is still seen as a leader — and the leader in the election. It is starting to look as if Ted Cruz will be the one to lose to Clinton rather than Trump. At a secret meeting there was a pledge of allegiance to Cruz. Hispanic activists call Cruz and Rubio traitors. Gop billionaires still shop for a Christmas deal on the election.

On the anniversary of the Newtown Shooting, the memory continues to recede for many, but their parents work to keep that from ever happening

Las Vegas Review-Journal Staffers try to find out who even owns their newspaper.

Carly Fiorina, America’s famous modern job killing outsourcing CEO, naturally has created “The Outsourced Campaign” David looks into this and other Super PAC shell games. Unrelated — Carly Fiorina chews dogfood.

A Modesto Pastor is shot in a firearms safety class, by his instructor when the instructor didn’t notice he had not holstered his safety orange fake gun, and pulled out his very real personal gun. Who could have foreseen this happening when they sometimes do up to three things for safety?

Gun violence, the Christmas gift that keeps on taking.