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New Years Eve! For some, this could be a day of sleeping in, eating cheeseburgers and cake, or maybe getting in a few rounds of golf to close out the year, but not David Waldman, who could’ve easily spent the the holiday fighting off swarms of raccoons, but instead produced pre & post ball-drop KITMs for our edification and entertainment:

Mitch McConnell hoped to pull off the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump quickly and painlessly, and would have gotten away with it too, if wasn’t for that Nancy Pelosi, and all of that new evidence piling up. Senator Marco Rubio, member of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and avid reader of random bible verses, hasn’t yet bothered to read Senate intelligence documents on Trump, but has developed many opinions. Marco might someday read that extortion for personal gain is the Trump administration MO.

The media claims Donald erased his efforts to out a CIA whistleblower, but really Trump erased only one effort... News flash! Biden floats the idea of picking a Republican running mate!  Second news flash! Biden did NOT float the idea of picking a Republican running mate! Seriously, which headline do you think editors will go for?

David looks closely at the shooting at White Settlement (Yes, your guess on the origin of the name is correct.) A trained firearms expert closely monitoring the situation killed the attacker, but not before the attacker was able to kill a trained firearms expert closely monitoring the situation.

Mark Meadows is out, but not before one last screwing of his constituents and democracy.

Another cop signs his coffee cup “Pig”, a joke of his actually made hilarious after McDonald’s proved that he did it.

William Barr’s intel probe might not help Trump, but it will probably hurt the CIA, which might be good enough for those two.

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Another week, another holiday or two. David Waldman joins with Greg Dworkin to bring us this holiday perforated week.

Is the Senate trial the light at the end of Donald Trump’s impeachment tunnel, or the train? Republican Senators dive for someplace safe. Republican voters are losing their enthusiasms. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi drives Donald crazy, and defends the Constitution.

Don’t wait for history to judge Trump. History has a lot on its docket. History, and David Waldman have taught us a lot, but here we are.

Have Democratic voters gotten smarter and more loyal to their party than back in 2016? It depends on who is leading them. Democrats see little reason to be loyal to Tulsi Gabbard. Joe Biden remains in the lead and on the campaign trail confirming that he has, or hasn’t got what it takes to win.

Trump continues to demonstrate that he’s unrepentant and determined to break the law again. Or that he’s a dimwitted Putin and/or Parscale puppet. For 84 days Trump fought hard to keep Putin great. Today, Donald goes golfing.

No Holocaust denyingwhite nationalists will go hungry as long as Matt Gaetz is around.

Rep. John Lewis, civil rights icon, Congressional icon, takes on another big fight. Maybe Jimmy Carter can coach.

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Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the week or two for not getting much done. David Waldman is able to stuff yet another KITM into our stocking:

Because of Donald Trump, we are saying Merry Christmas again! Though some people never stopped. For instance, The Hallmark channel has always embraced Christmas traditions just as many remember—without gay people, brown people or non-Christians... Well, they invited a few. After all, it’s Christmas.

The Canadians stole Christmas, editing Donald Trump out of Home Alone 2 just before Christmas of 2014. Donald stole Christmas from his own tenants through the ‘80’s

Mark your calendars, Groundhog Day and more impeachments might be coming! Donald is thinking of gifting Roger Stone with a post-Christmas pardon, if he keeps quiet about Trump.

Nuttier than most fruitcakes, Michele Fiore is finally being questioned about her connections to domestic terrorism.

Do you think Rudy Guiliani is able to introduce his “communications directorChristianné Allen without elbowing the guy next to him and snickering? Rudy Colludy as an impeachment witness would bring plenty of pizzazz, and could clinch the case. The Ukraine scandal already has plenty of pizzazz for everyone.

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Whether you are post, pre, or peri holiday, enjoy it informed with David Waldman on today’s KITM:

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls and punditry of recent Christmas past

The more people understand the impeachment process, the more they would like to apply it to Donald Trump. As the election approaches, voters are still figuring out what needs to be done. Of course Republicans would prefer they went in the other direction, any other direction, or even no direction, at this point they don’t care. You fact checking them makes you part of the joke. Christians take a break from the heads of pins to divide over pinheads. Trump supporters aren’t racists, but… they absolutely are. The fight over the 1619 Project shows that we are far from where we pretend to be on race.

It did take a while, but Chuck Todd has begun to notice some dissembling by Trump mouthpieces. Is Chuck just plain stupid, or strategically stupid? How did someone like Chuck Todd even get here? David knows, and reveals Todd’s early days and The Hotline ethos. We are deep in an epistemic crisis and need to claw back to reality.

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Hey, remember what you were doing last Christmas? Well, forget it. Who cares? Do you remember what you were doing last year, two days after Christmas? On the 27th? Probably not, right?

Not so fast! People who listen to the Kagro in the Morning show can easily recall everything about that day, because we recorded it, and are about to play it back to you. It went a little something like this....

David Waldman pops in between the holidays and right into the middle of Kwanza with a KITM designed to warm your cockles, and keep them informed, if that’s possible:

Donald Trump has only a few more days to pwn the libs and the Coast Guard before the Dems show up. Even so, he pushed his concerns for the institution of the Presidency and his niggling bone spur inflammation aside to not-so-secretly fly to Iraq to reveal classified information on troop deployment, create an international diplomatic incident, and do his usual lying to people’s faces

Khizr Khan, whose son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, 27, died from a suicide bombing, delivered a passionate speech at the Democratic National Convention. You might remember it, Donald Trump probably not. But at least a post office will be named after Captain Khan.

Greg Dworkin has been rounding up punditry left and right this week—even more so than usual. As Democrats have a chance to overcome the sexism and venality of politics, they will begin to earn more respect. At the moment they are only slightly ahead of Republicans and Trump. MSNBC tops Fox in journalism, integrity and quality, and now in number of viewers as well.

Trump supporters might be looking elsewhere, but just might hesitate if they believe the alternative sends them to eternal damnation. Steve Bannon moves into his evil lair.

Bad guys with power tools meet good guys with guns, and amazingly no one got nailed.

To clean up election fraud, we need to go way back.

Listeners gave David a lot of merde for reading an article addressing the Yellow Vest riots in France. Are we with the rebels or not?

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[Humorous Christmas reference!]

It’s that time of year again, when we visit relatives with spotty web connections, and so rely on repeat performances of a prior year’s show! Huzzah!

For today, please enjoy our December 24, 2018 episode:

David Waldman brings us another KITM, brought to you by every product you know and trust, but most importantly, brought to us by you, the listener/reader who cares:

The present Trump shutdown is on day 3 with no end in sight, but that includes no end in sight for the Mueller Investigation, which is funded by a permanent indefinite appropriation. KITM digs into the history and reasoning behind the Special Counsel funding, even to the point of actually opening and reading a Federalist article to glean some insight. Of course, Donald could just site “LOL v. YOLO” and have non-recused non-Attorney General Matthew Whitaker take care of everything before the holidays’ end.

By request, David braves beaucoup de French words to discuss the connection between the Yellow Vest riots in France and the Facebook’s influencing and propagation of Anger Groups.

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Merry Kagro in the Morning! David Waldman presents the day’s jolly airing of grievances that precede his annual sufganiyot-induced slumber. He’s back Thursday!

Happy holidays! Donald Trump is impeached, right now, forever. Greg Dworkin lets us know that stain isn’t coming out.

You wouldn’t think evangelical Christians would be so dogmatic, but then again, that is kind of their point. Still, it is hard to confuse Trump with Christ and fewer do each day. This weekend, Greg rounded up the continually growing moral outrage expressed in Christianity Today’s editorial, “Trump Should Be Removed from Office”, which brought needed attention to the fissures existing in Trump’s support, along with overdue recognition to the Christians who aren’t Trump idolizers

Pollsters are parsing between those that understand why Donald Trump should be impeached and those that want him removed from office. Trump is the go-to brand name for grifters.

Black voter support is based on pragmatic logic and not anger, in case any candidate might want to take that into consideration.

Trump had another puppet string malfunction this weekend, something about windmills... Kevin McCarthy knows the truth, which is exactly why he is lying so much now.

It’s not just Santa. If you own a cellphone, just about everyone knows if and when you are naughty and nice. Saudis and their NSA pals developed and distributed a popular spy app, along with tens of thousands of manipulative Twitter accounts.

Russian assassins love using poison. Unit 29155 perhaps loved it too much.

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David Waldman starts us off with a rundown of his thoughts and analysis of the 6th Democratic Debate. He did not watch it however, so the rundown was kind of a rumble strip. Pick one, elect one, why don’t we?

Oh no! Did anyone remember to impeach Donald Trump before locking up the House for the holidays? Because, if the House did not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president... Unless the House communicates its impeachment, then it actually impeaches the president... Unless that’s all just crazy-talk and Donald has been impeached forever and ever... Why trust someone like Laurence Tribe though? Trump should go with his gut, resign immediately and own the Libs forever, trust me.

They can finally say “Merry Christmas,” but now Christians have to go shopping for another religion because this one has forsaken their chosen one... It was never really a good fit anyway.

Lev and Igor were chasing any small change dropped by international mobsters when they stumbled into Rudy and Donald, their romance made history, and millions of dollars… for, uhm, Lev’s wife. (Divorce lawyers, take note.) Christianné Allen, 20-year-old college student, social media lamprey, now joins the gang.

Some sort of holiday messages here: A three year old put a cap in Daddy’s ass for Christmas. Santa sees you when you're sleeping; he knows when you're awake, because he has your phone codesThe highest-ranking Gop woman in the House, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, filled her stocking with taxpayer money.

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David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, Thursday. What more do you need to know? Here’s something:

Few realize, not many know, you might not be aware, you probably did not hear... the sixth Democratic primary debate is tonight. Who knows what there is left to ask them about at this point?

Oh yes, the impeachmentTulsi Gabbard was there. Tulsi won’t be at the primary debate of course, but she was sort of at the impeachment debate, where she placed her Schrodinger voteUnlike Tulsi, Trump was not present. Donald was in Michigan complaining about how few Democrats he’s been able to buy, including Debbie Dingell. Therefore, Trump joked about her late husband being in Hell.

Meanwhile, in the debate Republicans made no claims that Trump “did no wrong”. (They in fact did not claim that Trump was ever honest in any way.)

So here comes the Senate trial… Wait! Not so fast, Nancy Pelosi just mightMerrick Garlandher articles of impeachment for a bit until Moscow Mitch shows his hand, or Trump cracks.

After 7 years in Congress Trump ally Mark Meadows might quit to help Trump, and of course he hasn’t quite thought that out.

Heading into tonight’s debate, with not a whole lot of movement, polls show it’s still Joe Biden’s to lose. Hopefully it’ll be Trump’s to snooze.

A Chinese national was arrested after trespassing at Mar-a-Lago. Yep, another one.

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And some say, Donald Trump’s asterix grew three sizes that day… 

People will be talking about this historic day forever... or maybe tomorrow is the historic day. Either way, Republicans are tugging on the wrong side of it.

David Waldman is off the roof and in the house, Abby joins us via Skype. If you listen closely, you might catch Greg Dworkin rounding up polls and pundits somewhere in the background:

The Gop is not winning the impeachment argument, the election, maybe the Senate, and there’s more bad news for them to come. Most have heard enough already to decide for impeachment, so Kavanaugh-style obfuscation won’t get much traction. Trump might never text a lowercase word ever again as he struggles to recapture the attention of the 2016 voters who have wandered away from him. Half of military service members have dropped Trump. So has the fourth Pentagon official

Heading into the Senate trial, Republicans will miss Jim Jordan’s big mouth. So, now they’re thinking, “Why not Jim Jordan?” After all, it’s not like they have any representatives there. Democrats see Justin Amash as Democrats, and America’s representative. Maybe Nancy Pelosi could be open to leaving the inquiry open for a while.

Dmytro Firtash is not a household name, and will spend millions to keep it that way. He paid $1 million to Lev Parnas… no wait, he gave Lev’s wife the money, so OK then.

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Democrats in the House solemnly made it clear that Donald Trump deserves impeachment, and are getting ready to solemnly vote for the articles of impeachment that have been brought forward against Trump. In fact, not only did Trump commit “impeachable offenses”, but he committed crimes. Will all that solemnity go to waste after the articles are sent to the Senate? Probably! Moscow Mitch plans to hole up in his shell until this nightmare is over, while Rudy Colludy twerks with his pants around his knees. What are Democrats going to do about it?

David Waldman wields the full power of KITM’s 1:58+ running time to attempt to tackle the entirety of how Donald Trump’s federal criminal offences pertain to his impeachment, why additional witnesses and documents are needed, and to examine individual violations and crimes, such as campaign finance violations, bribery, honest services fraud, violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Hatch Act, committing contempt of Congress, and disobeying the Impoundment Control Act... for starters. David will wield more KITM’s at this topic this week!

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There is a “chance for winter weather” in mid-December near KITM World Headquarters, and that means David Waldman has extra crew to help operate forks, knives and refrigerator doors in the background as needed.

Greg Dworkin calls in to round up the polls. Basically, if it’s a poll, it’s good for Biden. If it’s a poll, it’s bad for Trump.

Literally everyone (not including the 54% of Americans polled and the 45% of independents favoring impeachment right now) could use a little more information before deciding on impeachment. Therefore, there is no need to send impeachment to the the Senate until Trump is completely finished committing his impeachable offences and crimes. Today, the Judiciary Committee released a 600 page report for those still on the fence to mull over.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer laid down the Democratic marker for the Senate’s trial structure, and the need for witnesses, including Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton, and maybe a little solemnity for once.

For many Republican Senators, the oath they will take as a juror means nothing. For others, it means even less. Either way, witnessing them take the oath should be must-see TV.

Jeff Van Drew deserts to the Trump side, luckily many of his staff were thrown clear. So, why not promote Justin Amash to impeachment manager? There might be a couple of reasons.

The law somehow keeps marching on: A federal judge rejected a request by the Justice Department that he delay the proceedings in the House Oversight Committee’s census subpoena lawsuit until an appeals court decides the separate Don McGahn subpoena case. The White House refused to turn over interpreter’s notes from a meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin because Trump took them and wouldn’t give them back.

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You’re in luck. The schools local to KITM World Headquarters might consider this Friday the 13th to be best burrowed under a nice warm blanket, but not David Waldman, who this very morning braved the frigid drafts of a unknown number of intersecting hallways to provide us with today’s latest:

There is no word that can adequately describe parents that store unlocked guns with kids “to protect them”. The only people dumber are those that believe arming random strangers will protect their kids at school.

No wait, there may be worse. How about those that can’t see that in the interim between acquittal and election Donald Trump just might feel like taking his desperate lawlessness up a notch? Then what are they going to do about it? You know, patience and time are the best tools in this situation… Republicans know that too.

Millions in aid haven’t reached Ukraine yet. So, a federal judge on Monday issued a preliminary injunction ordering the OMB to comply with a FOIA request for records. The White House says no thank you. David looks into the next steps, should anyone want to pursue them.

Are Dems their own worst enemies? Is it possible that Pat Leahy did more damage to liberal interests than any individual Democratic senator of the Obama era? Well, you can ask “Chuckles” here, he’ll tell you all about it.

Correspondent Barefoot Gardener reports from deep in the heart of the midwest, the heart of racist xenophobia, and the heart of people who still have a heart.

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Today, Just up the road from KITM World Headquarters, history is being made. Following that, it is lovingly prepared by David Waldman and Greg Dworkin then shipped to you in fun-size two-hour packages: 

With the impeachment trial coming up in January, Republicans plan to try a tactic they probably wished they thought of long ago: No witnesses. They hope do just enough to say they did, with minimal Lib-triggering, so of course going against the central tenet of Trumpism. Meanwhile, Democrats want what what everybody else wants, they just differ on what that is, exactly.

Congress shouldn’t stop with Donald Trump, they should impeach William Barr and everyone else that deserves it, then impeach Trump again. By that time Donald will have earned at least 3 more articles.

No, the Trump administration Is not redefining Judaism as a nationality. Maybe they don’t know what they are doing. Maybe they don’t care.The White House rolled out a new reason that they withheld money for Ukraine, because it’s been a while and they needed to roll out a new reason. Can you believe that in Ukraine they study Trump's twitter feed for guidance on what to do next? (Which is like gleaning marriage advice from the neighbor’s dog, but these are desperate times) Well, Lev Parnas picked up a $1 million check from Putin, so… 

Trump, having nothing better to do recently, tried to score against Greta Thunberg, who “OK, Boomer”ed him into the next timezone.

It’s also election day! Unfortunately not yet here, but in Britain, where they have always given us a chance to learn from their mistakes.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder feels William Barr is pretty worthless, although he exceeds all criteria established by this present administration. The most Trumpy TV channel attempts the most Trumpy things but not everyone gets away with that.

It’s the holiday season! Think of buying the gift of Kagro in the Morning for your loved ones… Who knows, we might get our “The Kagro” cryptocoin start-up off the ground!

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David Waldman is back from his roof leak crisis of yesterday. He still has the leak, just not the crisis, as the hole is promised to be patched in a week, two weeks, maybe sooner...

Greta Thunberg is Time’s person of the year! Boy, will that burn the Right… if they ever hear about it.

Donald Trump bestows brutal killers—Jewish Americans—with dual loyalties, and countries. By sheer coincidenceBlack Hebrew Israelites will become his new red herring.

You hear it here first: Greg Dworkin predicts Trump WILL be impeached. Only two articles of impeachment, even though Trump has earned impeachment in a million ways. The reason for this is simple, and of course, complex. Republicans aren’t even putting up a defense, because that would just complicate their simple acquittal plans. Time to call surprise witness, Ivanka Trump! She has a pretty good idea of what Michael Steele has got in his dossier, if you get my drift.

While we are impeaching, let’s put Ben Carson in line. 

Political media production staff can thank Mike Bloomberg for pumping $90 million into their economy. Bloomberg is now ahead of Trump… heck, everybody’s ahead of Trump. The Dems are neck and neck and neck and neck heading into New Hampshire because they are all #1 with completely different sets of people.

In the meantime, should Democrats impeach Trump or work with him? Why not both? Mitch McConnell asks, “Why not neither?” Joan McCarter assures us that this has always been Moscow Mitch’s plan. Mitch is too busy appointing unqualified, extremist judges to lifetime positions right now. Maybe next month he’ll throw a little sham thing together if there’s time.

Think of the trouble we’d all be in if Trump wasn’t really good at getting stuff done or whatever.

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KITM Headquarters is having a problem with leaks. No, not the “Trump White House” kind, or the “Trump Russian hooker” kind, but only the “roof” kind. (Just to be on the safe side, David Waldman is having all of his phone lines replaced also.)

While this is all going on, history marches on today, as House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. David recorded a perfectly timed (Would you expect anything less?) compilation of background and supporting material as our primer to better understand the context of said historical developments, natch:

The IG report includes a couple of agent bros celebrating Trump’s presidential win. (Actually, they were mostly celebrating Hillary supporters’ loss.) No word yet on their names, if they were lovers, or what their orgasms might have sounded like. Speaking of friendships, Christopher Steele and Ivanka Trump have known each other for years. Donald hardly knows this Ivanka lady, he has his picture taken all the time with people. Tiffany moves up a notch.

William Barr’s handpicked prosecutor isn’t confirming his wingnut conspiracies, so it’s time for Trump and Barr to move on to more handpicked prosecutors and conspiracies

Let’s back up. To the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, previous nexus of Russian and Middle Eastern corruption prior to the 2016 Presidential election, and after it as well. Just think, the FBI would not have had the impetus to open the FIFA investigation in 2010 if it wasn’t for Christopher Steele... Well, people doing criminal things does also spur investigations. Take, for instance, every single person Rudy Giuliani has talked to over the last few years. Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky needs to get in good with Donald, and is working on that through Rudy Colludy capos like Bud Cummins, Don McGahn and Dmytro Firtash, another Ukrainian oligarch. Oligarching ain’t cheap, so Paul Manafort associate Firtash has had to pick up a few hundred million in side jobs from Putin for the last few months.

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The House Judiciary Committee hearing has been filled to overflowing with pizzazz this morning. It has taken almost 16 flushes so far, and the day’s only half over.

David Waldman provides the drain snake of astute political analysis on today’s KITM:

Russia cheats. There aren’t enough 400 pound hackers in the world to get them out of a 4 year ban from all major sporting events. WADA country!

Greg Dworkin rounds up the punditry as the impeachment process moves to which articles to vote on. Why care if we can vote later? Oh right... voting later is only a solution if we care now. Several tens of millions of voters want Trump removed now.

On the other hand, Republicans are just finding out about this impeachment stuff. You can’t blame them, they’ve been busy bailing out floaters for weeks... ok, years. Whenever Trump has said something too loony, the Greatest Minds on the Right have polished that turd to a mirror-like sheen. “Greatest minds” is of course a relative term, as Stockholm syndrome poster boy Ted Cruz has been moved to the front line, and Rudy Colludy Giuliani is, wow, the go-to guy... Rudy’s in with Donald for the long haul, as the two of them are here for as much as they can haul away. Rudy was in Ukraine swearing in new members of the Colludy gang. Brain trust spokesmodel Matt Gaetz has little question mark thought bubbles popping out of his head because of that.

Meanwhile, somehow we destroyed Afghanistan for 15 years, but never got around to saving it.

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David Waldman brings us to the weekend...The weekend? What’s that doing here? Who has the time?

Listen, if we don’t get impeachment out of the way soon, Donald Trump won’t be able to get a fast acquittal, and his related storylines of “complete exoneration” and “deep state conspiracy” won’t get proper traction before the election... Luckily for Trump, Nancy Pelosi, although opposed at almost every turn, has finally succeeded in drawing up some quick articles of impeachment for him.

Yet, who knows what the future could bring for Donald and Nancy’s plans? Adam Schiff and maybe several others still have tricks up their sleeves. Bill Barr and Rudy Colludy continue to add to impeachable offences and motivations every moment. Rudy’s an overachiever, making points on what Trump would have been obligated to do if he were honest, and flying (at... someone’s expense) back out to Ukraine to visit with the “Ukrainian Putin” and every henchman in every trenchcoat in every alley of Kyiv. And, of course, Trump is still Trumping.

Evil Corp minions have not been connected to Donald Trump as of press time.

“All press is good press” may not be motto of the new name in evil, Peloton. Please remember that Mr. Peloton, like Matt Whitaker, is only acting.

A UPS truck was hijacked... lots of bad guys with guns, lots of good guys with guns, lots of people dead.

All this, plus—KITM correspondents!

Eric Posman presents Senate Snippets V: Preventing the Empire from Striking Back.  With Senate elections, always keep your eye on the net.

If nuclear first strikes are made illegal, only criminals will order first strikes. An Asparagus Zucchini  (a zucchini with asparagus limbs) could tell you that, and he does, by reporting Democratic presidential candidates’ positions on this very policy in a recorded correspondence.

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Hey, if it’s good enough for Andrew Napolitano and good enough for Nancy Pelosi then let’s do it. Constitutional scholars say now is the time for impeachment. On the other hand, impeachment pundit goldendoodlers might prefer Democrats enforced a few witness subpoenas first. Of course, the Founders would agree with much of this if they weren’t dead. Therefore, it’s settled... although we might need to impeach Donald Trump a few more times before everyone is satisfied. And, just in case Donald might run low on impeachable offences, Rudy Colludy has jetted off to Ukraine to find some more.

David Waldman only wishes Republicans would leave future baron, Barron Trump out of this. He’s just a child!

Greg Dworkin agrees with most Americans: Louie Gohmert is a moron, and Donald Trump is a bigger loser with each day. The world laughs at Donald Trump, albeit with a kind of nervous, angry laughter... Trump loses in court for the umpteenth time. Two undocumented immigrant housekeepers revealed Trump employs undocumented immigrants, again.

Polling shows that most Americans would describe themselves as middle of the road politically, easy to get along with, and quite young looking for their age. What if Democrats already have enough white working-class voters? Is the “optional” part of the public health care option the problem? Maybe including a co-pay for Bronx-Colors could help get it passed.

Boardroom desk mascot Jared Kushner will be eating more donuts sitting at Beijing desks in the near future.

William Barr warns against uppity communities not respecting their authorities, as traditionally this sort of behavior risks losing them their protection.

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What a day! Trump is not just laughed at, but laughed out of Europe after the NATO conference. That’s a big deal for Trump. And other people, too, apparently.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the hot headlines, plus some we didn’t give enough time to, in all the excitement. Plus his usual peek at the numbers and analysis.

But Trump’s NATO flop isn’t even the biggest thing happening today. The House Judiciary Committee kicked off its impeachment hearings, with the usual games expected from Republicans. And the House Intelligence Committee released a report on its findings. The biggest bombshell to come out of it so far seems to be the phone records of Rudy Colludy and Lev Parnas. Which, as it happens, also contains some of Devin Nunes’ records, as well! And what records they are! But it’s not all about phone records. There’s mail, too! And don’t forget, Ukraine isn’t just about faking up Biden dirt.

Not much of a quckie impeachmen fan? Here are a few thoughts that might leave you more open to the idea.

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Today, David Waldman comes out against killing Republicans for the holidays... indeed, it would be probably inappropriate most of the time. That is... until… No! For the record, civil war is still 100% bad form. In fact, this is the very reason why we have free and fair elections. (Although Donald Trump has already cheated on the upcoming one.)

Impeachment is not political for the “Oh yeah, you and whose army?” president. It is as essential for democracy, as subversion of democracy is Trump’s raison d'être… or at least how he’s still sticking around. On the other hand, the Republican premise is that Donald Trump is the nation. He is all that is “right”… or what is “good”… or at least what is “all good right now”. Jerry Nadler plans to continue Democrat’s level headed, even handed, losing approach with the Judiciary committee hearings.

Still, there’s hope. Newly released documents reveal more Trump-Mueller lies. Don McGahn’s subpoena on testifying to House Judiciary Committee might be enforced. Trump may have to turn over his financial records to the House. And, you know someone in the Rudy Colludy gang is bound to be a snitch.

Direct download: December_3_2019_64.mp3
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It’s December, it is almost 2020!  It’s time for David Waldman to bring us the hard facts:

Donald Trump just might be a liar. Stephen Miller may be a white nationalist racist feret face. And, well, impeachment won’t reverse the Trump presidency… alas the vice president succeeds. Hey, remember back when we couldn’t even say “impeachment”? Well, now it’s time to stop saying impeachment is “political”.

Greg Dworkin rounds up some December punditry:

Oh no, the Democratic presidential campaign is in disarray? Joe Biden embarks on his 23 Skidoo tour bus, but maybe he’s really onto something there. Would a left-wing nominee actually hurt Democrats? What’s wrong with wrapping a little conservative malarky around your progressive policies if it makes them easier to swallow? Joe can’t bring himself to the end of a sentence, but that still puts him way ahead of Donald. 

Black Voters could help Biden win the Democratic nomination. Black voters are who are keeping him in first place. Thanks black voters!

Direct download: December_2_2019_64.mp3
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Join us for a trip back in time! (That's what we call a re-run!) It's our November 29, 2018 episode, and yet today is November 29, 2019. Get it?

David Waldman had plans. As usual, the plan was to catch us up on the very latest news before others even realize it is news. But, also as usual, Donald Trump’s chaos and corruption just can’t be contained so KITM will always need to deal with it. Today’s endoparasitoid exploding from Trump’s ultra-intelligent gut is Michael Cohen. As tonight’s pundits prepare to go back to the “Are Donald’s lies delusional or cynical?” debate, Democrats and Robert Mueller just add more to the pile.

Greg Dworkin brings us back to all of the old news that occurred during the 23 long hours since we last talked. The New York Times was caught moving the bar up for Nancy Pelosi’s nomination for speaker of the House as compared to Paul Ryan’s victory over their low expectations.  North Carolina has divulged absentee ballot irregularities kept their 9th Congressional District election from being called. Old friend of the show, from before it was even a show, Marcy Wheeler reports that Paul Manafort’s nonstop lying will help Robert Mueller get around constitutional crisis causing playacting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. Trump also has that pesky witness tampering statute to deal with. The Trump-Manafort-Stone-Farage-Malloch-Corsi-Assange-Putin conspiracy/collusion/cooperation dots fall into place. Trump skips out of his employee review to straighten this all out, while tossing a few empty threats,  empty promises and empty legislation out of his dotard bag of tricks.

Sure, a lot of small business owners voted Trump into office, but they don’t pay the bills, especially after tariffs.

Armando calls in to talk about the inside ins and outs of House caucuses and committee appointments. Is money power? If not, what is?

Hey, take the next couple of hours to read about Trump cabinet member Alex Accosta’s sweetheart deal for serial sex abuser Jeffery Epstein. There will be a test tomorrow.

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Happy Thanksgiving! David Waldman reports high above your town today riding in the KITM news-chopper. (As God as his witness, he thought tofurkys could fly.)

If he looks like a turkey, walks like a turkey, his tail is three times as big as his head, and his name’s Don Jr., well then, he’s triggered. Junior was chased away from his own book signing by a rafter of the far right. The right is torn between cosplaying Nazis, Klan, and other mewlings for respect and authority and are finally at each other’s throats. They are discovering that building a brand around being the biggest jerk attracts rough competition. They can’t even eat a pancake in the other’s presence. Some aren’t certain Michelle Malkin is either white or nationalist enough for them. Donald Trump could never be white nationalist enough for them. Even Stephen Miller better watch his back.

The rich and powerful seem to have about the same percentage of gullible idiots as the rest of us; they just have more money and get punished less. Adam Neumann aspired to be Saudi Arabia’s millennial Rasputin with the help of the judgement and wisdom of Jared Kushner.

Donald Trump celebrates Turkey Day the only way he can, with a traditional turkey bus toss.

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Almost the holiday, and people seem to be getting sleepy already, even before eating. We all know what Donald Trump is serving up for Thanksgiving, but let’s find out what David Waldman’s got cooking in the KITM kitchen:

Indiana would just kill to get Amazon’s headquarters in their state. Tucker Carlson pledges allegiance to Russia—he jokes! Seriously, why take him seriously, ever? He’s only wants to make you laugh! Eddie Gallagher says he’ll kill snitches! LOL! More light-hearted politics: Jim Jordan’s jacket would rather not be connected to bigoted, conspiratorial, unethical, contemptible, ruthless, dastardly, bootlicking, McCarthyesque, liar Gym Jordan.

Greg Dworkin has the polls and bad (for Trump) news. Support for (removing) Trump is at an all-time high. Joe keeps the Bidmentum, while Warren falls as almost everybody’s Lefty target. Some will make any excuse to vote Trump, although he just might lose a few eventually.

Two aides resigned amid the Ukraine freeze. Mike Pompeo won’t get to the bottom of this, but he will definitely try to get to the bottom.

Joan McCarter says if we want to do impeachment right, we need to slow it up. Things are quite slow this week around DC, so Joan goes international: Trump is out to destroy UK healthcare in order to help destroy ours. Donald’s “search for corruption” moves to Lebanon, where it can be even more dangerous.

Someday, maybe Congress will enforce a subpoena on someone. Brett Kavanaugh lets us know that the Supreme Court has the five votes needed to take over the US.

New Trump Tower tax and loan documents show significant, and totally expected, inconsistencies.

Mike Bloomberg, long time Republican supporter, natural Warren predator, wants to be a “Democratic” president. Mike Bloomberg’s presidential pollster lightens his plutocrat clientele now that Mike’s in the limelight. Meanwhile, Clinton strategist Mark Penn finds a paycheck counseling Trump on Impeachment avoidance.

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Are you making plans on what you will make for Thanksgiving dinner? Are you making plans on what you will eat for Thanksgiving dinner? 

Yum! But don’t wander off yet! KITM still has a lot to serve up, and today is no exception as David Waldman stuffs that butterball of truth.

Also bringing a dish: Longtime listener, first time contributor Ellen Beberman reports from New York's 21st congressional district and gives her opinion of representative Elise Stefanik.

With Trump as Commander in Chief, war criminals don’t go to Leavenworth, they simply fade away... No, now they get drafted into Trump’s dog and pony show.

Jared Kushner loves sitting in boardrooms, and his Ivankadaddy found him another one, this one for building the Trump wall or whatever.

Hundreds of documents show the White House in a confused panic, attempting to justify Trump’s Ukraine call and blocking of aid. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and acting Office of Management and Budget director Russell Vought always act that way, it seems.

The Rudy Colludy gang are picking up subpoenas. Lev Parnas promises to be a great stooly, but so far has only sung a few notes. Don McGahn was under the impression that Donald Trump was king; a federal judge disagrees. Turns out, another goon in the gang, Bud Cummins was a goon in previous gangs as well.

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Thanksgiving week—a week set to be both “slow” and “quick.” But don’t worry, it won’t be one without David Waldman and KITM:

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer didn’t take Donald Trump’s side in how to treat a war criminal, so now the Pentagon fired Spencer. You know this isn’t the end of that story.

Greg Dworkin calls in to talk about the merits and the politics of impeachment. Don’t buy the conventional wisdom on impeachment.  Republicans can only continue forward if they deny reality, which as it happens many are experts at.

Lev Parnas hands over audio, and video recordings to the House Intelligence committee of Parnas with Trump and Rudy Giuliani, maybe nude, and probably with Devin Nunes. The Rudy Colludy gang had regular meetings and Devin would show up when he had a chance and a wad of taxpayer cash to blow. Nancy Pelosi called for Nunes removal last year, but can she just do it herself now? Meanwhile, the rats belly up to the rat buffet as it is found that the White House looked for legal justification after Trump froze aid to the Ukraine.

David digs into what Rudy saw in Lev and Igor in the first place. The head of Ukraine’s Naftogaz tells prosecutors about the times Rudy’s gang tried to recruit him, how he threw them out, and how they paid him back. Remember that secret 2016 conversation that exposed just how much Russia and Ukraine were on Republican minds? There was a reason for that. Russian tool John Solomon might finally get some attention, and some questions.

Direct download: November_25_2019_64.mp3
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It’s Friday, it’s the weekend, and you know what that means! Nothing! Except David Waldman refuses to power up the mighty KITM transmitters atop Kagro Mountain on the weekends. So, he packed today’s show with plenty to tide us over:

Fiona Hill and David Holmes delivered the message America needs to hear. Marie Yovanovitch and Lt. Col Vindman showed us what bravery and patriotism are all about.  So, we’re done now? Trump’s still standing, so he wins right? That is the angle he is going for, the one he has always gone for, and the one the Republicans seem to be going for. Donald Trump called in to Fox to talk to his hired friends and well, that’s what the word is.

Trump notes that if Marie Yovanovitch was an angel she would have built a Trump shrine in 2016. Is anything Trump says ever true? Why should it be? Lying also works when one hasn’t omitted enough truth. The impeachment inquiry didn’t obliterate the CrowdStrike story, so that’s the one Donald’s going with this week. Maybe the House should have subpoenaed, indicted and impeached everyone that deserved it when they deserved it instead of waiting until it looked and felt good.

You know what another biggest mistake in the impeachment hearings was? Not making it clear that the Trump’s main objective has been to shift blame from Vladimir Putin to Hillary Clinton. For the last two weeks Republicans have pushed the idea that Ukraine framed Russia for 2016. This was the opposite of what they said in 2016, remember when they said that? Remember? Maybe we need to review the Mueller hearings, then.

Out in the real world, real world courts wait to welcome Donald back to civilian life. Long time Trump employee Allen Weisselberg might need to receive his gold watch in the pen. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman from the Rudy Colludy gang are subpoenaed. War crimer Edward Gallagher is “welcomed back” to the Navy SEALs.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin (and Abby) join forces one more time this week to help us figure this whole thing out:

First up, who won the Democratic debate last night? We know they all have their little gaffes, but they all remain winners in our eyes, mostly. (and statistically, whoever our choice is won’t get the nomination and we do need to win this.)

On to the impeachment hearings. Yesterday, Gordon Sondland threw the entire bus under the bus, which is easy when everybody’s on the same crime syndicate bus loop. Today’s alibi: Everyone was following Trump’s orders, which he also somehow did not give. Tomorrow’s alibi: Trump has the right to hold up legally-approved aid, and of course, that isn’t what he did.

As for the good guys, Adam Schiff came up with an excellent strategy to make Devin Nunes the face of the Gop defense. Still, Democrats might need to step it up, as Donald Trump presently is only inconsistently unhappy. (A couple more Jay Leno sets should wipe that smile off.) For some reason, Vladimir Putin is always quite consistently happy.

Devin Nunes used to be alarmed by the rise of conspiracy theorists… until they got to him. Today, Fiona Hill tried to slap him back to reality.

Hiyo! Lev Parnas’ lawyer gives Devin Nunes another thing to have a cow about. Donald somehow kept a straight face as he sent Lev and Devin on a secret mission to undermine Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election-meddling. The Rudy Colludy Gang’s attempt to hijack Ukraine’s natural gas should prove to be the first of several 'layers' of corruption uncovered.

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There’s a lot going on today, and we have a lot to tell you. Good thing that most of you have multiple eyes and/or ears, or this would take forever:

David Waldman updates us on Russian agent Maria Butina’s boyfriend Paul Erickson—oh please! That was SO long ago, she has so moved onpleads guilty to fraud

But her emails! Except, it’s Nikki Haley, she’s Republican, and it would have been inconvenient to follow the rules at that time, so…

Guards were just picking out something nice for Jeffrey Epstein’s Christmas present, but then…

Joan McCarter didn’t have the time to make it on the show, but she sure would have had plenty to tell us about!

Even Abby was too busy to visit, but Greg Dworkin carved out a few minutes to explain how emotional and fact-based testimony hurts the White House:

Breaking news: Mike was in on it. Also old news: Mike was always in on it. (You might want to turn your head as the rats begin to eat each other.) Gordon Sondland’s testimony targets Trump, Pompeo and confirms the deal with Ukraine. Federal prosecutors in New York investigating the Rudy Colludy gang want to talk to Burisma’s competitors in Ukraine.

House investigators want the Mueller grand jury materials, and kind of also would like to know if Trump was lying to him.

Polls say that most Americans say the impeachment hearings won't change their minds... of course, most Americans believe Trump committed an impeachable offense, and therefore there aren’t many minds that need to be changed.

Democrats panic! Well, just the usual panicky ones, but most have this 2020 thing figured out.

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Brief Twitter obsessions from the past 24 hours centered chiefly on lies originating with or disseminated by Stephanie Grisham. First, that Trump’s doctor has sent a note excusing him from being ridiculed for his “perfecto” health. And second, that Obama staffers moving out of the White House in 2017 were really, really mean to Trump staffers. In writing. Which seems unlikely. And like we’ve heard it before.

With public impeachment hearings back underway, though, the real business of the day for us was using the occasion of Kurt Volkmer’s impending testimony as a launching pad for an expansive political science lesson. The continuing Republican obsession with the “whistleblower” isn’t ridiculous just because there’s better and more direct evidence available from other witnesses. It’s pointless, because Trump’s Ukraine scheme was doomed from the start by that other, unsung hero that unravels almost every government plot: procedure. Illustrating the point: the story of two obscure Congressional staffers who went to Ukraine to check up on things—because that’s what they do—and discovered Trump’s plot. Because that’s how obvious it was. All you had to do to see that there was something wrong was go to Ukraine and ask how things were going.

Oh, and P.S., yes, the House is now investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller.

Direct download: November_19_2019_64.mp3
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David Whiz-Bang Waldman and Greg Razzle-Dazzle Dworkin bring us the latest slam-bang news:

Donald Trump is dead. Want another opinion on that? Ok, Donald Trump is dead again. What lengths would Donald go to, to get out of responsibility? And, that isn’t the worst thing to happen to him last week. Trump lost two of three gubernatorial elections in Southern red states, with the latest in Louisiana. This week, Trump will just wish he were dead.

70% of Americans say Trump’s actions tied to Ukraine were wrong, and more and more of those Americans are Republican, so Donald and the Trumpers take the scam on the road to attempt to create a firewall. The Republicans are in disarray on Ukraine, on Marie Yovanovitch and soon on the military, and Marie Yovanovitch might be the last time riding and dying with Donald Trump manages to carry any moral weight with anyone.

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman wanted to have a correct transcript of Trump’s Ukraine call, but so far we haven’t actually seen any transcript, reconstructed, doctored or otherwise. The “new” first conversation with the Ukraine President wasn’t “new” or even the “conversation” they had, but kind of the one his staff hoped Trump would have. The effort put into searching for a G7 site turned out to be lies with Doral a ringer thrown in at the last moment.

Mike Pompeo can’t lie enough to please Trump, while Pence aide Jennifer Williams finds she can’t lie anymore. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham wonders why people don’t take note of those plenty of times she told the truth. Kurt Volker made plenty of truthful testimony to Congress, just not in comparison to other witnesses. It turns out that Adam Schiff is picky about those things.

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Want pizzazz? Look, rest assured that David Waldman would cover “Agent Penis” if clicks were the only issue, but they’re not. Richard Nixon is finally going to jail, and from the looks of it Tricky Dick is hot on his heels, so there’s plenty of pizzazz out there today, if that’s what you’re looking for, but you come to KITM to get the story behind the pizzazz, the “pizzazz plus” if you will:

So, maybe Kyiv doesn’t rhyme with “Steve”, maybe it rhymes with “Styeve”... Anyhow, a second U.S. Embassy staffer is stepping up to say they witnessed Trump and Gordon Sondland’s very loud restaurant conversation over there.

In Saud-owned Arabia, the government is the leading Twitter user. Whoever’s in second place is in a lot of trouble.

A federal appeals court order allows Congress to seek eight years of Trump’s tax records. The Supreme Court could hear the case, pass on hearing the case, or as David reminds us, could declare whatever 5 of them wanted to.

Lev Parnas, whom Trump hardly knows, discussed Ukraine with Trump personally. Parnas had Trump straws, cell phones and lots of cash when the FBI picked him up. One of Parnas’ earlier suckers wants his money back.

The Justice department may or may not charge Andrew McCabe with anything. The judge doesn’t think this is “a hard case”, David begs to differ.

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Pizzazz! That’s what was missing from yesterday’s first public impeachment hearing. Ok, boomers in their day got by on a tiny bit less zing, but today’s “now” generation demands that moxie. David Waldman spoils us with another razzle-dazzle filled KITM:

Trump admits that he has watched each and every minute of testimony so far. Senate Republicans are telling Trump to set his Tivo for a full Senate trial.

Abby the Doorbell called in to review yesterday’s hearings, but as usual left the door ajar so Greg Dworkin ended up getting in and drowning her out:

Republicans did try to steer away from tedious facts, but one look at George Kent could tell you he wasn’t going there, and neither did the Democrats. The zestiest testimony was of William Taylor Jr, talking about Gordon Sondland’s call to Donald Trump from a restaurant in Kiev (which rhymes with “Steve”, and therefore is now spelled “Kyiv”). (Everyone in the restaurant, Kyiv, Ukraine, and Moscow listened in.)

By the way, Boris Johnson blocked a report about his big Russian donors.

Other than being caught and going to federal prison, probably Roger Stone’s greatest regret is missing out on rat f’ing the Ukraine investigation.

One of the nation’s fakest journalists, John Solomon, moves from his little hill to the big mountain of BS.

The State Department punished one of their employees because they thought she was born in Iran. George Bush got to send “enemy combatants” to Gitmo so why can’t Trump… even if they are migrant children enemies of Trump’s?

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It looks like we’re doing this.

We understand you could be watching the Impeachment hearings right at this moment, and we know you have many podcast choices available to you, so on behalf of the crew and capt. David Waldman, thank you for flying KITM:

Today, Donald Trump will hang with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. (Well, not literally. Maybe someday.) Who knows what they’ll be talking about. Really, who knows… what language do they even speak?  Trump is developing into a moran, and a moron, and a maroon. However, Ivanka exceeds the five-year plan goals, by creating 14 million jobs... for China maybe.

What? Stephen Miller is a white nationalist? So, Ilhan Omar, and just about everyone in the world picked up on the subtle clues, huh? OK, then. That, and he wrote it out in emails. Next you’ll tell me he’s really bald. Unlike his hair, Miller’s not leaving soon. He’s the brains and soulless-soul of this White House. The South might still rise again.

Greg Dworkin asks Donald how’s that chaos working for him now? The cage is getting a little tight for Trump’s White House rats, and is getting tighter by the minute as voters watch the hearings, and Roger Stone’s trial. As Donald remains infallible, only his supporters can let him down. Lindsey Graham begs us to look away.

Is anyone paying attention in the White House? Does anyone there care about what is happening anymore? Mina Chang made it into the senior levels of the Trump administration on an almost completely fictional résumé including yet another fake Time magazine cover, and who cared?

Up and coming resume-padding jet-settinggun-porningpseudo-evangelical, Maria Butina-level dot-connectorserial entrepreneur Christianné L Allen is home schooling and flying to California and "interning" in New York and starting a marijuana business and reality TV show in Nevada and is la porte-parole for Rudy Giuliani… Did she stun’em at Scaramucci’s Hunt & Fish Club?

Direct download: November_13_2019_64.mp3
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David Waldman presents KITM’s Carefully Curated Content Tuesday:

David gives an A for effort to the surprisingly plausible, highly improbable paths people find to remove Donald Trump from office. One might work someday! If Trump ever leaves the Presidency, New York courts could be a problem. For the moment, however, Donald continues to fight corruption around the world. No one wants to help him, but he’ll make do, and his friends will make money, Russia will thrive, and if you don’t love it, leave it.

Rudy Giuliani’s buttocks, endowed with his greatest share of technical aptitude, attempted to transmit an internet password to a journalist, which ended up revealing another member of the Colludy ClanCharles Gucciardo, along with the multi-talented jet-setting, gun-porningpseudo-evangelical, Butina-level dot-connectorChristianné L Allen. 

Hey, want some good news? The Supreme Court will allow Sandy Hook families to move forward in their lawsuit against gunmaker Remington!


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David Waldman doesn’t close KITM for Veterans Day, a day for appreciation and support for veterans and military families, and as for Donald Trump… well, there’s a parade

Veterans triggered Don Jr. that time he thought about them. Junior triggered his own base at his own book signing.

For quite some time now, Greg Dworkin has been chanting “Build the wall! And... my patio!” at a not-so-secret, or even remotely quiet society of masons. The whole gang skyped in today to help count down those moments before the impeachment public hearings are gaveled in.

When Presidential Apprentice goes primetime on Wednesday, they need to remember their audience. Republicans will bring the conspiracy theories, the witch hunts, and the stupid, but that isn’t what most people will be tuning in for. It’s up to the hearings to answer the questions the public wants answered. Trump would rather have a parade.

Republicans in disarray™: Peter King figures now is as good as time as any to hop ship and swim for shore. Chuck Schumer will miss his BFF. The remaining rats start to eye each other. It’s Mick Mulvaney vs. the Bolton faction, the suburban vs. the rural base. The Democrats are okay with this.

Of course, Democrats are always itching for some disarray themselves. Will they be able to hold it together for Elizabeth Warren? For 2020, Michael Bloomberg answers the call no one is making

We told you those Giuliani boys were up to no good. The Colludy Clan keeps adding members. Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, then David Correia, and Charles Gucciardo, and now, connecting all of them and moreChristianné L Allen!

Direct download: November_11_2019_64.mp3
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On your way to West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy, but want to nosh on something tasty first? David Waldman wheels out the Friday KITM Smörgåsbord. (Pass on that giant assortment of conspiracy theories Republicans swallow every day.)

A Fox reporter cherry-picks three words to write an entire article. Byron York smells nothing wrong here. Three other words, “Quid pro quo”, were fun words to say last week, but note that extortion and bribery are exactly what’s going on here.

Roger Stone’s trial is going great! (Except for Roger Stone.) It’s not Trump’s favorite, either.

Ivanka Trump isn’t a good spokesperson for anything, but has a ready opinion about everything.

Lev Parnas and David Correia, arrested for campaign-finance law violations, missed their chance to produce Fraud Guarantee infomercials starring pal/employee/boss/coconspirator Rudy Colludy Guliani. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman got assistance from/screwed a major Trump ally in their attempt to escape the Feds.

As for the impeachment inquiry, John (not Michael) Bolton is putting up a bit more of a fight than expected. The House pulled their subpoena for Bolton’s aid Charles Kupperman, maybe to avoid the Republican rope-a-dope. The judge on the case, Richard Leon, isn’t in the same hurry. Fiona (not Apple) Hill’s deposition is now public and will be the talk of the weekend. William (not Roseanne) Barr might have to pick between Trump and going to hell. (Roseanne’s already there.)

Women were the first Trump whistleblowers. The equal rights amendment is within reach. The blue wave is rising into 2020. On the other hand, a quarter of all federal appellate judges have been appointed by Trump in his efforts to pave the way for a Christian Genius Billionaire dynasty.

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Can you keep a secret?

So can David Waldman. So, don’t come around here expecting details on Greg Dworkin’s absence and any connections to Lev and Rudy’s secret godchild. (More to come!)

Donald Trump stands like Rosie from the Jetsons, if Rosie had 3 inches of toilet paper stuffed into the heels her shoes.

Donald is out purporting again. Now he says he almost saved Matt Bevin in Kentucky… or maybe he saved Kentucky from Matt Bevin? Whatever you’ll buy is whatever he’s selling. Kentucky Republicans would try to steal the election even if Andy Beshear had a 30 point lead. Juli Briskman credits the entire Trump administration for electing her. Libertarians came for the tears.

Donald Trump told William Barr to go on TV and tell people he was innocent. Barr wouldn’t and Trump is furious that you’d ever accuse him of doing that. Trump’s next move is to tell William Barr to proclaim he was innocent of that... whatever “that” is.

Democrats hurry the Impeachment process along, but where are they in a hurry to get to? Now that public hearings are heading this way, what will this next phase look like for Democrats? What about Republicans?

The Obama administration was having some pretty cool “PC” meetings about... process control… provisional chairs? petty cash? Oh... “principals committee”!

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Hey! Guess what happened last night! We won, big league, historically, all over the place... And, you know what that means… open your pocketbook and get back to work, 2020 is around the corner!

Grab your second wind listening to today’s KITM, with our Wednesday crew, David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter:

Get this—David actually knew Juli Briskman back in the day, before she became a national folk hero and successful politician

Greg rounds up all of the Gop losses at the polls. You’d think all of this embarrassment would slow down Donald Trump a bit, but remember, Trump just gets worse. That’s ok, because when he does, we just get more motivated. The Middle Suburb counties in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are flipping away from Trump. Already, Andy Beshear’s election has turned around some of Trump’s Medicare sabotage. Who knows how we’ll ever recover from Donald’s and Moscow Mitch’s judicial infestation, though.

Oh, also yesterday, Gordon Sondland produced the smoking quid pro quo. On cue, Lindsey Graham bulls-eyed his fainting couch and Don Jr. pulled the fire alarm. Soon, the public will hear from more patriots, and more judges, maybe even Supreme Court judges, if they want to really dirty their robes. Next up: Kurt Volker, who has some explaining, and maybe some re-explaining to do. If you are Republican, you really don’t have to explain anything.

Bomb techs are getting tired of disarming bombs underneath rich asses.

Just 40 days left until Obamacare open enrollment ends… that’s probably just a little less than the government has anyhow.

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David Waldman knows it’s hard out here for a pundit. Why, even Rachel Bitecofer tackled authorship, directorship, and professorship before taking on that pundit… ship. Best yet, Rachel succeeds on TV without being either a jerk or a loon, an asset so rare she should be contracted just for that! Alas, Fox News doesn’t believe in any sanity clause, as they’ll mike up any Lex Luthor/Sonny Crockett/Unabomber that comes along. Matt Drudge isn’t guano-crazy enough nowadays to capture the truly screwball out there, like those county commissioners blocking the New York times from their libraries for being “fake news”.

KITM supplies only real, sane, useful news. Case in point: It’s National Donut Day! Buy a sack, bring’em on the airplane! But bring enough to share... they smell so good. If there’s Canadians on board, bring a lot, they like donuts. Bring water too, it seems their water’s pretty crappy, even in comparison to Flint, Michigan, but probably not compared to Kentucky. You know what would help Kentucky’s water? Voting out Governor Matt Bevin, and then Mitch McConnell. (Voting out McConnell would help everything.) You know who has a plan for that? Well, sure, but also Eric Posman, in his Episode #4 of Senate Snippets!

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified to the House, and the transcripts are out. Turns out Yovanovitch is just like Meghan McCain! Except, of course, in Ukraine’s case, Donald’s paranoid delusions led to intimidation, extortion, corruption, and collusion with Russia to… Oh, I see!

How close would you want to be to Donald Trump when he’s eating? The good news is, he doesn’t want you there either.

Now, wherever you are, get out there and vote! (If you are in Indiana, you might be out of luck, sorry.)

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David Waldman returns from a few days up in the Big Apple, abstaining from any use of AF1 as he knows how irritating that can be for some people.

Greg Dworkin reports winning spin wars are easier for those spinning the least. Trump makes his long-awaited pivot from “no quid pro quo!”, to “quid pro quo, so?”… to making it #1 on his list of accomplishments. Can’t he see that this makes him look like a lying, hypocritical, moronic criminal? Wait… Can’t he see? Maybe Trump is only able to see conspiracies and his own bad faith projections anymore. Newly revealed Mueller memos show the Ukraine fiasco was all about Russia. It is all, all about Russia. What was Jared Kushner whispering to Mohammad bin Salman from inside his pocket? Iran is caught violating the agreement we reneged onIntimidationobstruction and hypocrisy do march on, but so does the rule of law.

Greg reminds us that polls are our friend... our annoying geeky friend. Presently, Biden leads Trump by a little in battleground states, Warren trails Trump by a little, and thus the “electability” argument in a nutshell. Beto couldn’t find enough of the the middle, Biden might have found enough, but the middle keeps moving as voters begin to understand the candidates. Meanwhile, Gop Senators are forced to play defense.


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David Waldman is on the road again, going places he’s never been, seeing things that he may never see again, etc. Don’t worry! He recorded a KITM for today. In fact, he recorded it before yesterday’s show and throughout that show was dying to tell us about this show because it was so cool:

Congratulations to Devin Nunes, who has apparently given birth to a herd of little Nuneses. Kash Patel, Derek Harvey, and John Solomon probably aren’t cattle, considering all their ratf’ing.

Hey, remember the million times David warned you not to believe what the Donald Trump White House purports until such purportation produces paperwork? How about the several times David warned you that no proof exists that the Ukraine money promised to Ukraine was ever paid? Well, here’s proof that your tax dollars had to work extra hard to get into Ukrainian hands.

It looks like the FBI has a lot on Brett Kavanaugh that they could’ve told you, but that pathetic SOB cried so much the last time, they just didn’t have the heart. Congress might delay spending talks until… things are less partisan.

Ann Coulter is too stupid to know she’s an idiot, and justifiably bummed Trump stole her business model.

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Booooo! It’s Halloween... Greg Undead Dworkin and David Cobweb Waldman slowly rise from the mid-morning mists to unshackle today’s “KITM ‘s Witching Hour and 58 Minutes.” Let’s see what they’ve... dug up... shall we?

Boris Johnson hasn’t left the EU, Katie Hopkins isn’t nude, what’s wrong in the UK?

Ah, but the US is getting it done. The House of Representatives passed a resolution today that formalizes the next steps in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Donald says BOO! and Republicans leap in terror. It was pretty much a “divided” vote, as that kind of vote usually is, so media, smarten up on that.

Twitter decides based on principal, not money ( there wasn’t much money) to drop political advertising.  Gop senators decide based on money, not principal. Donald Trump looks at money without principals

The minute they saw the President did something wrong, his staff stood right up and hid all of the evidence. They will all have to face the truth eventually. John Bolton will testify. There are four more impeachment depositions scheduled for Monday.

By the way, the actions of Fruman and Parnas are part of the same activities being investigated in the impeachment inquiry. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except for the subpoenas and arrests and stuff. Once they have Jeff Epstein’s cell tidied up, Igor can move right in.

The maggot-infested corpse of… Oh, wait that’s just Steve Bannon. He’s still out there trying to bring on the end the world. South Korea helps out any way they can.

You know what’s really scary? People using high-explosives to blow up gender reveal boxes, along with their friends and neighbors, that’s what.

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It’s Wednesday, it’s impeachment, and it’s David WaldmanGreg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter!

But first, it’s over to Great Britain, and their traditional cuppa and jubblies leading into another general election, on 12 December.

Yesterday’s attempted Gop smear of Lt. Col. Vindman collapsed in ineptitude. Not even Liz Cheney could summon up the requisite nastiness. Vindman’s testimony makes clear how Trump’s interests aren’t the US’s. Trump’s followers wonder what that has to do with them.

Now that everyone has their popcorn and sat down, Democrats can start the public phase of their investigations. Matt Gaetz goes back into the toolbox, and yet Moscow Mitch and the gang still aren’t happy. Did Republicans ever wonder what would happen when the Clinton impeachment reached the Senate? Still, the panic is beginning to set in for the Gop, and they just might shut it all down for a breather.

Until then, it will just get worse for them. The White House ignored the Pentagon’s warning on Ukraine funding (Who knows, they might still have not sent funds). The former special advisor to Ukraine, Christopher Anderson, is testifying today that John Bolton was warning about Rudy Colludy Giuliani.  A former service officer will testify that former Gop congressman Robert Livingston was pulling strings in Ukraine, and the one guy who really should be worrying is Jared Kushner… maybe he is, can anyone really tell?

Meanwhile, we get ever closer to the day we throw the bums out.  An inner-city group tackles a key Democratic need, turning out black voters. And, Elizabeth Warren keeps climbing, now with Democratic activists.

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Another day, another day closer to… something, but what? David Waldman pulls up the KITM GPS:

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council and impeachment witness from central casting, reported for duty at Capitol Hill in his dress blues today, causing a run on purple heart band-aids around DC. Trumpers find it suspect that a former Ukrainian would speak Ukrainian. Trump finds it suspect that witnesses witness. Nancy Pelosi likes witnesses, and presently is nailing down those goalposts the Republicans keep running off with.

You’d think the White House photographer could put a piece of gaffer tape up on the wall behind himself, so everyone would have the same thing to look at. You’d think Trump could lie better, considering he owes his success and survival only to lying. For the last few years, Trump’s bald-orange-faced, very inept lying has been enabled and supported by both-sideist media, leaving the sole solution available laughing in his face. The media, of course, reacted to the public reclaiming their power by turning their false-equivalency fire hoses onto the public.

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Halloween’s coming to KITM and David Waldman and Greg Dworkin try out their sexy progressive costumes to bring us today’s boos and the news:

ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi has been killed, and just like Jason and Michael, it just feels good, no matter how many times we kill him. This time Donald Trump got to kill him, just like he did Bin Laden. Trump made his long-awaited pivot to the Presidency by refraining from kicking al-Baghdadi’s skull around on live TV like a soccer ball.

To allow folks to further celebrate in his victory, Trump showed up at the World Series Game 5 matchup between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals. Donald, of course, brought his boy with him (he left Barron at home), so you can imagine how the two felt when they discovered the Libs were also allowed to buy tickets to this event. Then, right up there on the Jumbotron, fans watched as Trump had his ass viciously bitten by his very own brand. Tears were shed for the loss of Democratic innocence.

The horror continues for Republicans attempting to shield Trump, as impeachment creeps closer. The latest polling should scare those betting Gop even more. But remember, Trump’s madness isn’t enough to doom him in 2020. At the moment, Joe Biden doesn’t have a lot that can frighten him. Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash’s fear of Biden spread to Rudy Colludy and Trump, and their boss/henchman/fanboy Lev Parnas.

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You’re traveling through another dimension. A dimension as esoteric as House rules and procedures, of abstruse conceptualizations between abiogenesis and cloture, polynomials and filibusters... There’s a signpost up ahead! No, that’s just David Waldman bringing us another Friday KITM:

Credulous hack in glasses, Hugh Hewitt, misuses terms he should have learned in law school to try to look smart. David also went to law school, and took notes. So, now all of us except Hugh know what “admission against interest” is, and the proper use of the hearsay rule. We’re going to need more than that to understand the role of the OMB in withholding Ukrainian aid. (It could still be withheld as far as we know—always demand the paperwork!) Multiple federal inspectors general generally agree, William Barr blocking Trump’s whistleblower from Congress was out of line.

Dumber Hugh Hewitt without glasses, Sean Hannity, is revealed to have been heading out to Vienna with Rudy Colludy’s henchmen/bosses Parnas & Fruman to meet Ukraine’s corrupt prosecutor on the same night William Barr met with Rupert Murdoch. Trump probably had a backup to RudyKash Patel, the author of the secret memo accusing Russia investigators of bias. And now, slotted right between impeachment acquittal and the 2020 elections, William Barr’s own-the-libs Alt-right extravaganza. Or not. Always demand the paperwork.

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So, Donald Trump says he’s building his wall in Colorado. Donald was “joking” and the crowd giving the standing O in Pittsburgh clearly didn’t want to give away that joke... Eh, but that’s not news, right? That’s “W” level news, it might’ve gotten Obama impeached, but we’re way past that now.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin throw as much as they can at us on today’s KITM:

Yesterday, the wingnut cavalry charged the House of Representatives’ SCIF, cell phones blazing, led by the General Custer of General CustersMatt Gaetz. Disappointingly, they were not successful in becoming martyrs, but they were able to unveil secrets known only to a quarter of the Republican caucus, including themselves.

Loathsome enabler Hugh Hewitt supplies us with a guide to the White House rationales and talking points against impeachment. Lawfare describes how impeachment will move forward regardless, with the help of criminal justice. Kevin McCarthy says it’s not criming if you don’t say the crime you’re criming. That, and Trump’s gang is just too stupid to be guilty. Plus, Trump has lawyers that can fix anything. What’s the role of the Office of Management and Budget in withholding Ukrainian aid, you ask? 

Someone wake up Wilbur Ross, and ask him “What about the emails?

William Barr travels the globe on errands for Trump, hiding horcruxes, finding stones for Trump’s glove, but not really attending to any “Attorney General stuff”. Instead of being a representative or employee of the US, Rudy Colludy works for only Trump… or Parnas, or somebody. Attorney Jay Sekulow also moonlights as a secret agent.

Christian music isn’t going to cross Donald Trump because their paycheck is totally, 100% dependent on Trump followers. They have, however, thought up an excuse. Meanwhile, most Americans have run out of any excuses to support Trump. Mike Pence better not get his hopes up, either.  Joe Biden’s lead slips as we round Democratic primary turn 4… or is it still the backstretch

Online MAGAs tried to take down Canada’s Justin Trudeau. While you’re not believing anything this White House claims without written documentation, add Boris Johnson to the list.

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Chaos! But the good kind for once, brought to you, and David Waldman, on today’s KITM. First Stephen AndrewDarkSydeSteven Andrew at DailyKos, etc. called in on Greg Dworkin’s phone at 9 o’clock to talk about the weather. No worries, Greg was actually right there with Stephen, but didn’t want to interrupt… 

Greg was set to talk about Bill Taylor’s punch-in-the-gut, devastating new testimony, that surely will, maybe… well, every little bit counts, maybe. Bill Taylor tells lawmakers Ukraine aid was directly tied to investigations. Donald Trump immediately said the opposite, a dotard mind trick often used to escape crimes.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, he can always call in the wingnut cavalry… Oh wait, here they come

Impeachment support keeps growing, now reaching 55% on Syria news. Ah, but Donald has it all figured out. No one can impeach him if there is no one there to impeach him!  Joan McCarter points out that it is government shutdown season, and Trump already had plans for it.

Forget Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Syria. Trump has moved on… to Hungary. Actually, the US  ambassador to Hungary is responsible for moving Trump on to Ukraine

Biden still has the Joementum, and is set to make our dreams come true, moderately. In case of a Democratic Senate majority in 2020, Republicans rush through judicial nominee Pepe the Frog.

While staying at a Trump hotel (hurry, while they’re still around) consider bringing a portable door lock. You don’t want any surprises in the middle of the night.

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It’s Tuesday and David Waldman is back! 

Well, not “back”, as he was “here” all along... Not “here”, actually, more like “there”... Although, he’s probably not “there” anymore, it’s lunch time... As a matter of fact, it all depends on when you read this...

Trump's judicial nominee Steven Menashi is also hampered by imprecise language. After all, who really knows what a “ghetto party” with toy guns and afro wigs really is? Donald Trump says investigating his crimes isn’t “like” lynching, Donald Trump says investigating his crimes is lynching. David reminds us to not believe anything Trump says until he shows you proof. The Constitution is right there in print, but Donald doesn’t believe it, however.

Sometimes, to understand fully what a person is all about, you just have to listen to them. If you can’t take too much of that, skip it, and just listen to David’s Trump voice performance and be thankful you don’t have to attend every meeting with that Dotard.

More witnesses come forward to attest Donald doesn’t know the meaning of “no”, “go away”, or “What the fuck are you doing, coming into my room?” He apparently always needs his hands to figure out dress sizes, bra materials, or whether he can lift some woman with one hand.

Around the world: Iraq says American troops leaving Syria, some, they assume, are good people, can not stay there. Swiss government usually runs like a very nice watch, but a nationwide referendum was turned back to 2016 on the grounds that voters were not given full information. KITM supporter Parleo tells us that over in Catalonia, which is over in Spain, an American resident faces deportation, accused of terrorism, jihadism and human trafficking, shortly after they caught him with his nuts in a flag.

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Such a hubbub this weekend! Mick Mulvaney, for one is certainly is having a hard time getting over it. Mulvaney’s three rationalisations for Ukraine’s quid pro quo might need to be exchanged before next weekend. Now, The Trump National Doral won’t be hosting the June G7 summit, forcing a switch to the “B” location, Lev Parnas’ basement... and Greg Dworkin’s wonderdog, Abby the doorbell, had a cousin crashing over.  All of this, but nothing can stop Greg and David Waldman’s early Monday appointment to set us on our way right:

Trump’s reelection bid is weak and getting weaker, bolstered only by the vast wealth of his donors and his keen fear of going to jail. There are two kinds of Trump voters, the kind that doesn’t mind the pile of bodies on 5th Ave, and the ones feeling those heebie-jeebies seeing what’s coming out of the woodwork. Donald Trump is searching for a third kind, people so Trumpy they haven’t been able to find even one voting booth in their life. Want insight into this strategy of fracking your base to extract just enough winning votes? David suggests watching the movie Brexit. Meanwhile, in the UK, people are finally catching on.

Sunny Isles, Florida, has kept its kitsch even after gaining 6 Trump towers and the Russian mob.

You just know that Carlos Danger and Pierre Delecto were “lurkers” long before there even was a Twitter.


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Too much news! Alas, only one David Waldman for today’s KITM.

 “Like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight” is of course, piss-poor parenting. Now Donald Trump, who never was a parent, somehow ended up becoming the nightmare stepfather of civilization, so therefore he let one kid rape, stone to death and generally clean out the other kids this week.

For decades, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani played the rusty trombone of Z-list celebrity, leading that big Roy Cohn/Stanley Friedman-corrupt parade out from New York City to eventually take over our Republic, and... here we are.

OK, what hit the fan yesterday? Well, Mick Mulvaney showed expected grace under pressure during his statement/not a statement about “quid pro quo”. Rick Perry pointed at Donald, pointed at Rudy, said it’s been cool, and is out of here. William Barr hopes to Sergeant Schultze his way out of this mess, and Michael McKinley… he just wishes there wasn’t so much politics

Rudy Colludy’s pal Igor Fruman foiled dyslectics while making $100K in illegal campaign donations.

Trump National Doral Miami should be in peak heat, humidity, and infestation around the time of the next G7, and also about 1/3 occupied, so what do you think Trump did about that? It’s only logical.

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Elijah Cummings, patriot and fighter for civil rights at least since he hit double digits, passed away way too soon at 68. At the moment, Donald Trump can’t think of anything bad to say about him… but the day’s young.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin rejoice in Cumming’s life and career, and lament about Donald Trump’s today.

Weakling, fool, and destined to be looked on forever as a devil, Trump pleads with Recep Erdoğan not to follow him down that path. Erdoğan isn’t listening. Hopefully, the big cheese over in Italy wasn’t listening either. Donald Trump has run out of Hells he is not going to, now that he’s losing evangelical Christians over his slaughter of Kurds.

Everything is melting down for Trump, as Rick Perry begins his swirl around the Ukraine drain. The Club for Growth accuses Mitt Romney of being a secret asset in collusion, but have yet to find his Ukraine or Putin link.

As Nancy Pelosi can tell you, “all roads lead to Putin”. On the other hand… Trump’s hands are small, but they are the only ones that are dirty here, and voters know it, even Republican ones. Will corporate women vote “corporate” or “woman” when voting for Elizabeth Warren?

Ian Reifowitz, author of The Tribalization of PoliticsHow Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump, pops in to promote a book, Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America, by Ian Haney López. You should pick up both today, as the Ians’ ideas and conclusions dovetail nicely. Instead of allowing those in power to pit racism against classism, Democrats have an opportunity to clearly show they can improve the lives of large numbers of Americans, adding to their base of voters while drawing again from the middle. How about “We'll cut your taxes and guarantee your health care” for a start?

Or, you could be a Trump insider trader.

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Well, we blew it. Donald Trump noticed no one ever even read him his rights, so now there can be no impeachment. Not only that, but he’s now allowed to call double-impeach backsies on Pelosi, Schiff, Clinton, Obama, Maddow, etc.

David Waldman has an “opposing opinion”, of course, which he brings up on today’s KITM, along with the Wednesday help of Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter:

A trio of schmegeggies might finally get their share of the tsuris. The recently resigned Mike Pompeo advisor Michael McKinley is testifying today. Former ambassador Kurt Volker makes a surprise return.  John Bolton will soon get his say. The line starts here. Here’s why Trump wants a House vote on impeachment. Oh, and ProPublica reveals never-before-seen Trump tax documents, showing a set of books for the tax guy and a set for the lender.

Alas, all Trump people are mentally ill to some level. Trump advisor Peter Navarro often quotes his invisible friend. Rudy Colludy, Donald’s bag man, also ran errands for Recep Erdoğan. Democrats are torn over whether to tear Giuliani a new one.

The Democrats don’t have a frontrunner. Shouldn’t they be doing something about that? Joan found about a dozen of them on TV last night, and took notes. She recommends staying out of fights and on topic, preferably healthcare.

In international, sort of, news: A couple of Brits drove around a moose or something and were captured by ICE along with their 3 month old. And, Donald Trump tried to introduce, Maury Povich stylea UK couple to the woman that ran over their son.

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“Top News” honors this morning go to the bombshells coming out of Fiona Hill’s deposition, as opposed to the bum shills being kicked out of it. The White House did its usual song and dance to try to prevent it from going forward, but Hill had an actual lawyer, and they weren’t having it.

Gordon Sondland is up next, and he may have a few bombshells of his own.

Speaking of bombshells, it turns out that Turkey may end up with more—50 more, to be exact—than they had going into this disaster in Syria. And that’s if we’re lucky. But don’t worry, it’s just loose nukes within reach of 11,000 newly-freed ISIS prisoners, and Rick Perry and Mike Pompeo are on the job!

What a time to have no Secretary of Homeland Security, eh?

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David Waldman leads us on a in-depth discussion of Columbus Day... Indigenous Peoples' Day… Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Whatever you celebrate, you probably didn’t get the day off. No one gets a day off from Donald Trump, except maybe Donald Trump. He certainly must have figured a way out of having to live with himself.

Donald shot a lot of people on 5th Avenue this weekend, so maybe he had a point there in ‘16, or maybe he’s hoping for arriving ISIS immigrants to vote Trump 2020.

Trump followers have devised the most Trump-like revenge upon Kathy Griffith imaginable. Take it, libs!

Trump was lying about China. Often, and recently too.

David connects some more Ukraine-Trump-Lev Parnas-Dmytro Firtash-Giuliani dots. Rudy took Lev to a funeral, that surprisingly was neither of theirs. So much of this scheming spun around former Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, which might explain that hairstyle.

Fiona Hill was the White House’s former top adviser on Russia, so she might as well never bothered to come in to work. Apparently she did, though, therefore she showed up today at the Capitol to testify in the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Susan Collins’ delicate sensibilities were chafed by a constituent who hopes she retires to a quiet, offense-free future. Speaking about winning Maine, Eric Posman brings another in a series of Senate Snippets audio missives explaining the how and why.

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This Friday, In tony neighborhoods throughout DC, there are so many questions for those planning their escape this weekend, from who has the quickest turnaround on bulk passports, to which wines to pair with swallowing Krugerrands. David Waldman has the answers to these questions, just not the time on today’s info-packed KITM :

Steve Mnuchin prefers his cash domestic, and seems to have swallowed about $100 million. White House staffers without escape plans are thinking of “staycations” through the remainder of the Trump administration.

David reviews the Ukrainegate timeline. More gems are being discovered, most put there by Donald Trump himself. At least four national security officials raised alarms before Trump’s Ukraine call, with the Pentagon pronouncing it illegal. The seediest couple outside of a Sling commercial,  Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, hired Lev Parnas as an interpreter for Ukrainian Dmitry Firtash.

Bob and Becky Mercer’s rainy day fund has been going to Trump, but some has been showing up in Rudy Colludy’s pockets as well. Giuliani frugally recycles printouts from a right-wing blog site as whatever he needs at the time. On the topic of propaganda and obstruction, RealClear Media has a secret Facebook page to push far-right memes, William Barr was forced to call Rupert Murdoch into his office after Fox disappointed Trump , and here’s the story of how the Hill became Trump’s disinformation megaphone.

On the positive side, Ambassador Gordon Sondland will step over White House blocks to show up and testify after all. Former U.S. Ambassador To Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, will also need to hire a food taster after showing up to testify today. And, an appeals court has rejected Trump’s appeal of the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena for his financial records. The Judge called Donald’s lack of response “repugnant”. Deutsche bank might agree that it’s repugnant, but finds that’s just one more reason to cover their, and Trump’s tracks.

Frank Rizzo got hold of Lindsey Graham for a couple of calls to chat about Lindsey and Donald’s admiration of Recep Erdoğan. Meanwhile, Trump had a rally in Minnesota, and it seems like less and less will take what he’s having.

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One thing is certain. Being buried under an avalanche of ping-pong balls is less than what Donald Trump deserves.

Today, David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin, (The “Hugh Brannum” of KITM), along with Greg’s wonderdog Abby (Woof!), to cover the latest consequences of enabling Donald Trump (Rough!). In fact, it has become fatal for Kurds in Turkey. Will “Many will die, but not me!” look good on a red cap? (Ralph!) America First makes us a loser everywhere.

For this reason and many more, more than half of voters would be happy with a non-President Trump. Impeachment is a thing that just might unite us.

Of course, Trump despises reality, and the impeachment inquiry has become a little too real for him and his lawyers. In other obstruction of justice news, Trump tried to make Rex Tillerson make the Justice Department drop a case against Rudy Giuliani’s Iranian-Turkish client. Now, we ain’t saying he’s a gold trader… Actually yes, that, and more. We’ve also been telling you those Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman guys were up to no good, and we were right.

U.S. billionaires are now paying a lower tax rate than the working class. Hopefully someone has a plan to fix that... Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls, but it isn’t because Joe Biden is dropping, Joe just might have quit going up. (Roof!)

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It seems like just a matter of time before Donald Trump pops his baggy suit inside out, revealing a brigadier general outfit, his hair into a helmet, and commandeers a jeep out of DC... but it just doesn’t feel soon enough.

Meanwhile, David Waldman has the whole day blocked off to work out his thoughts concerning another Big Guy with Great and Unmatched Wisdom he knows, but as usual could not resist putting together a little something for us:

David does the color commentary on Darren Samuelsohn’s play by play of the US District Court hearing to get Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials.

The US pulling out of both Syria and the Open Skies Treaty would be the best birthday present for Vladimir Putin. Recep Erdoğan could hardly wait to open his present. For those not presently dying on a Turkish battlefield, Trump’s Ukraine call was one of the scariest things they have witnessed. Ukraine’s former Prosecutor General, Yuri Lutsenko funneled vital potential witness Konstantin Kilimnik to Russia before Robert Mueller could get to him. The scramble to escape Ukraine began the moment Trump hung up the phone.

Neither Donald Trump’s or Boris Johnson’s intelligence officers trust them as far as they could throw them. Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, seems really in sync with his guys.

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Yom Kippur is coming up, and shortly David Waldman will need to take time to atone for sins Rick Perry prompted him into over the course of this year. We still might get a pre-sundown pre-recorded KITM by tomorrow, but today we get a brand-new live-to-AIFF file KITM!

And, that’s good, because as fast as the Ukraine dots get sprayed in the news, David is here to connect them for us. David encouraged us to look at the bigger picture in the Ukrainian con, and to always follow the money... and the liquified natural gas pipelines, to better understand that if there’s corruption in the world, Donald Trump needs a piece of it. Gordon Sondland, founder and chairman of Provenance Hotels, big Republican donor, and United States Ambassador to the EU, was blocked at 12:30 this morning from appearing before the HouseAdam Schiff finds that contemptible, although not in so many words. Bill Taylor, ambassador replacement for the too-smart Marie Yovanovitch, attempted some intelligent behavior of his own with Sondland to build his CYA paper trail, bandying about “quid pro quo” and such, to which Gordon replied “Ixnay with the extays already”.

Yesterday, Trump purported to pull forces out of Syria, a big surprise to the Pentagon, and the people stuck in Syria. Today, Donald announced he’ll have Turkey’s president over for Thanksgiving dinner, during which Trump will discover how they stole American jobs.

More dots in search of lines: Would you have guessed that “a tireless self-promoter of mysterious means” was responsible for getting lovebirds Donald and Melania together? Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, pedophile procurrer (alleged), and philanthropist (alleged), Ghislaine Maxwell attempts to fade away. The head of the US Department of Transportation generally only meets with Kentuckians for some reason.

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Monday. Another day and… hey, another day? We’re all still here! Donald Phumpher Trump laid in bed with various bowls and spoons and switchers and didn’t get around to completely wiping out everything this weekend...

Well, except for the Kurds. They are out of luck, again. (And again, and again.) Donald just might be a professional wrestling hero, or a cartoon villain, but former Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk knows he’s no Commander-in-Chief. Even Lindsey Graham took a second to pop his head out and complain about Trump’s Syria policy. Time to sign the #3 Trump Tower deal.

David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin to play Jenga with Trump’s house of cards:

You knew Rick Perry would turn up eventually on Presidential Apprentice. (Place those bets on now on Ben Carson!) Who would have guessed Donald Trump’s search for corruption in Ukraine would turn up Donald Trump? Well, KITM listeners, probably. Liquid natural gas is at the heart of the Ukraine scandal.

A judge orders the White House to preserve records of Trump’s dealings with foreign leaders, because really, who would trust that guy? Still, no one can expect the Office of Legal Counsel to fix this mess. So, you should vote, especially if you happen to be in Virginia. And, there’s impeachment, a popular solution.

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If you are just waking up you’ve got 25 pages of must reading to do. Nah, lay back down, they printed it mostly sideways… In fact, go ahead and close your eyes. As always, David Waldman is here to read the important parts to us:

Gym Jordan told us Kurt Volker’s deposition undercut Donald Trump’s impeachment case. The released deposition however undercut Gym Jordan’s, and Trump’s believability, spelling out lies, election interference and extortion in Ukraine.

Donald Trump isn’t denying any allegation, by the way. In fact, his plan is to repeat any crime over and over, until it doesn’t seem like a crime anymore. Meanwhile, as the fringe moves into the mainstream, people like Kurt Volker and the Ukraine Ambassador are pushed out. Republicans forget their support for Joe Biden’s Ukraine reforms and embrace the crazy. Rudy Colludy consulted with imprisoned Paul Manafort on Ukraine. Lindsey Graham accuses Australia of being a deep state puppet. Australia rejects that characterisation.

Stuck between Russia and the US, Ukraine shrugs its shoulders and puts a Hunter Biden-related case on the docket. President Zelensky has already implemented Vlad and Donald’s Steinmeier formula, and the local fascists have been cued to light their torches

North Korea found some time between very beautiful letters to produce a submarine deliverable nuclear missile.

Awake now? Good, make yourself a cup of coffee and and a big Democratic baby sandwich. You’ll need it to get through the just-released trove of Roy Cohn documents this weekend.

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BULLSHIT! Can you think of a better word for this administration at this time? It’s the subject of most of today’s news, in fact. 

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present a bullshit-free KITM, that is yet somehow completely full of it:

Jacob Wohl contains no other ingredients. He’s found some guy more shameless than himself, who he will introduce to the public today.

Donald Trump frantically, and I mean frantically is shovelling bullshit over his crimes. He calls the non-verbatim Ukraine meeting transcript word-for-word, which is of course… you know. Trump reminds us that Mike Pence’s Ukraine discussions were also perfect, and Mike’s aides back him up. Therefore, Pence is up to his ears in it. And remember, when considering Ukraine and Trump: Once a bullshitter, always a bullshitter. Journalists reflect on how they ignored the smell for so long. Are neophyte lawyers attracted to this Whitehouse, or is this Whitehouse attracted to neophytes?

By the way, Rebekah Mercer and Steven K G Bannon started this Biden bullshit a while ago. Peter Schweizer’s Biden book lifted sections from Wikipedia and other sources. Rudy Colludy tries to bullshit the bullshitters with forged Whitehouse stationary. Australia won’t be helping Lindsey Graham shovel. Rand Paul might love Putin more than Trump.

You know who’s tired of this bullshit? Voters. Except for the 24% that apparently can’t get enough.

Now you can put complete bullshit in your Facebook ad, once you put cash in Facebook’s pocket.

I don’t know… could it be… Moloch?

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It’s a scum of the earth gold rush! William BarrJohn DurhamSebastian Gorka, Mike Pompeo are in Italy with Steve Bannon panning for scum. Rudy, Mooch, Huckabee, Schlapp and other two-bit conmen keep mining the scum in Ukraine, in hopes that it hasn’t been completely tapped out

Of course, this did not start in Ukraine. Of course, it started in Florida. David Waldman isn’t here today, but pretended he was yesterday, in order to record today’s KITM… to introduce us to the two Ukrainian-Floridian con men perfectly set to hustle marks just like Giuliani and Trump.

It has already been established that Donald Trump is a mentally unstable, dotardiling, sociopathic nitwit, therefore adding that he wants to shoot migrants in the legs and feed them to alligators might be considered a moot point at this time.

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Dearest Abigail, so much has come to pass since our last correspondence—I was made almost deaf from the bombshells that pinned back Ol’ Bonespur’s troops as of late! Shall the battle of Ukrainium One be that “Great Pivot” all have talked about? Surely... only timeDavid Waldman and Greg Dworkin can tell us of this:

William Barr, Mike Pompeo, and Rudy Giuliani scour the world in search of dirt on absolutely anyone other than Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (while checking for some nice extradition-free retirement digs) The Federalist lies to us, and liars use the the Federalist to lie to us. Other than that, the Gop has no plan for Trump’s defence, other than lots of money. Oh, and more lies, lots more lies.

It appears “plan B” for the White House is more of the above. Tomorrow on KITM, Meet the Florida duo on Rudy Giuliani’s dirty crew in the Ukraine.

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David Waldman, as an observant podcaster, is out celebrating International Podcast Day, and we hope a good and sweet Rosh HaShanah. Of course, he pre-recorded a brand-new KITM for today. We can’t miss one of those in these crazy times!

How crazy? How about the whistleblower requesting federal witness protection from the US President, who is “into having Democrats executed, and threatening Civil War” kind of crazy? That’s pretty crazy! Streetcorner Lunatic-in-Chief Donald Trump harrassed Ukraine with conspiracy theories that he actually seems to believe. Kurt Volker quit after he realized he operated under the delusion that he operated in a sane world. Reporters missed the Ukraine story because they too assumed that nothing so deranged would be ever allowed to happen. It took a student paper to step back far enough to see the cuckoo forest for the trees.

The Democratic caucus was able to move forward rapidly on impeachment because, well, this insanity has been going on for a couple of years now. The Ukraine whistleblower wasn’t the first one, and won’t be the last.  Oh, and you weren’t imagining things: The NRA sure was a “Foreign Asset” To Russia ahead of 2016.

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How serious is the impeachment situation? So serious that Greg Dworkin was back again for yet another special edition of KITM. On a Friday!

We kicked things off with a quick tour of the newspaper headlines, and then moved quickly into the latest polling and analysis, which now includes both post-whistleblower and post-Pelosi shift data.

As you might imagine, Ukraine-mania is driving the Fox News types over the edge. Trump himself, who already went over ages ago, found a new cliff to dive off.

So, are we narrowing the focus and speeding things up, or could we be keeping the door open to further inquiry, after all? “We’ll see what happens.” Gop operatives, taking Trump’s lead, start trying to spin the whistleblower as a spy. What else can they do, after Chris Christie—who’s toast—says Trump’s only in trouble if he asked for a favor and sought dirt on Joe Biden? Well, they could accept all the blame for enabling Trump all along, but that seems unlikely.

Hillary Clinton’s in good company, with Jimmy Carter.

Adam Schiff says burying incriminating evidence on double-secret servers isn’t the White House’s only trick.

Team Trump tried to smear the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine as part of their plot, but it seems there are more ambassadors out there who’ll be tainted in this mess.

Could this news be the end of the “we can’t legislate on guns because impeachment” talking point?

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(Note: A big thank you to the Washington DC scandal production staff for placing their super crazy stuff in the morning per our request, but for our cross-promotion to work, the “As predicted on KITM” bug will need to appear on the lower right after each break.)

It’s all moving fast. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin catch us up on the latest news, while we all watch news in the making today. Yesterday, the White House released the “not verbatim” transcript of a call with Ukraine’s President. Today we read the Whistleblower’s complaint, which is about… COLLUSION. Also, extortion, bribery and various henchcraft by William Barr. Of course, this wasn’t the first time Trump pulled this, so the Administration just threw the transcript into their handy cover-up file. David and Greg look into a strategy of a narrow vs. wide investigation going forward. And, we’ve only just begun digging into the revelations, everything from threats to diplomats to QAnon style conspiracies.  Then there’s Donald Trump. He must have some genius chess move he’ll soon reveal. Donald would be worried about swing voters, if he didn’t define those the same way as the New York Times does.

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David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Joan McCarter have a lot to cover on today’s KITM. 90’s clothing and t-shirt politics, the Philadelphia Eagles and fire-fighting heroes, medieval vs. Renaissance expertise snark… Oh, and some MFer’s getting an impeachment inquiry! Im-🍑y

Well, Nancy Pelosi did have something up her sleeve! Or, maybe good timing. Or, this was the last straw. However it got here, the impeachment inquiry is finally here. That’s it, Donald Trump’s base is all riled up and will never vote Democrat after this!

Joan and David discuss why Moscow Mitch agreed to pursue the Ukraine whistleblower complaint. David and Greg discuss the Senate obligation to try an impeachment case. How can Republicans spin, hide from or exploit this?

And then during the show, the Ukrainetranscriptwas released. If it seems horrifically incriminating, just wait until you hear what Rudy Giuliani says about it, or whoever next is thrown under the bus tonight. Of course, the Ukraine shares the same fear as Trump… Vladimir Putin.

Trump proves he is capable of losing in many fronts simultaneously as he his lawyers try to argue that Donald’s too big to investigate. By this point he is probably wondering why Elizabeth Warren doesn’t just step up and let him go home.

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Welcome! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have been hanging around over on the far shore of the Rubicon for a while now. Nice to see this morning’s turnout.

Donald Trump is still trying out a few stories, but it just keeps getting worse for him. Trump shut down aid to Ukraine before calling, to make sure they knew he meant business. John Lewis gets behind impeachment. Republicans get out from behind Trump. Donald suggests the electric chair.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi was playing 7 dimensional chess after all. The 7 op-ed writers were freshmen, and not from comfortably blue districts. Democrats have solid evidence, an easy to communicate scenario, a clear moral to support, a villain’s confession, grassroots demand, and a duty to their country. Voters that have their heart set on voting Trump out can probably do that too.

Donald Trump had a UN speech that no one, including Trump, stayed awake through. Of course Greta Thunberg, a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future, outdid Trump. Boris Johnson was there, but no one was exactly sure why. Boris should leave, prorogation is going away though, and maybe Dominic Cummings too. Tories try out a few stories as well, but it looks as if this might be a good day for democracy all around.

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140 weeks of Donald Trump’s asterisk Presidency. For such an asterisk, he is a real mess, and yet really hard to stop. Is it time to open an inquiry into whether to open an inquiry into whether it would be okay to say the “I” word? Or maybe not?

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin’s inquiring minds are ready to tackle all of the above, but first the “P” word… prorogation.  The UK will decide this evening, or their morning, on that. Also a concern... Boris Johnson gave close personal attention, and a lot of public funding to an American woman who must have been greatly supportive of the British cause.

So is Israel throwing Bibi out, or what? Well, it’s complex, but basically Netanyahu doesn’t want to go to jail yet.

Back to us, and our problem. Unfortunately, Donald Trump isn’t just an idiot. He’s way worse than that. The Ukraine call was one of many to cause trouble for Hunter, and of course Joe Biden. But, what Donald Trump did wasn’t bribery, it was worse than that. It wasn’t extortion, it was worse than that... 

But, so what? Donald knows that. Nancy knows that. So... Will Trump stonewallpoint fingers, and move onWill we?

Moving on... In Iowa, Elizabeth Warren takes the lead. Does winning make her more electable? It beats losing! Everybody hates Donald Trump.

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David Waldman quit using his vocal spray right after the crew added alum to the bottle and his head temporarily shrunk to the size of a golfball... Oh well, his cough is back, but so is David with a special “One Focus Friday” edition of Kagro in the Morning:

Today’s subject is “Donald Trump and treason”, which by the way is almost always the subject. In fact, this particular act of treason will be familiar to Daily Kos readers and KITM listenersEverybody knew about Rudy Guiliani and Trump were up to no good in Ukraine, but it, of course, it takes a reality show style revelation—a whistle-blower—to get anyone’s attention. Trump told you he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody and not lose voters, but no one could have guessed how quickly the rest of us would get used to it. There were also many scandals to choose from, so most expected it to be Putin puppetry rather than regular old international bribery and extortion.

Last night, Rudy Guiliani blew his top on cue because he’s paid to be Old Faithful, and blow as much malodorous fog in as many directions as possible. Did it help? Maybe, but soon Adam Schiff, captain of the Democratic Congressional whiffle ball team will have a turn at bat. 

What happens when the administration won't tell Congress about a whistleblower complaint regarding the president? Jack Goldsmith of Harvard law school analyzes the situation. Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas analyzes Goldsmith’s analysis. Mieke Eoyang of Lawfare takes a more Congress-centric view. David Waldman tosses us out the top of the ivory tower down to the realpolitik pavement below, which is the only level where William Barr can be found.

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It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day again? So soon? Maybe it is in any month with an Arrrr in it… Avast, David Waldman’s no scurvy dog, savvy? Therefore, well, uhm… “Arrr!”

Who would be dumb enough to not predict that Donald Trump would say something inappropriate to a foreign leader that would be considered gravely "urgent" by an Intelligence Community Inspector General... even an acting one? The only debate is who the whistleblower is, and if the incident spurred DNI Dan Coats’ departure. Donald would promise/tell anybody anything, so it could be anyone.

Greg Dworkin brings us more Israeli election and US. primary falloutBenjamin Netanyahu probably was defeated by those many wanna Bibis competing against him in the Israeli 2019 Knesset election. Netanyahu is at the “calls for unity” stage of acceptance. Donald Trump has Benjamin at “coffee boy” status at the moment, but could have him at “never was a fan of his” by the end of the day.

Who is most electable in our Presidential election? Who cares, as long as Trump keeps up his unelectability. Democrats lead Trump by a huge margin with Latino voters. Joe is stronger than we think, but Liz knocks it up a point or two every time we turn around. Bernie… well maybe it is time to start printing off those Bernie 2024 stickers. Don’t become too complacent, however. Trump just returned from fundraisers throughout California so successful, 20 dollar bills were falling from his g-string.

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I have no obligation to “summarize” today’s KITM with David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter. Okay, it’s right there in my contract. (I would have, anyhow):

It makes you wonder what obligations Sean Spicer felt to forever trash his self respect and public image on… oh yeah, he did that years ago.

Corey Lewandowski spent 6 hours in front of the House Judiciary Committee lobbying hard for the reimplementation of inherent contempt power, but no, maybe someday. If only… if only the Democrats were a bit more “in array”, maybe they’d lead off with their big guns before moving the troops in? Maybe they could even remove Brett Kavanaugh, with a little bit of organization...

Ah, it’s nice to dream… here’s Nancy Pelosi to slap you awake and back into cynicism.  

Over on the Republican side, crime-fighting, fact-finding, and legislative entities that were supposed to be checks on the president’s power all do his bidding in the service of building a court that will do the same... thanks to Moscow Mitch. Mitch, and of course, money, keep the Republicans tight

Well, there is still the election, right? The ground is shifting as Arizona emerges as a 2020 trouble spot for Donald Trump. Kyrsten Sinema's victory in 2018 was the first win by an Arizona Democratic since… and her party takes her off at the knees.

So, with more than a year to screw up the presidential election, Democrats have a field led by Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. One leading the other, the other leading the one, depending on the demographics. Those demographics better include working-class whites if they hope to win.

Trump-Putin franchisee Benjamin Netanyahu might be coming up short in Israel’s 2019 election. Whether that’s Hillary’s or Barack’s fault is still to be determined.

The man who led commandos into Sweden in an attempt to free fashion icon A$AP Rocky will soon be rewarded with the position of “Mike Pompeo’s coffee boy”. The director of national intelligence (acting) isn’t about to testify before Congress or hand over a whistle-blower complaint, as he reports to a “higher authority”(not #Jesus).

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Hmm. Yesterday, the Russians sort of Chernobyled their virus research center containing Ebola, Smallpox, Bird flu, Hepatitis... etc. They assure us that it’s all cool, nothing to worry about… cough, cough.

Well, for the moment as our coughs remain sarcasm-full and blood-free, we should just relax, sit back and listen to David Waldman present an in-depth KITM analysis of the latest news:

Impeachment! Oh, don’t get your hopes up. Three former Trump aides were invited to testify to Jerrold Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee. Two told Jerry to F himself and aren’t coming, while Corey Lewandowski will swing by and tell him in person

Democrats will block Trump’s wall! Oh, don’t get your hopes up. Nancy Pelosi has a reason, and you will buy it. Because, what else will you do?

Kavanaugh impeachment! Oh, come on.

Now, Andrew McCabe, he’s going to jail.

Meanwhile, migrants get “hearings” in “courts” in “tents” in Laredo, Texas. (Probably the tents are real.) A “Presidential directive” keeps you from witnessing anything. Also, a U.S. intelligence whistleblower wants to report an urgent violation of law. Somebody won’t let him. Someone above the level of “Acting!” Director of National Intelligence.

And, more on Russian spies in America… and, RIP, Cokie Roberts.

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A new week, a new day, and KITM and David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return. Unfortunately, a lot of 2016 and 2018 followed them in:

Brett Kavanaugh returns to the news. Actually, more witnesses are finally being heard. The New York Times sees some harmless penile face-thrusting. Donald Trump sees the New York Times’ penis. The FBI help keep the real dick out of sight.  

Should Democrats be concerned by a rhetoric gap? On a related note, life will be cursed and you will be blamed for it all if you don’t read this paywalled article.

Is Trump launching a generation of Democrats into the future? Is Donald Democrat’s biggest inspiration right now? For that matter, is Joe Biden dooming Democrat’s future or is he the best representative of Democrat’s present? Will this election be decided, not by swaying independents, but by mining more partisans?

John Bolton has moved on to better things, so Trump handed over the military to Mohammed bin Salman. Vladimir Putin called dibs, though. Donald Trump wouldn’t be Russia’s only asset in the US.

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Friday the 13th, and a full micro moon? In the middle of the last palindrome week of the century? Don’t worry, this is your lucky day! 

First up, always a crowd pleaser, you get several minutes of David Waldman attempting to pronounce foreign names in a foreign order... David did not watch the Democratic debates last night, but lucky for him and us, he knows someone that did. At the debate, Beto O’Rourke said he is coming for your AR-15s, and Texas Representative Bris Cocaine (R) later stepped up to explain why. Meanwhile, Donald Trump debated reality and lost.

Another guy raising red flags and a weapon is the creator of 3D-printed guns and pedophile sex assaulter Cody Wilson.

More good luck—KITM correspondent Brian Munroe brings us the latest Brexit news: Boris Johnson says he didn’t lie to the Queen, and a court denies that Brexit is undermining Northern Ireland's peace. 

It’s official! Canada's 43rd general election is underway!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, Eric Posman releases another informative Senate Snippet! This week’s includes our opportunity to vote out Senator Steve Daines (Racist)

Donald Trump missed his opportunity to surrender to the Russians at Camp David, but there will always be more chances. Donald’s luck might be running out on avoiding emolument lawsuits, however.

The U.S. Air Force has lodged crews at Trump’s Scotland resort around 40 times so far. That might slope off now that the jig is up, but it sounded pretty lovely while it lasted.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin... what are those guys vaping? Well, pretty soon only criminals will be using e-cigarettes. It looks as if Barron Trump’s mom, Melania caught him vaping, so now no one can. Sorry to those out there with a big investment in vaping hardware or politicians. Anyhow, they really aren’t that good for you, in fact, Greg never once prescribed them.

Here comes the new “mini” three-hour Democratic debate. It’s common wisdom that enthusiasm is more fervent at the ideological edges of each party, but right now everybody is enthusiastic. The question is, what is everyone enthusiastic for? In North Carolina, Dems won big in the urbs and suburbs… but Trump won the stateLumbee Indian precincts show how it always helps to listen to constituents. It also helps if you are actually able to show that you are listening to constituents. Voters don’t look for cooperation as much as they look for results. Cooperation is not inside Republican’s “campaign in a box”, or their “Southern strategy”.

Donald Trump’s, Mick Mulvaney’s, and Wilbur Ross’ invisible pal, “NOAA Body” continues to receive unwanted attentionNobody also wants to take credit for sending children off to their death. Eventually all decisions will be made by Donald, and nobody.

Concentrating migrants in camps has worked so well, Donald Trump will try it out with California homeless. The frustration, agony, cruelty of it all will be worth it, even if it lasts only a little while. Trump might nuke Iran, or give it $15 billion, whatever.

Jerry Nadler no longer cares to argue about the nomenclature, but does need to step it up.

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September 11. A day of remembrance, on which “balanced coverage” of Donald Trump will make us physically ill. Avoid the mainstream media for a while, and hang out with Wednesday’s KITM crew, David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Joan McCarter:

The Republicans did not lose in North Carolina by 2 points. Now, they have to worry about the 35 seats that are less Republican. Oh, well. They still have lying, stealing and cheating to fall back on.

Trump has to worry about voters that like him less than all of his competitors, the ones that dislike him more, and the ones that will forever hate him.

Back “across the pond”, Monty Python is releasing previously unaired sketches! And, now for something not completely different at all: Brexit. Scottish judges rule the PM's suspension of parliament is unlawful, in fact that Boris Johnson lied to the Queen. WhatsApp messages reveal Tory MPs pushing Johnson into a life of crime. (BTW, Mike Pence’s Doonbeg detour cost $600 thousand in limo service alone.)

Back over, across our smaller pond, to Puerto Rico where former top FEMA officials have been arrested on fraud charges. Something seems pretty Whitefishy with their no-bid contractor, too.

And, back on to NOAA’s news arc to hear of all of the good they do when they aren’t being extorted by Wilbur Ross.

Sarah Palin quits midterm on her marriage.

The C.I.A. informant extracted from Russia had sent secrets to U.S. for decades, but they had to pull him out before Donald Trump gave him to Putin.

Congress returns to deal with judges, guns and money. Or not. Nancy Pelosi will poke a hole straight through the next reporter that implies inaction on gun laws is anyone’s fault but Moscow Mitch. The Senate moves so many rotten judges through that it’s easy to miss the awful ones. Meanwhile, the Senate Democrats have a plan to stop military funding for the Trump wall.

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David Waldman scoops up the news items that fell about during yesterday’s news-plosion for further study, adding a few new bits to see if we can catch up before another big show tomorrow:

Donald Trump lied about voter fraud in California ahead of an election in North Carolina necessitated by Republican voter fraud. Trump lied about his involvement with Glasgow Prestwick Airport after bragging about it.

The Mar-a-Lago trespasser trial begins with plenty of confusion as defendant Yujing Zhang loses her native tongue and her underwear.

Liberty University processes ten times the number of students, under a fraction of the supervision of other schools, and yet it somehow still doesn’t get respect. It can’t be because of leader Jerry Falwell, Jr., who you know has lots of sex with his wife and can prove it.

Overseas, the UK Parliament has transitioned into its extended “prorogation period”. Sadly, it probably won’t emerge as a beautiful butterfly... Even sadder, it will not emerge with House of Commons Speaker John Bercow. The Black Rod (not yet part of the Marvel Universe) has been a part of British government since 1350, and even then she couldn’t make this come off as a dignified routine.

Oh NOAA! Wilbur Ross didn’t! But, you know he did. Jerrold Nadler told you he would, and he is.

Meanwhile, Russian Troll factories have been researching and developing brand new models, which they hope to roll out for 2020. The United States extracted a top spy from Russia in 2017, and now we know his name and where he lives… why is that?

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Well, that was a busy weekend! Our know-nothing, do-nothing President did not think or do a thing at Camp David, as usual, and yet things seem to keep getting worse because of him.

David Waldman takes the busy weekend and makes it into a busy morning for KITM listeners:

Donald Trump said something really stupid. A day or two after this? Something even more stupid. The Trump dynasty already has its game of thrones, with Don, Jr. horning in on sister Ivanka, as it were.

Greg Dworkin sees some awakening to the threat of an authoritarian cult, and accepting the reality of Donald Trump’s unwellness. We're just starting to see the scale of Trump's personal corruption, with Trump routing Air Force refueling to near his Scottish Resort, to extorting the Ukraine to tilt the US election. Polling! 80% support across party lines for gun laws. Joe Biden’s got the lead, and this you can not deny, for now. Democrats are on solid ground, so it is time to stand up. On the other hand, the Republican party is losing its future, and its Texans.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is the home of innovations and ideas that positively affect all of our lives, including those funded by Jeffrey Epstein. It might have seemed like a good deal at the time, but the bill came due for MIT Media Lab director Joichi Ito. MIT is rarely compared to Liberty University, but Jeff Epstein and Jerry Falwell, Jr....

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Hip deep in the churning waters of storm-ravaged Alabama, David Waldman broadcasts a live… Wait, what? ...It’s been cancelled? About a week ago? But... the Admiral said… Okay... 

Listen, it’s just a theory, but David believes this Alabama thing just might be linked to Donald Trump’s lazy, self-centered, sociopathic, idiotic dotardiness… which Donald believes he has kept a secret so far.  Well, in case Trump allows Alabama to slip from national attention this weekend, here are some other topics to think about:

US Intelligence believes the recent radiation-filled explosion in Russia was from an unsuccessful recovery of a perhaps successful nuclear powered missile test.

Are the Democrats missing the need to confront Republicans efforts to block the filling of seats in independent regulatory agencies? 

Jacob Whol is far-right conspiracy theorist, fraudster, and internet troll who keeps trying to be a felon. Good luck!

Mother Jones digs into David Fahrenthold’s favorite mysterious Trump loan.

Here’s one of the craziest and dumbest things Brian Beutler has ever seen—The Pirates of Foggy Bottom!

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David Waldman diagnoses the US with a bad case of the mumpsimus and the only prescription is more KITM:

Donald Trump might have to nuke Alabama to protect it from hurricane Sharpie. You see, Trump’s map was altered with Trump’s favorite pen for who knows what reason... The map he followed that with used all the crayons in the box.

Sarah Sanders is set to release her Sharpie-ing of history just before the 2020 election.

Marianne Williamson laughs at your puny reality-altering methods.

Sorry, Al.

Greg Dworkin is dispatched carrying the latest despatches from overseas. 21 British Conservatives put country over party to shut down their own leader, Boris Johnson. Is it because they have a more functional Democracy than us? If so, it’s only barely… and it’s still early. As long as they have John Bercow, they’ll be fine.

Back over here—are the Republicans napping on the local elections? Democrats seize on climate as 2020 primary weapon, and Joe Biden’s needs some sharpening. Hey, he’s still ahead though. And, everyone’s in better shape than Donald Trump.

Back over there—Mike Pence’s european audiences wish they were anywhere else, while they reach for the Febreze.

Hurricane Dorian brings a snowstorm to Florida beaches.

Worst job in the world, “Roger Stone’s Wingman”, might somehow become even more worse soon.

Why is this man smiling? This woman smiles, no matter what obstacles she might encounter.

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It’s Wednesday on KITM! Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter brought so much today that David Waldman barely had time for trenchant observations and piercing asides:

Order, ORDER! An historic rebel victory in Britain as Conservative MP Phillip Lee crosses to the light side of the House of Commons... Chaos! Which is kind of okay, at the moment, as Greg explains.

Chaos! Which sucks here, as Greg has been explaining for a while now. Some people just want to watch the world burn. Finally, the truth is making its way into the news.

Donald Trump trails Democrats by a historically large margin. It will still be a lot of work, but Trump is not unbeatable. Both sides look to farm country for a clue.

David and Joan dig that Texas swing, as the fifth Lone Star Republican bails on the House. The panicked Gop sends Donald to North Carolina to save that special election, now that they can’t rely on gerrymanders to help. Meanwhile Trump takes 3.6 billion out of military homes, schools, and medical facilities for his wall.

Kroger and Walmart see open carriers sort of like the people that poop in their produce aisle. It might make one customer happy, but overall it cuts into business. Ammon Bundy fails a background check for an Idaho gun purchase. Ammon should buddy up with Dan Crenshaw, who would never check the background of a friend. Moscow Mitch McConnell has lots of friends in Russia and the NRA, and who does background checks on cash?

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David Waldman welcomes us to yet another KITM special “Dystopian Tuesday” edition:

Here’s an idea! Instead of gun control, we put a chip in everybody… Wait! Even better, we sell everyone the chip, gamify their surveillance, and they in turn beg us to take their money to fund our systematic tightening of control… Bwahahaha! Of course, that very software may already be installed in our devices, but just not activated yet... or maybe it has been activated, and we are its upgrade.

Someday Alabama will be hit with a storm, and Donald Trump told you so... Is there anything manipulable left in Donald’s noggin? Congratulations to Poland on avoiding Trump for its Nazi invasion anniversary. Donald hates tough history. Mike Pence is going to Poland in Trump’s stead, and will stop in Ireland where he found some gay people just far enough away for his comfort. Then he’s off to Poland, where gay people are just far enough away for his comfort.

A pack of perverse peckers picked on a porn star, prosecution proceeds.

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Labor Day—Dorian slams the Bahamas, Donald Trump hits the links... Of course he needs to, to keep his figure... unlike that Tiffany for instance! (FYI, she’s the Trump not blessed with ample birthing hips) David Waldman is out doing something, but before that, he did this KITM. Me? Well, I guess I will write a summary:

Dorian is the fourth category 5 hurricane to threaten the United States since Trump has taken office. The other ones, uh, Trump hardly knew those. They maybe brought coffee or something.

Don’t worry about being in the wrong place when there’s a mass shooting. Mass shooters will now travel to you. Oh, and 10 people were shot in Alabama, but that was only ”a beef”.

David takes a longer look into how the alt-right has built an infrastructure of safe-hate spaces to move Hitler appreciation back into the mainstream.

Yes, that is some fresh prorogues you smell cooking over in Great Britain. Just like the US, Britain’s government was built around a baseline of sanity and morality. Just like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson sees that as a ceiling not a floor. What do you know, even if voted out, Boris just might decide to stay.

Donald Trump commits more and new impeachable offences each week. What are you going to do about it?

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Friday, one last KITM David Waldman will put in for the Man before the Labor Day weekend… Nah, he’ll probably stay up late tonight making a show for Monday, that apple-polisher.

Labor Day hurricane Dorian might keep Donald Trump from doing what he wants, but it can’t make him work. He’ll have somewhat less assistance now that his longtime executive assistant crossed the line into being his ex-executive assistant. FEMA director Brock Long has been breathing a sigh of relief since March, when he quit.

Donald missed his personal chance to pick up white national authoritarian know-how in Poland. Mike Pence will just have to take notes. Poland passed a Holocaust bill making it illegal to use facts to blame them. Trump is left stateside, torn between two his two occupations of being a Russian asset or a Putin idiot. Donald is putting the final touches on his gift of the Ukraine to Vlad, by slow-walking $250 million in military assistance to Ukraine.

In Democratic oversight fail news, there will be no expedited consideration of them getting hold of Trump’s tax returns. 

The laziest President in history wants all of the powers, including emergency powers to do all of his work. Jair Bolsonaro, the Trump of Brazil, burns the world to own the libs, the Chinese, and the United States.

Read how conservatives use the loons of the internet as their think tank.

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Lawrence O’Donnell, who is probably right, spends the morning getting yelled at. Trump, who is definitely wrong, attempts to roll back yet more environmental protections, because he loves to kill bald eagles. Greg Dworkin has that news, and—as always—much, much more.

Trump defectors are the season’s hottest item, but they’re still just in beta (and Gathering. Their. Armies. Even though that was someone else.) The NRA may be dying, but at least they’ve got an addled dotard to cling to. Trump’s mad at Fox, but he may need them more than they need him. Why? Because they’re watched by idiots. But he’s mad at them on TV, so he wasted his morning on their radio station, instead. That’ll show ‘em!

The NC-09 special election looms, as the next test for the influence of independents (whomever they might be).

Speaking of special elections, there will be one coming in Georgia, too. And Twitter pal Gus Zucchini reminds us that no one—including Congress—is really sure they’ll be able to count the votes right.

Meanwhile, Trump—jerk that he is—has got everyone tied up in knots over what his latest meddling in once-settled citizenship rules is going to mean.

Was that story about a Russian “doomsday missile” fake news? Is it maybe not the only potential nuclear disaster Russia has up its sleeve?

Speaking of floating disasters, the DOJ Inspector General’s report on James Comey is out. But at least he’s probably non-nuclear.

Remember when I said Lawrence O’Donnell was probably right? That’s not just because habitual liar Trump is denying O’Donnell’s story. It’s also because people know who Trump is, and what Deutsche Bank has been up to.

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It’s Wednesday! You get a KITM with David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and, Joan McCarter! What more can you ask for? Nothing! Quit asking for stuff! We spoil you enough as it is:

Donald Trump aims his nukes at tropical storm Dorian, then Puerto Rico, then back to Dorian…  all distracting him from browsing Pinterest for wall decoration ideas, and attending to that big stack of old Russian loans and future pardons on his desk.

Hey, Joe Biden is a stronger candidate than you might think, especially if you are looking at Iowa. Everybody and their mother is more electable than Donald Trump. The economy didn’t keep Trump afloat, but it might drag him down. Everyone is ready for the election to be over, but many aren’t ready to believe the results. Republicans batten down the hatches and stoke the base, mobilizing independents the hell away from them. And now, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson will step down from office at the end of 2019, setting off a crucial 2020 election. Well, “2020 Election” might not be the term for it anymore...

Massacre Mitch will never let the NRA die… and he’s usually ok with letting things die.

Ah, autumn in the UK, ready for prorogation, eh wot? Looks like it might be a long one this year, due to Boris Johnson’s coup.

David returns to Paul Manafort’s pretty successful anti-semitic smear of Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko. Manafort’s daughter couldn’t decide if her dad’s corruption would be helpful to her or not. Dad going to jail probably pushed her to “not”.

Jerry Falwell Jr. continues his outreach efforts to minister to ripped youth who can minister to his wife.

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Did you catch the Taylor Swift concert last night? Well, you should have, because she said something political, therefore it was a political rally. Actually, she said something moral, which by definition makes it an anti-Trump rally. IMO, Lizzo and her Trump balloon were the best show by far.

David Waldman’s yurt up in the Virginia mountains doesn’t get “TV,” only Twitter, so he missed the VMAs. At least he doesn’t have bedbugs like Doral National MIAMI. Bret Stephens appreciates a lot of vermin, but is down on Stalinist scientists, Iraqi monkeys, and especially bedbugs. Man, he hates bedbugs, although ironically he just happens to be one.

Donald Trump returned from his Trump Organization sales trip to France. If Donald wasn’t hustling one of his roach motels, he was talking up his buddy Vlad. Brazil turns down the G-7’s money, because they like their forests burnt, or maybe they’re holding out for a better deal.

Is Russia calling their latest radioactive fiasco a “doomsday missile” because “floating Chernobyl” has an embarrassing ring to it?

The Federal Election Commission shuts down heading into the elections.

Today’s big story starts with the trial of Gregory Craig, whose seamy trail David follows to Paul ManafortAlex van der ZwaanYulia Tymoshenko, Donald Trump, and bada bing, back to Paul Manafort.

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It’s my birthday! And yesterday was David Waldman’s! Hooray! We’re still raking all of the Solo cups out from under the couches here at KITM World Headquarters... but well, now it’s time to get back to work. (Hey Armando, we saved you a piece of cake.)

Donald Trump proposes a 25% tariff on Hurricanes? A wall? Nope! Those are just dumb ideas. Donald wants to nuke ‘em... a really bad, dumb idea. So bad, even Trump thinks it’s dumb. Therefore, it is only a matter of days before it becomes a Republican litmus test.  On to blow up the G-7!

Trump lies, flails, and panics and Greg Dworkin is here to tell us all about it. Donald already blew up a few Gop myths, including any about caring about the deficit. Half of Trump voters would blame him for a recession. Almost everyone wants someone else for President. Who is most electable in the Democratic primary race? Elizabeth Warren is the most electable, in Iowa. About the only person Donald Trump is more “electable” than is Joe Walsh... for now.

Trump destroys consensus on all things, including Israel. A University of Pennsylvania law professor wants to make America white again, but the true intelligentsia of the Alt-right promotes tanning. Then, there’s the Falun Gong, who want you to watch cute panda videos, fight race-mixing and levitate. Sound a little crazy to you? Then you probably aren’t evangelical. The solution, of course, is to get rid of journalists.

Over on our side of the intellectual divide, David has been talking shareholder vs. stakeholder culture for years, and people are catching on to how shareholder democracy failed the people.

Nine years before any police investigation, two sisters tried to take down Jeffrey Epstein. No one would act.

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Take some time out from watching the world burn and check out David Waldman and Friday’s KITM :

Schools are being designed like first person shooter games, and lots of people think they’re first person shooter-heros. But, they aren’t. Real life is hard.

Donald Trump lies about what time of day it is—just for the practice.

The Proud Boys spend their time wasting ours.

When Nancy Pelosi returns to power in 2034, job #1 will be to strengthen Congressional oversight, but right now there’s just so much to do, and so little time to do it. The Freeloader in Chief daughter, and the Freeloader in Chief in-law, mooched some swag Air Force rides.

Thoughts and prayers go out today to Charles Koch. May his separation from his brother, wherever David Koch might be biding his time, be brief.

The second half of the show is devoted to epic scrutation of The Epoch Times, and its connection to Chinese cults, Evangelicals, the Tang Dynasty, Qanon, FaceBook, Jenny McCarthy… OK, that’s about 6 degrees from everyone isn’t it?

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Hump day! Well, it is the hump of this week, as KITM got a late start at things. As usual, Greg Dworkin visits, ready to boost David Waldman and us over any hump, even our truncated ones:

There’s no guarantee that Trump will lose, but he absolutely is a loser. Coal miners see that. Farmers see that. Truckers see that. The economically anxious see that. Those people are beginning to see the forest for the trees. Keep in mind when writing or reading headlines that most only look at the forest from a bird’s eye view, however.

Donald was looking forward to walking on Denmark’s incredible water, which many say is tremendous, from the standpoint of wetness. But no. They just had to be nasty to him. They weren’t even brown, and they still disrespected to him! And now, even the religion that gave him accountants is turning against him. What a world! By the way, Tom Cotton claims he was first to realize the strategic advantages of annexing Poland buying Greenland, and wants to get that out there before fellow genius Rudy Giuliani tells you how he recruited the Ukrainian government to attack Trump political enemies.

People keep bugging Nancy Pelosi to impeach Donald Trump, and you know what? They might have a point. A federal judge halted congressional Democrats’ subpoenas as if the Constitution wasn’t there. Moscow Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, loves the Constitution.

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David Waldman, the king of KITM, makes his triumphant WEdnesday return, as does Greg Dworkin! And, Joan McCarter

We find out this morning that Donald Trump... is the … the King of… of the… Wow. If this is a test from God, you just got to hope she grades on a curve... King Donald wishes Jewish Americans were just a little more devout, however.

Donald Trump also had a “spat” with Denmark... well more of a “snit” if you want to be precise about it.  Donald read somewhere that Danes prefer to stay quiet about a guy’s shortcomings, but then again maybe they won’t, therefore it might be time to just go where the lying is easier.

That place is probably not Scotland, where they are irked Trump appraised his golf course there at around “$0”, give or take a $100 million or so.

And not in the US, where absolutely everyone knew all along that Trump was lying about universal background checks, and yet everyone still seems to be mad about it. OK, Massacre Mitch McConnell certainly isn’t mad, as no news is good news for the Grim Reaper. Republicans get set for the final looting, as a 6th NRA rat swims out to beat the undertow.

The longer Trump hangs around, the more he gets on everyone’s nerves. In fact, Trump’s racism could drive decent people to the polls.

Maybe Joe Biden can help back the clock up to 2016, or maybe Elizabeth Warren will? Anybody, please? If anyone can figure this out, it is Rachel Bitecofer, who figured out the last big elections

The No. 4 House Democrat announced support for an impeachment investigation into Donald Trump, making it harder for Nancy Pelosi to find a pleasant lunch table in the House cafeteria.

If Jeffrey Epstein was still alive, he’d still be getting off to the latest sordid details being revealed in his lawsuits.

Rich folks Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hitchhike whenever possible.

All this, and the latest rescissions news!

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RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube|Patreon|Square Cash (Share code: Send $5, get $5!)

Soooooo… we didn’t make it back on the air for a new show today. But the good news is that I was totally a responsible parent, and everybody can feel good about that!

We’ll be back on Wednesday. And school starts again on Thursday. So things should be relatively stable soon, and even a little quieter!

In the meantime, please enjoy our August 22, 2018 episode, with both Greg Dworkin and Armando on hand to take away the sting of one last rerun:

Boom! The first charges go off in Trump Swamp, and we are just beginning to see the first floaters.

David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando don’t know where to cast their nets first, but they have two hours to brave the smell and haul them in:

The guilty fragile narcissist dumb baby dotard