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David Waldman and Joan McCarter, the Tuesday miracle that just keeps giving, for about two hours:

Lauren Boebert, the Louie Gohmert of Steve Kings, was honing her standup over Thanksgiving and told the one about how Muslims are terrorists, with the punchline of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. Lauren did read her room perfectly, but unfortunately wasn’t aware of how cellphones can record stuff. Boebert quickly called Omar to demand an apology. As expected, the GQP was totally fine with South Carolina’s Nancy Mace’s vaccine doubletalk endangering Americans, but the moment Nancy implied xenophobic racism might be better whispered rather than shouted there was hell to pay. Marjorie Traitor Greene pointed out that Mace was trash that should hang with her fellow Muslims.  In turn, Mace pointed out that Green was an illiterate possum-faced cross-burning hick, or some words to that effect... Hey now! Are all these harsh words between fellow conservatives beyond the pale? And why isn’t saying beyond the pale “beyond the pale”? After all, Russian Jews hesitated to go beyond the pale, lest they encounter a relative impaled on a pole by some zealous build-the-wall type...

But I digress. We were talking about the civility of conservatives. Virginia Republicans slipped Glenn Youngkin into his seat by saying the quiet parts quietly, but then just couldn’t hold their pétarade back. Now, the Virginia PTA finds it needs to slap down the local PTAs.

Remember Donald Trump? He was trying to overthrow the government then, and he’s trying to overthrow it now. Just ask Mark Meadows.

Now Democrats, they have their act together. Especially Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. They might even have a few acts going on behind the scenes we don’t know about. Senate Democrats have a huge job and little time to do it. Mitch McConnell’s job is to use up that time. Broadband infrastructure will cost more and do less if the FCC needs to rely on providers for assistance.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin both remembered to clock into work at KITM World Headquarters today... Hey, how was your holiday weekend? No need to answer! Who promised Thanksgiving was going to be fun?  Anyhow, we’re already onto the holiday in which we celebrate exceeding fuel efficiency standards, while also attempting to surpass our own personal standards.

The pandemic that pundits told us had ended, will need to end again. We have arrived at yet another COVID variant, skipping over Nu and Xi, and landing on Omicron. This Omicron might not be as lethal as the Persei 8 variant, but is definitely worth some intelligent precaution. Defense might require a little innovation, but could be as simple as getting a booster shot, which you were going to do anyhow, right?

The unintelligent, however, rarely take precautions, which is how both pandemics and grifts are spread. Michael Flynn, spy, is also an old surfer, which is probably why he uses the old surfer term “Kook” to describe his fellow useful lunatics over at QAnon. Those paranoid conspiratorial morons are finally at each other’s throats.

Republican voters in Virginia might become concerned that Winsome Sears isn’t one of the good ones that they hoped she was, now that she came out in praise of the guilty verdicts in the Ahmaud Arbery case.

 A lie doesn’t need to be ”the opposite” of the truth, but Donald Trump likes to exceed our expectations. People who see Fox News as pinko want that in a president. Most people prefer their leaders to be more boring and competent. That’s not to say the President Joe Biden can’t surprise us now and then.

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Remember how exciting it was when we put on a live show last Thanksgiving? It was so amazing, we decided to do it again! By which we mean we decided to re-run that show.

Welcome to our first, and apparently last, annual KITM Thanksgiving Special, with your hosts, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, and their special guests, the Loudoun County Rockettes! Brought to you by… you. We sure couldn’t have done it without you. We’re still grateful for you, even if your name might possibly be mispronounced by us. (David’s got “Nevada”, “Latiñes” and “Latines” down pat, now if only he could say “adversary”…)

There is a lot to be thankful for! 80,000,000 legal votes. 306 electoral votes. Over 30 transparently idiotic lawsuits, and counting. Several of the dumbest, craziest lawyers in the country. We should thank The Resistance, fighting from the last inauguration right up to this one. And, the few, proud, honest Republicans... Webcams on laptops, relaying LGBT bashers’ laptops to Zoom. And, John P. Flannery, the Robert Redford of Willy Wonkas, all out there, fighting the good fight. 

It’s no time to get sick of winning. Trump started rigging this election when the last one ended. Trump hasn’t quit endangering the world and his corruption won’t stop until it is stopped.

Yesterday, the Trump Supreme Court and their new superspreader Justice put a big boot heel on both state’s rights, and public health by blocking New York’s coronavirus restrictions on houses of worship, formally trading “latte drinking Prius drivers” with “wine drinking bicycle riders” in the Supreme Court lexicon.

David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are bad people who you shouldn’t be trusting, but they sure are rich.

Meanwhile, we die from a preventable disease. Idiocy remains popular in South Dakota. You can even lose your job if you aren’t one. West Virginia can’t keep up... in fact, they don’t really want to. Perhaps, if we only had more self-destructive door-knockers, we’d have more Democrats in Congress

While Democrats remind themselves that their Latine and Black constituencies aren’t monolithic, it would also help to remember that Asia is a big place also. 


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Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey time! The day to learn about the bird, the word, and the jive. So, it’s also traditional to listen to KITM today. Don’t worry, David Waldman always goes to break when the best balloons come on.

Did you know many conspiracy theorists are disgusting cold-blooded self-centered narcissists? Talia Bracha Lavin does, and while reviewing the dimwitted offensiveness of self-victimizing protesters comparing themselves to holocaust victims teaches that Jews developed and smuggled vaccines under the noses of the Gestapo. 

We’ve been talking about the lionization of Kyle Rittenhouse since August. Kyle reached peak grifter appeal in the past few days, and therefore is due to be their pariah by New Years. You’d think the D-list opportunists he first met would have taught him something. 

Ahmaud Arbery receives justice, though sadly he’s still dead and racism is still alive. Arbery’s killers would not have been caught if it was up to the original prosecutor, Jackie Johnson, who we can all give thanks has been indicted.

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David Waldman celebrates Thanksgiving Wednesday, one day more and earlier than Donald Trump. Anything less would be un-American.

Greg Dworkin welcomes us to The COVID Endemic, which unfortunately isn’t the “end” of anything. You can call “booster” shots, “another” shot from now on. Another shot will help cut into COVID cases, hospitalizations & deaths, as does discipline in masks and social distancing. Discipline, surprisingly is something Germany came up a little short on lately, as did Austria, since both suffer from conservative DNGAF pockets.  We in the US have those also, and they have similar results, often worse, depending on the DNGAF factor. Gimmetarians tend to measure infection and death at either 0% (you have it), or 100% (they have it). Ivermectin efficacy is measured likewise. If they survive, it’s 100%, if they die, it’s 100% someone else’s fault.

The CEO of Cyber Ninjas, Doug Logan, says he’s $2 million in debt, but I wouldn’t trust him to count anything. Timothy Mellon can afford to be more than 20 times the idiot Logan is.

Sure Dems, there might be a lot to despair about, but what good does that do? Cut the tears, quit the backbiting, and remember that it might seem dark now, but it’s morning in America.

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David Waldman delivers the Tuesday KITM. You know it wouldn’t be Tuesday if there wasn’t Joan McCarter, and there is Joan McCarter… so, it’s Tuesday:

John Neely Kennedy is a dick. No, not the John Kennedy coming back from the dead, but the one frozen in the 1950’s. This Kennedy’s schtick is life imitating art, imitating art, imitating life — Buh Cahk! There will always be an audience.

An Asian American man in Pennsylvania seemed suicidal, and the police helped him out by shooting him. Authorities didn’t mention that that man sure didn’t seem suicidal when he was shot.

There's nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man, and they vote GQP, so there’s a lot of mutual love there. There’s a lot of love coming in from overseas bots as well. A pro-Trump nonprofit gave millions to groups promoting his agenda, while the RNC continues to send its cash to pay Trump’s various legal bills. Senator Ron Wyden urges the IRS to look into how charities bankrolled the insurrection.

Sean Parnell had to drop his Senate campaign after domestic violence claims and loss of custody to his children. Strange, as that is pretty much on MAGA brand… Now Donald Trump wants to beat his son. States with low rates of gun deaths have high rates of vaccination, go figure.

The new president of the World Taekwondo headquarters stopped by Mar-a-Lago to present Donald Trump with a black belt, knowing Donald does accept ass-kisses in lieu of cash sometimes.

Build Back Better heads to the Senate. The House did what it could to make the bill palatable, but Senators are a pretty picky bunch. The House is also urging the Senate to ignore the parliamentarian on immigration, but Dems never want to be ones encouraging Republicans to do bad things.

Joe Biden takes United States Postal Service Chairman Ron Bloom off the board, Joe’s next move is checkmate, Louis DeJoy.

Oh, and here’s a baby digging some shag carpet.

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David Waldman foretells our future. Not too far, or we wouldn’t keep coming back.

Waukesha Christmas Parade turned into a tragedy when an SUV was rammed into the crowd. It already doesn’t look as if a self-defense plea will work this time.

Back in the day, you could trace someone’s social position to their natural genetic or cultural inferiority pretty much unchallenged. Not anymore, with all the wokeness everywhere, therefore it must have been... “welfare” that actually historically destroyed the lives of people of color. As a matter of fact, Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears wonders if Blacks might have had it a little too nice back in the Tulsa Race Riots. David wonders if it isn’t too woke to design medical devices that work accurately for less translucent people.

Greg Dworkin pipes us aboard his raft o’stories™ and sets sail into our post-Rittenhouse verdict future. Josh Hawley, and J.D. Vance search for the rugged masculinity America has lost. Meanwhile, Democrats wonder who’ll take care of the kids. President Joe Biden has plenty of problems around the fringes, but can’t throw away what he’s got to placate them.

The media is so tired of COVID, but it isn’t going away yet. Except maybe for the places that are doing enough about it.

A gun “went off” in the security area of an Atlanta airport and no one knew if they would be the next to be self-defended upon. The Manhattan district attorney wonders how Donald Trump described property as $527 million in assets, yet $16.7 million to tax officials.  Trump lawyers hope to use the “you would if you could” defense.

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David Waldman makes it look easy… well, pretty easy:

In one of the first big wins of the Harris administration, Build Back Better passed the House. Kevin McCarthy wanted everyone to see how Trumpy he could be, so he yelled incoherent lies for a few hours. No one was impressed, and nothing was changed. Kevin and Kyrsten Sinema can go around pretending they did something today.

Wisconsin Republicans introduced a resolution that the sun will rise in the West until Donald Trump is president again. If that doesn’t work, the county sheriff will arrest election workers. If that doesn’t work, they have some other plans. Can you believe, Arizona was even worse?

The Trump administration hoped COVID-19 would exterminate pesky blue voters, but while the blues followed the advice of Anthony Fauci, the red voters listened to their cousin that did his research.

There’s a bit of a backlog in getting Black men exonerated in America, but once Netflix got involved, the process was expedited for the two men convicted of killing Malcolm X in 1965.

Why are energy prices so high? The answers are complex, but Beto O’Rourke points to the lingering effects of the “Abbott Tax”, and the weakest link of our supply chain, the Texas power grid

Look here Russia, who you jiving with that cosmic debris?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin retire fellow Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo brother Jacob Chansley’s horns. We’ll miss that idiot on bowling nights.

Plenty of other crazy idiots that we’re eager to miss: Matt Gaetz just might adopt Kyle Rittenhouse. (Nestor writes “Kevlar” down on his Christmas wish list.) Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Showis chock full of idiocy. For instance, there’s the tale of swashbuckling Sidney Powell, seeking permission to rescue CIA Director Gina Haspel from imaginary German pirates. Small idiot fish in a big idiot pond Tina Peters hit the big time with an FBI raid in her election data breach investigation. Many of these idiots will soon share bunks with Jacob Chansley. Or, maybe they’ll be heroes, demigods of the future Republican empire.  

Not an idiot: If you know “I’m Just a Bill”, you know Dave Frishberg. Frishberg was about a lot more than just that one song, so you actually probably know him a lot more also.

Joe just vaccinated 2.6 million kids in 10 days. Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Mancino, under direct orders from Oklahoma’s Governor, will no longer sit back and allow the Biden administration to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids. Iowa’s Governor however is happy to take COVID funds and make it rain for office staff.

Meanwhile, Germany is being hit with another big COVID surge, and disease control scientists are tired of arguing with politicians about what to do.

Back here, voters are bored with Democrats and just might see what the Republicans are up to again. Maybe Dems should get off their niche identity politics, like infrastructure and onto old, white, male, Christian, identity politics, like gasoline prices. Or, perhaps federal grants for guillotines.

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David Waldman is just as baffled and perplexed as you are. We’ll work this all out together.

Greg Dworkin presented an exceptionally persuasive case on how confusing it is to follow and trust scientific and medical advice, by telling an exceptionally bewildering story, which might have analogized vaccine mandates with fighting space aliens in Australia... I don’t know. Look, the other side has it much easier. They just trust their cousin, who did his own research, until they simply succumb and die. Listen, kids —  Don’t take Ivermectin, unless by some fluke you get worms. And, take your booster! I know there “was debate” about it lately… Just do it!

Actual tyrants are really having a rough time also, thanks to the pandemic.

Russia blowing its satellite all over everyone’s space is just rude, and makes no friends.

Jacob Chansley, aka “QAnon Shaman,” won’t get his horns, car keys, or wallet back for a few years.

Jonathan Karl just can’t even with Donald Trump’s sociopathic lunacy. Too bad Jonathan never reads the news. Trump almost looks sane compared to Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell, who called up Trump’s own Ezra Cohen in the Department of Defense and requested a secret mission into Germany to rescue CIA chief Gina Haspel (Who was in her office at the time, as if that mattered.) Crazy people elected Marjorie Traitor Greene and Paul Gosar, who won’t let their lack of committee work keep them from representing their constituents.

Huge job growth the past few months, and fully stocked shelves greeting eager shoppers leading into the Christmas season can only mean one thing: Joe Biden and the Democrats are screwed going into 2024. Chuck Schumer figures “Build Back Better” might sell better if renamed “Whip Inflation Now”... So, is it possible to convince voters of color to save everyone, one more time?

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On today’s KITM David Waldman presents both sides, give or take:

A Russian anti-satellite test was successful. Now we can see how effective it is on the International Space Station, although that isn’t really hard to imagine already. Russia claims Elon Musk would hijack cruise missiles, if Musk ever felt like being a Bond villain... which he often does. Of course, once Elon does go supervillain, there will be a lot of sequels in the works. For instance, Alex Jones could be a supervillain, if but for the lack of money, intelligence or a single redeemable characteristic. Soon, Jones’ money will reach zero as well. Steve Bannon just wishes he could be that evil.

Donald Trump is that evil, and then some, shutting down COVID-19 planning as soon as it started. Trump ended up too villainous for even Steve Mnuchin and Mike Pompeo. Steve and Mike had some intern google the 25th Amendment once January 6 really sunk in on them. Trump might be temporarily at bay, but there are still waves of henchmen to fight, threatening retribution. Things are looking dark for our heroes, but if they act quickly they can still turn it around.

A sudden plot twist occurs, as the new commander of the Oklahoma National Guard goes rogue, and halts vaccine mandates. He will soon find himself outnumbered.

In a fully expected turn of events, Joan McCarter made an appearance for KITM’s 4th act, but then she delivered a new curveball, announcing the departure of the Senate’s longest-serving member, Patrick Leahy. Nancy Pelosi is locking the doors on the House until her members get their act together on Build Back Better. Chuck Schumer was celebrating our new infrastructure bill, but then the boss told him to put down the fork and cake and get back to work. FTC zombies continue to rise up, and that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later If Marjorie Traitor Greene and Andrew Clyde keep racking up fines for refusing masks, why even let them in the door?

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David Waldman delivers an ostensibly Monday KITM while Greg Dworkin brings us a raft o’stories , and input for our KITM World Headquarters redesign.

Donald Trump thinks Mike Pence is a great guy and a great vice president, and should be hanged. He gave Mike the choice… Well, “patriotism” was “one” of the choices, and that’s sort of what Mike thought he had picked. Pence, however wasn’t reading the room (a room that should have been padded, btw). Mike must have gotten the memo, to understand it wasn’t high school civics class anymore. Pence also must have read the Claremont Institute’s circle jerk fanfic of the Turner Diaries that they made into a post election apocalyptic action plan, with Republican allies supplying the apocalypse

Chris Christie used to hate Trump, which is not to say he didn’t use to love Trump, that is, Christie hates Trump, but will go full Lindsey if really he has to. Steve Bannon surrendered to federal authorities, again —  which is of course, great news for Steve Bannon! May Steve and Donald enjoy good fortune like this for years to come. Kyle Rittenhouse proves that young white men with guns have always been right all along… So, why do Democrats let Republicans set the terms of the debate, anyhow? Will Republicans ever become sick of winning? Probably not, since winning is just so easy for them.

When will COVID end? Donald Trump built the infrastructure for coronavirus sturdy enough to last for generations. For the ten millionth time people, it’s not like the flu, except for the “dimwits not getting vaccinated” part. Vaccines help prevent transmission. Vaccines don’t make cow babies. Bathing in borax after vaccination allows you to avoid COVID infection, and save face by washing away the tyranny.

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Friday! What did David Waldman talk about today? Don’t ask him — I know!

Donald Trump thinks “Hang Mike Pence” has sort of a nice ring to it, and that sensible people really should get on to it next time they have a chance. John Eastman not only had a plan for Mike Pence to overthrow the 2020 election, he helped assemble plans to stage a not-so-bloodless coup across the United States. Marjorie Traitor Greene has a habit of targeting lynch mobs at those who miff her. Fellow Republicans have her take their calls. Vladimir Putin’s out there taking notes.

Will serving all of these subpoenas scratch our due process itch, or do we require just a touch more justice? Mark Meadows would be a fine start.

Once a mass shooter bags their first casualty, can’t all the rest that follow be considered “standing your ground”? sobs Kyle Rittenhouse, the New York Times’ “Sexiest Man”… Alive, that is. Kyle needs all of this to blow over before he delivers the commencement address for the University Of Austin.

You can’t fire that rogue anti-vax San Francisco cop, he’ll quit first! No, wait. He didn’t last long enough to quit. COVID still surges through the US, they just haven’t given this surge a number yet. In France they call it a “Numéro cinq”. Whatever they’re calling it in Germany, it doesn’t sound pleasantBrad Parscale was smart enough to stay away from Trump’s hoi polloi since Tulsa.

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The ol’ Twitter inbox was stuffed to overflowing this Veterans Day. But it was politics and pandemic, as usual, for Greg Dworkin.

Looks like the pandemic situation in FÜBAR (Fahrvergnügen Beyond All Recognition) in Germany (and maybe more of Western Europe, again). Fingers crossed for those COVID antiviral pills, because the horse paste isn’t working, and now they have to admit it. Although FOX viewers probably just won’t.

It’s finally time for The Former Guy to appeal the decision in his “executive privilege” case.

White people! Amirite? Well, maybe, maybe not. But the important thing is not to admit it’s possible to be wrong.

The BFD bills are popular. But now that the BIF is done, Joe Manchin wants you to worry that the BBB is inflationary. But “even the liberal” Larry Summers says it’s not.

As you know, it really burns me up when people don’t know their procedure. Especially when it’s Members and Congressional reporters. But just because they won’t lose their committee seats doesn’t mean Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill won’t be stabbed in the back front.

But speaking of being burned up, Republicans are in serious danger of overheating in the wake of Virginia’s elections.

More on the smarmy Coalition Provisional Authority sequel that was Johnny McEntee’s (Gesta)PPO operation.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin. What more can be said? (About two hours worth.)

For a moment on January 6, Mike Pence broke from the Mo’ai character he’d mastered, as he hid in the basement from a literal lynch mob. Word has it, that Pence couldn’t go to his offices that day, as his access badges had been deactivated that morning. Mike and Ayanna Pressley might actually have something they can commiserate on.

January 6 is clearly about more than what happened that day, and the January 6 panel knows that, as shown by their subpoena choices. David takes a nostalgic tour of the Trump gang members already named, and stops on Johnny “The F’ing Idiot” McEntee, a chief enforcer aiming to be Capo Bastone of the Trump crime family. Alas, with his hot head Johnny could never be made.

Trump’s no Capone, but at this rate could arrive at a crypt before a jail cellHistory will, of course demand to know why we didn’t hang Trump, but really, Donald deserves to live as long as everything he will be sentenced to. The same goes for his pals too.

You know who would purposely terrify U.S. election officials? Terrorists. Reuters found that their reporters were able to trace back previously “untraceable” harassers by calling their phones. The NRA debated doing the right thing after Columbine, but you know how that turned out.

Think racism put Glenn Youngkin in office? Well, if you ask suburban women voters if their racism guided their vote, they will tell you no, it was gas prices. Democrats will tell you, some of their best friends are Black. It’s just that one day soon, they’ll have to prove that. Here, let Joe Biden show you how it’s done.

The reasons Congress finally passed an infrastructure bill boil down to that they were scared not to. Now, if they can only be frightened into building back better.

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David Waldman and Joan McCarter save the day! Where would Tuesdays be without them?

It’s hard to both-sides Paul Gosar. He’s more unlikeable than even Marjorie Traitor Greene, and for good reason. Paul joins every American conservative in constant unending fantasies about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Gosar's fantasies are no different than most, centered on anime and beheading. What is AOC to do, bring this to Kevin McCarthy? You don’t want to look into his mind, bud. Twitter fixed everything by placing a public interest notice on the tweet… Justice is also slowly inching towards the 16 year old pickup driver who rolled coal, then rolled over cyclists back in September. Reuters sleuthed out the Trumpers harassing election officials, by calling back their phones. Someone took pictures of Mike Pence temporarily realizing he was set up to die on January 6, before he was able sublimate that thought far away. Steve KG Bannon is still at large.

Meanwhile, there’s more January 6 committee subpoenas, to remind everyone of those we hated and almost forgot. Speaking of, Kellyanne Conway returns to remind everyone of how little she knew in the Trump administration. Kellyanne’s ignorance reaches way back, to refusing to understand institutionalized racism. (which remains as part of the institution to this day.)

Are Democrats too woke? Of course they are, as defined by the people who frame things like that as an insult. The demand for a new race-code among conservatives was palpable before Critical Race Theory came along. Glenn Youngkin wouldn’t have won without it… if he did win.

The House GQP is considering whether to strip committee assignments from Republicans who voted for infrastructure. Quick-thinking Rep. Nicole Malliotakis thanked Donald Trump for her decision. People like building back better. Smart Republicans don’t say that. A North Dakota representative will miss his anti-vaccine rally as he can’t decide which end to point at the toilet following his Ivermectin-Hydroxychloroquine smoothies. He should’ve followed the lead of the Illinois teacher who got vaccinated, so that she could safely fight against vaccines.

Joan calls in to celebrate the end of Infrastructure Weeks, and to instruct everyone to get back to work. Adding a debt ceiling to the BBB bill could fix both Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could revert to Republican control, but zombie votes are out there, helping preserve the Democratic antitrust agenda.

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As you might know, KITM stands for “KITM Is Totally iMpressive”, which David Waldman with Greg Dworkin demonstrate aptly this Monday.

President Joe Biden capped off the the last four years of Infrastructure Week quite nicely, by pushing through an historic infrastructure bill. Joe had some help of course, with even a few Republicans chipping in. Don’t worry, the others will all have their hands out when the fixes are divvied up. Joe also also brought in a half million jobs — in August! And, ended the war in Afghanistan. What can’t that guy do? Convince the press that this isn’t a disaster for Democrats. Joe’s polls will go up once the news catches on, and people see whose side he’s on. Biden’s vaccine mandate isn’t really a vaccine mandate, by the way.

Hey, what’s in that infrastructure bill, anyway? Well, you could read it… or just move on to the reconciliation bill, everybody else is, and it’s pretty cool too! Infrastructure needs to look forward to our electric future, and the Infrastructure bill does just that. The Tesla company is interested in an electric future for their sexy S, 3, X, and Y models (See what they did there?) and has been handling the infrastructure for a while. It’s even thinking of sharing some of it. 7-11 is adding chargers to its convenience stores. Tesla might add convenience stores to its chargers.   

New Jersey’s governor has flipped from red to blue as far back as David can remember, and David can remember back a long way. Are Republican and Democratic governors pretty much the same, like states and commonwealths? Um, no. Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey is routing federal coronavirus relief funding into anti-mask schools for example.

Republicans are certain to set themselves apart in memorable ways. An eighth-grader recorded his teacher going over a list of beliefs that might make Marjorie Traitor Greene blush. Paul Gosar fan-fics about killing AOC. There ends up being a limit to the amount of shame the University of Florida can take.

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Kagro in the Morning is recorded before a live audience. Well, I’m not sure about today. No Diet Coke pops, microwave pings, or gas range sparks to be heard on today’s broadcast, but David Waldman sounds pretty healthy.

QAnon does have a hard time finding living people who don’t think they’re idiots, so many spent the day at Dealey Plaza searching for dead Kennedys and ended up at a Rolling Stones concert. Those are the kind of people running for office nowadays. At least 10 GQP who were at the Jan. 6 insurrection were just elected to office. More will be coming in 2022, although a few, such as “too blond for jail” Jenna Ryan, need to spend a few days in jail before establishing their PACs.

DURR! Ed Durr, Republican truck driver, deep thinker, represents those people taking over the countryMississippi Governor Tate Reeves won’t let this new generation out-imbecile him without a fight, and will sue President Joe Biden over one of his vaccine mandates. (Guess which one.) Ron DeSantis is assembling his new election crimes police force as a brilliant countermove to Roger Stone’s ambitions. Ron’s suppression of university professors has turned out to be less brilliant.

A Texas radio host bilked elderly listeners out of millions of dollars, and will be sentenced to 3 life prison terms… at 80 years old… most of his victims dead… most of the money spent. A cautionary tale that Donald Trump is certainly taking to heart. Trump will be in his 90’s before justice reaches him. A federal judge said she’d rule "expeditiously" on whether Donald can keep his records from the January 6 committee. If Donald Trump truly believed he had “Executive Privilege” he’d have had the Air Force drone strike a few places by now

Virginia Democrats did all the right things for voter’s rights, and this is the thanks they get? Hey now! You can’t say that trash about Loudoun Democrats! If Loudoun county were a state, you can bet they’d have a way different governor right now. Not everybody can be the smartest people, you know.

The Bolivian president, Luis Arce, at the UN Climate Change Conference, said the solution to the climate crisis is to change the model of civilization and move towards an alternative model to capitalism, the concept of living well together in harmony with Mother Earth. Oh well.

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David Waldman and all of here at KITM World Headquarters wish you and yours a joyous Diwali! Hey, what could be wrong with a holiday centered around charitable giving, selfless service, and thorough house cleaning? Well, you don’t have to be Lauren Boebert to see that holiday isn’t from around here. It’s just more wokeness foisted upon our children in the guise of diversity, equity, inclusion, and pastry

In other words, it’s critical race theory, which really doesn’t need a ”definition” when we all already know what it means, right?

Other than rolling up into a fetal position, what can Democrats do now? Greg Dworkin suggests fixing the COVID-19 situation, for which all issues, including racism and intrinsic intolerance, seem to be aggravated.  And, while they are taking care of things, Dems need to take credit, even when they haven’t quite got around to taking care of those things. After all, it’s the message that’s important... So much for increasing voter access in VA. That’s what you get for doing good things.

It’s probably not all horrible, right? After all, didn’t this happen to them in 2017? In fact, us and them for the last 30 years? Except for the insurrection and rise of authoritarianism part? Plus, this time we get New Jersey.

Armando returns! First up, Florida, where everybody gets in trouble for crossing Ron DeSantis, which the University of Florida tried to vichy their way out of, but subsequently were caught. Hypocrisy and double-dealing didn’t fix things, and in fact brought more attention. Alumni are going to have a say in this now.

Today, a federal judge hears arguments on whether hundreds of pages of White House records can be withheld from the January 6 committee because Donald Trump says that he has executive privilege to do so. This morning we got to hear many of Armando’s arguments on the subject!

We lost 28 million extra years of life to COVID, partially because quarantines just aren’t our thing. The Air Force hasn’t approved any religious waivers for the COVID vaccine, partially because they aren’t as gullible as the NFL.

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There was that election in Virginia. There are many takeaways, and there were many takes this morning. No hot takes here on today’s KITM though, just very cool ones from David Waldman and Greg Dworkin:

Glenn Youngkin won the governorship of Virginia by being connected in no way to Donald Trump, with the exception of just enough of the right people to push his margins up in just the right places. Loudoun county, home of KITM World Headquarters, stood proud against the onslaught, but still lost 15 points. Youngkin picked up the rural votes Dems leave on the table these days, and with them, a whole lot of Karens and their husbands. Point out CRT gaslighting to white suburban moms and you’ll be accused of indoctrinating children to Critical Gender Theory.

Perhaps Virginia isn’t the nation. Dems will probably squeak by in New Jersey. Wisconsin couldn’t oust its school board members. Republicans lost in Connecticut… but not just to Democrats. In Buffalo, Democratic Socialist India Walton won the primary, but might have lost the election when voters wrote down Byron Brown.

Is it time for Democrats to just give up? Probably not. David takes us back, back to the Constitutional Convention... no, even further back to the Articles of Confederation to get a clue on what can be done, and how to do it.

The Arizona Fraudit was quoted at 150 thousand, and came in around $9 million. Good thing Trumpers are a forgiving lot.

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David Waldman and Joan McCarter celebrate All Souls Day, while also observing Election Day in the traditional Democratic manner, wringing their hands and checking the polls.

Virginia, beautiful this time of year, seems to be becoming dumber every minute. Uppity race theories and imaginary skirt wearing rapists are driving Republicans crazy to the polls, threatening Democrats across the board. Donald Trump rallied for Glenn Youngkin, by utilizing the miracle of the internet. Actually, Donald only ever rallies for himself, and Trump only wins when everyone else loses.

The FEC figures foreign money’s as good as any in U.S. referendum campaigns.

Oregon historic preservation committee was meeting to nominate sites associated with local African-American history, but was interrupted by an anti-CRT patriot/racist asshole’s “bias attack”.

Florida University blocked its professors from testifying against Ron DeSantis’ voter-suppression law, as it would go against the school’s interest to come into conflict with his administration.

 Joe Manchin, pretty much the textbook example of stupidity, blows up infrastructure week, again, while he thinks it over some more. Other than that... and a few other negligible details like climate, prescription drugs and immigration and that thing’s ready to go. President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are keeping immigration in the bill, which the Senate Parliamentarian isn’t going to like, but who cares? Everyone knew Elizabeth MacDonough’s opinion on immigration before she even had the job.

Constitutional change is coming sooner than most think. It’s not like they’re the Articles of Confederation or something.

Jan. 6 investigators postponed pushing for Trump White House records because it might be messy and time-consuming, and who wants that? If rioters keep getting wrist slaps, wrist slaps will be all anyone will ever get.

Over three quarters of a million Americans have died from COVID-19 so far. The latest hundred thousand or so have turned out to be more young, Southern, rural, white, etc., etc.. Meanwhile, NYC workers march across Brooklyn Bridge to get their last minute vaccine shot so that they can hold on to their jobs.

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David Woooo Waldman and Greg Devilishly Dworkin pack up after another successful war on Halloween, ready to take on National Deep Fried Clams Day along with the latest news:

President Joe Biden pounded the final nail into the coffin of Halloween, ghosting the holiday for a climate meeting in Scotland. Donald Trump always can be relied upon to creep that festive spirit, however.

In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin finish their gubernatorial race in a statistical dead heat… and you Democrats know how that is never a great place to be. Yep, Youngkin lied in his last ad, but Donald Trump is already confident enough to ooze up and take credit for Youngkin’s win, while of course hedging too, because he doesn’t love Glenn that much, ya pervert. To be safe, Youngkin continues to misspell “Loudoun county” to keep up his illiterate Trump cred.

Loudoun schools still do not offer a “Whites are Evil” curriculum. Certainly, “Whites are Saviors” has been a staple in public schools for generations. “Christians as Liberators” and “Males are Protectors” courses will also continue to be fundamental education. By the way, if you need to name an important female scientist, Eunice Foote would be a fine choice. The father of the Loudoun County girl sexually assaulted there believes that Loudoun county would be a bad venue for his trial on disorderly conduct.

The Washington Post put together an investigation into the causes, cost and aftermath of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol so big and consequential no paywall could hold it.  January 6 was plotted in plain sight. Red flags were everywhere, and ignored by the Trump administration and the FBI. Not ignored by Donald Trump, he exploited them just like everything else. Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham each had a short, momentary change of opinion for that moment when it was their asses going into the grinder. Michael Flynn, a spy, recruited other traitorous spies, as spies do. 

The company that holds the software license for Trump’s new social network just wants them to tell the truth.

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