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Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin call upon all Americans to remember, to reflect, and to thank those who have made tremendous sacrifices to keep our country safe and free... After that, have yourself a ball!

Critics who planned to call Kamala Harris a professorial goody-two-shoes today were stunned by her disgusting display of unfit, unpatriotic, not passed-out-at-the-barbeque behavior.  The former guy sure wouldn’t have behaved like that

While we are commemorating and solemnly observing, let’s not forget the 100th anniversary of the Black Wall Street race riot massacre, which is not the only Black Wall Street, nor deadly race riot of the period, by the way. Definitely not the last one. 

Michael Flynn is a spy who wishes the US be overthrown. Donald Trump says Flynn is a patriot, therefore Republicans believe that that the US should be overthrown, or they are simply RINOs. Democrats will need to meet them halfway, or they aren’t bipartisan. Also, any Democrats meeting halfway will find themselves very alone, and losers. Filibusters are an aberration that no one will miss. None of this is new. Hal Crowther isn’t Nostradamus, just observant.

Hispanics are liking Joe Biden more every day, as do most sane smart people. Chuck Schumer and Susan Collins aren’t even pretending anymore.

Benjamin Netanyahu has run out of friends and ideas. Speaking of bankrupt, HateWRKS in Nashville is fresh out of hats, with only a couple MAGA hats and white hoods left in stock.

Covid isn’t gone. If you are unvaccinated and don’t wear a mask you will get it eventually. People stream in over our southern borders to get their shots — if they come over in a plane, they’ll receive one.

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It’s Friday! Time to get down with a looonnng weekend... trimmed back to a more pragmatic two days with our upcoming Memorial Day KITM. But first, help decide which Frappuccino David Waldman will drink on the air next Monday morning! Write your recipe on any 20 dollar bill and send it to KITM World Headquarters no later than this Saturday to qualify! 

The Senate is already slamming their briefcases shut and heading for the door, a handful of votes short of actual governance. China will still be there when they get back

Ron Johnson and Mike Lee stuck around last night to make everyone pay for sticking around last night.

The Arizona GQP hired Cyber Ninjas for their fraudit, because doing the job correctly was no one’s priority, Cyber Ninjas accepted, because they knew their agreed to price was a fraction of what they’d net

The Trump vs. Cheney fight is a battle for the soul of… JK! There is no soul!

Matt Gaetz promises to be a fearless leader of the future revolution... over Mr. Trump’s dead body, wink. Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend hopes to end her walk of shame over at FBI headquarters.

Foster Friess fries… or freezes? Well, like any woman he had control over, Foster no longer has a choice.

Russia won’t let Air France fly into Moscow, and Air France will cancel Russia flights because everyone knows Belarusian skies aren’t friendly.

Government insurrectionist Proud Boy wants his government checks to keep coming.

Top Wisconsin Republican Robin Vos is hiring former cops to investigate the election, not to find lawbreakers, but to help create new laws to break.

Can Democrats save democracy before it’s totally lost? Why would you think so?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will… won’t… WILL be back on Memorial Day! Maybe. But they are definitely here today!

We are under a cloud of another mass shooting, or is it “beneath the shadow”? You’d think I’d have the idiom down, for how often it happens. By the way, it was the 18th mass shooting in California this year. It’s the 12th mass shooting in the US — this weekend. It’s time for harsh words!

Joe Manchin wants a January 6 commission, and for that matter, filibuster reform as much as you do, but if he gave them to you, you might leave him.

One of the January 6th Capitol tourists said he entered the Capitol that day to find his son a bathroom (Nancy Pelosi’s desk) and maybe pick up a souvenir (Nancy Pelosi’s decapitated head). 

Kremlin Cruz is full of exactly what you’d expect.

Donald Trump is fading away, as is QAnon, but if not for nutcases, Republicans would simply cease to exist. And, that is why MT Greene is the absolute, uncontested leader of the Republican party. It turns out that Greene is not the leader of the Democratic party, so they’d be happy to just get rid of her. On the other hand, militias never fade away, they just die… unfortunately they plan to take a lot of us with them.

So, what’s the chance the COVID-19 virus leaked from a lab? “50%”? Or, maybe “1%”? Who knows? What do numbers have to do with pandemics anyhow? It’s what the media thinks that really matters. Joe Biden didn’t trust Mike Pompeo, because who would? So, Joe will keep track this time.

Find an evil corporation, become a shareholder — success!

There was a plot to “Game of Thrones” the Middle East, and of course Jared Kushner schemed to be the Littlefinger for Ol’ Little Fingers.

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It’s Wednesday on KITM! There’s no show without David Waldman, and we all need Greg Dworkin to get through our day, but who’s finally back to grind his gears and offer expert legal and constitutional analysis, but Armando

One year after the death of George Floyd, and his legacy continues to unfold, perhaps even with Whites, although they can be a pretty dense crowd. Kristen Clarke was confirmed as the first Black woman to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division. The vote was a close one, however, as many Republicans weren’t certain that someone like her might overly favor, you know… “her kind”.

Donald Trump knew those Chinese were up to something. Of course, most of the time Donald was polishing their apples and loving their cake, but sometimes he was just “asking questions”. Trump just asked questions every single day of his administration (and before and after), so odds are good that he’d eventually run into an answer he found useful. Tom Cotton started the Wuhan Lab “question” and jumped it right up to a “bioweapon” question. Mike Pompeo was always big on questions, and so was a natural to lead a raid on Wuhan. With all the bad-faith inquiries, it was tough to spot the valid leads to follow.

Some fully vaccinated people are still wearing masks. Most of them do it for their health and yours. Most mask wearers would answer nicely and politely if you asked them why. With the pandemic panic fading, fewer Californians are gathering tar and feathers for Governor Gavin Newsom, especially those voters considering the alternative.

The Maricopa fraudit is a joke, but we keep laughing at these idiots and they keep multiplying and becoming more dangerous. Except for Mike Lindell. We can probably keep laughing at him.

What is it that keeps Trumpers out of jail? Once again, it is up to Donald to lead the way. The NYC grand jury convened by Cyrus Vance might finally get the ball rolling. Bill Barr can’t cover for Donald Trump anymore… but wait, has Merrick Garland taken up where Barr left off?

In the Capitol, McCarthyism still runs rampant. Liz Cheney might like democracy, but she’s nobody’s friend. Paul Gosar used to have friends, before he started hating democracy. Right now there is little chance for any sort of reconciliation.

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David Waldman delivers our Tuesday KITM and invited Joan McCarter too!

It has been a long year. George Floyd’s death had an impact, but not enough justice or change

Former guy White House Counsel Don McGahn has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next week. McGahn used to ignore subpoenas, and who knows how much the committee will get out of him, but unfortunately it won’t be televised live.

Teacher Brian Beute ran against Matt Gaetz’ pimp, Joel Greenburg, for tax collector, not pimp, or any of Greenburg’s other specialties. Beute is certain Greenburg couldn’t have crimed like he did if there wasn’t an efficient criming system already in place. Joel Greenburg’s only mistake was that he was just too ambitiously corrupt for his position.

MT Greene wants to be the biggest idiot crackpot racist in Congress, and her ambition is capturing the attention of her bosses again.

The fraud-it admin-surrection grift-metic in Maricopa is a mess, but a successful one that will be attempted everywhere, soon.

Joan warns that time is running out for Joe Biden’s “bipartisan” infrastructure efforts, before the “infrastructure week” jokes begin again. The House Republicans did show up with a token plan, but the Senate isn’t even bothering. Republicans don’t need to work when they have Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to do the heavy lifting. Manchin has his hands full, obstructing virtually all the bills going through. Mitch McConnell can’t rely on Sinema and Manchin to stop a Jan. 6 commission, so he will have to have Susan Collins do it.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present our KITM Victoria Day Special. Not the Eastern Orthodox one either!
Belarus sent a MiG-29 fighter jet to hijack a civilian airliner containing a journalist that isn’t a big fan of the Belarus president. The Belarus president isn’t a big fan of journalists.
Think the former guy could drive? Of course not, why would he learn a thing? Joe Biden drove a Ford F-150 Lightning to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds, and liked it. American EVs will be made with Trump’s ass in mind, however, and thus will be the size of houses. The good news — you can live in them like houses too.
A year after George Floyd died, and crime is rising!  Well, it might correlate better with the lifting of the Covid mask mandate.
The mask mandate could have been dropped a little slower, you know, so that the people who complain government moves too slow could get themselves situated. Vaccine rollouts, on the other hand, need to be quick and smooth, so as not to spook the vaccine hesitant into a stampede. It’s definitely hard to get everyone on the same page, especially when they aren’t into reading pages —  at least not yours.
You’d think the Fraudiots and their fraudit in Maricopa would have embarrassed the Republican party into non-existence, but these are Trump Republicans —  pretty much identical to Republicans past, except for how they apparently crave shame. They all crave power, it’s just that a dwindling number believe disgrace might get in the way of that. After all, the audit franchise is expanding into Georgia, and MAGA-Qs are preparing to be future election officials. 
Republican Mike Gallagher called January 6th "banana republic crap" but isn’t about to vote for a January 6 commission. An Ohio GQP chair worked tirelessly for Trump, raised millions, but was slow to destroy a co-worker that disparaged Donald, so she’s a goner.
Jared Kushner stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi on the taxpayer’s dime, when Mohammed bin Salman had a perfectly good pocket for his stay.
Jason Miller slipped an abortion pill into the smoothie of a stripper he got pregnant (allegedly) A US District Judge says Miller owes Gizmodo $42,000 for wasting their time with a defamation suit.
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Some may be hesitant on adhering to his 100% raw cicada diet, but few would doubt David Waldman’s expertise on politics and procedure:

The election fraud myth began with a lone grifter, then rolled like a big dung ball across America and around the world, picking up more schemers, scammers, and conspiracy theories, until it crushed Maricopa county. A Michigan judge is attempting to block its path over his county, when earlier he helped give it a little roll himself.

The House voted in favor of a bill to establish a commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol, as expected, since most people would want to know how such an atrocity occurred, and avert it in the future. You wouldn’t expect Republicans to, however, and yet 35 did. Donald Trump demanded that the GQP get much weaker and much stupider, and do all he told them, and of course Republicans got right on it. (Bending over backwards and brownnosing would appear difficult, but seems second nature to most of them, although there’s just something special about the Pence family.) The bill now heads to the Senate and its doom.

Well, maybe not. Greg Dworkin reminds us that there’s always hope… and doubt and despair, and that we need to have a plan for each of them. Norm Ornstein outlines several options for Democrats, including going it alone… and forcing Republicans to do likewise.

Senator Ron Johnson plans his own, personal investigation in order to really accurately recreate what happened on January 6th. Perhaps he’ll be tazing and beating hundreds of watermelons with a Trump flag.

We are just beginning to recover from the physical effects of COVID-19, but the trauma will be around for a while

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will carry us over the hump but will never drop us.

Covid vaccinations keep climbing, now that it’s kind of fun to stay alive. Vaccinated Americans are kicking back and enjoying themselves again. Be careful, though, and consider the lives of others.

“Arizona election auditors” —  Well, they are hardly “auditors” and Arizona disowns and discredits them —  There must be a better way to describe these peopleHow about “aud-iots”? Anyhow, these aud-iots have questions that can’t be solved by simple grift-metic, but would be solved by a swift kick in the pants, as demonstrated by the Michigan judge who just booted them out of Antrim County.

Biden and Trump agree more than you think — said one person on earth, and who outside of the journalism elite would believe that? There is an insurrection in progress, today, but to the MSM, that’s yesterday’s news. For some news sources and their viewers, it never even made the news, which is great news for the insurrectionists. Nancy Pelosi knows what she’s doing, again.

Also, and most importantly, Ol’ Smilin’ Joe Biden is the president. Almost as important, the former guy is not. Now that Donald isn’t a president, more and more people are noticing that Donald is a criminal.

Susan Collins better be concerned about why a criminal enterprise wanted her re-elected, as you know the FBI is. Why isn’t James O’Keefe in prison yet? It’s nice to have a good lawyer, but sometimes you need a good judge, or in O’Keefe’s case, a bad one.

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Tuesday —  David Waldman and Joan McCarter... Need we say more? We do? Oh well, okay:

Guo Wengui  (exiled Chinese billionaire) hid Steve KG Bannon (international hobo) on his yacht a while back. Their friendship has blossomed into a vast disinformation network of businesses, media platforms, local action networks, and Q-nuts fighting everything Biden and Chinese, while raking in the cash of course.

Andrew Giuliani has never held public office, but has sleazy duplicity in his DNA, as well as his resume, so he’s running for New York governor.

Governor Chris Christie, tears streaming down his eyes said, “Mr. Trump sir? May I please run for president in 2024?

The Trump justice department obtained a secret grand-jury subpoena to find out who was making fun of Devin Nunes.

 James O'Keefe procured journalist Tarah Price to perform $10,000 worth of journalism on Trump National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster along with a few FBI agents to discover just how deep their state went.

The FBI, CSI and NCIS get all the cool TV shows, but what about our young men and women out there each day fighting for our 16th Amendment? Who wouldn’t want to see cops tackling shirtless rich white guys each week?

A guy hid in a trunk to fire a weapon at a woman at an abortion clinic. An anti-abortion protester shot at him. Who was the good guy here, and did they have a gun?

House Republicans were delayed waiting for Elise Stefanik to make their sandwiches right, but might be back on track today to put together a coherent infrastructure bill counteroffer to Democrats.  A bipartisan deal to form an independent Jan. 6 commission actually did happen, but Kevin McCarthy isn’t about to allow himself to get caught so easily.

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David Waldman just might be in cahoots with “Big Rope” to sell more gallows, as evidenced by several convincing sales pitches he voiced today.

A guy in Colorado figured that all the other guys were disappearing their wives and fraudulently voting for Trump, so why shouldn’t he

You might have seen insurrectionists storming the Capitol on January 6, Georgian Republican Andrew Clyde saw a normal tourist visit. You might have seen Andrew Clyde barricading Senate chamber doors against storming insurrectionists on January 6.  Andrew Clyde saw himself guiding tourist traffic.

Gasoline shortages through the south were triggered by ransomware. Colonial Pipeline did pay that ransom, by the way. Oh, and the flow was not impeded, the ransomware attacked the meters used for billing.

The whole Supreme Court might not need to line up for the gibbet, if 4 new jurists could be added to show them the error of their ways.

Jared Kushner convinced his feeble-minded father-in-law to kill Americans to boost stocks. Jared apparently brought less peace to the Middle East as might have been hoped. Jared did make a ton of money.

Then there’s Donald Trump. While Donald pretended to not lose the election, behind the scenes Trump ordered America into full retreat.

Maricopa county knows auditing, and the Maricopa County Elections Recorder knows unhinged insane lies, and knows the difference.

Greg Dworkin tells us why Smilin’ Joe Biden is so upbeat. While Joe continues to fix things, the GQP plummets into the blackhole of its constituents. These are the kind of people that vote “present” in a secret vote.

The folks wondering why it is taking so long to escape mask mandates wonder why mask mandate relief is happening so fast. It’s not that the CDC came up with decision quickly, It’s that they waited so long to tell you what they decided. Millions under the crushing financial burden of awful deregulated insurance plans have discovered a miracle alternative called “Obamacare”! 

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No masks if vaxxedWhip those lips out people (when you’re ready) and seize your CDC approved weekend

But first, listen in as David Waldman welcomes back Ian Reifowitz, still the author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump (If you still don’t have a copy you only have yourself to blame.) Larry Summers regrets not panicking the public more about inflation. Ian reminds us that inflation and the deficit aren’t worries for Republicans when presidents are Republican.

Republicans are usually cynical hypocrites. If you ever catch one being sincere, be afraid. MT Greene, serial stalker and bully, is Republican grievance theater brought to life.  Other wingnut monsters, from Matt Gaetz to the Proud Boys, can attest to the drawbacks of this life.

The GQP removed Liz Cheney from her leadership position and replaced her with Elise Stefanik in hopes that for once they’d have a Conference Chair who’d finally make them a sandwich. The problem with putting a lady in charge however, is that they just don’t make decisions like a man. Challenger Chip “Sahoy” Roy did nonetheless take it like a man, and that’s the last time you’ll ever hear from him.

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Nope, there isn’t an Eastern Orthodox Eid al-Fitr, there is Eid al-Fitr, and it is today. Who would want to put off breaking that fast? Yum!

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring on the Thursday KITM:

MT (vessel) Greene stalked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez down Capitol hallways verbally assaulting her, just like she did Cori Bush, and David Hogg earlier. Shouldn’t someone call 911? Meanwhile, Republicans ousted Liz Cheney over some disagreement she had with them about the tour group visiting the Capitol on January 6. The GQP might have a lot of tough questions to answer, but the toughest part will be getting honest answers out of them. The Big Lie is the only thing they have going for them. Lying is the one thing their voters like about them, and the only way they will keep their jobs

A West Virginia delegate, previously Democratic, selected job security over principles. Texan Jason Villalba thought about it and picked principles instead. Joe Manchin really doesn’t understand the question. Elise Stefanik can turn into many things, but maybe not Chip Roy.

Will the elimination of party primaries reduce the trend of Republican extremism?

Covid vaccine reluctance keeps hitting new lows. Most people want vaccinated, and those who don’t are as difficult to access as when people want them to vote. If you are the type who resists vaccination because you calculate your odds of infection or death are about the same as winning the lottery, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has got a deal for you.

Donald Trump, screwball in exile, might thank his host Ron DeSantis for his asylum, but Donald isn’t that kind of guy. Trump told Wayne LaPierre that Texas would be a good place for the NRA to hide out. Trump was wrong.

Does the DOJ still not understand that its loyalty should be to “justice”?

120 retired generals and admirals wrote an open letter to remind us that a military coup is not something that only happens in far-off lands.

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If you’re like me, you’ve been perfecting your lip-syncing to David Waldman’s two commercials that have played continuously for years and years of our KITM podcasts. Well, time is running out, as KITM is finally changing things up with the introduction of GUEST SPOKESPEOPLE — like you! To show you how its done, long-time listener/supporter Gil Aquino wrote and performed his very own minute commercial, David spiffed it up and it was just that easy. Try it!

Greg Dworkin could produce his own plug for the show, but he’s been busy rehearsing that ventriloquism act with Abby, and hauling in huge rafts of important news and punditry to share with us. Cancel culture claimed Republican Liz Cheney in a blink of an eye. Liz Cheney was no angel by the way. She is in fact, pretty awful. But, Liz’s latest stand might be more than that of a Never (again) Trumper. It wasn’t just about telling the “Big Truth”, but about any truth ever mattering again. Republicans are now for or against democracy. There is no room for a middle in the party anymore, even if there might be with their voters. The GQP will try to lie to the public, they might try to lie to themselves, but they can never trust each other again.

Joe Biden’s popularity is rising, because lies don’t work on Joe.

Republicans won’t need lies if they can change laws. Of course, they can’t change laws without a lot of lying. Roy Blunt wouldn’t give water to anyone he wasn’t trying to manipulate. Gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner assures voters that she’d rather golf than consider their issues, but probably just said that for the votes.

Evangelicals in Virginia apparently don’t care about the truth, or lies… or facts really. The NRA’s lies aren’t working at all anymore. The founder of Students for Trump lied so much that he lost track of who he was. He now has 13 months in prison to find himself.

An expert panel looking into the handling of the Covid pandemic have decided that “mistakes were made”… kind of like in Chernobyl. Plenty of Americans still want the vaccine, but as in voting, the problem is access.

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Spring brings warmth, life, hope, and things really do feel like they are getting better. This weekend, David Waldman discovered that he could get out, relax and have fun, even without a ball washer handy.

Everybody wants to be Mayor of New York City. Candidates Shaun Donovan (federal housing secretary) and Ray McGuire (investment banker at Citigroup) were asked the median sales price for a home in Brooklyn and went for the low bid like they were on the Price is Right.

Joe Biden has been tidying up the place since he got in and it sure is looking prettyRahm Emanuel has the ear of the president, but will have to speak up from his post on the other side of the world.

National security wasn’t “sleeping” so much as it was “choked out for a while” during the Trump administration. The CIA was on the job, but when they said to “consider the source” the administration didn’t consider them at all.

Republicans might not be good in governing, but they sure are great at circumventing it. Democrats tried out the Congressional Review Act and just loved it. Thanks Newt! Republicans always want immigration stopped before they will consider reforming it.  Budget reconciliation might finally step around that. If any governance ever does occur, Tom Cotton will be the guy to stop it . It will take a lot to dodge him.

Relax, Virginia Republicans have a new man to chase the red Chinese away (and to lose to Dem Ralph Northam) by the name of Glenn Youngkin

Hate him or despise him, Josh Hawley has always been the same his entire life. Elise Stefanik is whatever she needs to be at any moment. Ronny Jackson knew he’d be better off saving Trump’s face over his life.

Joan McCarter is happy to have survived her vacation and make it back to KITM. Joan has followed Elise Stefanik’s transformation from RINO to MAGA to whatever. What Joe Biden really needs to worry about is across the street and in the middle of the 19th century.

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David Waldman hopes that you called your mother this weekend if you had the chance. Except for Ben Shapiro’s mom, she says she’s good. Greta Van Susteren pretended to be offended by a term she pretends is liberal. Even a mother could never love the NRA.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the punditry describing just how things are heating up in the GOP. Republicans reap the chaos they sowed.  Donald is their their messiah, therefore the Big Lie is their gospel, lying is their liturgystupidity is their sacrament, and there should be restraining orders on their apostles laying on of hands. Christian Nationalists are drawn to them somehow.

The Big Lie can be traced to a Texas security company and right-wing websites, but its followers had long been waiting for its arrival. Laws against voting are being followed by laws against protecting voting.

How can Jacob Wohl still possibly be outside of a prison?

People love how Joe Biden is handling the pandemic, too bad we didn’t have him a million deaths ago. Coronavirus is still spreading rapidly around the world and global herd immunity is not an expectation. Variants continue to multiply, but vaccines and scientists have shown they can hold the line. Dutch scientists have trained honeybees to identify coronavirus, for example. Research has shown the places and situations where we need to be cautious, but also the ones in which we can just cut loose. Now if we can just keep ahead of humans thinking up ways to subvert the system...

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David Waldman is almost certain this is Friday, and it is certainly a great time for a Friday KITM:

Republicans are at their long-awaited pivot point between vicious lying authoritarian morons. Neoconservative vicious lying authoritarian Liz Cheney might be too smart to fall in with the Trumpian new guard, but not smart enough to hold on to her job. Just one little Big Lie and Liz would’ve been welcome. On the other hand, they haven’t made a lie that Cheney’s replacement, Elise Stefanik couldn't deliver. Stefanik follows GQP/FOX protocol by always priming the rubes with little lies so the big lies go down easily.

Lawyers for Anthony “Tony Two-Times” Antonio (If that isn’t his nickname, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world) claim that he rioted at the Capitol because he swallowed too many Fox lies. Maricopa “auditors” know that tree-free and sustainable bamboo paper ballots would indicate green-minded AOC agents took advantage of Staples Reward savings.

Voter fraud conspiracist OG Kris Kobach will run for Kansas attorney general

A Miami private school doesn’t mind taxpayer handouts but does refuse Covid guidelines, providing a beacon for gimmetarian parents. The school is now searching for someone with the ability to exercise good judgment. Kansas substitute teacher/state representative/sexual harasser/physical assaulter/lunatic Mark Samsel might be a good fit

Boogaloo Bois conspiring with Hamas is becoming a trend.

Want to quickly and easily slander someone? Want to pay a hefty fee to clear your name? Not by coincidence, this is a one-stop-shop.

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David Waldman wishes us all a happy Cinco de Mayo! Wait... Well, TGIF! Wait... Oh well, it’s tomorrow somewhere... or maybe yesterday… Greg Dworkin joins us. Greg knows what day it is, and much more!

Millions are saying no to vaccines. What are they thinking? Journalists will try to guess for you, but are probably wrong. The truth is, more are getting vaccinated, and boosting Covid-19 vaccine production worldwide, and lowering barriers will continue to progress.

Heir to one of the least nice dynasties in US history, Liz Cheney, is as far from nice as people generally get. Her motivations in opposing Donald Trump can not possibly be what they seem on the surface. Nonetheless, it is nice of Liz to apply this long-overdue enema to her party. Not that they’ll thank her for it.

Liz Cheney is smart enough to see that Donald Trump is a has-been. (The New York Times has even been peeking out to see that the coast is clear.) The rest of the GQP are as dumb as Kevin McCarthy, who only lately has become dimly aware of the hammer coming down. William Barr might finally drop that stupid poker-face gag now. Flynn, Bannon, Manafort, Ivanka, and the rest of the gang just wish that blanket pardons were as real as their paper trail. Rouslan Riaboshapka, Ukraine's former prosecutor-general, can show he was fired because he crossed Rudy Giuliani. One way or the other, they are all going to jail.  As always, Donald deserves a bit more.

Rudy Giuliani still believes the check is in the mail.

Not just stupid, but crazy: The Arizona audit will continue to zoom and enhance until they see the answer they want. Florida suppresses voter rights, science, and free speech by burying them out in the glades. Fox News is allowed to watch, but they would rather see people die. The Texas Atomwaffen got their jollies off calling in bomb threats.

Norm Ornstein joined over 350 other scholars in sending a letter to the Senate encouraging filibuster reform. Norm and friends could learn a lot right here.

Rhode Island is preparing to redraw its districts, and KITM listener David Paquette wrote an anti-gerrymandering bill and will be testifying on its behalf, today!

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome you to the Cinco de Star Wars KITM Holiday Special — tomorrow: Revenge of the Sixth.

Joe Biden’s July 4 vaccination goals might have changed, but his pandemic safety goals have not. The vaccination rate is slowing, and so is the drop in cases. Pfizer expects to file for full US FDA approval of its Covid-19 vaccine for 16-to-85-year-olds, and soon the age will open up to 12-year-olds. We keep getting safer, but we need more, sooner.

Trombones just might clean up your town, but the latest in Harold Hills sell air cleaners to schools and institutions. How clean do you need your air? “Church clean”, or “restaurant clean”? What is ”safe” for you? With which lobbyist do you trust your health? There are many vaccine skeptics who have converted, but probably none have changed their minds based on the opinion of people they didn’t like. You should know that most will only end up following their flock to safety... Hey, is that what they mean by herd immunity?

The Republican herd runs amok here and there, but if reason, dignity, honor, and honesty can be avoided, there’ll be no problem. Liz Cheney has a problem. If Liz could only embrace just one big lie, all would be forgiven. If only Republicans could be as forgiving and forgetful as most in journalism, they could all move on. (We may be slowly moving from that journalism.)

The Proud Boys sold themselves as anti-communist freedom fighters, not to any normal people, but to rich Chinese ex-pats.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson calls bullshit on William Barr and demands that his secret memo to not charge Donald Trump with obstruction be released

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May the fourth, the day David Waldman hosts the entire KITM using his beloved “Jar Jar Binks” impression, and CBS refers to Republican voter suppression as “tightening state voter laws”.

Some people like to tell the truth. Some people like themselves better when they tell the truth. Some people know you like them better when they tell the truth, and they like that. So, what’s in it for Republicans? Nothing.

Does the GQP want to earn your respect, or at least some self-respect? Why bother? What has moral courage ever done for them? Ted Cruz would rather have money. When your check clears, his conscience clears. Josh Hawley fought to end our country, secure that friends would still show up when he makes it rain. Republicans realize that if the lie is big enough, everyone can make a fortune off it. There’s a gold rush in Maricopa. Facebook is already counting the new Big Lie money about to roll in. Everybody’s whatabouting to riches. Need a new lie? All they need to do is ask, and ask, until everyone is “just asking”. Once in power, lies can be declared truth, and truth… can be fixed. Liz Cheney has risen to the top of the Republican fixit list.

Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele has produced another unverified dossier, including the long-awaited sequel “Donald Trump Sex Tape: Number 2

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back together again! Their pent-up news energy threatened to explode at any minute (as did Greg’s computer).

Good news! The world has emerged victorious over influenza this year! COVID-19, not yet. India is calling their pandemic response a crime against humanity.

In the US, “herd immunity” has probably fallen out of reach, but we might not need to achieve it to reach normalcy, which could mean something like seasonal flu death rates. About 56% of U.S. adults have received at least one shot, with the more vaccinated areas receiving more benefits. The Johnson & Johnson pause didn’t really increase vaccine hesitancy, it’s just that some will get around to it when they get around to it, and some are just cops, and you go and try to make a cop do a thing.

Even fake cops can be pretty cocky, although the “Arizona Rangers” are just grifters with badges.

Schools got air TROUBLE my friend! With a capital ”T”, that rhymes with “P” and that stands for “unproven” air cleaner technology sold by traveling hucksters, looking for their piece of institutional pie.

Meanwhile, Republicans be Republicaning. Systemic racism got them here, but lies… and more lies will need to keep them here. Republicans long for the days when their insurrecting had a shelf life. One news team plans on remembering for once. The Gop hopes that more poll watchers will abuse their positions in the future. Of course, they assume poll watchers are just like them.

The Giuliani two-man clown car is crashing and burning, and you can bet they’ll find more clowns in the trunk.

The nation smiles at President Joe Biden, and Uncle Joe smiles back in unity. Republicans might even be feeling it a little bit

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