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Kagro in the Morning - July 29, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - July 28, 2016

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David Waldman joined us in our respective inspirited bedrooms last night. He reviews that memorable time, and looks forward to tonight on today’s KITM.  

Trump Treason” Google searches spike, “Trump Orange” and “Trump Crazy” steady. In filings with the FEC, Donald Trump refers to himself as “President of the United States of America”. Harry Reid advises intelligence officials to just give Trump fake briefings

Armando gets back out to Philadelphia to protest the protesters, and to discuss the complexities inherent to strategic farting. Mike Bloomberg reaches out to voters without bringing up gun safety, which was ably handled elsewhere

People call into the DNC! People weep all around the convention

David Muir is being called names today. Some patriots are concerned that this flag reminds them of this flag.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 27, 2016

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While all of his friends frolic and play in the summer sun, David Waldman finds himself inside once again behind the KITM microphone: Protesters still have things to protest outside the DNC convention, including 600 Sanders "super volunteers" denied credentials to get on floor. David discusses the concept of when to keep, share and use political capital, when to vent or not to vent.

Donald Trump says he has zero investments in Russia. Russia seems to have investments in Donald Trump. Plenty of money to follow, if only Donald Trump could help somehow.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 26, 2016

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David Waldman may find the time to watch the 2020 DNC convention. In the meantime, he looked up some stuff on this one, and is ready to talk.

Kagro in the Morning’s Democratic National Convention correspondent Armando spent a week in Philadelphia yesterday, and calls in his report. Al Franken was a must-see. Anastasia Somoza was inspirational.  Eva Longoria was no Scott Baio. No, the DNC didn’t rig the primary in favor of Hillary. Bernie Sanders may have to personally break that to each of his followers.

Remember the U.S.A. Freedom Kids? Yeah, Donald Trump never paid them. A paint store fights long enough to get some of the money they earned. Just another day of business for Trump Co. Ivanka gets her Trump grift on, by stealing shoe designs.

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Have you sighted KITM’s David Waldman lately? Just last weekend he was spotted at several locations around the Charlottesville, VA area. Keep looking, who knows where he’ll pop up next! 

Armando calls in for a wide ranging discussion on a whole lot of topics: Debbie Wasserman Schultz earned herself a new role in the Clinton Campaign. DWS has discovered new interest from the press, Bernie Sanders supporters and many others. Donna Brazile now takes the DNC chair, Marcia Fudge wields the gavel this week. Meanwhile, Tim Kaine is beginning to rev up Democrats.

Democrats like unity as much as the next guy, and their Unity Commission voted to bind most superdelegates to state primary results.

Following the Trump/Home Shopping convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump rolls out Trump/Putin 16. 

As of 11:21 AM ET, Mon July 25, 2016, one of the latest mass shootings was in Fort Myers Florida.

An armed society is an impolite society with guns.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 22, 2016

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David Waldman reminds you to send us money. Validate KITM’s existence for our spouses and kids that wonder why we do this each day… Now on youtube!

Donald Trump screeches out his shrill convention shriek, hitting 7.5 on the Nuremberg scale. Greg Dworkin rounded up last night’s Twitter reviews. Ted Cruz leaves the stage to boos, Donald Trump to cheers… but who were the real winners and losers

Armando joins today’s show to look back at the Trump convention, and forward to the Democratic convention. Oh wouldn’t it be great if Joe Biden stayed to be VP again? Or Elizabeth Warren! Or Sherrod Brown or Cory Booker! Or Xavier Becerra, Julián Castro, Thomas Perez, Tom Vilsack… Oh, it will probably be Tim Kaine.

Read up on Donald Trump’s warm up act, Stephen Miller, to get a glimpse of the soul of his campaign.

David examines how expense policies are still gender biased.

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Kagro in the Morning- July 21, 2016

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David Waldman presented 8 of every 10 words live today on KITM. Hear it all, smooth and crash-free on the linked podcast.

Greg Dworkin brings us the biggest story of last night, as Donald Trump suggests that he might not honor the core tenet of the NATO alliance, unfortunately that news got overshadowed by the 3 day parade of derp. How’s the convention bump coming alongTed Cruz basks in the glow of hatred from his fellow Republicans. The reasons for Trump allowing Cruz on stage range from stupid to stupider. People are still pondering Ben Carson’s speech. What is the Republican jobs plan? Is Hillary blocking a return to the good times when minorities knew their place?  

Armando calls in to talk about the Baltic States, the Balkans, Pam Bondi and Trump’s abandonment of NATO.

Corey Lewandowski pitches Trump Super PACs, denies it, sabotages the campaign and convention, and denies that.

​Donald Trump’s in-house fall girl wrote like a ballerina.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 20, 2016

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David Waldman brings us up-to-date on all of the news and politics — no copying! The RNC convention tonight should feature Donald and Melania’s cover of “Something Stupid”. (But probably won’t.) Instead, it will be another night of terror. A Donald Trump minion falls on her sword for Melania. How Melania Trump’s speech veered off course and caused an uproar.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polling. So, who’s going to be president? And, who’s going to win the presidency? Hillary Clinton is the star of the Republican convention. Even Trump’s nomination doesn’t wow the crowd like Clinton. Only Hillary Clinton interests them. Their priority is to punish a Clinton. After the convention, immigration, guns and abortion will be wedge issues. With no alternative, a Gop policy leader comes to terms with Trump. You can elect Trump, but you can’t make him president.

Joan McCarter emerges from the convention hell-hole to talk for a while. Joan picks Tiffany as the best Trump, the sons tying for creepiest. It is a close contest. Follow Joan back into the hell-hole on the Daily Kos RNC open thread for the latest!

Chris Christie’s Kangaroo Court is a glimpse of a Trumpian future. With Trump's help, NJ Republicans pay Bridgegate legal fees. Christie says Trump could purge the government of Obama appointees.

Megyn Kelly steps forward with allegations against Roger Ailes, so it might be time for him to pack up his $40,000,000 and head out the door.

Ryan Bundy braids 15 feet of bedsheets, 213 feet short of his goal.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 19, 2016

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What can David Waldman say about Melania Trump’s speech that hasn’t been said before? Well, you won’t believe this one unique moment… Melania didn’t write her speech this last weekend, anymore.

Greg Dworkin reviews DAY ONE of this week. Chris Christie is sad that it isn’t him next to Donald Trump in Cleveland. For Donald Trump, it’s dominance and humiliation, there is no middle ground. The convention sticks to its themes of threats, violence and betrayal. It’s not the 60’s in Cleveland, which is good news for everyone.

Here are some excruciating moments from the T/P 60 minutes interview. Here are some more! You can live stream the Republican National Convention on the RNC’s official YouTube page, but you can’t chat about it live anymore. You might guess why.

​David gives us the low down on yesterday’s convention floor fight, and explains the hubbub in detail you won’t find from anyone else outside of a Flats bar.

A residential shooting range ends up being a bad idea.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 18, 2016

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David Waldman begins KITM with a coffee break, you should too, it will be a busy week!

Greg Dworkin brings us the pre-convention polls. Hillary’s in the lead now, let’s see what the Trump/Pence bump brings the Gop. Will convention star power destabilize what has been so far stable polling? Clinton leads Trump 76 -14 with Latinos. Mike Pence finds he must go from Indiana, but then falls into the Von Clownstick Zone

Taunting insiders inadvertently drove Donald Trump to show us he could run for president. Trump has made America more racist. Republicans are OK with that. Donald Trump turns out to be a fictional character, but a genuine “asshole”.

Experts contend that Trump is bad at the art of the deal, but a natural at spinning the truth.  Journalists discover their inner Murrows. Trump and kids named in a $250M Tax Scam. Therefore, Hillary Clinton must not be just defeated, she needs to be punished. Poisonous toads are instinctive enemies in the wild.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 15, 2016

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David Waldman continues to pine for the camaraderie and conversation at Netroots Nation. If you too would like to pretend you’re hanging with the smart crowd in St. Louis, MO, listen to today’s KITM for coverage of the latest conversational topics!

David assumed that Greg Dworkin would be visiting today, and you know what that makes you and me? Not as neglected, because Greg rounded up some issues to discuss: 

The death toll in Nice, France continues to rise. A startled Donald Trump postpones his announcement on VP… Oh, wait he just tweeted it. Mike Pence walks out on Indiana, just as its citizens were preparing a rail to run him out on. Why won’t retailers move into Trump Tower? Clevelanders hoping for a windfall go broke with Trump.

Roger Ailes accusers “coming out of the woodwork” after being boarded up there for decades.

To reduce suicides, look at guns.

David takes an extensive look at The Atlantic’s extensive look at the Secret History of Guns. Blacks are the Second Amendment’s second class citizens. Was the Second Amendment ratified to preserve slavery?

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Kagro in the Morning - July 14, 2016

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David Waldman wishes he could be at Netroots Nation, but doesn’t everyone? It’s where all of the cool kids are,  and most of the cool adults, too.

Unfortunately, that leaves not much for Cleveland. The RNC keeps it upbeat and inspirational as always. The knife, tennis ball, and nunchuck lobbyists have been less successful as the NRA at the convention. Guns are coming to the convention, and the police will abide.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls and punditry as well as policy today. Hillary Clinton took a hit from the FBI, will take another from the Republican Convention, but top Dems are not particularly nervous. A lot of blue remains in the polls. Trump has a big advantage with white evangelicals. The RNC is still banning this movie poster, though.

Donald Trump horrifies historians, as he continues to propagate hatred and violence. Is some Trump support due to job losses from robotics?

Why should Trump make truckling doormat Chris Christie his VP choice? Von Clownstick hopes a 10 million dollar lawsuit shuts this guy up. 

Has America promoted anti-police violence by ignoring illegitimate policing?

Greg discusses the positive and negative repercussions rippling out from the introduction of Obamacare. Obamacare was written to save jobs, but now that is becoming a problem, as stethoscopes have replaced rivets as the lifeblood of the American economy. Now insurers are losing money and abandoning the system. What can be done to control rising health care costs? Obama assesses Obamacare.

David discusses the perils inherent in guns and penises. What counts as “accidental”, and how is that different than negligence? The Florida woman that left her gun on the floor of her car and was shot by her 4 year old is giving lectures and soon to be an NRA instructor. Armstrong Williams and his “oversized weapon” get into a sexual harassment suit. Tennessee Rep. Jeremy Durham and his “pants candy” get into trouble with a couple dozen Jane Does.

Here is the secret history of guns in America.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 13, 2016

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How are we doing? If you feel KITM adds to your understanding and enjoyment of today’s news and politics, let us know! Drop us a line, comment in the comment section, share us on FaceBook, tap that appreciation star… or send us money. Money would be great.

David Waldman maintains the serious analysis of events and concerns that you expect: Hey, can you smell what the Bernie Backers are cooking? Sanders supporters borrow a recipe from the Saul Alinsky cookbook.

Greg Dworkin sniffs out the latest news and punditry: Sanders declares victory, and maybe joined Team Clinton. Von Clownstick goes for Sanders voters, probably won’t get much. Donald Trump, defender of the white. Most young people know Trump is racist. All politics are identity politics. Texas’ gun culture and politics made the Dallas shooting inevitable. Every once in a while somebody learns through experience.

RGB says Trump should resign, Trump asks “I know you are, but what am I?”

Joan McCarter has some bombshells of her own to drop: 

The Republican Congress heads toward recess with no answers for Zika, gun violence, or anything else. Paul Ryan gives in to House maniacs, gives up on gun votes, and still faces another Freedom Caucus coup.

Here is Joan’s report on the rest of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s latest statements.

President Obama is mourner in chief, again, in Dallas. At least W’s having fun.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 12, 2016

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David Waldman fits the show in-between his kid’s camp schedules, the unification of Sanders & Clinton, and the beginning of the end of Mike Pence’s political career. Lickspittle Chris Christie will likely be allowed to continue on as Trump’s cringing flunky.

Greg Dworkin calls in to bring us all sorts of news, and helps us all figure out what the heck is going on. The Republican platform takes a stand against co-habitation and grey wolves. Perhaps misunderstanding the issue, the Gop warns against the health risk of unintended discharges. The party’s biggest problem is its voters. A lot of Gop operatives are missing out on experiencing Cleveland in the summertime, and seem happy about it.

Will the Trumpster fire burn down the Gop house and senate? The Gop ground game just isn’t there. Clinton’s lead extends to white voters with college degreesTrumpster fires make good commercials, though.

Is America falling apart or waking up? Who is trying to unite the country, who is trying to divide it? American public’s views of both Islam and Muslims have become more favorable. Dallas is what a ‘2nd Amendment remedy’ would look like. Is it worth it for a gay Gop delegate to plead with the party to soften its stance on marriage?

A Jerry Sandusky accuser says he told Joe Paterno about a shower assault in 1976. More women come out on Roger Ailes charges. Maybe the IRS will investigate the Von Clownstick purchase of a Tim Tebow helmet with money meant for charity

Three north Alabama counties rank the highest in the US for accidental shooting deaths.

And all of that was just half of the KITM show today! David also talks to Mark Gersh from the National Committee for an Effective Congress. Topics include open vs. closed primaries, Gerrymandering and citizen involvement, the Democratic Study Group, and of course, Donald Trump.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 11, 2016

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David Waldman catches us up on last week’s ridiculous tragedies, and looks forward to the future fiasco at the RNC convention in Cleveland.

Greg Dworkin believes this is a good time to review Soledad O'Brien’s thoughts on “The Talk”. New evidence shows bias in police use of force but not when they eventually get around to shooting.

So, will there be Trump-Pence blaring in Cleveland this weekend? Pence makes ¢ for fair-trade. Mike Pence is probably getting tired of hanging around Indiana anymore. Cleveland will be fun to watch (at a distance).  Republicans can blame themselves. Clinton and Trump are unpopular, only one is a threat, and only one is winning. There are gender dynamics here. The bros aren’t so cheery this week.

What’s so special about Ohio? Is the frustration with journalists a disconnect between the expectations of audience and journalists, but to the lack of power that audiences feel in regard to their elected representatives?

But what about Newt for VP? Maybe a book tour in ‘17? Who else can protect us from electromagnetic pulses? Can #NeverTrump pick the vice president

Philando Castile was pulled over by police 52 times, and complied 52 times.

The Dallas gunman took “self defense” classes at the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 8, 2016

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David Waldman brings us updates on the tragedies piled upon tragedies. In Dallas, 11 police officers shot, 5 dead. Here are updates. Here are some good, bad, ugly and completely dickish reactions to the shooting. #Dallas person of interest says cops lied to him during interrogation. The active shooter countermeasure business booms.

Donald Trump has not yet announced how he will build a wall and have blacks pay for it… but let’s move on to him and change the subject now, shall we? How does Donald Trump get the Clownstick message out without using coherent sentences, thoughts? Donald Trump seeks unity with those disgusting losers in Washington. Eric Trump takes a look at his sister and declares that he’d hit that in a voting booth. Would Donald Trump just quit if he won the election? David actually takes that seriously for a moment, and tries to figure it out.

Now catch us on YouTube! No picture yet, but this’ll be the first place to see one if that ever changes.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 7, 2016

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KITM has no guests calling in today, so David Waldman is free to roam across the internet, taking down all of the evil and stupid in his path.

Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor helps out with a dispatch from Michigan... actually, Pennsylvania, with a story on how cash-poor cities can work together with state emergency managers.

The House Republicans didn’t catch anything with Eghazi hearings, now try to hook FBI Director James Comey. Funny, the congressman investigating Comey really liked him last month.

The press confuses Bill Clinton with Hillary Clinton with all Clintons, but they know they aren’t Kennedys.

Hillary Clinton wants to make America great again by eliminating deadbeats like Donald Trump. One of the Von Clownstick boys is driven to profane language by the (investigative) behavior of a reporter.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi can’t scrub the Trump smell off.

Donald Trump throws a fit, enraged that his presidency could be held to the same standards as Saddam Hussein & Disney DVD marketing, and he will not let it go, let it gooooo, calming down only after playing with his action figures. Trump’s warmup act asks the crowd if they feel safe around blacks: “Noooooo!”

It’s Paul Ryan vs. the Freedom Caucus again, and David delves into the details.

Campus carry laws seem designed to attract conflict, as University of Texas at Austin professors sue their university and the state.

Black citizen. legally carrying weapon, complying with police, shot dead, adding to the toll of Baton RougeFergusonBaltimore, and Cleveland.

Meanwhile another guy kills himself at a gun range, and another 3 year old kills herself with a loaded gun.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 6, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - July 5, 2016

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David Waldman presents the KITM 5th of July spectacular celebrating his son’s safe return from camp after the extraction of a beetle from his ear.

Greg Dworkin brings us the latest Donald Trump anti-semitic tweet. David Duke loved it, and wasn’t that the point, really, for the Mr. Magoo of Bigotry? Or is Von Clownstick just reflecting the overwhelming zeitgeist of his electorate? Do Clinton and Trump voters reflect different realities? What are the chances of voters coming around to one reality by November? Trump changes the election map, now playing catch-up just about everywhere. Hillary Clinton is now targeting college-educated whites. Meanwhile, more Trump advisors become ex-advisors.

Are Donald Trump’s short fingers related to his exaggerated eleemosynary or the size of his galas? Both. Donald Trump’s football team treated cheerleaders like hookers, and probably were impolite to sex workers as well. BTW, did you know “bankrupt” comes from the Italian “banca rupta”?

David explores the most gunfail of #gunFAILs he has witnessed, with this idiot shooting his son at the “safest” shooting range. Watch, learn and contemplate how gender and race can mess with gun rights in your head.

The first-ever driverless car death has occurred. Is it time to consider the ethics, or has this autonomous vehicle already exited the driveway?

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - July 6, 2015 airing July 4, 2016

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KITM salutes the great city of Madison, Wisconsin! Greg Dworkin comes on to talk of the history of the Confederate flag. Will history repeat itself with the latest Democratic momentum? Is the GOP on the wrong side of history again? Or is Hillary on the wrong side of history? What are the polls saying? Overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the mistakes in the US media coverage of Greece’s economic troubles and solutions proposed, Arliss Bunny calls in, comprehensively setting the record straight. One more open carry disaster, in an Austin, TX hotel. Could've been a good guy with a gun, though, until his bullets started entering people.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 1, 2016

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David Waldman devotes today’s KITM to exploring the terribleness of Donald Trump. There is always more to shovel from Trump’s golden dumpster! 

Donald Trump bought Tim Tebow's helmet for charity, siphoning other charity’s money for the purchase. Trump avoids taking money out of own pocket for anything.

Donald Trump’s Baja scam shows that your life savings could be his pocket change, but those pockets can ad up to real money.

At Mar-A-Lago Trump also helped himself to guest's phone conversations, via his bedroom switchboard.

What can the 1% get away with? Follow David down this sordid trail:

Amazon and Microsoft sex traffic for perks. A billionaire pedophile runs a child prostitution pyramid scheme, and may have dirt on Donald, Bill and many other Johns. That dirt could include Donald Trump and a 13 year old girl.

Superdelegates, what are they good for?

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