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Greg Dworkin keeps us up to date with the Chris Christie's political saga, including the latest polling and Ron Fournier's "Why I Was Wrong About Chris Christie." Next up, "Where Obamacare Is Succeeding... and Where It's Falling Short." Extended discussion of the latest Obamacare horror story that turned out to be B.S.: "Bette in Spokane." Senate Gop has to rework its ACA "replacement," because gigantic tax. DNI James Clapper "should have been more careful," says the Pres. But why bother? What can Congress really do about it?

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It's the Great American Rich People's Freak-Out! The WSJ says Kristallnacht Perkins was right. Greg Dworkin brought us one of his trademark flu updates and told us Christie is still toast, Hillary's way out front, Avik Roy tipped the Gop hand on "repeal & replace," relatively strong economic growth shows the US is a socialist hellholle. "Politics is predation, organized crime by a prettier name," says Scott Raab at Esquire. (Story illustrated by DonkeyHotey!) Outrage of the day: school lunches confiscated from students who owed money & dumped! And Politico explains "Why the rich are freaking out."

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We were supposed to be talking about the State of the Union address and the many thousands of Republicans "responses" to it, but all that's on anyone's mind today is Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) and his thuggish threats to a local reporter. Joan McCarter joined us to discuss last night's events, noting in particular that Sen. Mike Lee's (R-UT) "response" seemed to acknowledge that there was no going back on some of the key provisions in the ACA, and the complete absence of abortion as an issue in the official response, despite the passage earlier that very day of yet another draconian limitation. Greg Dworkin jumped in to join Joan in rounding things up, and carry the show during our snow-delayed school departures. Edward Snowden gets nominated for a Nobel Prize, and that brings the NSA issues back into the news. The Gop is stuck dealing with continuing ACA success and The Math of Medicaid expansion. We take a look back at Michael Grimm's checkered past. And at another bit of background info on the wider look at Uber story, "tech libertarianism," and the "disruption" model.

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Tom Perkins digs the Kristallnacht hole a little deeper. Greg Dworkin rounds up the continuing Christie plummet in the polls, previews the SOTU previews, notes the belated arrival of something resembling a Republican alternative to the ACA, and points us to the LGBT rights issue wrapped up in a jury selection case. Armando weighed in on the case, on the Superb Owl, new media ventures launched around Ezra Klein and Glenn Greenwald, and the SOTU. Also, the House takes up its favorite tax hike bill, under the guise of yet another swing at the abortion issue. And the LA Times reports "Guns sent 20 children to U.S. hospitals every day, study finds."

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Twitter says the news is that Trey Radel (R-FL) is retiring because cocaine. Greg Dworkin says it's AP polling showing a drop in negative views of the ACA, but a drop in positive views as well. The State of the Union is tomorrow, so today's the day to find out Everything You Need To Know About what's going to be in it, and who will say what about why it actually sucked. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) will give the "official" Republican response to the SOTU, and TPM's Sahil Kapur looks at why, and we look at whether that makes any sense. We learned this weekend that the War on Women is over and women won, which you can tell from the Daily Caller's Free Beacon's "smokes" tag, which brings us to the latest news that the military's got a bit of a libido-controlling problem, too. A rich guy complains that everyone else's complaints are basically Kristallnacht. And we look back and update the Google Bus story, with more on the Uber angle, too. Speaking of private efforts to do what public efforts can't, another newspaper outfit is thinking about compiling a concealed weapon permit database.

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The morning's news swirl included Mike Huckabee insisting that women needed to control their libidos, even as Dick Black has been saying it'd be impossible for men to do so. Because "nighties." Greg Dworkin rounds up the day's Christie news and polling, Ryan Cooper's "The tea party and the structure of American government," Beinert on Rand Paul, two from Sarah Kliff tracking ACA news. We gave in to the temptation to take yet another look at the Richard Sherman story, once again comparing his bravado to that of, say, "successful" businessmen and tech bros. Very Serious News interview interrupted for a Bieber update! "Miami Beach mayor: Take your tech start-up gospel and shove it." And a theme emerges, as we continued into "When companies break the law and people pay: The scary lesson of the Google Bus." One of those rare items that seems like it'll be minor, but ends up encompassing Everything In The Entire World.

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Chris Christie still in the news, and not going away, Greg Dworkin told us. Virginia's new Attorney General, Mark Herring, announces the state won't defend its same-sex marriage ban. A new Pew poll shows partisan divide on economic inequality. A roundup and explainer on the "three Rs" of the ACA: reinsurance, risk adjustment and risk corridors. Which Repblicans seem desperate to call a "bailout." And the explosive story out of Texas, where a hospital says it's being forced by state law to keep a brain dead woman alive (for 20+ weeks!) to incubate her unborn baby, against her family's wishes. Shifting gears entirely, the story of how the town where the Superb Owl<sup>TM</sup> is actually being played is getting none of the NFL love & big buck$. An unintentionally revealing almost-sorta-semi-defense of Bob McDonnell. A former coal miner says they've been dumping this stuff in the WV water forever. Hunter's take on Dick Black's apparently uncontrollable libido has a happy ending (no pun intended): he's dropping out of the VA-10 congressional race.

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Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular morning roundup, including the much-discussed "The Loud Truth About Abortion Protesters," the McDonnell indictment, the continuing Chris Christie saga, and the rather ridiculous notion that it somehow helps Christie for it to have legs. No less ridiculous: the idea that Christie, the new head of the RGA, is somehow thrilled with Bob McDonnell being in the headlines. Greg's most interesting reads on the subject: Matt Bai and Matt Katz. Plus Jonathan Chait has seen the Gop future: GWB. (Not the bridge, though that, too.) For the second hour, we welcomed Sophia Yen and Ellen Shaffer of the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women, our co-hosts for the day, thanks to their winning bid in the latest round of Netroots Nation fundraising auctions! Today being the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it was a perfect day to dive deep into the bundle of issues surrounding reproductive rights and health. Their backgrounder on the campaign and roundup of the issues took us from insurance coverage, to "crisis pregnancy centers," to the Hyde amendment, to forced birthing. But just as important, they broke through the walls of the "issue silo" and reminded us that no matter what your top priorities are, these issues are tied in many ways to everything you care about.

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Yet another snow day. And with a special election on to determine party control of the Virginia state senate, at that. We caught up on the latest SuperDerp from Fox News: The Five's Andrea Tantaros scolds Americans for not knowing their history. Like, for instance, not knowing "why some guy in boston got his head blown off because he tried to secretly raise the tax on tea." Which of course didn't happen. But, Freedom. Armando joined for a recap on the weekend's Chris Christie news, catching us up on the inauguration, the Hoboken angle and more. We actually cobble together a credible segue (via would-be NJ pol and former Olympian Carl Lewis) to the weekend's big sports outrage story, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. We read Ta-Nehisi Coates (twice) on the subject, and then mused about what, if anything, made his boastfulness different from that of outspoken billionaires and their "prosperity gospel." Maybe it helps if you think about that in the context of this weekend NYT piece, "For the Love of Money."

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The big news event of the day: President Obama's speech addressing proposed NSA reforms. David Brooks steps in it again. Greg Dworkin's lightning round headline recap! Duck Dynasty's season premiere tanks in the ratings. Mathematigal smacks down a mansplaining letter printed in Nature. Obamacare success story from Utah, enabled by (apparent RINOs) Orrin Hatch & Mike Lee! The Jonathans corner: Cohn, "Obamacare's a 'Bailout' Now?" and Chait, "The Death of the Death of Obamacare." Media Matters notes "Fox News Doesn't Care About The 'Bloody Senate Report'" on Benghazi. Reaching a subpoena-driven crescendo in the GW Bridge scandal. Armando called in for discussion about the continuing Benghazi mania, in which, of course, all previous attacks on American diplomatic installations have been ignored, the larger implications of Christie's bridge closure episode and other transportation shenanigans, and recent revelations about yet more NSA spying techniques. Then, a look ahead at the president's NSA speech from Reuters and Marc Ambinder.

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Breaking news this morning: shooting incident in an Indiana supermarket leaves two plus the gunman dead. Greg Dworkin rounds up other news of the day: a Poynter story about Brian Krebs, who broke the Target data breach story; CREDO breaks the transparency barrier; Chris Christie lawyers up; and the still-wacko story of how journalist power couple Bill & Emma Keller ended up beating up on cancer patient and blogger Lisa Adams, as addressed by Alexandra Petri in "Enter the Concern Troll." Bruce Bartlett notes a National Journal story reporting the Koch Brothers' multi-million dollar effort to win Republican control of the Senate. What if they just treated people fairly, raised wages, etc. as a wealth protection scheme instead? News from Vancouver: a 19-year-old decides to relieve the stress of his security guard job by running through the neighborhood firing his AK-47 in the air. A dissection of Politico Magazine's "Congressional Moneyball." Jedidiah Purdy's "No One's Job: West Virginia's Forbidden Waters."

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Outrage about Florida theater shooting continues, and the L.A. Times weighs in with an editorial and a key observation. Greg Dworkin rounded up news of the New Mexico school shooting, and the continuing stories of Chris Christie, the Gop civil war, the West Virginia chemical spill, and that health care thingy Obama passed. New reports allege that the Florida theater shooter has a bit of a confrontational history. Joan McCarter brought us word of the Bruce Springsteen Chris Christie parody, and the Gop effort to rebrand their rebranding. The new omnibus spending bill has FOUR provisions defunding the already defunded and now non-existent ACORN, something yargle-y about lightbulbs, and bargle-y about embassy security, the Vatican, and other assorted nonsense. The state of the UI extension bill in the Senate & its many Gop poison pills. And the latest on the net neutrality case fallout. Finally, a starting look at Politico Magazine's Congressional Moneyball.

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The Chris Christie and West Virginia stories aren't dead yet. Greg Dworkin brought us a round-up of the headlines on Christie and the latest on Obamacare, which is still a thing! Plus a new gun outrage out of Florida. (Because of course.) A retired police captain shoots a fellow movie-goer for texting during the previews. We return to the West Virginia story to discuss some alternative views of just what this spilled chemical is, how dangerous we should consider it to be, and whether or not Koch Industries really is connected to the situation. And to expand on the topic, just how did a relatively small spill end up contaminating the drinking water of nine counties? The answer, at least in part, is the drive to consolidate, centralize and privatize previously local, municipal water supplies.

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Another plausible-sounding theory of the Christie GW bridge scandal, this time from MSNBC's Steve Kornacki: billion-dollar redevelopment deal may have hinged on ease of traffic access. The theory is summarized in written form by Brian Murphy at TPM. What might that mean? Let the speculation begin! Greg Dworkin joins us to discuss developments, including headlines like, "Is there a way out for Christie?" and "Feds investigate Christie's use of Sandy relief funds." Whatever is ultimately uncovered, it's starting to look like his "bipartisanship" sheen is gone forever. Next, more about the chemical spill in West Virginia, and new worries about some remediation efforts, and the need for independent water quality testing. So, what do we know about the chemical that was spilled? One source says, not much! And certainly not enough. (But by the time the show was over, there was already push-back on that.) Perhaps just as disturbing, we were hearing that Koch-owned companies were supplying this chemical. (But again, push-back: a Koch-owned company does supply a chemical to Freedom Industries, but not necessarily the one spilled.) Finally, some local reporters are supplying our first information about Freedom Industries and the people behind it.

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Nine counties in West Virginia, and possibly as many as 300,000 people, are without any usable fresh water today, having seen their water supply "libertarian-ed" by the good folks at Freedom Industires. (A real company name!) Brian Beutler notes the potential political danger for the Gop in the apparent cost curve-bending success of the ACA. Well, if logic applied, that is. Greg Dworkin took the reins for a bit, and told us that "liberal" self-ID is on the rise, examining the realities of health care costs and how they mesh with social services. Yeah. Maybe you weren't thinking about that nexus? Worried about political polarization? World famous monkeybloggers say maybe it's not so much polarization as it is the tolerance and/or thirst for partisan warfare. Turning back to the Christie story, we review his marathon presser, then recap Rachel Maddow's interesting alternative theory of the case. And just for fun, we watched noted wackadoodle Mark Levin drag out his stock outraged response, cross out where it says "liberals" and instead pencil in Mitch McConnel, Jerry Moran and the NRSC. Yargle, with a side of bargle!

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Chris Christie's bridge-closing scandal remains atop the headlines today. Greg Dworkin sifts through them, thanks to TPM's roundup. We lingered on the subject, exploring the ins and out, while waiting for what became his marathon press conference. Moving on, we note NRSC staffer Brad Dayspring's purported surprise at the rival Senate Conservatives Fund's practice of making bulk book purchases, in this case of a book by wackadoodle Mark '100 Times Worse Than Watergate' Levin. (He says it a lot.) But listeners of KITM know that that's been standard operating procedure for PACs, and particularly conservative PACs, since forever. And another look at the Duck Dynasty-ing of Guns & Ammo writer, Dick Metcalf, under the title of, "Gospel of the Gun: Why the Fight for Gun Control will be Harder than We Think."

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Big #GunFAIL roundup today, with the publication of the New Year's Eve "celebratory gunfire" reports. New Year's Eve and July 4th are like Black Friday for GunFAIL. Twenty-three kids were accientally shot last week. And only two of them were hit by celebratory gunfire. Fifteen houses shot up, and five people hit, too. And three more people out shopping or dining with their guns strapped on accidentally set them off in stores and restaurants. In other news, Joan McCarter joined us for her weekly round-up. Unemployment Insurance renewal inches forward in the Senate, perhaps only to hang up on finding an unnecessary "pay-for." Dan Coates says he voted for cloture on moving UI forward because he ddin't want to strengthen Harry Reid's nuclear option hand. But on the other hand, even with the filibuster out of the way on judicial nominations, the White House didn't renominate William Thomas, who (if confirmed) would have been the first openly-gay African-American man on the federal bench. Joan walks us through the gigantic WaPo report on the vast web of Koch brothers political money and interlocking PACs, non-profits, etc. And Politico's report that "internet sensation" Mark "Coonrippy" Brown will post a primary challenge to Tennessee's sitting governor, just as soon as he's finished editing his videos of himself showering with his pet raccoon. Goodnight, everybody! Tip your waiters! Oh, wait, also the mostly-missing debunking of Obamacare "horror stories." The Chris Christie George Washington Bridge closure scandal blew up again while we were on the air, too. We followed-up Joan's Koch brothers story with Paul Waldman's take on it in "The Circle of Scam." And finally, the NYT's coverage of how gun enthusiasts, and more importantly, the gun manufacturers, hounded a Guns & Ammo writer out of his job for suggesting there might be common sense compromises that should be pursued on gun safety. All just days before many of the same people claimed it was un-American for others to try to do the same with Duck Dynasty.

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It's finally officially cold, meaning that the media capitals of the East Coast have felt it. Greg Dworkin joined us to share his round-up. The next government shut-down may be avoided, as a compromise spending bill appears to be on its way. Liz Cheney drops out of the Wyoming Senate race. Brookings discovers that "trickle-down" doesn't, and both parties are moving to stake out a position on economic inequality. Jonathan Chait surprisingly finds no interest among conservatives in facts and analysis. Jamelle Bouie thinks Republicans might need to come up with besides hating Obamacare. Again. And Monte Frank joins a Connecticut delegation in The Hill in "Gun violence survivor carries a message for us all." The political Twitter chatter this morning is all about coverage accompanying the release of a new book and a documentary about the 1971 break-in at the FBI field office in Media, PA that yielded the documents proving the existence of COINTELPRO, and massive surveillance and subversion of domestic political dissent. That, and the sudden change in the FBI's "primary mission" led us to spend an awful lot of time thinking about the ground that post-Watergate reforms of all sorts have lost to reactionary Republicans.

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It's cold. So, that's a thing that's happening. Greg Dworkin brought us the best of the day's Jonathan Corner news, with Chait's "After Obamacare Is No Longer Doomed, It Will Become a Scandal," which includes a reference to the startlingly stupid assertion that the ACA will usher in an era of legalized beheadings. For more such nonsense, Maggie Mahar's "Anatomy of an Obamacare 'horror story,'" plus a glimpse inside the burnt-out remains of the Republican mind in David Drucker's, "GOP confident Obamacare is a winner in 2014." The exciting conclusion of Jen Dziura's "When 'Life Hacking' Is Really White Privilege." The emerging story of the late Rep. Bill Young's first family. Murders are down pretty much everywhere. Is it about gun laws? Or some combination of pretty much everything in the world?

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First live show of the new year! Also, first show broadcast from beneath a glacier! Greg Dworkin's power hadn't gone out yet, so he joined us for a roundup of ACA news, including Josh Marshall's "As Obamacare Sign-Ups Surge, So Does Conservative Rage," the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment study, and comment on it by Adrianna McIntyre and Austin Frakt. Also discussed: the De Blasio innauguration coverage, the snowstorm, and Ezra Klein maybe-sorta plan to start planning something, and why the NYT is so interested in it. Next, some musing on the coverage of the expansive and still-growing NSA stories, starting with the centrist "balance" game on the subject, Michael Dearing's "The NSA and the Corrosion of Silicon Valley," and Julian Sanchez's "NSA Stabs Silicon Valley in the Back." Lastly, "The Japanese Mob Is Hiring Homeless People to Clean Up Fukushima," and "Navy sailors have radiation sickness after Japan rescue." How are they related? That's not so hard to see. But how are they related to the NSA stories? Only KITM bothers trying to make THAT connection!
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