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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 29, 2023

David Waldman is envious of the old Daily Show schedule. At least he’s not aiming for Rachel Maddow’s “any Monday that isn’t a holiday” timetable. Anyhow, we aren’t giving him either, he still has to come in on Fridays.

Ace KITM Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports on the continuing far-right takeover...

Sep 28, 2023


Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin combine their talents to make Thursday everything you’d hope it to be, for two hours.

TFFG is out of business, and all because of years and years of bank and insurance fraud. But isn’t that the art of the deal? Aren’t we all guilty of sometimes scoring a...

Sep 27, 2023

On today’s KITM, David Waldman welcomes back Greg Dworkin who was out yesterday for Eastern Orthodox Yom Kippur.

All in all, yesterday was a good day for the left… although maybe not for some Obama right-wingers.

Surprise! A judge has ruled that TFFG committed fraud for years. Wouldn’t it have been weird if Donald...

Sep 26, 2023

David Waldman is back, recovering from modest low blood sugar and seriously deep thoughts. Lee Greenwood never wrote a song about it, but the day remains significant. If only David could have gotten his old boss Bob to contemplate his moral course, things might have been different.

When Republicans want to misbehave,...

Sep 25, 2023

It's the Day of Atonement, so I pre-recorded a show! But I did it last year, which means it's now a re-run.

There was no time for a new one this year, since I had weekend guests. But the show from as close to a year ago as possible, the September 26, 2022 show, was actually a pre-recorded Rosh Hashanah show! October 5,...