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It’s almost December? Why isn’t it almost January? David Waldman and Greg Dworkin distract us with facts, news and wisdom while we wait:

Come with me and you'll be... in a world of half imagination! Even Wonka couldn’t have handled as much fantasy as the Trump administration is handing out lately. 20+ days of Donald Trump and his supporters refusing to accept “You get nothing! You Lose! Good day sir!” In fact, America has been telling him that for about 2000 days, but he and his parasites are quite difficult to dislodge. Still, conspiracists might have bitten off more than they can chew in Georgia, because if they are to be believed, why vote? And, if they aren’t to be believed, why listen to them? Brian Kemp is giving Donald endorsement remorse but not much else.

Meanwhile, Don Jr. and Eric get free helicopter rides on Marine One in their new Uday-Qusay members only jackets for their last chance to infect the help on the taxpayer dime. COVID-19 continues to separate the deluded from the enlightened, with patients denying the horror as their caregivers relive it. Senator David Perdue saw a lot of people that wouldn’t be needing their money anymore.

Over on the thinking side of politics, there are some counterintuitive lessons. In Georgia’s runoffs, Jon Ossoff succeeds by embracing Bernie Sanders and Slutty VegansChris Krebs explains to 60 Minutes how the election was made secure by prioritizing paper ballots. While the chances for something catastrophic happening to democracy are dropping, the chances for something stupid happening remain at 100%. Winning Georgia’s Senate seats will take us a long way towards a functioning government. David maps out the electoral process well into the political twilight zone.

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Mmm — leftovers! Not here though. David Waldman and Armando deliver a piping fresh KITM right to your ears today. Don’t bother to get off the couch, just finish off that can of cranberry sauce and tub of Cool Whip, and tune in!

Diaper Don sat behind his widdle desk yesterday and had only widdle things to say. Hell yes, Donald Trump is “stepping down” for Joe Biden, of course, he’s not coming to the inauguration.  We’ve had Trump’s number for some time now. He’ll continue to destroy the country of course, but that’s barely been a side interest for him. Real despotism is a lot of work. Pardoning people takes so little effort that he can work a couple in between holes.

The Right loves dead liberals. That’s because people actually respect dead liberals, plus you can have them say whatever you want. Almost as good, are fake ex-liberals, because you know they’re going where the grift is deepest and won’t get tripped up by any sticky ideology. Things will be fine, if you only remember to not give your money to them. A guy dropped $2.5 million on True the Vote Inc., which bought him “vague responses, platitudes, and empty promises” — exactly what he payed for. Hopefully, none of you paid for a Kraken, because the delivery date keeps getting pushed back, and release might not be so imminent.

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Welcome to our annual KITM Thanksgiving Special, with your hosts, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, and their special guests, the Loudoun County Rockettes! Brought to you by… you. We sure couldn’t have done it without you. We’re still grateful for you, even if your name might possibly be mispronounced by us. (David’s got “Nevada”, “Latiñes” and “Latines” down pat, now if only he could say “adversary”…)

There is a lot to be thankful for! 80,000,000 legal votes. 306 electoral votes. Over 30 transparently idiotic lawsuits, and counting. Several of the dumbest, craziest lawyers in the country. We should thank The Resistance, fighting from the last inauguration right up to this one. And, the few, proud, honest Republicans... Webcams on laptops, relaying LGBT bashers’ laptops to Zoom. And, John P. Flannery, the Robert Redford of Willy Wonkas, all out there, fighting the good fight. 

It’s no time to get sick of winning. Trump started rigging this election when the last one ended. Trump hasn’t quit endangering the world and his corruption won’t stop until it is stopped.

Yesterday, the Trump Supreme Court and their new superspreader Justice put a big boot heel on both state’s rights, and public health by blocking New York’s coronavirus restrictions on houses of worship, formally trading “latte drinking Prius drivers” with “wine drinking bicycle riders” in the Supreme Court lexicon.

David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are bad people who you shouldn’t be trusting, but they sure are rich.

Meanwhile, we die from a preventable disease. Idiocy remains popular in South Dakota. You can even lose your job if you aren’t one. West Virginia can’t keep up... in fact, they don’t really want to. Perhaps, if we only had more self-destructive door-knockers, we’d have more Democrats in Congress

While Democrats remind themselves that their Latine and Black constituencies aren’t monolithic, it would also help to remember that Asia is a big place also. 


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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are in for a pre-Thanksgiving KITM, and just so you don’t miss them, they’ll be back for Thanksgiving too!

Today, Donald Trump will reveal election blockbuster news in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at… psych! Donald’s currently pantsless watching TV, unwilling to even assist his loyal stooges in destroying America.

President-elect Joe Biden is president. Trump has been in absentia since he started. The election wasn’t close, but it was a nail-biter for democracy for a while.  The election proves Republicans don’t care about America, or they only care about the America who voted for them, who pretty much hate America. The Republican officials that saved the country were heretics and apostates that prefer facts and truth and democracy and integrity over party. They will be dealt with accordingly. For your weekend reading (Sure, it is Wednesday, but it will take you till Monday to read all of it.) check out the essential and extensive inside story Michigan’s fake voter fraud scandal. Of course, this won’t be the end of it. Mostly Black, urban areas like Detroit will have to keep on fighting.

The transition delay is going to cost lives. Nearly a sixth of the Senate Republican caucus has tested positive for coronavirus, as none of them are smart enough to wear a mask, and watching Hannity makes them more stupid every day.

History will demand to know why we didn’t put Donald Trump in front of a firing squad. Donald Trump would want a state funeral and burial at Arlington Cemetery if only for the reason that they’d be taxpayer funded, and an eternal grift.

Jared and Ivanka pulled their 3 kids from a DC Jewish school, and you can be sure the school had a cake that day to celebrate. Unfortunately, that means Javanka had to go somewhere else, and there goes that neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Republicans quietly plot to sink Biden nominees. Steven Mnuchin will put $455 billion where Janet Yellen can’t get to it. Fraudster John Lott has has quickly slid into the Justice Department. The Office of Management and Budget gets Schedule F’ed. Trump unlocks the backdoor for Russia and throws away the key.

Honestie Hodges, famous for being handcuffed by police at age 11, has died of COVID-19 at age 14.

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Get in. David Waldman takes the wheel and drives us another 2 hours away from the last 4 years.

Doesn’t it feel pleasant watching Donald Trump recede in our rearview mirror? He’s getting so tiny! Soon, he’ll just be an insane little dot down in Mar-a-Lago... probably, but who cares?

Today, Trump will pardon the national Thanksgiving turkey. On January 20, he’ll be dragged, kicking and screaming, sadly metaphorically, from the White House. In between, it will just be the usual bitter, corrupt bs that fewer and fewer should pay attention to. Except prosecutors. They need to listen up.

Unfortunately, objects like Donald are always closer than they appear. From now on, even landslide election wins will be challenged. Pennsylvania Republicans voted against certification of a county that Trump won by 22,000 votes.  Misinformation superspreadersWhite-power terrorists and Dimwit Republicans have more power than ever, and all of them are armed. Back in the day, Senators didn’t need a gun to win an argument, when a cane would do. Of course, guns always do it more efficiently and from a distance.

How much more real can COVID-19 get? In all 50 states deaths are higher than normal. Sturgis-borne coronavirus has spread like locusts back out to the coasts. Correspondent Brian Munroe and Dan Rather try to bring perspective to the plague.

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Donald Trump isn’t quite gone, but little by little, he is going. You can feel the weight slowly lifting. KITM can now tackle “Flea bites Johnny Rotten’s penis” stories, and finally take the time to consider Flea’s perspective…

Okay, unfortunately, not quite yet. It’s still pretty crazy out there. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver a bit of sanity. 

Sidney Powell’s leopard print camouflaged her so well that the Trump team didn’t notice her prowling their stages and tweets.  The Kraken isn’t under the bus yet, though. She’s just more of a freelance lunatic now.

No, you do not have to feel the Trump voter's pain. They aren’t here to feel yours. Mitch McConnell isn’t going to see it Joe Biden’s way. Republicans said Donald Trump shouldn’t be impeached, because it would hurt our government, but Republicans always make certain that governance doesn’t work, because that is what their voters expect from their world. GSA Emily Murphy isn’t interested in making government function, because she understands that wasn’t the job she was hired for. Republican senators hate Donald Trump, but dislike a functioning process even more.

For people like that, there is jail.  The Michigan attorney general is looking into criminal probes of state and local officials. Would prosecuting Donald Trump restore the rule of law?  It couldn’t hurt.

A man was arrested for exhaling on women outside of a Trump’s Virginia golf club. He wasn’t a Trump, although his background is similar.

A newspaper photographer was chased from a boys baseball game in Arizona for being “fake news”. Meanwhile, there are no more ICU beds available in Arizona. A record 83,870 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, while half the US is stuck in 1919. We need more war correspondents reporting from the COVID-19 front lines. Put on your mask and hang on, help is coming.

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David Waldman was almost “too busy” to bring us a new KITM for today! Can you imagine? There is so much to talk about, and who knows how much time left to talk about it.

Things are so insane, David had to release the Kraken, or as we call him, Armando, to help fathom the fusillade of facts and falsehoods flooding the… (I can only think of F-words to describe this situation.)

Joe Biden was elected president. Georgia calls it, again, for Joe. Probably. Michigan probably will certify their state. But, wait, there goes Senator Mike Shirkey and Representative Lee Chatfield to have a chat with Donald at the White House, which would seem ill-advised... unless they planned to overturn the election, subvert democracy, establish a fascist coup d'état, maybe? In reaction, non-coup Republicans have become stern. Democrats, even sterner. AOC’s out there fighting… a different war. Militiamen prepare for a high body count.

Donald Trump is leaving within two months, probably. David and Armando discuss the norms, laws, codes, procedures and penumbral reasoning soon to flushed down the commode, unless people prove they really value those sort of things, and call Trump’s bluff.

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How do you write a summary of a wildfire? Is democracy burning down, or is the threat being contained? There are so many fires, and so many arsonists! Here’s where David Waldman and Greg Dworkin were this AM:

The Board of Canvassers in Wayne County, Michigan almost didn’t certify the county’s votes, because of the two certifiable racists who derailed the process, then viral fame ensued. Finally, the two chose to be a footnote, rather than a chapter in future history books, and voted with the others to certify the vote.  Donald Trump then called on the two to reach out and tell them what a great job... and life they had to that point, and what a shame it would be if something happened to it. Both now have signed paperwork indicating that they didn’t approve of the votes they had already made. But… of course, they already certified, the process has moved on, the laws the law… the gavel has dropped… right? RIGHT?

Well, one gavel dropped, which used to mean something, but in this particular nightmare there’s a gavel gauntlet waiting, and one or two or five gavels could make trouble. Trump’s team is trying to light too many fires to put out. If the election had been just a little closer it would have been all ashes already. 

The Georgia recount won’t shut Trump up. Donald and his team will just get funnier and more dangerous each hour. You know what we should do? We should reach out to Trump supporters, look forward, not back, and let Trump be Trump... legally. Or, not. GSA Emily Murphy might be trying to avoid jail herself, or perhaps she is truly internally struggling in personal anguish, and just wants to be a good soldier... Republicans can’t fight Joe Biden if they have to admit he exists.

Maybe there’s some nuance in politics, and a few conservatives left that might still be communicated with. The ones that don’t watch Fox, and haven’t started watching OANN. The ones that don’t bet on how many of their employees catch COVID-19, or use stimulus money to buy guns. The ones still alive after refusing to wear masks

Meanwhile, let’s make a note to look into Latiñes concerns, before or if we have another election.

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Welcome to another wacky Wednesday with our wacky KITM Morning crew, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin delivering us from another wacky day of a barely surviving democracy!

Ever wonder how many times the actions of a few people managed to save us from destruction? Or how many of these situations might occur in, say, the next 60 days? Did you ever think you’d be watching one unfold on Zoom? Trump forces are dropping bombs everywhere, so no matter how ineptly assembled, you should expect some to explode. Democracy almost lost Michigan yesterday when two Wayne County board members decided to not certify their counts. They were forced into retreat even before their Confederate monuments could be built. Things can go back to normal, at least there, at least for now.

In Pennsylvania, they get Rudy Giuliani. Not the best choice, even if you are just planning to drive the case to the Supreme Court. Rudy is charging $20,000 a day, not including his per diem. To think that Donald Trump could’ve went with Scott Baio for Cameo money! Giuliani did spring his alleged lover’s daughter on insurance fraud charges, let’s see Scott try that.

Another guy in search of a few okay lawyers would be Lindsey Graham. The Secretary of the State of Arizona shut down his alibi immediately. Donald Trump’s voter suppression efforts seem to have suppressed Republican votes in Georgia’s presidential election and hopefully, in their Senate runoffs.

All of this is kind of funny, until people die because of it. Most people do blame Trump, unless they are Trump people, and only half of them do. If you wanted to know what’s really going on, you could always ask Christopher Krebs, but today he’s dropping off his resume at Joe Biden headquarters. For now, you will need to ask GSA Administrator Emily Murphy to explain things.

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Hmm-LliiiiiivvvveDavid  Waldman welcomes KITM’s regular, yet special, Tuesday guest Joan McCarter to discuss the important things happening and not happening today.

Donald Trump, who was never really president, but is now somehow in exile, is plotting his return.  About 3000 votes have turned up in Georgia, almost 1000 in the Trump Glorious Victory column. Only several million more to go! Rather than dig up Trump votes, Lindsey Graham realized it would be easier and quicker to just not count Biden votes. So, he rung up Georgia’s secretary of state, and Arizona’s, and Nevada’s to see if any might be able to work in a few felonies into their counts.

Trump’s lawyers also turned out to be slackers when it came to going to jail for their client. Donald knew who he should turn to in times like these, but Rudy Giuliani was available, so he’s got the job. It’s been a while, but Rudy still has a few tricks up his sleeve!

Joe Biden has put together a White House senior staff short on his kids, their in-laws, or even their girlfriends. Donald Trump is still blocking the lot of them. Congress has less than two weeks to keep government funded, or provide COVID-19 relief. Meanwhile, House Democrats will elect most of their leadership team this week. David can give you a tip on how to guess the outcome of these things, although it’s less effective for Republicans.

The toppling of Confederate statues in Portsmouth Virginia led to political retaliation by the police against a state senator and several local Black leaders. So far, the police chief has been fired and the charges dropped.

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Joe Biden won the election. The COVID-19 pandemic is an existential threat with existing solutions. There! Isn’t that easy to understand?

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin don’t have to explain that to you. Now, how do we clue in the other folks? 

The Q Cucks Klan marched on Washington without masks, just as neuroradiologist Scott Atlas called for an uprising against Gretchen Whitmer, who recently escaped from their kidnapping and murder plot. Scott was misunderstood/stupid beyond belief, and even worse, from the Hoover Institute. Candace Owens showed she understands Republican priorities.

Hospitals are in hell. The coronavirus is now a rural and red state threat. Try telling that to people who will die before admitting that they caught Covid. We have a chance to stop this horror/shit show with outreach and messaging… and science! For instance, If it wasn’t for Donald Trump infecting so many Americans, the world wouldn’t have these latest vaccines! Remember that, great “historians”! Ferrets rejoice! 

Ignorance and idiocy will continue to grow, because it is so easy to understand and implement selfishness and laziness. Still, there is hope. Mitch McConnell doesn’t run the whole show,  and there are methods around his madness. It also turns out that people don’t approve of police riots, and everyone is pretty embarrassed about the electoral college.

Of course, the White House is laying boobytraps for Joe Biden. Maybe literally. The DHS admits mistakes were made concerning Chad Wolf’s appointment. Perhaps, someday he won’t have a job.


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Soon, we won’t have Donald Trump to kick around, anymore. Geraldo Rivera says it’s time for Trump to walk away with “grace and dignity.” Easier said than done for Donald. His crazy train has never been on the rails. Don’t be concerned, there’s plenty of nitwits and bozos coming up the ranks to occupy David Waldman each day.

87 year old, 25 term Republican Don Young might have pulled his last idiotic move. Too bad that COVID-19 doesn’t just infect people ironically.

Jonathan Turley used to play a smart guy on TV, but dropped that gig a few years ago. Now he’s Donald Trump’s idea of a smart guy, affecting gravitas on Donald’s all cap tweets about Dominion Voting Systems stealing his votes. You know you’ve hit bottom when you’re being “Well, actually”-ed by Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends. Even extremely progressive blogs aren’t that crazy, lately.

The postal worker that claimed voter fraud, recanted, then retracted his recantation, now says he was scripted. Result: Profit! How will we ever remove the Trump Deep State and drain his swamp?

Democrats can fix things... or try to throttle each other into disarray as if power was a finite resource that deplenishes when shared. Power and money, when invested wisely, demonstrates leadership and strength.

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Pick up a bowl and get in line as David Waldman and Greg Dworkin ladle up 2 hours of KITM for the soul:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Joe Biden won! We might as well keep celebrating, as here it is, almost the middle of November, and there are still people just figuring this out. Some Trump followers are coming to grips with reality. Some are following the advice of their chickens and are moving on.

Karl Rove understands the election won’t be overturnedTrump evangelical Robert Jeffress calls Joe Biden “president-elect”. Hugh Hewitt will not only tell you Biden’s the one, but he approves of Joe’s Chief of Staff pick, Ronald Klain. Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford says he will fight for Biden’s right to intelligence briefings. Even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls Donald Trump America's “previous president”.

No chicken could be as dumb as a focus group undecided voter. Still — a vote is a vote. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Abigail Spanberger both found more votes than their Republican opponents, which is kind of how they won their elections.

The middle of November is also about the time presidents pardon turkeys… and felons. Lame-duck Donald might try to save his own neck from the chopping block. It’s not a good time to be a Trump lawyer. Snell & Wilmer withdraw from their election lawsuit in Maricopa County, Arizona. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s goose might be cooked. James O’Keefe’s stool pigeons find GoFundMe isn’t chicken feed.

Donald Trump’s next target to destroy is Fox News, but generally Donald needs to own a business to destroy it.

The COVID-19 pandemic topped 140,000 cases yesterday, it will continue to become more horrible until the Biden administration can take over, and even then there will be heckling from the sidelines. There is no place to hide, and no “miracle cure”… inoculating against coronavirus is only one of the technological, logistical, and societal hurdles to come

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome back Denise Oliver Velez, whose inestimable breadth and depth of experience, activism and legacy in racial, cultural and political affairs can illuminate our way out of Donald Trump’s morass.

Denise visits KITM on Veterans Day, a subject she is also well-suited to address, as military service is a tradition in her family, notably her Tuskegee Airman father

Today’s principal topic however, and probably the principal topic for America’s foreseeable future, is the Latiñe voting bloc, which can’t be reached with just a few spanish words, and is far from a single voting bloc, with regional, class, religious and racial differences driving their lives and their votes. Trump got out the Hispanic vote across the country by not taking them or their needs for granted.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden won the presidency. Yes, indeed. It’s a slow-motion beat-down, folks. The biggest win for a challenger since FDR. In addition, a team of international observers found no systemic fraud in U.S. elections. The New York Times found no fraud. The AP says there’s no widespread fraud. There is nothing to see here... And, that is why Georgia is going to hand recount all of the votes — to build trust and respect (and watch Donald Trump lose twice).

Meanwhile, the inaugural committee meets with only half of the members willing to say who’s being inaugurated.  The inauguration is set to be a mosh pit, half a million deep.

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Tuesday! David Waldman! Joan McCarter! Whoo hoo! That’s the good news… then again:

Maybe Donald isn’t going away.

Donald Trump’s presidency — his entire life — has turned on people believing that absolutely nobody could be that stupid, venal and lazy, and yet here he is proving it, day after day, decade after decade, never paying up. Today he will do everything stupidly wrong, tomorrow he will be back, and worse. Trump is completely ineffectual, and 100% destructive. The more you think about it, the dumber things become. If Joe ever gets in, he’s going to be in so much trouble for the last four years.

Trump’s “last, desperate, laughably weak” attack on Obamacare goes to the Supreme Court this week, and the only people due to suffer will be the ones that need insurance. Mitch McConnell’s cold blue hands squeeze the last breaths out of Covid relief.

On the other hand, Joy Reid was about as accurate about FiveThirtyEight as FiveThirtyEight has been about anything, really.

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David Waldman, broadcasting LIVE from White House grounds (Easy airport access off Possum Hollow —  honk if you see us!) reports on the eagerly awaited FINALE of The Presidential Apprentice!

Believe it or not, there are some that aren’t taking the news so well. Rudy’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve, and out in the alley. Don Jr., always a great judge of character, believes something is awry. Mike Pence pops up for air and to honor Donald Trump’s invention of Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccineToday is the day Joe Biden became President, and Donald Trump should be in nobody’s backyard.

Greg Dworkin describes the beauty of RNA vaccines, and Messenger RNA, as science and expertise head back to the White House. Utah’s Governor finds today is a good day to issue a mask mandate. Greg is also quite happy that dogs and sane people are heading back to the White House. There are plenty of takeaways from the 2020 elections, and one is that we should be holding on to Democracy as tight as Trump holds a flag. It wasn’t a close election, and it is becoming less close the more ballots are counted.

Will Donald Trump, you know... pivot to a Biden post-election transition process? That might be a bit much to ask from the crew that couldn’t Google the correct Four Seasons, but David would be happy to walk them through the handbook if need be.

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David Waldman brings us our KITM on the day we’ve all been waiting for: Day One of Donald Trump in exile.

Donald Trump did throw together a victory speech for last night. If you didn’t catch it, there will be a lot more to come. Newt Gingrich demands arrests. Seb Gorka demands storm troopers. Steve Bannon moves toward Games of Thrones solutions (Twitter puts his head on a pike.) Brooks Brothers rioters —  except this time heavily armed — head into battleground states. Your puny logic, norms, and laws will be no match for them.

The Secret Service ramps up their protection around Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum looked nauseous last night on CNN. Just spit it out Santorum! Chew some gum, you’ll feel better! Rick promised on the air that Republicans wouldn’t try anything crazy... like appointing electors to steal the election. Rick speaks for all Republicans, even the lying ones, so that’s that.

It’s time for Donald Trump to call in all of those favors from his friends and… Oh wait, Donald Trump doesn’t do favors, and has no friends. Oh well.

The Democrats have won, and as per tradition, their accusations and finger-pointing can now commence. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will not be made a scapegoat, and instead demands credit. That’s no way to get ahead!

As long as fear, hatred, greed and stupidity exist, Republicans will find voters, and that includes those in the Latiñe, né Latino, community. Democrats need to start paying more attention, however.

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David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin, and you to the KITM Almost, but Not Quite 270 Electoral Votes Special. 

Donald Trump is still president. Donald’s lawyers and lackies hereby demand the immediate ceasing & continuance of ballot counting. Republicans have come out in support of whatever that is and join in demanding more & less. William Barr might send armed agents to guarantee it happens or stops. It’s right there in the Constitution! Well, it’s somewhere — do your research! The Postal Service will do what it can to slow things down. Someone has to pay, but Louis DeJoy might dash on that bill

Don’t try to escape, no one will take us.

Democrats know deep down that this is all their fault. Republicans might have trouble winning the popular vote, or governing, but with such a gerrymandered, suppressed, closely divided electorate, who can blame them? Maybe we are just too mean. There could definitely be more Latiñes outreach. Now, it turns out that many white-Hispanic voters see black-Hispanics as the lazy takers, and don’t even start them on the foreigners!

Well, at least we kept Abigail Spanberger. And, Jewish moderates. Republicans get a couple of Qanon members to help build bridges, and this asshole.

Wouldn’t some norms hit the spot right now? Well, you can’t have any, because this is Mitch’s world, Joe Biden just lives in it. The next couple of years will require creativity.

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What if… hear me out... the polls tightened? Or worse yet, what if 40+% of voters woke up one morning and decided to vote for a Republican?

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin felt it with the rest of us last night, and are here to help get us back on our feet and ready to fight.

Trusted polling authorities will be spending today explaining why people would ever trust them as authorities again, but really, is there vote tampering? Or maybe… possibly... vote tampering? Or maybe, gratification and democracy just are not that instantaneous. David’s own Loudoun county was very red and very blue at times last night. 

Donald Trump, behind in both the popular and electoral vote every minute yesterday, declared victory, because what else would he do? Even Fox won’t back Trump on that claim, yet.

There is still a lot to count. 300,000 mail ballots were shown as not delivered so a federal judge ordered U.S. Postal Service inspectors to sweep postal facilities. Louis DeJoy told the judge no thank you. A Milwaukee election official was given a police escort to turn in her absentee ballot info. 

There is probably good news in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania… probably. In fact, there is plenty of good news already. All four members of "the Squad" won easily. Cori Bush became the first black Congresswoman In Missouri history. And Joe Biden broke the record for the most votes ever received by a candidate at a US Presidential Election. Okay, after that there isn’t that much good news to count. Mitch McConnell, no MLK Jr., is back. Lindsey Graham is back. Susan Collins is back. Devin Nunes is back. Even a Republican that died from COVID-19 in October was elected. Democrats are in.. well, you know.

At least spreading the news over a few days might reduce the threat of violence. Gun nuts have few people to shoot but themselves.

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The question on this nation’s minds: Could this possibly be the last Taco Tuesday for this administration?

David Waldman brings on Armando and Joan McCarter to prepare us for today. Listen to them, and you’ll be set. Take a nap until tonight when the action starts.

Voting has already happened in Dixville Notch, therefore voting is over. Why count more votes if you never planned to count all votes?

Battlelines have been drawn. Well, some sure are behaving like a war is coming. Nancy Pelosi is assembling her troops and is ready for anything.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump fortified his bunker and has stowed away both Eva and Melania, clearly expecting the worst.

Out in Idaho, a crack suicide squad, lead by Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin leapt into action.

The Trump army of poll-watchers, constipated, paranoid, and...  well, they were prepared to Karen up the joint until they found out there was no artillery backup and they still had to wear masksIt’s just no fun being a Trump goon if there’s so many rules to follow.

Frivolous lawsuits are being thrown out left and right, and are tossed right back in again, to then be thrown out again. Of course, all you need is a frivolous judge or two, and as Armando says, their “intervention can be determinative”.

Trump and Mitch McConnell have completely forgotten about COVID-19, though they are still taking the time to kill Obamacare.

Voters of color will have to work harder to have their ballots count, but when has not been the case? This time however, the military vote is in danger of going Democratic, and so Republicans are taking it out. As for you, stay in line, wear a mask, and protect your vote!

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This could end up being a pretty hectic, vexing weekDavid Waldman and Greg Dworkin present our KITM moment of zen.

If you want to understand 2020, look to 2008, or maybe 1980 or 1932.  Just cut it out with those comparisons to 2016. Joe Biden, as always, is ahead nationally, and in swing states, and all over the crosstabs, including Latinos. He has a big lead, people. There’s no such thing as a shy Trump voter. (You can look to their wives and daughters for the shy Biden vote.) In Nevada, Biden’s blue tide raises all votes. If you were to predict a winner, you might in fact say it would be Joe Biden. Donald Trump assures everyone that the polls are fake and he will win, therefore Donald Trump also predicts a Biden win.

Donald Trump is building the wall! The third one, this time unscalable, around the White House. You’d think that would hold Trump until the cops come, but unfortunately Donald still has that helicopter. (He’s just the villain to be prying aide’s fingers off the landing gear as it ascends, too.)

Republicans salt the earth in their retreat, first attacking voting, soon attacking voters. Two judges in Minnesota issued a voting rules order that contradicts the instructions mailed with the ballot. in Texas, Republicans are trying to throw out 100,000+ votes cast at drive-in voting centers that they helped design. In Pennsylvania, Republicans might only need to stall to win. Voting goons are fanning out across battleground states to coerce the vote and case out the polling areas and machines. Expect plenty of post-election goons fanning out as well, with police and party support. 

Police took a Black toddler from his family’s SUV. Then, the union used his photo as propaganda.

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