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New Year's Eve! Last KITM of the year, the month, the week, and probably even of today.  David Waldman celebrates like he did last week for Christmas Eve, by detailing various blood-curdling tales of horror.

Colorado is being decimated by sudden and fast-moving wildfires… like, 100 mph fast. They would welcome the fish raining from the sky in Texarkana.

Last week the LAPD came to a bicycle lock fight armed to take out the suspect and any Quinceañera shoppers nearby. That officer has been named, but not yet named “Officer of the Year”, a title often bestowed to police right before they’re pulled into court. After 4 killings a Pennsylvania trooper was honored as if he reached a new level on Duck Hunter.

Vladimir Putin sure does miss the former guy. So much so that he just might turn the United States into a pile of radioactive ash and have us buried in stacks of four, covered in lime, and packed down with a bulldozer.

If Putin doesn’t take us out, the US military might in 2024.

US Attorney Byung Pak quit rather than be fired to pave the way for the 2020 overthrow, as per his Senate testimony.

The most successful Republican, achieving MAGA ideological goals while retaining the love and support of Democrats, is John Roberts.

The search continues for Florida man Ronald Dion DeSantis who recently fled deep into his alligator and COVID infested state and hasn’t been seen since.

If you think Omicron has hit the US, you don’t know the half of it. England is being walloped right now, and they have a government that’s been nice to them.

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Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin unsuccessfully attempt to run out the clock on 2021. What are they hiding? We have only one more day to find out!

The BBC tries to maintain their standards, Fox News tries to maintain their salaries. Alan Dershowitz says “Lock her up”! but only his accuser, not Ghislaine. Lauren and Marjorie want everyone locked up except friends and relatives.

Donald Trump wasn’t aware that the January 6 committee would be talking about his criminal activity, because that could be really bad. Trump lawyers attempted a last-minute subpoena dodge but forgot to check banking hours.

That AOC and Joe Manchin are in the same party seems problematic, until you consider who’s in the other party. To consider the GQP part of democracy is to grade on a curve. Republicans used two sets of books in Ohio redistricting, one for the public, one for the backers, because of course, they’re only held accountable by the latter.

The Omicron wave is hitting the US, and unfortunately the crest is not yet in sight. Elsewhere in the world there might be some good news for them, which might mean good news for us, soon, or eventually, probably. Science will have the answers sometime, but it’s the elected official’s job to provide the guidelines, and periodically, mandates. Who can tell the National Guard what to do?

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David Waldman gives “Don’t Look Up” a KITM thumbs up.  But, is DLU sharp, funny political satire, skewering myopic yet Machiavellian politics, corporate media unsullied by introspection... and all us idiots, or is just heavy-handed and factional? Greg Dworkin says “Meh, it could be better, could be worse”… which is coincidentally just how he reviews “Omicron” (Spoilers ahead!):

This is one big wave of infections, another record for the US. And, that’s just the ones being reportedPediatric COVID cases are soaring, filling children’s hospitals. On the other hand, deaths are barely reflecting that trend, so what does the science say? Unfortunately, comet or COVID, scientists just aren’t equipped to deal with us idiots, so it’s back to politicians to save us. (No one can help the idiots who’d get on a cruise ship.)

A U.S. District Judge says orders are orders for Oklahoma National Guard members told to take a vaccine. Oklahoma’s Governor says no one, not even a virus, can boss him around.

Swing voters don’t like January 6 Committee critics. Lunatics, however, are more interested in the lunatic vote. Peter Navarro coordinated looneys at the top to overthrow democracy on January 6 but didn’t plan on the looneys at the bottom screwing things up. David patiently explains how Navarro’s plan couldn’t possibly work, as if MAGA could hear him over their strumming of their lips with their index fingers. Meanwhile, the DOJ, along with more and more judges, is set to lay down some sanity.

Harry Reid always got it done, had no apologies, and was already missed. RIP.

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David Waldman ponders the question of eternity (and fractional divisions thereof) while we traverse this holiday interstice together:

Wait. A Russian honeypot was stupid enough to marry Madison Cawthorn? What was she thinking? Cawthorn nervously laughed his way through the alibi for his visa-less visit to an illegal casino near St. Petersburg. Madison remains nervously laughing through this morning.

The January 6 committee is wondering why it took Donald Trump 187 minutes to belch out 1 minute and 7 seconds of love for his very special insurrectionists, as it required only 2/3 of that time for Donald to listen to that morning’s KITM. Trump reminds us that nobody can legally make him care about anyone.

Trump set his 2016 GOP Convention HQ in a Cleveland hotel owned by Ukrainian/Russian mob boss Ihor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky does own plenty of Cleveland, as well as probably more than a few Clevelanders. Ihor has the corner on Russian language broadcasting in Ukraine, which is the sad truth. There was some grift behind Trump’s months-long voter fraud claims too, believe it or not.

President Joe Biden is behind a filibuster carve-out for voting rights, if it is absolutely needed, and it is absolutely needed right now. Biden is confirming judges like there’s no tomorrow.

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Greg Dworkin presents our now-traditional Yuletide pandemic ‘n politics roundup. He takes note, first of all, of the holiday-related reporting lag, which comes on top of reporting which generally sucks, as it is.

So, what should we expect from omicron? Are we all gonna get it, or what? Should we do isolation and quarantine differently this time?

You can’t launch anti-vaxxers into space. But you can launch the exciting, new Webb telescope.

In Jan. 6 committee news, witnesses are playing a new game to delay and confound the investigation. But another failed Mike Flynn lawsuit may end it before it starts.

What’s with all the guns in the Congressional Christmas cards? Well, it’s not new. But it is dumb. (Though not necessarily the dumbest gun thing going on at the moment.)

But enough about dumb gun things and dumb gun people. Let’s talk about dumb mask things and dumb mask people.

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David Waldman presents KITM for Christmas eve, the holiest day of… no wait, unless you’re Santa it’s mostly just the day before. Now, if you are a fan of a carola wassail or even a waffle, there you go, but get together with us first!

Darwin H.M., KITM Senior Military Correspondent, reports that there aren’t many dummies in the Air Force, and now there are 27 fewer once those were discharged for not understanding that taking the COVID vaccine isn’t any different from the million other shots they need to take that they also didn’t get a religious exemption for. If you want to talk big numbers, think of the 400,000 COVID cases that the VA had to handle.

Los Angeles cops shot up a clothing store, bagging a perp and a bonus 14 year old girl in a dressing room. In their defence, the LAPD wouldn’t guess people could be on the other side of walls.

Madison Cawthorn believes in marrying young, divorcing young, and remaining stupid for a lifetime.

Our country isn’t past the point of no return yet, because Republicans aren’t able to do anything quite that competently. Give them some time, though.

Donald Trump is known by many namesRich over at Liberal Thinking could tell you a few, but sticks to “con man”, and “grifter” in his latest reporting that argues how “criminal” could be worked in there too.

You’ll need an extra helping of Christmas cheer after you hear the story of Russian mercenaries compiled by Ukrainian intelligence officers. A ponzi scheme where each person is killed so the next one can be rich.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin continue their KITM Countdown to Christmas, because really, what choice do they have?

Omicron sweeps across the nation, although whether it is sweeping Delta out is up for contention. President Joe Biden swerved between empathy, uplift and frustration during his speech on Omicron. What more would you want from the guy, other than a complete, instant solution, which is of course what voters want. So far, Joe has been up to the task, with the help of Nancy Pelosi. The Supreme Court has a raft of cases upcoming by which they could stop that progress, although New York and California show paths toward solutions.

Omicron is what Michael Flynn and his white-power QAnon buds like to call “Anthrax”, because how hip would it be to catch that? Unfortunately, Michael Flynn and his white-power QAnon buds are probably our bigger threat. The January 6 committee has plenty of evidence of militia connections to those at the top and is accruing more each day. Gym Jordan in the barrel and on the stand is always a pleasure, and good for ratings. All the better to trace the leadup to that day and the danger it presents to our future.

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David Waldman says cheer up, Greg Dworkin’s here today!

Greg Dworkin says cheer up, things aren’t hardly as bad as they could be! Vaccinations and caution seem to be holding against Omicron, despite the unvaccinated and incautious. Hospital staff and healthcare workers can only be saints so much longer, however. Deborah Birx sought to protect the public by first covering her own ass. New York City quietly truly cares for its people. Maybe holdouts would take the vaccine if it was invented by military scientists, or if the virus was something cool, like anthrax. Perhaps Pfizer needs to make its new Covid-19 Pill “red”.

Joe Manchin is walking all over the White House. Fellow Democrats find out Manchin can’t be trusted. Joe Biden can act unilaterally, or let Manchin take over…. maybe both. Republicans count the days until they can wipe feces on the walls again. Mitch McConnell won’t need Viagra for a week now.

A Trump aide set up the meeting to pressure a Georgia election worker to confess to bogus fraud charges. The GQP set up Kanye West’s bogus presidential campaign.

Anti-”handouts” people turn out to be not so anti-”take it when no one’s looking”. Those folks are always the first ones whose pockets need to be checked, especially when there’s been a few hundred billion dollars left unattended. At least we might get a new Elijah Wood movie out of all this.

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Your easily distracted host was easily distracted this morning. But the good thing about being easily distracted is that you can also be easily lured back on track, as I was by this excellent TikTok-based COVID analogy.

If the rise of omicron has you rethinking your masks, good! But if you’re left trying to figure out whether the KN-95 masks you’re ordering are real or counterfeit, bad! But KITM listeners are always willing to help out, and you can get what you need here.

But do you really need masks, asks the CEO of Southwest Airlines. Who then almost immediately got COVID. Ask Congress’s dumbest doctor, and you’ll get its dumbest answer.

Thanksgiving’s over, but the January 6th committee is finally talking turkey. What’s it really going to take to see people face serious felony charges? Could anybody really be charged with insurrection, or what?

Moving on to what’s happening in Congress now, as opposed to a year ago, Joan McCarter came by in the middle of preparing her update on the Joe F*@#ing Manchin story, and what’s next for BBB, the filibuster, and everything.

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Finally! David Waldman finally listened to Greg Dworkin and finally got his booster shot!  That leaves… uhm, YOU. Listen to the show on your way to the closest vaccination place, then listen to the rest on earbuds as you hang around the waiting room.

Think you’re tired of COVID-19? Oh well, how about a winter of death first before you make a decision? Larry Hogan consistently fought against COVID-19, but he’s got it now. Doug Ericksen was mostly interested in combating the disease after he caught it, and now he’s dead. Sarah Palin has always needed a dose of something. No one even needs to catch COVID to die from it, and yet the Trump administration made sure as few people could be prepared as possible. So, here comes Omicron, which does not seem any milder, at least for unvaccinated… and even vaccination isn’t a ticket out. Smart and careful might not work all of the time, but it sure beats the alternative.

Renowned dancing fool Rick Perry happened to have his phone text ideas for the increasingly popular concept of overthrowing the government for Donald Trump, which more and more people are considering might be a crime. Kansas Senator Roger Marshall doesn’t believe Joe Biden is president, but somehow thinks he is a Senator. Donald’s wall isn’t a wall, it’s a pile of expensive trash. Meanwhile Trump sues New York’s Attorney General to keep himself out of jail for other reasons

Joe Manchin talked to those people who best understand him, the folks at Fox News. Manchin doesn’t want child tax credit money in Build Back Better because young families would just blow it as if they’re seniors with a new social security check, on some drugs of course. The White House officially states this was very uncool of Manchin. Chuck Schumer just won’t play with him anymore if Manchin wants to be that way. Wait, is Joe Manchin aware that BBB might help his constituents? Yes, but Joe just wants spending to be more focused, that’s all. Anyhow, Joe is just one of 50 or so opposed to Democrats.

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With super immunity comes super responsibility, however our normally super responsible David Waldman has yet to receive his vaccine booster! Now that the week’s finally over he can tackle that.

Trump towers, steaks, frauds, and coups all have Donald Trump written all over them, which is obvious in Donald’s recorded call with Brad Raffensberger. David reveals that most of the “unintelligible crosstalk” in the transcript is Trump farting.

Donald Trump got into the Christmas spirit yesterday by insulting American Jews, at least those in thrall to secret internationalist cabals. Melania now offers the perfect holiday grift, a Non-fungible token that "embodies Mrs. Trump's cobalt blue eyes”, but actually arrives to the collector in the form of a collectable digital “invoice”. Tis always the season for brazen Trump fraud

Virginia Democrats would protect abortion rights, but that would cut into their Christmas break time.

Gavon Newsom exchanged private citizen enforcement bills with Texas, putting New York in the gift-giving mood. Gun lobbyists are losing their holiday cheer.

In 1952, the world's first nuclear plant disaster was averted when the US Navy's nuclear physics expert, Cpl. James Earl (Jimmy) Carter, was lowered into deadly radiation, survivable for only minutes, rescuing the capitol city of Canada. We'll probably have a Trump statue before his.

You don’t have to be as bonkers as Kanye West to work for Ye, but it really helps, as his maybe former publicist Trevian Kutti can tell you when she’s not talking QAnon or strongarming election workers for Trump.

How does James O’Keefe stay out of prison? Federal prosecutors, F.B.I. agents and Joe Biden’s daughter continue to ask that question.

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You heard it here first! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin spend a couple of hours telling you things that might take months or years to percolate to the mainstream:

Finally, everyone is talking about Donald Trump’s obstruction on January 6. Mark Meadows, the Freedom Caucus and their fellow traveling lunatics aimed for permanent Trumpist rule. The gang at the top is exactly who listeners to KITM know them to be. The Capitol riot to overthrow our democracy happened because Donald Trump simply lied, and lied, and lied. Fox News made certain the lies were fed to the right people, then lied to cover it up, and continue to do so. Mark Meadows’ job was to be a gatekeeper, but he was more of a funnel which of course puts Meadows in legal jeopardy, or at least it should. Donald Trump personally put them all in legal jeopardy, along with many more in physical jeopardy, which you’d think would have some consequences. 

As you’d guess, Omicron is due to peak right after your Christmas vacation. After all of this time we are at least better prepared. We have learned a lot, although your brother-in-law, if he has survived, still believes he knows more.

Armando could have, and did tell you all about the ethical and constitutional violations in Donald Trump’s leasing of the Trump International Hotel in D.C. You listened, but a House committee investigating just found out.

Yeah, yeah, a magazine isn’t a clip, but did you know there’s a big difference between a tomahawk and an axe?

A woman told on a nurse spreading health misinformation and was informed that’s a felony. That sounds “unconstitutional”, but you never know.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver us to the weekend… well, at least over the hump and toward the weekend

Remember the October before last? Didn’t Donald Trump tell us that COVID-19 would disappear? Well, Donald’s prescience is not yet quite vindicated. In fact, this will make a lot of people very angry, but enough dimwits have kept the virus stoked to the point that it’s shutting us down once again... and don’t be surprised when you, a smart vaccinated-American, end up with the Omicron variant. Not much can defend against the Persei 8 strain, at least more than just another little booster, which gives 25 times more protection! We aren’t the only ones suffering from crazies. In Germany, treasonous Saxon crossbow-wielding anti-vax death squads attempted to assassinate their Governor.

The GQP plotted to overturn the 2020 election before it was even over. Forget the election, many of them plotted to overthrow the government. But on January 6, Fox Hosts realized their Kayfabe went FUBAR and began to panic. They got over it quickly and moved onto burning Christmas trees and paella pans... but now someone found their emails

Would Donald Trump ever mislead his own accountants? Manhattan prosecutors would like the obvious answer to this question on the record. A Federal court has ruled that obstructing the electoral vote count is illegal, also pretty obviously a problem for Donald. Trump will deal with these problems the way he always has, by growing old and dying before they ever catch up to him. Proud Boys and Oath Keepers won’t be given that luxury in the DC courts.

An ex-Houston police captain ran a man off the road and held a gun on him because he believed his victim was transporting several tons of forged ballots in his truck. A woman reported a nurse spreading health misinformation. Turns out that might be illegal in Michigan. Book-burners find it difficult to burn e-books.

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It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Unless she’s on vacation, then David Waldman takes it solo:

9 years after Sandy Hook, the victims' memories still endure, most places.

This will make a lot of people very angry, but there are places in the US where people don’t care about anyone but themselves. it's important to realize this perspective is very much one that many people have, even as those people’s perspective moves 6 feet underground. Trump-appointed judges wonder: Is 800,000 deaths really “a lot”?

The January 6 committee released Mark Meadow’s texts of members of Congress, Fox News pundits, and Donald Trump Jr. begging Donald Trump to call off the antifa… no wait, MAGA forces storming the Capitol. Reporter Jake Sherman reports that Reporter Jake Sherman was also texting Meadows, although he was scooped by just about everyone. Mark Meadows was moved to demand stonewalling on emails and hiding behind the 5th amendment immediately cease, back in 2014. All of this should accelerate and solidify the GQP’s overthrow plans. A federal appeals court is allowing Trump’s White House records to go to the committee, so now it’s up to the Supreme Court, who might be tired of making excuses for Donald Trump, but after all, it is their job.

From most people’s perspective Donald might seem to be a losing proposition, but from the top of the pyramid, things are looking good.

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No KITM house band yet, but today David Waldman welcomed another appearance of Greg Dworkin and his lovely Skype-tones: 

How quickly they grow up! Yesterday’s incel gamergaters are today’s neo-Nazi crypto-hodlers. They’re now modern folk heroes, and congress has slapped on competition knee pads to sprint after all of them. Too late though, they’ve fled to their Galt’s gulch of Puerto Rico. One more reason for statehood. Meanwhile, West Virginia is paying folks to bring some blue to their state.

Herschel Walker's son in his $1300 hoodie notices how the price goes up as gas is pumped by the guy he paid who’d touch a fuel pump.

8.48 billion COVID vaccine shots and what have we learned? Some of us, not a bunch, which is quite a problem as the next big wave heads our way. The deplorable third are set to do the majority of damage, but even responsible people can’t let their guard down.

The January 6 committee describes many of the ways Mark Meadows is contemptable. Mark wanted the National Guard to protect Trumpists from antifa. When antifa didn’t show, Trumpanistas had no one to fight but the police. Wouldn't it almost be cool to have a mob kill for you? Mike Pence disagrees and discovers it is equally uncool to have that mob kill you. Peter Navarro tries to pull an Eichmann, which didn’t really work for Eichmann, btw.

Gavin Newsom deftly returns Texas’ volley, but don’t expect the umpires to ever be on his side.

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David Waldman could have talked about a million things today. Eight million things. But really, there is only one thing to talk about. The plan to end American democracy. For real.

Government overthrow used to be a thing only crazies talked about, and only idiots attempted. The problem is that crazy idiots now have power and influence and are gaining more each day.

Hours before the Capitol attack, Donald Trump had a meeting with aides on how to take the presidency from Joe Biden. Mark Meadows brought a PowerPoint. They weren’t able to... yet. A year ago, Georgia Republicans purging Black Democrats from county election boards would feel like 50 years ago, but it is now.

David reads the entirety of The Atlantic article on how Donald Trump could subvert the 2024 election, which would be worth the subscription even if he hadn’t.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver perhaps the best KITM of your lifetime today — or maybe that’s next Monday’s KITM — either way, why risk it, listen to them both!

Donald Trump is already the greatest and most powerful financial dominatrix of all time, so why would he, a lazy, narcissistic, sociopath, go back to a day job in DC? For the lulz, of course. And for the free stuff

Nothing is ever too difficult for a guy who never expends effort. Trump almost destroyed the US without lifting a finger, so how tough can finishing the job be? Donald will burn the world down while committees are still being formed to study the match. We’ll watch Ali Alexander lie now, Mark Meadows lie later. All that’s missing is “The Donald”.

Does the pain of supporting Republicans lead to more commitment from members? Is President Joe too quiet and unassuming, and successful, to demand similar fealty?

The event planner for Bob Dole’s funeral didn’t plan on being subpoenaed by the House committee. Representative Peter Mejier will be sacrificed as a warning to RINOs. The Tennessee medical board removed COVID misinformation warnings after learning what fans Republicans are of COVID misinformation. University of Florida researchers were pressured to destroy COVID data and not criticize Ron DeSantis if they knew what was good for them.

As for COVID, masks work, and so do boosters. Do that stuff.

Joe Manchin might have figured out a way to lose the filibuster without losing face, or his Maserati.

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Republicans can’t find enough to be angry or frightened about in Biden’s America, so they are turning on each other. Greg Dworkin supplies a scorecard for us, so we can check each one of them off as they are gurneyed off the field. Nancy Mace and Lauren Boebert fight to their political death over our attention. Dan Crenshaw calls the Freedom Caucus performance artists and grifters, and he should know. The GOP purge of those not ready to big-lie continues. Steve KG Bannon knows David Perdue could never be worthy of Donald Trump’s butt.

The Fox Christmas tree was officially lit last night, happy holidays! The Boeberts and the Massies also are all set to light each other up this season.

This guy gunned down this guy because he drove recklessly.

The long arm of the January 6 committee will have a lot to gather up. They will find many of them already behind bars, in the spa area most likely. A National Guardsman/insurrectionist rioter saw the mob from both sides and really should experience jail in the same way.

The COVID Delta variant is still kicking our asses, especially the red ones, but being fully informed and vaccinated should help against the Omicron variant. Getting vaccines into the ignorant is the stumper though. A medical board attempted to decouple vaccination from politics by not letting conservatives find out they were anti-lying.

Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court issued an official “whatevs, do what you want” on expansion of the court, but isn’t that true about anything that happens in DC? A permanent rule can always be fixed with a temporary rule if you just know the rules. David Waldman has us well-armed for this fight.

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David Waldman and Joan McCarter told you they’d be here today, and as usual they are 100% correct.

President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden honored National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day by laying a wreath in memory of Bob Dole, sadly the second one we lost this year.

Kamala Harris is smart to not use Bluetooth, and smart to not waste her time explaining why.

Remember that old news to KITM listeners is new to everyone else. Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg warned that the Electoral Count Act could be manipulated to overthrow elections. State Legislatures are filling with Trump goons set to overthrow elections. Steve Bannon helped Trump attempt to overthrow the last election, plans to overthrow the 2024 election, and will even do his part to overthrow the 2022 elections. Donald Trump wants to overthrow elections!

You know that Jeffrey Clark conspired with Trump to overturn the 2020 election. There is new evidence, however, and it’s linked directly to the White House. Did you know that Donald Trump spent every moment in and out of office soaking anyone for any penny he could get?

The Feds could release an alternative Mueller report, soon but several years late. The Steele Dossier doesn’t need an alternative version because it’s not really relevant. 

Mark Meadows new book reveals the old news that Donald Trump almost died from COVID but then ended up trolling everyone once again by surviving. Donald did not give Mark permission to speak however and decided that more discipline was in order. Meadows has since remembered his place... Devin Nunes always understood that he belonged beneath Trump, but he just couldn’t find the right place to latch on, until now. The Truth isn’t real, and never will be with Trump, which is all right by those investors who just like to see Donald happy.

The Iran talks end in Vienna almost back at square one, which is still better than where Trump left it.

Mitch McConnell and his maniacs (plus Joe Manchin) considered shutting down the government, but that ended up being too much work, so government was funded. The debt ceiling would be an evergreen ruse for Republicans to attempt next, but Mitch is a little shy this year to lose the filibuster, so who knows, maybe he and Chuck Schumer will Build Back Better. They better get on it, as Joan goes on vacation next week.

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Monday means a weekend round-up from Greg Dworkin, and these days, that means equal parts politics and pandemic.

On the politics: “kitchen table” economics, or “values?” Why not both? Will it work? As we always caution you, wait and see.

Is Biden just plain getting worse coverage? It might depend on who you ask.

The Jan. 6 committee continues to charge ahead, despite the best (read: worst) efforts of the Pentagon and the DoD IG. It seems they were going with the old “executive summary” trick, again.

Bob Dole will likely get the funeral Donald Trump never should.

On the pandemic, the picture on Omicron is beginning to come through. In the meantime, the picture on masks is pretty clear. Not that Missouri wants you to see it. Vaccine shenanigans continue, despite evidence that they—and mandates—actually work. Why won’t this sink in?

We continue to keep one eye out for democracy’s point of no return.

There is, in fact, a thing that is too dumb even for Donald Trump.

A whole weekend of improbable developments for the (latest) Michigan school shooter & family.

A whole weekend of discussion on a probable, but inadvisable, event for Ron DeSantis.

And, because it is always irresponsible not to speculate, here’s a story that could be (or turn into) the slickest new campaign finance scam on the market today. Or not!

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Who knows where David Waldman will take us today? That’s why we tune in!

Asparagus Zucchini, always in season, is back on KITM to discuss crypto assets, which are worth absolutely nothing unless you can find that mark who buys what you’re selling. At that very moment you are rich... Until it all melts away through your fingers. All of this makes crypto an ideal foundation for US infrastructure, especially for Joe Manchin.

Donald Trump knew he had COVID, even as he flitted from one superspreader event to another like a honeybee spreading pollen... if honeybees were disgusting sociopaths and pollen killed a million Americans. At least this is according to Mark Meadows, just as disgusting in his many special ways, and equally untrustworthy. Mark’s beta, so when Donald said Meadow’s book was fake news, Mark had to agree. Donald wasn’t the only pestilent Trump at that debate, however. Trump had his whole toxic clan there to destroy the previously spotless reputation of the Cleveland Clinic.

COVID wasn’t the only way Trump could kill you, of course. Two Georgia election workers were reminded of that daily, and are now suing. Twitter is tired of being used to punch Nazis, and Nazis are taking note of that.  

Democrats can shut up a fascist SCOTUS by limiting what they hear. Of course, as long as there is a filibuster, that’s easier said than done.

Jeffrey Clark says he can’t appear at any January 6th hearings if Liz Cheney isn’t a Republican. Expect plenty of stupid lawyering in 2022.

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Sure, to listen to David Waldman and Greg Dworkin rehearse “Two of Us” dozens of times this morning is to behold genius, but pay attention to their banter and you’ll discover plenty about politics. It’s when David invites Armando to sit in on the second half where the band really shines!

Other than fixing things for rich people, Republicans have had only one issue and that’s eliminating abortion rights. Now what will they do? Republicans are certainly anti-woman, but they haven’t managed to eradicate them quite yet, therefore women are sure to retaliate, right?

The Supreme Court, and Susan Collins, would like you to know it wasn’t their fault. Except for Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. Those two are laying down a Trumpian stink that SCOTUS will never be able to get out.

The economy is improving! Supply chains are disentangling! Joe Biden should tell someone! But really Americans are conditioned to believe they’ll never be rich enough, so the economy is never “fixed” is it? Meanwhile, the government is about to shut down again.

Donald Trump keeps having bad days, but he might have already taken us with him. Conservative areas committing suicide to make Biden look bad is a weird flex, but maybe wiping compost all over themselves will help. Joe Biden offers rational solutions instead.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us to the middle of the week and the beginning of the month simultaneously. Let’s multitask together:

Breaking: Donald Trump, the liar responsible for hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths, lied about being safe from COVID days before sneaking into his televised debate with Joe Biden, and knowingly became directly responsible for COVID infections at superspreader events just prior... which he continues to lie about. Sounds pretty on brand, but the bearer of that news was Mark Meadows, and who’d trust what he has to say? (Brad Raffensperger is also talking, for what that’s worth) 

Donald Trump might “run” for president in 2024, spurring Democrats to wonder if they should maybe just give up now. Perhaps Joe Biden should put some zingy Twitter insults out there…

Twitter isn’t what it used to be and might soon be even less.

Supply chain bottlenecks appear to be easing, thanks Joe! (As if voters cared about a problem once it is fixed.) Kids escaped from a school shooting and Republicans worry that some might have learned some history before they could break out the window.

Meanwhile, the more unvaccinated there are, the less unvaccinated there’ll be, and that goes too for the new Omicron variant. Omicron is confirmed in 23 countries, so that cat is out of the bag, horse is out of the barn door, however viral epidemiologists put it.

Chris Cuomo joins his brother Andrew Cuomo in retirement. Neither better skimp on this year’s Christmas presents.

Small time insane grifter Sidney Powell will have the underside of the bus memorized before this is over.

The news media is now issuing explainers for those who can’t believe Lauren Boebert et al. could be so 🦇 💩 🤡.  If you thought GQP infighting couldn’t get uglier, you haven’t met Marjorie Traitor Greene. Marj is now stalking Nancy Mace, like she stalks Ilan OhmarAlexandria Ocasio-CortezDavid Hogg… Don’t worry, Kevin McCarthy will have the ladies calmed down by the weekend.

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