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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 2, 2023

I missed you guys! I was only gone three days, but I’m not sure how anybody could take that.

David Waldman is still here, right where I left him, thankfully

On Monday it looked as if we might default this week. Now it looks like we will instead default in two years, that is if the Freedom Caucus is still around...

Jun 1, 2023

Join us as Greg Dworkin assesses the guesses on how The Deal would go down in the House. (Spoiler: mostly correct!) And, of course, how the media did in covering it. (Spoiler: mostly incorrect!) But that’s more or less how the game is played.

So, was there a deal between the party leaders to get this through? Depends...

May 31, 2023

Today’s the day we all thought we’d be waiting for! The day Greg Dworkin had his first crack at the news of the week!

Only it turns out we didn’t have to wait at all. And that the news was pretty much as Greg and Joan had predicted. In the end, it was mostly standard Gop budget fare.

Nancy Mace got the attention...

May 30, 2023

Longtime listeners know that it’s the daily rhythms of KITM World Headquarters that dominate the first few minutes of most shows. And today, it’s the end of an era, as we call a wrap on secondary education for the auxiliary production staff!

But some cycles of life (and death) continue unabated. For instance, the...

May 29, 2023

We at KITM Worldwide hope that you are at the beginning of a happy Memorial Day weekend and are experiencing a meaningful Memorial Day... But, don’t run away yet! We know that you love the process discussions on KITM, and that’s why you tune in. However, no one loves process discussions like Greg Dworkin loves