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Thought yesterday felt like Friday? Just wait until you get a load of David Waldman with today’s KITM:

President Joe says Pope Francis says he can have communion, so there. The Church, and its followers invariably adhere to logic and openness, so that’s the end of that debate.

Mike Lee, Utah’s idea of a Republican, sees only outpourings of concern at school board meetings. That’s because these lunatics write their threats at home Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and anti-CRT kooks have been hanging around schools for a little while… okay, a long while… the less you know about history, the better it is for them.

It’s going pretty well for Glenn Youngkin as Trump supporters and closeted Trump supporters push Youngkin towards a lead in Virginia. 

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina did look pretty suspicious, dumping more than $1.6 million in stocks just before the coronavirus market crash, but just as he breathed a sigh of relief, Columbo re-entered the room with just one more thing: communications metadata showing a 50 second call to his brother-in-law, who then called his broker literally the next minute.

Lev Parnas is one more Trump crony going to jail for not having enough to flip on Donald, and too late to be pardoned unless there’s that second term… unless, of course Trump can pardon him from Mar-a-Lago. The January 6 committee is losing patience with Mark Meadows — Grrrrr!

So much for the military giving or taking orders, as thousands take a command as a suggestion.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin  deliver us to another Friday eve safe and informed. (Which tend to go hand in hand.)

President Joe Biden has a $1.75 trillion idea for how to fix things, which he presented to Democrats today. Unfortunately, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema continue to gum up the works with their Joementumtaking the heat off of Republicans, who are completely against anything happening ever.

Republicans do hate to have things happen, at least new things. Their fear and outrage caravans now invade local schools to hunt down Satan. Republicans always can find Satan when they look hard enough.  Those at the top worry that perhaps Trumpers found Satan a few times too often lately.

There’s nothing stickier than Trump’s taint. Just ask brownnosers Jeffrey Clark and Jon Eastman, the brains and law clout behind Donald Trump’s almost coup (which continues on its way to 2024) who no one in the real world wants anything to do with.

A white nationalist extremist at the capitol hated the press, so he dressed himself as the press, to attack the police, whom he loves, constantly shouting anti-semitic racist slurs, like some khnyok shtik drek.

Rats sometimes eat each other. Marjorie Traitor Green bought $50,000 in Trump SPAC Digital World shares… and lost thousands, so far. One of the biggest scammers in history, Elizabeth Holmes, met one of the richest dim bulbs, Betsy DeVos. Hilarity ensued.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring complexity to our simple world

New COVID cases are down nearly 60 percent since the delta variant surge! Hooray! Except for the thousands that died that could have lived. The healthcare infrastructure that still isn’t in place. Our slow response, again and again to pandemic threats. So, how much caution is healthy? How much bureaucracy is enoughThe answer is complex, unless you are simple

Take away the simple answers, and you can leave the Ivermectin at the feed store. A doctor felt that public health just wasn’t his business, and now it isn’t. West Virginia had the highest vax rate, but ran out of reasonable people. Florida ran out of people to infect.

If Dems succeed on their historic legislation… then what? It's almost too frightening to contemplate! Terry McAuliffe is winning in Virginia, but is it by enough? Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin burns books into the homestretch. White Americans have been against Critical Race Theory ever since there were non-white Americans. White people learn all they need to know about “ANTIFA”, “BLM”, “ADL”, & “ACLU” from the “TV”.

A judge finds that a teen committed sexual assault in a Virginia school bathroom. David explains, in painful detail, exactly how the reality of the situation is far from that simple.

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David Waldman reveals the latest shenanigans and diablerie in the world today, leaving time open for Joan McCarter, who was was fated by destiny to call in this morning. Also, she had it on her calendar.

Terry McAuliffe is tied in his gubernatorial bid, which will be painted as a Trump win no matter the outcome, although the outcome will be better if Terry wins. Terrifying Republicans is always a good political strategy. Terrified Floridians die by the thousands, and Ron DeSantis doesn’t mind the ”terrified” part at all. Joseph Ladapo would never qualify as a surgeon nor a general, but as Florida’s Surgeon General he’s a piece of crap too.

Lauren Boebert isn’t a smart woman. So, her attorney spoke for her yesterday.

James O’Keefe, inexplicably still out of jail, is at a disadvantage in a lawsuit for actions he has already described, published, and profited from.

Donald Trump’s SPAC of Truth was looking good to dimwits with money for a few days... longer than most Trump schemes. Donald might have already piloted it into an iceberg however, disappointing the scaramooches hoping Trump found a new shiny object. Mark Zuckerberg reads sad news every morning and counts his cash every night.

Trump was soothed out of rages by music man Max Miller, who is of course running for office in 2022. Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham can tell you Max could use a bit of intervention himself.

Donald Trump infected his own Trumper deep-state cells all through Washington. Excising Trumpist cysts is painful and time-consuming, but necessary immediately. The most perianal of these abscesses, U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is becoming a chronic inflammation. You think that’s gross? You should try making sausage with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema each day.

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David Waldman tells us that scholars and wacky podcasters agree on filibuster reform... and even true conservatives would support it if we could find any.

Greg Dworkin asks, Is this the week the logjam breaks? Democrats need to do something! Of course, no one expects Republicans to do anything. Actually, it is on two Democrats to matter. WTF, Kyrsten Sinema? People who attempt to divine Sinema’s motivations presuppose that she has some.

Don’t ask pundits. What do they know?

Protest organizers told Rolling Stone that they participated in dozens of planning meetings with congress and White House staff in preparation for the January 6 insurrection. More importantly, those sources are talking to the January 6th committee about those meetings. Mark Meadows knew violence was coming, but must have had guessed he’d be spared. Paul Gosar promised rioters blanket pardons. Prior to the January 6 insurrection, stooges Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and John Eastman holed up in the Willard Hotel war room with Donald Trump calling in.
Only a couple of people are needed to overthrow the US, and they are being put into place. You can expose, subpoena, arrest, convict and execute traitors, but you know it only gives them “street cred”.

Joe Biden works to unite Catholics, while Donald Trump tore apart Evangelicals.

Texas' Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick offered to pay up to $1 million in bounties for information that led to arrest and conviction of voter fraud. Pennsylvania’s Lt. Gov. John Fetterman was eager to help Patrick out, and Dan was eager for John to shut up, so Texas had to pay up. A Las Vegas man railed against disgusting voter fraud, when in the end, he just hated himself.

Florida school Board member Jennifer Jenkins supports masks, so she received harassment, including accusations of child abuse. People would be crazy to take her job, and that’s exactly the kind who want it.

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Thank God it’s KITM, David Waldman, and Friday:

John Eastman, Federalist Society benefactor and beneficiary, remembers himself as the hero of January 6. Eastman’s memory is less than photographic, as it seems he wrote a memo advocating the opposite of what he now says.

Matt Gaetz finds himself so screwed right now, even without having to go to an ATM! In fact, the DOJ hooked a couple more prosecutors to that train he’s pulling.

Someone is demanding Loudoun County school board's superintendent resign over allegations…. misleading, inaccurateunsubstantiated allegations... but if you are as thirsty as Republicans are for Virginia, that’s good enough for you.

Colin Powell did plenty right, a bunch wrong, but a lot of it very important to many people.

President Joe Biden could be our filibuster-buster, which is good and all, but give him a moment, he’s got a few things on his plate right now.

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Greg Dworkin is okay everybody! Unlike Greg, his washing machine sprung an unintended leak, and is not so okay. Greg was a bit preoccupied this morning and couldn’t call in. Abby remains a good dog, no leaks for her!

David Waldman is sick and tired of stupid, lazy criminals and is forced into giving free, thus non-lawyerly, advice to folks like Nevada Representative Jeff Fortenberry who predicted he would be indicted, as he had committed indictable acts, and was aware that the FBI had found out about them. Justice will be delivered to Jeff, and several others tied to catchily-named Gilbert Chagoury and Toufic Baaklini. Stupid and lazy Matt Gaetz stepped forward to be Fortenberry’s character witness.

Following the trend of Gab, GETTER, and Parler, and of Trump Steaks, Ice, and University will be no mean feat, but if anyone can do it, Donald Trump canDonald’s plowing a lot of other people’s money into this, and every penny shows.

Three quarters of a million Americans have died from COVID-19, officially today, but probably a long time ago. It will be officially more than a million soon. Unvaccinated will get it, keep getting it, and bite it eventually.

Virginia's ”bipartisan” redistricting commission collapses, again, which David could’ve told you would happen, and definitely told you today. A Federal Claims court judge retires… plans to retire… has a retirement plan.

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Divers recovered David Waldman’s ancient sword off the coast of Israel, further hindering our plan to have David installed as rightful king of England this year. Their loss, your gain.

Greg Dworkin is also on hand with his patented home-spun doctorly advice on COVID-19 vaccination. Want a second opinion? The CDC now reports COVID cases and deaths by vax status, which also reveals differences between vaccines. The FDA is expected to allow mixing and matching of vaccine boosters, which not only is kind of fun, but could create stronger immune responses. The White House detailed its plan to roll out vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 The Supreme Court declined to block a vaccine requirement on Maine health care workers, which is a big win for everyone.

Each day, Steve KG Bannon halves the distance to being arrested for criminal contempt of Congress, but at this rate will he ever reach his destination? David looks ahead to what happens when subpoenas are defied… Actually, he looks back to all the times it has already happened, and even further back to explore the "inherent contempt" process, which could be the solution, if only Congress was aware of it.

Meanwhile, Democrats are dis-disarraying it all by calling everything “centrist”, and just stopping the harshing of everybody’s mellow for once. The GQP eats itself alive.

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David Waldman reads today’s police blotter to report who could be jail, should be in jail, and would be in jail if wasn’t for the first two.

You know, cops don’t take their jobs to listen to anyone else tell them what to do, so if anyone will be following orders around here, it’ll be the covid virus

South Dakota Senate Majority Leader Gary Cammack was arrested, but his case is sealed, so we don’t know why he was arrested. We can guess, though.

Steve KG Bannon was subpoenaed by the committee investigating the January 6 insurrection. Steve defied the subpoena. Steve’s excuses have been rejected by the committee. The committee will vote to hold Steve in criminal contempt. Steve plans to get away with it. So does Donald Trump.

Democrats have trouble controlling much of anything, really. Don’t expect reformation or expansion of the Supreme Court. Joan McCarter is on to tell us about this and other farces. Chuck Schumer will bring the Freedom To Vote Act to the floor, and the Republicans will filibuster it. President Joe Biden negotiates with president Joe Manchin and queen Krysten Sinema, when he should be talking with Representative Pramila Jayapal.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us another KITM… or was it Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk? Eh, both sides. Just like the Satanic Temple and… well, not the Church of Satan, they’re a little “out there”. Listener/Contributor John Ronald recorded an explainer, which David played on the show, so now we’re all Satanists.

David tried to add another side to a conversation on Twitter and was informed that just wasn’t the way things worked on the internet by The Hoarse Whisperer, who let slip the dogs of Twitter on him for the day. In the end, Hoarse showed he could be a bigger man, or at least, duck, by extending an apology.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says “Merry Christmas!”, MAGA refuses.

Colin Powell, the first Black secretary of state and Joint Chiefs of Staff, a bit of a war criminal, thoughtful, eloquentunindicted, but fully vaccinated, is dead from the complications of COVID-19, which were complicated by multiple myeloma, and by being 84 years old, which is enough to kill you without any complications.

Getting vaccinated is a no-brainer, or perhaps the no-brainers are the ones who resist being vaccinated. Still, the unvaxxed do have a point... or at least that is what you’re supposed to tell them.

Anti-mandate Governors are anti-voters. In Florida, they just don’t tell anyone how many are dying. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam continues to fight the pandemic, and his own “long COVID” for over a year. 

Marjorie Traitor Greene and Matt Gaetz’s big fundraising PAC is nearly broke, which is exactly how grifts work, but pretty bad performance for a PAC. Marge has nothing better to do, so she got on a zoom call for Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller’s court-martial to rant between mutings.

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Protesters have gathered outside KITM World Headquarters to protest David Waldman ignoring their many tweets. “F” them, it’s “F” day

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters neglected her job to breach election security a couple times and all of a sudden she gained a reputation for being untrustworthy and is now being prohibited from acting as a designated election official.

Parents hate having their kids taught stuff in school, and oppose those attempting to indoctrinate their children to facts. It is to the point that schools have been suggesting teachers balance their Holocaust books with opposing viewpoints. Meanwhile, in Tennessee where they have a much more black and white viewpoint, black children are arrested and jailed for a crime that doesn’t exist.

Jeffrey Clark tried to destroy democracy, so it makes sense to subpoena him to testify before the House Select Committee assembled to look into those things. It only makes sense though if Clark, Steve Bannon, and others subpoenaed aren’t allowed to avoid those criminal contempt charges if they refuse to comply. Donald Trump tries the “Oh, well you’re in contempt!” defense, which actually has worked pretty well for him so far. Donald maintains that he is not into golden showers, the only lie that he got Melania to buy. Lev Parnas just might know the answer to that, but will be mostly addressing Russian puppet masters in his ongoing conspiracy trial.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have a million things to share with you today, and about a thousand links with me...

Bill Shatner’s still trending, forcing David to reveal that he is not a “Star Trek nerd” (Like we didn’t guess that when he claimed that “Star Trek ships went everywhere at ‘maximum warp’...” SMH) That doesn’t mean David’s not willing to put in some effort though, especially when there’s charts and statistics involved.

Meanwhile, the January 6 Committee announced that they are subpoenaing Jeffrey Clark, a Trump plotter if there ever was one, and promised to hang tough on contempt charges, and maybe send some marshals to tase Steve KG Bannon. Who says Christmas is canceled?

Of course, there are people saying that. Those people are kind of dumb, or at least forgetful. Joe Biden will run ports 24/7 to fix supply chain problems, and there will be more complexities to address, notably by those paying shit. The pandemic is also slowing things up, here and around the world, but more importantly it is still killing people. Quite a few will be killed in the name of freedom, which is just the way the GQP likes it, especially lately. It wouldn’t surprise Republicans to know that mandates work, what matters is they just don’t work for them. The FDA is meeting on booster shots. Joe says smarten up and get vaccinated. Marjorie TP Greene and Joe Rogan support the Republican vaccine, Ivermectin.

It’s not just COVID-19. Republicans have a big tent for morons of all stripes. A man killed 5 people in Norway with a bow and arrow, but Lauren Boebert is certain he would’ve done better in the US. Michelle Steele wants to get rid of those ships ruining her view of the Pacific. Scott Pio wants all boats out of the ocean… just a thought… Islands are even bigger, so let’s move those onshore also. Trump ralliers pledge allegiance to the insurrection. Donald Trump doesn’t actually need people that dumb to succeed. People have been plenty dumb enough for him all along. The NRCC noted a a 74% increase in dumbasses just this quarter however. (A&TT will be sad to see them leave.) Texas finally smoked out their last intelligent Republican.

In Tennessee, if you show enough bigotry and hypocrisy, you might just slide.

Still, not enough people want Donald Trump to run again in 2024 for him to actually get elected, but there’s plenty enough if voting doesn’t matter anymore.

In Virginia, Glenn Trumpkin wants his Trump love on the DL, but Donald keeps sending flowers.

Chuck Schumer will file cloture on a bill to overhaul voting laws, cutting loose pesky Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who seem pretty awful until you look across the aisle. 

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David Waldman and KITM proudly present: Wednesday!

William Shatner rode Blue Origin’s great penis of the galaxy a few feet up into the final frontier, becoming America’s favorite space geezer.

Terry McAuliffe, a popular Democratic candidate in a blue state, might win, might notdepending on the enthusiasms of the people voting.  Unfortunately, half of those voters are in a frothing rage-panic, every waking moment, which sure beats being informed.

Oh no! Does this mean Democrats will lose everything from now on? Well, settle back and just sit tight, while Greg Dworkin starts reviewing the attitude of doing right —  You've got to accentuate the universaltriangulate the ideological, eschew the label “liberal”, because winners are alwaysmister in-between”… maybe.

Republicans help all they can by being simply horrible. Q-nuts and violent lunatics are everywhere, which must eventually hurt their chances, right? The Dallas Regional Chamber distanced itself from Greg Abbott on his anti vaccine mandate mandate, so maybe that’s a start… Nah. They’re taking us to Hell.

If Joe Biden can only bring back holiday shopping, perhaps the Democratic party will survive. Letting us see Steve Bannon get tased on TV might help too.

Democrats do still have a few dummies, although a couple fewer now with the firing of Fulton County election workers guilty of shredding voter registration forms. Republican election workers can get fired for less… a lot less. A pro-Trump PAC made millions illegally, spent a few thousand in fines years later. They probably made more in interest.

Jon Gruden was fired for a victimless crime, with the exception of LGBTQI+ communities, Blacks, women and a few others. At least Gruden was entertaining to a few bigots. Another woke-victim being canceled for no reason: Brett Favre. 

We are almost at 80% vaccinated now. Any way you look at it, that is good news. A record number of people have taken their job and shoved it, because there are better jobs out there than the one they have.

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David Waldman breaks the news into sparkling shards of infotainment:

Old-school coach Jon Gruden ends up being old-school to the core.

Instead of the usual Ashley Madison video, Donald Trump released an Ashli Babbitt video, to stoke the passions of his black flaggers out there. Donald is slowly selling off his assets and sycophants to buy himself a little more time until he can get back to sucking the US dry. The whole Trump family was always trash, by the way, always ready to take anything from anybody, anytime, anywhere. The Saudis gave them fake White Tiger and Cheetah Furs, because that just screams “Trump” doesn’t it?

Southwest pilots have taken a principled stand against the tyranny of mandates, in the imaginations of social media goofballs. Those same people who know a person injured by the Covid vaccine.

Greg Abbott mandated against mandates to dictate what private businesses will and will not do. A girl shut down her school, was arrested, fined and owned plenty of libs, but until she climbs through a Capitol window, she shouldn’t expect any lasting attention.

We missed out on minting a trillion dollar coin again. What we now could use, what the world could use, is a global minimum tax, a phrase soon to be made terrifying through Republican framing. Joan McCarter describes how Joe Manchin ran to Republican’s defense, flipping the narrative into how mean Democrats are. Manchin, and former Green Party rep Kyrsten Sinema aren’t saying what they would pay for, but it won’t be the environment. Mitch McConnell took credit for not destroying the global economy so far, while promising to destroy the global economy in December.

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David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and all the folks here at KITM World Headquarters wish you a well-observed Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Not yet quite day of atonement and repentance for everyone, or even appreciation, but at least president Joe Biden took America one more step to official recognition today. Consider that ”the former guy” was honored by this day to make up for a different set of American atrocities and abuse, and that worked out pretty well.

The pandemic might be declining, but we’re still heading into winter, and that’s never good for those things. The biggest dim-wit lunatic to avoid catching COVID-19 so far, Allen West, finally did get some, which sent him to the hospital, unfortunately not wising him up one whit. Even killing West probably wouldn’t make him a bit smarter, but if it just saves lives in the long run it might well be worth it. Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and snorting cocaine do not cure COVID-19, just get the vaccine already. Karens across the political spectrum now demand to know why Joe Biden keeps infecting people, however it’s the supply chain, stupid, and the stupid supply chain that’s actually screwing things up for everyone.

Oh no, 2022 so soon? Democrats plan to move the rest of their agenda onto the front burner while also figuring out how to take a trillion or so off the top. Republicans aren’t as concerned about the midterms as they have a civil war scheduled just ahead of them. No more deep-state anti-Trump RINOS like… Steve Mnuchin... Donald Trump has all of his loyal soldiers in place this time, and brand-new Confederate statues to erect. Donald does wonder why the Constitution would even care about him, when he’s never had a care about it.

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Well, the filibuster survived a close brush with death last night, as the Senate eked out a win on cloture for a short-term debt limit hike.

That means our visit with Eli Zupnick of Fix Our Senate was particularly well-timed. And we’ll probably get another chance to check in with him again soon, since we’ll be right back in this mess by early December, if not before, whether over the debt limit, a government shutdown, voting rights, or any of a dozen other critical items on the agenda.

Speaking of the debt limit, how about this creative filibuster workaround?

And speaking of creative workarounds, how about this exasperating corporate-sponsored detour from reality: the AT&T-OANN nexus?

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David Waldman is recovering after a second bout of earwax removal ads. Symptoms include pronounced nausea, so I won’t be sharing those pictures.

Greg Dworkin is back for the last time this week, so enjoy him while you can

Mitch McConnell lost a little yesterday. He would lose a lot more often if he didn’t have the filibuster, so he picked the next worst deal for himself. That sad little scrap of paper on the Capitol steps is still sad, but lives another day or so.

In lieu of governing, Republicans are trying out alternatives. Rather than redistricting, Arkansas lawmakers are attacking vaccine mandates. Several governors found a border, some Humvees and a great big political grandstand. While Idaho’s governor grandstanded in Texas, his lieutenant governor built hers at home.

Convalescent plasma treatment is futile to treat COVID-19 patients, so perhaps the best thing to do instead would be to get vaccinated, wear a mask and not catch it. Anti-vaxxers went and made Uncle Joe stop this car, which is all some of those brats needed to straighten up.

And yet, a guy in Maryland shot and killed his pharmacist brother for giving out the vaccine. Where would someone get such ideas and indoctrination?  AT&T, possibly. Journalists are finally reconsidering their ideas of neutrality, invading privacy, and source relationships with cops, while hopefully moving far away from the Acela corridor.

The CDC wants to study the true toll of guns in America. The results will shock everyone, but not surprise anyone.

A great ad might not mean a great candidate. So watch out for viral candidates that seem too good to be true, or just support the people you trust to support the candidates you will be glad to see in those positions.

A federal judge blocked the Texas abortion ban, which is great, but not the end of the fight.

The Senate Judiciary Committee reported that Donald Trump attempted to use the Justice Department to overthrow the country in 2020, however DOJ officials were about to reveal his plot, so he he gave up on that scheme.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin explain it all today. If you can’t keep up, play it twice:

COVID-19 hospitalizations are dropping. The death toll is rising. We are starting to recover. Unvaxed and unmasked kids cases are soaring. Meanwhile, doctors and scientists loudly debate whether you in particular “really” need that booster, or only “think” you want that booster. Scientists don’t see that as confusing at all. They’re happy to have their vocal scientific debate right in the open, which is just as reassuring to the public as hearing your airliner’s pilots debate flying technique over the intercom, while watching parachutes pass your window.

It is more inspiring to hear one sure voice, which is what Joe Biden plans to have soon. It always kind of works for Trumpists, even when they have absolutely nothing else to offer. Midsize, Midwest factory towns have lost interest in hearing what Democrats have to say, just when Democrats need to hold their governors in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to hold onto democracy.

Back in DC, there are no longer any Republican moderates, unless you’re counting Sinema and Manchin. Americans still support Democratic bills, but are losing faith in Democrats. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to nuke the filibuster, even if it’s just a Cinderella nuke, and everything changes back to pumpkins at the stroke of midnight. If Joe Manchin doesn’t know what a filibuster is for, he won’t mind if it is out for a day. 92 legal scholars suggest Dems tell the Senate parliamentarian to stick it, at least on her immigration decision.

Many January 6 rioters went straight to hidden Capitol security weak spots, as if they knew where they were in advance. Time to call Dog the Bounty Hunter out on Dan Scavino. Plan to call the cops on the lot of Trump henchmen. Take this January 6 coup investigation up a notch and show them, and the media that insurrection is serious business.

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David Waldman helps us understand it all today, at least the important parts:

That other person on earth who actually pronounces the word “adversary” like David does, Fiona Hill used to be the smartest person in the room with Donald Trump, right up to the day Donald discovered she wasn’t the Diet Coke lady. Therefore, Hill can appreciate exactly how January 6 was a coup attempt. Hillary Clinton was right about Donald Trump, and a whole lot of other things too.

Most whipped man since Theon Greyjoy, Mike Pence says it’s your fault Donald hates him so. Pence’s role in the insurrection might be even worse than we knew, although Mike must have guessed what the penalty for opposing the Eastman Memo would be. Marjorie Traitor Greene dimly perceives danger heading her way...

Boy, Donald’s in trouble now! Wow, how many times have we heard that? How many more times will we? So, Trump’s a little “poorer” now, although you know he’s only ever spent other people’s money his whole life. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago buddies tried to get the VA to sell access to Veterans’ medical records.

Joan McCarter returns from vacation, disappointed that no one bothered to clean up the joint while she was gone. Joan describes the easy ways Democrats can fix everything. Susan Collins finds an even simpler path for Republican victory.

Hell is other people, and they had nothing to do for hours when Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, whatever that is, went down. Man, you could never see that coming, huh?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return from one of those uneventful weekends we could get used to, bringing the news, nuance, and insight we’re already grown accustomed to:

Dems in disarray! Well, more like those two. More like that one, hiding her feet in the bathroom stall. Other than those two, it’s just people working to get things done. Sausage making ain’t pretty, but the thing is, people like sausage. Talk about the benefits for once, instead of the price. Try a sample, if you like it, buy some more.

The other side of the aisle, however, is a far-away place. Mint a coin, or have a trillion dollar NFT painted by George Bush or whatever and get the bills out there. Stupid bloggers come up with ideas all the time, but who listens to them?

How do you negotiate with a party centered on racism? No, wait, it’s “white nationalism”. It’s just hard to separate them sometimes.

Black churches, parents and schools are doing a great job moving teens to vaccination. Vaccine mandates are saving lives across the country. It still isn’t over, though. Alaska is forced to triage patients due to COVID-19 pandemic stress on the hospital system.

Louis DeJoy still runs the Post Office, and he’s still running it into the ground. And yet the USPS might establish one of the greatest aids to help lower income Americans, ever, a postal banking system.

Just throwing this in here now, as I don’t know where else to put it: Corey Lewandowski hit on a married Republican donor by telling her about his giant penis, that he killed two guys, that he lasts 8 hours in bed, all while groping her, and yet she still was not smitten.

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David Waldman ends the week, begins the month and sends us on our way with a lot to chew on:

What? No agreement in Congress yet? Well, governing is tough stuff, which about half of Congress can attest to. Katie Porter reminds the handful of Dems that don’t know that, this all isn’t about them.

Override the Parliamentarian!” is difficult to fit on a bumper sticker or t-shirt, or into a chant, but it shows that activists are willing to learn how Congress, and spellcheck, work.

Brett Kavanaugh contracted COVID-19, sadly, he remains asymptomatic. Get worse Brett! Meanwhile, the few unvaccinated who quit their jobs end up both unemployed and dead. Easier access to farm supplies seems to be no advantage to rural Americans, who are dying at double the rate of urbans.

100 Americans a day do die from bullet holes. The CDC has determined that this could be a health issue worth studying.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, at increasingly more schools due to pandemic-related supply chain disruption. Fox hosts rejoice.

John Durham the bounty hunter finally caught his man… Rodney Joffe! Oh, and there was a server called “” communicating between Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health... 

Mr. Pillow and his election denialists were slapped down again in Idaho, but it’ll take a lot more than that to knock the delusions out of those thick skulls.

Alex Jones refused to cooperate with his prosecutors in two Sandy Hook lawsuits. Turns out, the prosecution doesn’t need his help.

Stephanie Grisham describes that, when it came to Covid, foreign policy, the economy, etc., Jared and Ivanka had the keys to Donald Trump’s one brain cell

Members of Congress are using their leadership PACs as their personal expense accounts, because after all they have to keep up appearances.

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