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Brrr! For most of us it’s cold outside. Oh well, there’s no hiding from it though—back to work!

David Waldman describes how Nazi hunting is tough in the neighborhoods where Nazis pay the bills. Milo Yiannopoulos is finding it harder to be both untalented and paid. Simon & Schuster is happy to tell you what they aren’t paying for. In fact, you can read all of what they won’t pay for if you want.

Greg Dworkin brings us the latest polling news from Alabama. Roy Moore noticed a flurry of extra uppityness coming from black voting blocs, which he is certain was taken care of long ago. Fictitious Defendants back him up. Was Moore vs. Jones a battle of chaos vs. order for the voters? Is Trump the last of the Chaos agents to be voted in? Trump is such a jerk, he turns fedora wearing Pepes into SJWs. Even Steve Bannon is finding people too Nazi to support.

Mike Flynn used to be Trump’s liar, but Trump would like you to remember that Flynn was Trump’s LIAR.

Armando calls into attempt a threesome, but Skype’s just not into that like they used to be. Armando brings more context to discussing Joe Trippi’s role in the Alabama election, Jeff Session’s recusal or not in Trump’s schemes, and discusses not discussing impeachment.

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Today on KITM, we have the privilege of listening to David Waldman, completely raw and unfiltered, for an entire show!  

David goes there and uses the M word to describe the President of the United States, who confirmed that assessment in an interview yesterday. The New York Times didn’t challenge Trump, but what other method would have revealed how great, brilliant and completely innocent he is otherwise?

Of course, while we are looking at that dotard, we are distracted from other loonies like Scott Pruitt, who seems quite paranoid until we consider all that he needs to hide.

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KITM is back on the live show schedule (unlike those lazy Republicans), and not a moment too soon, since most of the holiday weekend’s stories didn’t fit neatly into any of our Boxing Day boxes.

Greg Dworkin rounded up the top stories and parsed the polling, as usual. Orr(i)n Hatch, top Utah(a)n, actually sucks. Which is how he “won.” We may not yet be ready to call out Nazis running for high office in our country. But maybe the Israelis are. Greg also reminds us, once again, that Trump is historically unpopular, and more so every day.

Should we impeach him right away? Or wait twenty minutes? Dems in disarray!

But Republicans have their act together. Which is why they’re poised to pull an Alabama in Mississippi. (Free advice: If your candidate is a child molester (again), be sure to pivot away from pedophilia in the general.)

Harvey Weinstein. Donald Trump. Chicken? Egg? Could “MeToo” have happened in a different timeline?

Process stories abound, from that “tied” Virginia House of Delegates race, to the contest for the ranking Dem slot on the House Judiciary committee.

Is Russian software embedded in FBI computers? And is that a problem?

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Just when you think you’ve opened up all of your Christmas presents, David Waldman slips down the chimney with a shiny new KITM for you to unwrap:

Time to get back up-to-speed on Trump-Russia—We thought it couldn’t happen here, but it did, and here’s how Kremlin trolls burned across the Internet as Washington debated options. The real Trump Russian scandal is not mere collusion, just follow the money to the big douche-Deutsche connection. A Chilean billionaire landlord of Ivanka Trump picks up more billions in mining leases from the Trump Administration.

Pete Hoekstra, a Congressman from Holland, Michigan, is now ambassador to the Netherlands, which is somehow not fake. But watch him try to create fake news, get caught, deny it, get caught denying it, deny that, get caught and call that fake news. On the other hand, the US Congress’ workplace misconduct office won’t share data with Senator Tim Kaine because of concerns with “inaccuracies.”

And Paula Writer returns, with a 2018 New Year’s message for The Resistance.

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Today, David and the Waldmans present a KITM holiday kitchen utensil concert for your enjoyment, simulcast with the regular Friday podcast:

Merry Christmas—Republicans let the US have a government for a little while longer, while still finding time for some last-minute gifts for Daddy.

Nikki Haley finishes off Jerusalem for Donald Trump’s war on Christmas.

Kids in Iowa daycares still have the chance to come home with shiny new firearms this holiday season.

Trump commutes the sentence of an Iowan meatpacking exec. Was it Donald’s soft spot for hostile work environments, sexual harassment, labor law violations and money launderers? A happy-go-lucky secret Santa present? Empathy for the plight and history of Guatemalan refugees? Or just a Hanukkah miracle?

A nominee to be the Pentagon’s health chief is out of the running after displaying glimmers of sanity right in front of a Senate panel. The Senior White House adviser at Homeland Security knows better than to ever make that mistake.

A big Trump campaign promise and personal vendetta against Big Sports is a huge failure. Papa John also learns not to play against the NFL

Neil Cavuto knows it’s a waste of breath talking to Trump. Cambridge Analytica, who probably know more about anybody than anyone, might tell us some stuff about Trump soon.

David’s position has evolved on Berea College. It turns out that these folks are pretty nice, home to nice places like the bell hooks Institute, and the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin can say Happy Winter Solstice if they feel like it, and they do:

It’s probably for the best that today is the shortest of the year. Today is Republican talking points day, the start of getting the public to feel like they benefited from their scam, whether they did or not—and if you seem unhappy, that’s fake news. Of course some, maybe dozens, do love the bill. Those that do, love Trump. Mike Pence loves Donald more than a thousand Russian hookers, and yet somehow not quite enough. Some people still aren’t pleased, like the 2 million kids losing CHIP coverage, even after a bone is thrown their way. The Tea Party avoids divisive social issues? And, while everyone focuses on everything, some more bad happens elsewhere.

All of this has given Democrats all the enthusiasms and whatnot. 2018 will not be a regular mid-term election for sure. In Virginia, Shelly Simonds received thousands more votes, after gerrymandering that was one vote, and then Republicans pulled it back to a tie. Bring out the canisters!

If Trump can somehow hold back his bill-signing climax just a little while, he could help out the Gop a lot… (he can’t).

The Trump/Russia investigations continue (maybe). There’s proof that Russian trolls went on the attack during key election moments in 2016. The White House knew Michael Flynn violated the law back in January.

A key NSA surveillance program’s reauthorization hits a roadblock in Congress.

A Tennessee couple gives birth to a 24 year old girl.

Hang up your chick habitdonate to KITM today!


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The Republican tax scam is passing, so it might not be the darkest day this year, but it’s definitely not the brightest. However, it is a great day to hit the links—and here are a whole bunch of them: 

David Waldman congratulates Congressman Jerry Nadler! Well, congratulations to the system for functioning occasionally, still.

Here’s your middle class tax cut! It’s the best day since “We’re in the Money” was a satirical hit, especially for “typical families”, with not so typical tax write-offsGreg Dworkin knows how the game is played: Yay generic Dems! Brand X Dems are looking good, which is a good thing. But does this mean that we need to be more “generic” or more “Democratic” in order to win elections against Republicans? Is it enough to be anti-Trump? Some conservatives are finding out how bad it is being pro-Trump. Fake morality embraces Trump as real morality gets the hell away.

Joan McCarter’s laryngitis certainly did not silence her this week: Chuck Schumer will force a Senate vote on Net Neutrality, which you’d think would have a lot of support. Susan Collins votes for tax cuts, which do not have a lot of support. The Corker Kickback 14 cash in. Alabama announces the shutdown of enrollments in its children’s health insurance program, as Doug Jones comes to the rescue. No CHIP, but look at the tax cut! By the way, the tax bill will help destroy the rest of our healthcare system. Now that they have stolen everything, what are Republicans going to do? Maybe they now have the time to proofread their bill, and figure out how it works.

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David Waldman wants your input for KITM! You can write and read your own essay, read someone else’s Op-ed, or keep us up-to-date on local political news that you believe requires national or even international attention. Or, if you don’t want to start out so ambitiously, tweet a comment or question to David at @KagroX with the hashtag #KITM, particularly weekday mornings—little escapes his attention or comment.

Could anyone be a worse president than Donald Trump? It took a lot of time, effort and talent, but no, Donald still has the robot beat. (The real one remains much higher maintenance) In an alternate universe, the Palin administration might have delivered more, even animatronically.

Mueller getting fired? Korea getting nuked? Maybe later, but for now us getting screwed with the Gop tax bill seems to be the priority. Who cares who authored what, Gops are all cashing in. More Trump operatives quit squatting and start permanent lodging. Some Senators are getting tired of letting just anybody in.

Matthew Petersen didn’t randomly show up at Senate hearings to be humiliated, he didn’t quite know how to be a judge, but had plenty of experience in the job he intended to perform.

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It feels like somebody’s getting an early Christmas present this week, it’s just hard to tell who. David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin to shake a few packages and guess what we might get:

Is the Trump team employing strategery or chaosity to save Trump? Whichever works, they’ll take it. Trump voters have two strong reasons for their support—hate and fear. If they had any other objectives they are out of luck. Twitter says haters gonna hate, if they are Donald Trump.

Where, then, can voters turn? Millennials are picking Democrats, but will they show up in 2018? Dems are moving up. Even better, Gops are also going away.

If concealed carriers can ignore state’s rights, are there really any state laws? Big Government bans words. Trump minions destroy everything they can, saboteurs are put in charge of the people that held the standard. Bob Corker and others slice off a big chunk of pork for themselves, while Putin keeps their other palm greasy.

It turns out Trump is just some broke-ass hundred-millionaire and getting poorer, so maybe he is exploitable after all.

Shortly after exiting a hunting rifle, a high-caliber bullet exited a shooting range, entered a parking lot, and arrived in some guy, thus becoming part of a terrible tragedy.

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We make it to Friday with David Waldman’s voice getting a weekend rest. He’s looking much better though, as you watching on his refrigerator camera are no doubt aware.

We get another one of those things it seems that nobody wants (Unless you are a corporation, my friend): the death of net neutrality.

If Roger Stone and Julian Assange had a friend, he would have been Randy Credico.

Karma gets Mo Brooks.

Robert Mueller’s talking to Cambridge Analytica.

Donald Trump’s war on Christmas claimed another victory, routing Christmas from Nasareth. Troops should reach Bethlehem by the 25th. 

Donald Trump is the worst sort of liar, and all of the other sorts too.

Eric Posman returns with another exclusive essay for KITM! (Go ahead, request the nachos recipe) Do Democrats finally have permission to succeed? 

Bye Felicia—Oh snap!

David looks into the Yemeni mess, and decides yep, it’s a mess, but it is hard to figure out what we are doing about it.

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David Waldman gets a lot of listeners—KITM is downloaded thousands of times each month. Each one of you means a lot, and not just the ones that give us money... but it still was very distressing when Patreon screwed up and started messing around with their payment system. They’re very sorry, they fixed it, and you can come back if you want. Thanks!

Greg Dworkin observes the fifth anniversary of the Newtown massacre. The grief endures, but you have a chance to change tomorrow’s news.

Doug Jones won Alabama's special Senate election, maybe you heard. While Roy Moore waits for ballots to be delivered from Mount Sinai, he and his brother activate a few zealot sleeper cells. For black Alabama voters, God wasn’t so mysterious. Is Alabama the end of Trump and fellow cockroach Bannon? The suburban revolt continues, growing into a wave. Donald sinks out of sight even in Iowa. On our side, Democrats approach gerrymander escape velocity, we might be even better off than we think.

This is a Trump/Bannon-driven worse case scenario for the Gop and about half of them figured out the other half has it in for them. By the way, Trump did it—unless you believe Donald’s side of the story.

Charles Johnson hates Chuck C. Johnson, because after 2009 they became very different people. Charles reveals that Chuck is behind the hoax sexual harassment document smearing Chuck Schumer. Serial jerk Mike Cernovich might have to troll from behind bars because of this.

Letting Trump have emoluments didn’t seem to discourage him. In fact, he seems to like them a lot.

Fighting in Yemen is escalating and drawing us in. David looks at how the US is making it worse.


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Yay! Last night our old white guy ran against theirs, and women of color stepped up and made the wise but also obvious choice. There is a lot more detail, and glee to share, so let’s join the fun with David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter:

As Greg told you all along, and Donald told you all along, decent people come out and vote when they need to, and stay away when they have to. The good guys won, all women won (even if they didn’t want to) and actual morality did great... fake morality did not. Speaking of losers, there is no joy in MAGA-ville after this strikeout, with more to come. Democrats can now feel free to run against hebephiles, hebrewphobes and Bannonites. (Steve says there is no “Bannon”—Steve is only Negan Trump) Mitch McConnell will, as tradition dictates, do whatever he wants. In fact, when is the best time for getting tax cuts to rich people if not now?

Joan’s highlighting of the Republican refusal to fund the children’s health insurance program has continued in the media consciousness, with Jimmy Kimmel adding his voice. It’s the last week of Obamacare enrollment, let’s keep it running strong.

John Kelly says “You’re Fired!” to Omarosa on Presidential Apprentice. What was she doing in the White House anyhow? Easy answer: picking up a paycheck.

What are Melania, Ivanka and Jared doing in the White House? Don’t ask them, they wouldn’t know.

In the real fake news: Pro-net neutrality Sen. Patrick Leahy’s identify stolen for a fake anti net-neutrality FCC comment, and Chuck Schumer becomes the victim of fake sexual harassment allegations.

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David Waldman pulls in correspondents from the 4 corners of the globe for today’s special KITM Special Election Day special:

Greg Dworkin makes a rare Tuesday appearance to assure us that the good people of the great state of Alabama will handle this election just fine—but they’ll have some competition. The Gop knows that if Roy Moore loses it’s going to screw up a lot for them, Alabama knows if Moore wins it’s going to screw up a lot for them.

But—Doug Jones has a huge lead! And—so does Roy Moore! Both are ahead by almost double digits! Anything could happen, so you don’t know what will happen, but Greg can tell you why you don’t know, and what to look for so you eventually know more, even as some plot to keep you knowing as little as possible.

Democrats are judged on their behavior, Republicans on their vote. What do we do about that? Trump calls Jones a puppet and brags that Moore would always vote as told, in the same tweet. He says he doesn’t watch TV, by referencing TV he’s watching. Trump’s hour-by-hour battle for self-preservation of course has commercial interruptions. Now he is slandering and bullying Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, probably a mistake on his part.

Today’s sexual misconduct: Judge Alex Kozinski requests clerks check out, and double check, his porno stash. Today’s probably non-sexual misconduct: Secretary Ryan Zinke used government helicopters to get to unchaperoned horse-riding dates with Mike Pence.

All of this on today’s Kagro in the Morning! Plus more!

Eric Posman has final thoughts on Alabama voting and voters in his original essay.

Serena Blaiz covers Oklahoman’s fight for class-action status for earthquake damages related to fracking.

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Week 47 of The Presidential Apprentice! When does Presidential Survivor start?

David Waldman was just about to discuss the Biggest Loser, Fear Factor and the Amazing Race with Greg Dworkin, but something went wrong with the tech, and Greg couldn’t get the voices out of his head before he had to leave.

Armando called in to test Skype and ended up delivering his planned Tuesday rant on the final meeting of the DNC Unity Reform Commission. Armando condemned the travesty, farce and disaster. The melee continues on Twitter, but really, are us Dems in disarray? Is the Democratic Party becoming too democratic, or is the Democratic Party the most united American party in modern political history? Is it something we can surmount? While we figure that out, Republicans kneecap black voting in Alabama.

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David Waldman escorts us safely to the weekend. The next couple days are up to us, but he sets us off well prepared:

Donald Trump, victorious in his war against Hanukkah days ahead of schedule, now marches into… Who knows? They hid his phone, so we have to rely on the fake media for now. Has Donald’s hairdo been hiding his third eye? Sarah Sanders wishes John Lewis would give civil rights leaders like The Donald his due.

No wonder Roy Moore hates America. It’s such a hellhole that we may need Vlad Putin to make it great again, back to when our country “had a direction”. Us whites do stick together, therefore the Moore ticket remains pretty strong. That leaves people of color and women looking for persons of color and women—well, they get Doug Jones, who is out there trying. Nonetheless, institutional racism and voter suppression isn’t making it any easier for him.

Not every ***hole uses bad faith as a tool to manipulate people… No wait, that’s exactly what every ***hole does! Journalists should be aware of that, don’t you think? Voters refuse to believe that they could vote for complete ***holes, and yet they do.

David told you, you could have predicted, and now a study confirms that a surge in guns sales leads to a spike in accidental gun deaths.

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Don’t worry. Anything David Waldman tells you today is protected under attorney-client privilege:

You win some you lose some. Enough accusations of Al Franken pressing altogether the wrong flesh have emerged, and Democrats have jumped into action. Al Franken did decide to resign, ironically of course. He was important before and during his terms as Senator, and has the potential of sustaining that importance. On to Clarence Thomas!

Pleasing almost no one (pre-Rapture, that is) Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Jared likes the idea too. Donald Trump has always been prone to slurring people of color and women, but now has taken to slurring his words. Dentures or TIA? Why not bothGreg Dworkin will not give his opinion on that, but if he did, he’d be right. Greg gives the Democratic Party a clean bill of health, Republicans have some problems though. Actually, there is a mammoth difference. Just look at the tax scam pollsthe enthusiasm gap grows. Goppers donate to Doug Jones, and plenty will vote for him.

Donald Trump should be impeached. But, was yesterday the best day for Congressman Al Green to submit an impeachment resolution? Armando calls in to bring some political, strategical, procedural nuance to the discussion. (Personally, I’d deliver it in the State of the Union response.) In Washington to see Armando this Friday and Saturday? Check out the Democratic National Committee’s Unity Reform Commission meeting and be a part of participatory democracy and shouting matches.

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David Waldman presents today’s TGIW KITM. We all get a boost over the hump with assistance from Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter:

Greg brings his round-upThe case for impeachment grows. As evidence piles up, paths to even more evidence are revealed. Flynn admits lying, so we can be certain Trump is too.

The more people figure out the Gop tax scam, the more they hate it. The tax plan is a huge Republican  success—at screwing a generation, shaming Republicans, ruining their chances in 2018, and destroying their reputation forever. The tax scam could’ve paid for a lot of things.

Now that Donald fixed taxes, he can knock the dust off his hands and get back to sowing chaos. Doug Jones just might win, because of the Republican vote.

Tax experts finally get a chance to read the tax bill and holy crap... Now it’s back to the House maniacs, along with a shutdown fight, an existential struggle for the nation and Democrats. Joan managed to break through the media din to ring the alarm on the lapse of funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program. Surprise! Mitch McConnell broke all those promises Susan Collins made to her constituents. Her state of Maine is deeply troubled by the news.

Political movements use bad faith as a weapon to bamboozle journalists—a newly popular tool. Concern trolls are drawn to #metoo like Roy Moore to a Justice store. So expect many crocodile tears to be shed over Silence Breakers, while silence breakers break up the silence infrastructure. And—another woman comes forward on Al Franken, as Democratic senators call on him to resign.

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David Waldman will someday pay for that Hawaiian Punch joke he made in 4th grade, but for now will be allowed to bring us Tuesday’s KITM:

After 8 years, Sam Seder is ostracized by MSNBC for saying Roman Polanski and his daughter… what now? ( Jonathan Swift rolls over and over.)  Concern trolls go hunting for Libs, but how sporting is that, when we are so happy to help them? Joy Reid takes a few shots and remains standing. On the other hand, Corey Lewandowski has the hide of a rhino.

Trump and the Gop are getting a bit of a Lolita-esque tingle around Roy Moore. At least Moore isn’t running for a Klan position.

Trump likes to play the field when it comes to foreign entity romance, but Russia is still #1in his heart, and bank account. Paul Manafort, who wasn’t even in trouble for Russia, just had to get in trouble for Russia. Ollie North wants to run Trump’s Uber for spies to battle the Deep State, laws, Constitution, etc.

The Senate was in such a big hurry to slash tax rates they forgot to put in loopholes, completely lousing up the scam.

American missile defense scores a direct PR hit, but kind of misses missiles.

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No reverb issues on KITM, it’s just that David Waldman’s personal lawyer dictates a bit loudly: 

Trump didn’t come up with that tweet, he just heard it somewhere. Who are the President? Billy Bush is certain he knows who was talking to him.

Grassley and Hatch speak for themselves.

Greg Dworkin reports from the front lines as Dotard J. Custer’s troops circle the wagons.

The Donald, soon to be declared Immaculate even as he has blessed many with his laying on of hands, declares so shall Roy Moore. Another teen beauty queen bears witness to Donald’s bare witnessing

The White House starts building the wall to protect their cult. You don’t have to be Marshall Applewhite to see this one coming.

But what about Chappaquiddick? You bet they plan to what about that.

John Kelly finds that fat-ass dotard is pretty nimble when he wants to be.

Was Roy Moore escaping to Australia in the 80’s? Did he have a reason to escape back to the US?

Whose side of Red Dawn is the NRA on anyhow? The Kremlin and Gop love gun nuts. Who has it in for Israel? Jared? Flynn? Jared and Flynn? Definitely not just Flynn.

Despite a pledge, Donald works with a foreign entity, again!

Eric Posnam records his own Op-Ed for KITM (Just like you can if you’d like!) on his contest for Time Magazine Person of the Year, as between Colin Kaepernick and… a surprise, special pick!

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End of the week, beginning of the month, same old garbage fires—actually they just seem old because you listen to David Waldman and KITM, so you know stuff early.

For instance: Yikes! and Duh! Who’dve thunk Hannity and Drudge would run Russian propaganda accusing Democrats of satanic practices and supporting rape? Hey, maybe the Gop wants to bust the budget so they have more leverage in reengineering society? Republicans have enough votes to pass their tax scam bill, but they didn’t last night. Is the lack of regular order to blame for slowing down the process, or is there any legitimate process left to slow? Well, supposedly there is still PAYGO and reconciliation.  David explains reconciliation and the Byrd Rule—no not the Byrd Rule, but the “Conrad Rule” which used to be a thing, and people still confuse the two.

Lock him up! Michael Flynn goes down, but has he flipped?

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250,000 downloads of KITM this month! That is a whole lot of people getting a lot of quality information and insight. And, for about 1 out of every 125 of you, this is worth a few dimes a day. However, 124 out of 125 of you just “listen and leave”… Don’t download and dash! If it’s worth hours of your time, we must be worth pennies of your cash. Don’t digitize us then deny us—donate!

A deeply unpopular Congress aims to pass a deeply unpopular tax bill for a deeply unpopular presidentGreg Dworkin converts the dry, hard-to-digest tax procedure into moist succulent morsels as he explains how the Republican tax scam is still moving forward because it’s the last big money grab by Baby Boomers (while they still have a chance). John McCain votes to end cancer treatments for Medicare patients (not himself) while Susan Collins manages to work through her deep concerns. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin will prove this tax plan works, by lying to you.

Alabamians know how important breeding young, pure, girls is to older men (well, white girls that is) and will vote Republican based on this firmly held religious belief.

It is time to overcome our shy impeachment syndrome. Donald Trump is delusional and a liar, and a dangerous bigot—these are just a few facets of his incompetence and lunacy, but even in total that still doesn’t seem to stop him. The UK Parliament does not represent Trump’s base, but the Kremlin does. Betsy DeVos tsktsks Donald, and will probably be punished before the weekend. Trump reshuffles the State Department monte cards, discards Tillerson.

David Waldman scrapes some more Jame’s O’Keefe off his shoe for us to look at. O’Keefe henchwoman Jaime Phillips attempted to infiltrate the Washington Post for months before attempting to scam them. If she flips, she won’t be the first one—Izzy Santa calls O’Keefe a liar, and accomplice Nadia Naffe might yet tell all.

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It is one of those days. Maybe you should just let KITM’s David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter condense it all to two hours, and then just pull the covers back over your head until tomorrow.

At least your day isn’t as bad as Matt Lauer’s… or many of the days of many of the women he had access to. Where does Matt fall on the sexual harasser scale? At FrankenKeillor? Trump? Moore?

Why yes, the president is the kind of dotard that would forward fake viral videos from hate groups with evil agendas that everyone knows is fake. The dotard retort is always “if it’s not the truth, it should be”, which of course is pretty dotardish.

So—the tax bill might pass, taking Social Security, Medicare, children’s health care, Obamacare, and the rest of society and civilization into the toilet. There goes the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau… At least we have the open internet standing between us and authoritarian rule! Nope.

OK, so the world is falling apart. Maybe the Hatch Act will be the new dawn for the rule of law? Jennifer Rubin knows what to do—if we all agree Trump should leave, maybe we can all shake hands and let Republicans take over... some grouches might disagree.

If Moscow and Mar-a-Lago stay connected to Earth a little while longer, some people are going to get in all sorts of trouble. Jared Kushner inches closer to Russian quid pro quo, while Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska moves next door to Kellyanne Conway.

Rhetoric is fascism's real battleground, and Nazis win when you aren’t punching them.

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There are dildos and then there are dildoesDavid Waldman has has got it pegged: James O’Keefe is a sexual predator and harasser whom the right should disavow, and it is our job to make this clear.  

The Washington Post uncovered O’Keefe’s latest plot to hire Jaime Phillips to lie about being sexually assaulted to discredit actual victims of Roy Moore—as well as all future victims of sexual assault. He ended up strengthening their case, and respect for mainstream media instead. Of course, the world being what it is, people are now handing O’Keefe more money, and Donald Trump probably sent another check today. The sad truth is that we were all complicit in our silence. We knew what James O’Keefe was all about in 2010, when O’Keefe attempted to lure Abbie Boudreau into being trapped on a boat with the explicit aim of “seducing” her with dildos and bondage equipment.

It’s now 2017, and the Gop is debating whether it’s OK for a 32-year-old man to seduce a 14-year-old girl. Several witnesses saw Roy Moore at the Olde Hickory House restaurant, where Beverly Young Nelson alleges Moore assaulted her. Moore finally found a woman that blotted out her memory of him there.

Fox remembers that Donald is always the victim. Melania forgot that Donald is always the hero.

The Trump Ponzi scheme will only “trickle down” if something goes wrong, otherwise there goes the housing market.

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We made it through Thanksgiving, and you know what that means! There’s only 15 more days until Alabamians get the chance to show us they are or aren’t who we thought they were!

Greg Dworkin brings us the fight to protect the vote, and the vote to protect the country, as less and less get the chance to make a difference at all. Women make red blue in Virginia.

Senator Jerry Moran knows people want to do something, but thought he should ask some people what that something would be. The rest of the Gop is trying to do what they can before people figure it out. The Religious Right can hardly believe how blessed they have been with Trump. Still, this week is make or break for the Trump Tax bill, and if it fails that can only be… Mitch McConnell’s fault.

Democrats know John Conyers needed to go, but really how much grace does this guy need?

The New York Times learns that it’s impossible to sympathize with Nazi sympathizers without getting a little Nazi on you

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a bureau that protects consumer finances, so why do you think there is a fight over it now?

For a moment, our minds wandered from how dishonest, corrupt, and dislikable Donald Trump is—but just for a moment. Trump is also wrong. At least his dimwit tweeting can be helpful in court. Meanwhile, Investigators have found the first time Donald shows up in the Panama Papers, and about the millionth tie between Russia and Paul Manafort. About a million Russian bots are trying to get net neutrality repealed.

David Waldman takes a look at where the bets are placed in leadership PACs, and follows the money to follow the power in Washington.


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Sure, we stuffed ourselves with Trump-Russia stories yesterday. But everyone knows that Thanksgiving is all about the leftovers, and doing it all again the next day.

This time, it’s the stories right at the heart of the issue. Specifically, money laundering, both in “real” estate (for Trump), and… well, God only knows what else (for Manafort). This time, Ivanka’s involved. And how could she not be? Daddy put her to “work” right in the heart of the emerging money laundering capitals of the world. And all for one-tenth of what they said.

Will we finally find out How Hope Hicks Did It?

Plus, listener contributions from Eric Posman and David Raatz!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hiding from relatives? Stuck in traffic? Waiting to listen to Alice’s Restaurant, and need a way to kill time? (Or, if you’re under 4,000 years old and your parents are waiting to listen to Alice’s Restaurant, a way to cover up the noise of killing yourself?)

We've got you covered, with an all-new KITM episode, dedicated to rounding up some of the more esoteric satellite issues in the ongoing Trump-Russia saga.

What even is collusion, anyways? Does it matter, as long as you know it when you see it? Did it happen in Trump Tower in June 2016? In Moscow in June 2017? Since forever and ever? Will anyone even notice anymore? We know one group of people are noticing: the former (and maybe-still) allies of Wikileaks.

Will we ever learn where that oddly pro-Russian Gop platform plank came from? And BTW, WTF with Paul Manfort buying $1 million worth of antique rugs?

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KITM’s “Day before Thanksgiving Day” with David Waldman was performed before a live audience—in COLOR (where available):

Greg Dworkin calls the horse race between decency and politics. So far it looks like a close one. There is something about pure young girls that makes them a hot commodity for dirty old men. Yes—it is time for a reckoning.

Greg talks at length about an extraordinarily lengthy, but great article on the time-honored American political tradition of white nationalism. Here’s a little sample: 

 That this shared understanding is seldom spoken aloud does not prevent people from acting according to its logic. It is the reason why, when Trump’s Muslim ban was first implemented, immigration officials stopped American citizens with Arabic names; why agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol have pursued fathers and mothers outside of schools and churches and deported them, as the administration has insisted that it is prioritizing the deportation of criminals; why Attorney General Jeff Sessions targets drug scofflaws with abandon and has dismantled even cooperative efforts at police accountability; why the president’s voting commission has committed itself to policies that will disenfranchise voters of color; why both schoolchildren and adults know to invoke the president’s name as a taunt against blacks, Latinos, and Muslims; why white supremacists wear hats that say “Make America great again.” 

Speaking of John Conyers, he and Bernie Sanders proposed sweeping progressive solutions to fix Medicare, but why use one fell swoop when incremental swoops cause less motion sickness?

Corey Lewandowski hates when people connect him with the suspicious goings-on in his dining room

Renown sanctuary and refuge of the common people vs the privileged elite, AKA “Mar-a-Lago” used to host riff-raff like the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, and the Susan G. Komen foundation, but now attracts Scott Baio-esque cream-of-the-crop like the Trumpettes, and robots having robot babies.

Presently, about half of those polled think Al Franken should resign, but co-workers, witnesses and the photographic record don’t see this is as the Al Franken they remember.

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What are you thankful for? Some days you really have to search for something, but today David Waldman has an easy choice.

Ben Spielberg, co-founder of 34justice joined Armando on KITM for an hour-long discussion of the controversial DNC Unity Commission and the proposed reforms going into 2020. The conversation touched on caucuses vs. primariesbinding vs. non binding vs open vs closed vs firehouse caucuses, but the focus was on increasing democracy, fairness and representation, at least on our side of things.

Al Franken had only one responsibility to concentrate upon at the Minnesota State Fair, but lapsed, again, allegedly. Charlie Rose lapsed every which way, and seemingly often. Alabama “Young Republicans” (18 to 40 year olds, so they aren’t Roy Moore’s kind of “young”are deserting him.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster mocked President Trump’s intelligence—how hard can that be? Ezra Cohen-Watnick, removed from his National Security Council post by McMaster, is now working at Oracle, a popular hangout for like minds.

Meanwhile, the Republicans work on passing the opposite of tax reform bill, and Russian bots work to take over the world.

A police suspect kept quoting whole sections of Trump’s upcoming State of the Union speech until interrogators had to evacuate the room.

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David Waldman continues his struggle with that new-fangled Skype, which seems to get even more fangled every day.

Greg Dworkin calls in to talk politics, and to be embarrassed with most Americans over Roy Moore and Donald Trump. Roy Moore is out of control, Evangelicals have gone wild, but the Gop still hopes to keep it barely legal. Alabama seems to be developing a moral center, but next month seems so far away, let alone 2018.

Donald Trump, immoral in so many ways, also turns out to be incompetent, which you’d think would make him toast. Never-Trumpers can’t agree on anything but that. Has anyone considered that Trump might be just a dumbass?

The Gop tax bill Is the end of all economic sanity in Washington, which again you’d think would be a deal breaker, but maybe not. This is a place that makes Louise Linton look normal, so Trump, family and friends are of course going to take the money and run—but not before targeting a few enemies.

Armando warms up the crowd for tomorrow’s upcoming discussion/cage match vs. 34justice co-founder and blogger Ben Speilberg in the KITM Octagon, Tuesday, November 21 at 10:00 AM ET. The topic will be DNC/voting reform for 2020, and a look back at 2016 to review the need for these reforms.

Truth, justice and Mueller march on.

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Technically, there may be a “better” day than today to release the pee-pee tape, but I don’t feel it.

On today’s KITM, David Waldman serves us more tongue for brunch. Republicans, who seem somehow less repulsed by Moore tongue than Franken tongue, stood united with Democrats in revulsion. Roger Stone, usually tough to offend, was offended even before the news broke. Things moved so quickly that people taking time to confirm facts were seen as taking sides. In fact, maybe pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 should be checked for context, or even broken takes.

Feminists discuss whether women’s equality is principal or situational. Women’s inequality is definitely institutional, and enshrined in Evangelical circles. Fox finally draws the line.

The Alabama Governor refuses to let the special election get less Strange.

None of this distracts Robert Mueller—Yay!  Jared Kushner realizes that if one is to have a Russian backdoor overture, a dinner would be expected.

Have Republicans gone crazy? They can’t seriously be thinking of passing this thing, can they? It’s in their DNA, it’s what they are going to do. Orrin Hatch comes from “the poor people” but that was then. Grover Norquist has also moved on.

Republican state law enforcement chiefs know what side their bread is buttered on, and where to get the most beautiful chocolate cake.

Voter fraud is real, people! (and Republican)

Ryan Zinke makes sure the Department of the Interior has the nicest interior ever.

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Al Franken... 

Roy Moore, who? Fox finally has a 24/7 target that is in office, as do we, because we know we have high standards that we really need to hold ourselves to.

But before we leave, David Waldman has a little retrospective on the Roy Moore saga: Two more women come forward on Moore, and then another two, for a total of what, 8? 9? This still doesn’t account for Roy getting kicked out of the Y. Roy’s wife found 50 pastors to vouch for him, but that was before they heard about the creepy stuff

So, if the plan to “Whatabout JFK Bill Clinton Al Franken?” in order to send Moore into a landslide win falls through, the Gop still has other tricks up their sleeve, including racism

“Trump’s land and hotel deals with the Russians need to be examined!” David has told you time and again. Christopher Steele backs him up on this.


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David Waldman unloads the dump truck of our discontent:

So, you know there was another mass shooting... friends, family, gone forever. Donald Trump feels your pain… No, he doesn’t even give AFThoughts and prayers! If you think he can’t get more detached, just wait until the next one.

Donald Trump returns to the US, apparently an Asia fan, but that could be the “heat of the moment”, “only time will tell” who ”the sole survivor” is, uhm...

And yes, there’s more on moron Moore each day…  For instance, when did Roy Moore quit being a pedophile? Greg Dworkin tells us GoOPredators are having second thoughts on Moore. Concerned Republicans would like us to consider the President’s actions—no, no, too soon, back up a few terms maybe. That’s too bad, because Democrats have recent examples of how to handle these things. Why do such nice guys end up molesting children? Not voting Moore in will be easier than expelling him later.

On an upbeat note, Greg brought some happy polls with him. Maybe Trump’s election was a fluke? Right now Donald loses to the no-name brand and even some Democrats people know! Democrats grab the Albuquerque mayoral seat back in a blowout!

Polling shows voters believe Trump will benefit from the Tax plan. Where would they get that idea?Well, if you didn’t have that idea, you haven’t been paying attention to Joan McCarter: Republicans are ditching their rule making it hard to hike people’s taxes, because they’re about to hike people’s taxes. They are trying to slip Obamacare repeal into their tax plan, apparently because it’s too popular. The rush is on to take cut taxes for the rich, cut $25 billion from Medicare, and eliminate the Children’s Health program.

The Constitution is as alive the Supreme Court wants it to be.

Mueller doesn’t have it so tough when criminals clearly label their crimes.

Open carry swords and machetes in starts in Texas today!

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Yes there’s more Moore today, because you deserve more, and Moore deserves it, so David Waldman takes KITM there again.

A fifth woman has come forward to recount, in this case, being sexually assaulted by Moore. People had Roy pegged all along. He was banned from the mall! From restaurants! From the YMCA! Women speaking up can still fear the law, their bosses, actually just about everybody. Roy Moore probably will still win, at least by getting away with it for 40 years. David looks into Powell v. McCormackand how it might or might not be the way the Gop handles the Moore situation.

We are still hearing about even more contacts between Russians and Trump in case anyone thought we didn’t have enough. The Wikileaks/Trump Jr. exchange shows a conspiracy, and that Wikileaks is an absolute fraud. Wikileaks wanted Junior to share stolen info, contest the election and to make Julian Assange ambassador. If only Trump had listened to Chris Christie he wouldn’t be in this mess. 

As if Alabama didn’t have enough problems—ghost hunting speechwriter Brett Talley forgot his wife is chief of staff for White House Counsel Donald McGahn.

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David Waldman welcomes us to Week 43 of Presidential Apprentice. (Let’s hope that it becomes a count down soon.)

Keurig owning Hannity fans think they are owning Liberals. The good news is that there are more and more things for them to buy and destroy to get our attention.

There aren’t any 14 year old girls working in government, but recently Roy Moore has inspired many Republicans to cover their behinds. As Moore and other abuser’s behavior was common knowledge, but without justice, abuse victims would wait decades for them to just get old and die. However, women are coming out all over now, and as expected are being punished for it, including Roy’s accusers.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls on Alabama, which look good, but expect a lot of people to expose things you’d never want to see in the privacy of their voting booth. Evangelicals are more likely to believe powerful over powerless, men over women, Putin over some Lib. We have had recent successes, but still have plenty of hurdles, from gerrymanders, to racism, etc. to overcome.

Robert Mueller has 17 federal prosecutors on his team, because right now that is what he believes he needs. Watch for that to change. Ivanka and Jared have a lot more money than you, but maybe we should pity them or something? The Gop’s top priority is too make sure Trumps hold on to more billions.

In the history of people, China has never seen Donald Trump. Trump Tower is pretty big, but Sean Spicer just had to go to the floor he should never go to. A Trump judge nominee has never tried a case, but has won approval of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Here is how the White Nationalist communities wreak online havoc and spread propaganda.

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Pour yourself a cup of coffee, find an easy chair, kick back and hit play on today’s KITM. Comfortable? You won’t be soon.

The only way to look at Roy Child Molester Moore’s story is in unflinching detail. Flinching—avoiding those uncomfortable details—is what people like these need you to do, in order to keep abusing. David Waldman cringes, shudders, gags a little, but does not flinch, devoting most of the show to Moore. Steve Bannon admits that journalists work at The Washington Post, while most Republicans go where you, and even they feared they would go. Flake and McCain have some humanity left, and Mitt Romney snaps out of Reek mode for at least a tweet.

There is some more happening in the world, and for you to consider over the weekend:

Trump was offered a handful of women when he was in Russia in 2013. His bodyguard didn’t get any, but might have been out grabbing burgers while Trump was grabbing some.

Hezbollah has decided that Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon.

Icahn haz subpoena.

The Trump voter fraud commission is sued—by one of Its own commissioners.

The Republican tax bill looks like it was written by Donald Trump’s accountants and tax lawyers, too much efficiency to expect from this administration.

And—$30K raised for Juli Briskman, the woman fired for flipping off Trump motorcade!

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Today, join David Waldman and everyone here at KITM in celebrating the anniversary of the day after Tuesday’s election!

Greg Dworkin joins the fun, but eschews effusing exuberantly. Sure, we won big, but why exactly did we? Were we just realigning as expected, or was there a demand for women and minorities, or just some competent governance for once?

The other big winner—Obamacare!

Most Trump voters are staying put, which is OK, as that isn’t enough to win. The suburbs are revolting. This frightens Gopers going into 2018, so maybe they need to dump Trump? Of course Paul Ryan is with the Donald, right at the moment.

The Senate tax plan is different from the House’s but will Trump notice, and would that matter?

Rand Paul knows he’s one of those guys that is so nice and pleasant to be around that you just kind of want to hug him to death. So it just doesn’t make sense to him that someone would assault him over lawn care

Wilbur Ross, a fake Milli-Vanillionaire has ties to Russia, but this isn’t about that, it’s about corruption.

Rex (everything) Tillerson declares war on Hillary Clinton with an army of State Department employees.

Is Lebanon being declared war on?

A Democrat figures out that there is no up side to visiting Fox.

RIP Keith Pickering.

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Ah, a sunny day! The Democratic Party feels kind of like a real party today. Let’s join the KITM celebration:

Greg Dworkin reports on the backlash that Trump earned, and brings us some fun polls that we have earnedKarma rains down on Trumpism far and wideEverywhere, voters send a message to frothing cauldron of Republicans. Young, Democratic, women are getting out and voting for young Democratic women. Trump’s core will remain, as long as Trump trolls, and they’re racist. Some tweets aren’t aging well. Isn’t it time Trump voters reach out to us? For Donald Trump Jr. there’s always tomorrow.

Today is also a great day for catching up on Twitter. Some takes aren’t so hot anymore. The Gop claws come out. Don’t worry about Chris Cillizza, that dude can turn on a dime

Joan McCarter joins David Waldman to share both schadenfreude und mitfreude. Some Democrats won with little help, so congratulations? Did Lee Carter not knock on enough doors, or was he too much of a lefty

Does the House tax bill satisfy Senate rules for avoiding a filibuster?

Trump’s Obamacare sabotage backfires, which means free health care for many! Word must be getting around, as there is a record number of early signups. Still, more than 30 million Americans are in danger of losing healthcare, so the war is not over. Republicans don’t worry about voters when donors are about to quit paying them. Having a future depends on taking care of kids now, but House Republicans pass a sham Children’s Health Bill, putting 9 million kids lives in jeopardy.

Leonard Steven Grasz is rated unqualified by the American Bar Association. Now a fourth Trump judicial nominee, Brett Talley is deemed not qualified.

Also—Maine Governor Paul LePage continues having tantrums.

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David Waldman is out there saving our country from Ed Gillespie, but not before helping you help save our country with today’s KITM:

Wilbur Ross has been lying about being a billionaire for years, but even fake rich guys stash their money on islands. Unfortunately for Ross, the money trail offshore also links him to Putin’s inner circle, and maybe even… Bono.

Carter Page, lowest hanging fruit for anybody investigating almost anything, is telling a lot for someone refusing to talk. Bots were Russia’s first contribution to the Trump campaign.

David continues explaining the Saudi-Lebanon feud, at least as well as anyone can explain it at the moment.

A 50 year old mom of two flipped off Donald Trump, and who amongst us hasn’t? Unfortunately someone figured out a way to fire her. There’s already at least one gofundme page that purports to be raising money for her. (UPDATE: The person behind the page has been in contact with Juli, and all proceeds will go to her!)

Trump will cease extreme vetting for immigrants, because the good immigrants coming in to our country can… nope. David notices fascist costuming on the Texas church shooter before anyone else.


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Today’s KITM is so great, it took David Waldman days of labor to complete it. Actually, David had to be somewhere at airtime Monday, so he started recording Friday night and eventually stopped talking Sunday. Unfortunately things just kept happening…

So, people still need to be told that mass shootings in America are a serious problem, even when mass shootings need subcategories to be tracked? Crazy people find that guns make killing quick, easy and fun.

Donald Trump is also mentally ill. You do not need more than his words to gather that he has problems. This trend is intensifying the longer he's in office.

Saudis attempted to stem their prince infestation by capturing about a dozen of them over the weekend. The worst ones always seem to get away. Some rats in the US might finally be trapped: Mike Flynn, both big and little, and Commerce Reptile Wilbur Ross might actually be going down—and why not? What have they done for the Donald lately? Robert Mercer might be too big to throw under a bus, however.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have gone to both Facebook and Twitter from some Russian guy, but money isn’t the only way into social media domination. At least 195 Trump web addresses were hacked by probably less well-off Russians, and hundreds of Trump secret subdomains are even paying to be hosted in Russia. Some Russians created “Jenna Abrams”, who is fake, but got to be a way bigger celebrity than you. Jenna, and fake news couldn’t have achieved their giant success without your help, however.

Montana’s post-truth power couple will get you coming and going.

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Civil War! Stand by for a KITM secret directive to Antifa forces—They do have Zombie Hitler, so we are assured this will be a tough fight but…

Oh, wait. It now seems that David Waldman will be addressing the other civil war—our long-time favorite here—the war of Democrats vs. Democrats.

Armando calls in. Check out what he’s come up with over the last 24 hours—heck, you should follow him and read what he comes up with all the time. Today’s discussion pits the DNC Joint Fundraising Agreement of 2015 vs JFA 2016. Also the DCCC vs the DNC, caucuses vs. primaries, binding vs. non binding vs open vs closed vs firehouse primaries—remember, you can’t exploit the rules if you don’t know them! 

Now, about the Hillary Victory Fund. Daily Kos readers, and especially KITM listeners are blessed with perpetually sensitive minds, immune to numbing by any level of detail. So you should follow along on this thread David and Armando discussed, and then follow up by reading this and this one, which contain new details, ideas and invective. Get it out of your system, then get back to work.

So, if the country isn’t in smoking ruins by the end of the weekend there are interesting races in Virginia, like the one between the pro-racist murder guy, and the guy who isn’t. Probably not good enough of a reason to destroy democracy, or keep the civil war going.

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It used to be simple. Donald Trump could say anything he wanted, the director would just yell “Cut! Cut! Cut!” and then they’d all do it again until the Donald was the hero. Oh, how Donald misses those days. He’d make a tremendous decision, and after the commercial it’d be done. Now it’s so complicated and nuanced!

David Waldman and you love nuances. Well, not “love”, exactly, it’s complicated. But whatever that emotion is, that is what drives KITM to fill two hours with whatever it does.

Greg Dworkin has your nuance right here. Trump is apoplectic as his allies fear impeachment. Trump is tranquil as he is not under investigation, as you know. Congressional Republicans are not carrying Trump’s water, at least based on roll call correlations. Red state Democrats are not just willing, but eager to work with Trump on taxes. So, don’t expect tax reform to swing the 2018 election. Ed Gillespie will tell you anything if it will elect him. Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to Nancy Pelosi. Paul Manafort is not just the sum of his indictment charges, he’s much worse. The Justice Department is considering charges on at least 6 Russian officials for DNC hacking, but the DNC was just one of Russia’s targets worldwide. Terry McAuliffe does not mince words.

Suddenly, Donna Brazile has gained a huge new fan base of ardent supporters of her forthright virtuous trustworthy truth-telling. David spends the rest of the show searching for a more nuanced word than “rigged”.

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David Waldman continues to lead the KITM resistance from his underground bunker (condo basement): Donald Trump wakes up with a morning rage over Chuck Schumer’s beauty. Chuck is demure, Jeff Flake demurs. Whether the program’s gone or not, Trump wants to get rid of it. The diversity visa program exists because of Republicans. The Irish have had a free ride long enough.

KITM has reported for months and today Greg Dworkin confirms Donald Trump is the Worst. President. Ever. Collusion? You bet. Somehow impeachment still leads over tarring, feathering, and pillorying in most surveys. Sadly, pollsters describe the Trump presidency as “young”. All of our leaders have flaws, Donald Trump’s seem most like Armstrong Custer’s going into the 2018 elections. Trump should not read his Gop troop’s silence as support. Trump’s staff figure he’s guilty anyway.  Speaking of guilt, Paul Manafort had multiple passports and aliases, for some reason. connects the hubs of the Trump Organization subdomains into Russia.

Opioid-related deaths continue to rise as Congress weakens the DEA’s ability to go after drug distributors.

Joan McCarter rings in Obamacare open enrollment day! Sign up and save! Of course Republicans still plan to strip the middle class of health insurance and cut taxes for the rich, and the Children's Health Insurance program will soon go away completely if not saved soon. The American Bar Association tries to save the US from a future generation of unqualified judges.


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David Waldman’s Eleven costume was a bit wasted today, as our long-awaited KITM video link has not yet made it into the World Headquarters renovation budget. Donate!

Armando calls in to talk Papadopoulos, everyone’s new favorite word, is an excellent guy, for… what was that guy’s name again? It seems like only a year ago that Papadopoulos and Trump were talking about stolen emails, but now Donald can barely remember Papadopoulos… Maybe he has something to do with all of those Hillary scandalsPapadopoulos will soon remind Trump of why he never should have hired Jeff Sessions.

Speaking of lying bigoted racists, so is John Kelly. Kelly wants you to know that Robert E. Lee was an honorable man that gave up his country to fight for his… other country. Too bad we couldn’t meet in the middle somewhere, although that seems a little like race traitoring cuck behavior, and Donald Trump prefers Department of Agriculture scientists that aren’t race traitoring cucks.


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Have you heard about the federal grand jury indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates? If not, you really should check out Daily Kos, they had quite a bit on that this morning, and so does David Waldman on today’s KITM:

Those joyous bells ringing throughout your town aren’t church bells, they are everyone’s Twitter alerts going off. Paul Manafort is first out of the perp walk gate, and he is not turning out to be the bargain Donald Trump was hoping for. Paul is charged with “Conspiracy Against the United States”, which sounds pretty serious, but Trump warns all this might distract from Chappaquiddick… (Coming soon from those lefties in mass media, btw.) Lesser known, but with a funner name to say out loud, George Papadopoulos will be the one to remember as the Russian collusion arrests pile up. If Greg Dworkin was here he’d tell you the walls are closing in on Trump. Uranium One is not turning out to be the SOMETHING needed to distract you from this. Firing Robert Mueller would be an awful choice for distraction, so bad that we should plan on it.

Local handyman and former elder statesman John Boehner is unchained and has plenty of less formal indictments to issue.

Heroes are emerging in the account of the Niger attack, and loser Trump will have to admit that some day soon.

The two guys over at Whitefish energy are very disappointed that they didn’t get to cash all of the checks before they were bounced off the contract.

The high and mighty continue to fall as sexual harassment hushing up is not so in anymore, and quantitative vs qualitative considerations have become less relevant. It is less cool to be sex and drugs gonzo, unless you are a third shift Russian Troll, then go for it.

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Are you old enough to remember when Friday was the end of the news week? Well, it is the end of the KITM week, but David Waldman isn’t about to let you go for days without something to take with you.

Donald Trump debuts his sequel to Drug Wars: “Just Say No, Too.” China recalls an earlier version.

Armando believes the latest big right-wing whatabout could be a big political opportunity for us. Remember Michael Flynn’s plan to build scores of U.S. nuclear power plants in the Middle East, as a safety measure? And Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon’s secret meeting with the King of Jordan?

The Senate voted to kill the rule allowing class-action lawsuits against banks. Pence cast the deciding vote, but so did Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, because after all their umbrage can only go so far.

Whitefish like helicopters almost as much as Blackwater.

Trump was three weeks late on the Russia sanctions deadline, so he eliminated the sanctions office.

Hater of heritage, lover of unrepentant sex Ralph Northam threatens to drag Virginia’s unemployment well below the national level as he fights for election to Governor.

A history of sexual predation inhibits reporting on sex predators.

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David Waldman focuses KITM on one subject today. Sexual harassment is everywhere, we are all connected to it in some way. It’s a scandal that society is complicit in covering up, and many might have even romanticized. Of all of Donald Trump’s disgraces, they are probably the ones he has the biggest chance of escaping

George H.W. Bush told the same magician joke prior to groping women. Unfortunately, he had something up his sleeve. Now five women have accused journalist, “Game Change” co-author, and Trump harassment apologist Mark Halperin of sexual harassment

Justice will catch up to the Donald on this someday, for now at least we have Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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Today, David Waldman packs 6 hours of info into a 2 hour KITM. Hit these links and stand back—it’s like an emergency life raft of insight:

Donald Trump has personally attacked 1 out of 5 standing O Senators, a regular Gop S&M lovefest.

Greg Dworkin can’t find the Republican adults. For the right, rules, laws, and ethics are just hurdles towards the finish line, and outrage is a tool to slow down competitors. Jeff Flake will not be complicit, 10% of the time. Plenty of time to grow morals after the race is over. It is who follows up that counts. Meanwhile, some Democrats pick between purity and winning.

Marc Elias, patriot.

Armando brings more insight, and some inside information, to the Whitefishgate discussion.

Lane Davis—Trump subreddit poster, Milo Yiannopoulos intern, and GamerGate conspiracist advanced his radicalized descent through murder, and now no one likes him anymore.

David counts down the greatest hits of Green Floid.

Remember Merrick Garland? The guy that spent $17.9 million to defeat him probably does.

Once you own an Amazon smart lock and Amazon Cloud Cam, Amazon can own you.

Masculinity poisons everyone. Is it a symptom or cause of capitalism? Toxic hotspots include California, Texaseverywhere. For instance, Scott Brown in New Zealand, and George H. W. Bush, back when he was 89.

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I don’t know, what do you want to talk about? Hey, that’s exactly what David Waldman wants to talk about on today’s KITM!

Armando: ¿Qué es esto? Whitefish is setting up to be the Blackwater of electrical infrastructure for an island of three and a half million Americans. A couple of guys plan to pick up $300 million from the governmentit happens—especially when you know the right people, and Ryan Zinke is definitely the right people.

Today Donald Trump is going to swing by the Capitol to bask in a little Senatorial good will and admiration. How huge will that Bob Corker hug be?

A mysterious Florida company, traced to Staten Island, traced to the Kremlin, maybe not traced to the Moscow BeatlesFest, has been traced to fomenting socio-political unrest throughout America. Russians used Instagram to influence Native Americans. Russians have stoked America’s race wars for 80 years.

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They’re still hammering away at KITM World Headquarters, so David Waldman reroutes us around the construction with a pre-recorded show. Greg Dworkin returns later this week with his latest round-up, and Donald Trump with his dumbass tweets—tomorrow! 

The Trump team rush-delivers condolences to military families, of course some damage can occur during shipping. Donald has a damaged, pathetic personality, which keeps getting worse.

David unrolls an 80 tweet JJ MacNab thread on the evolution of Russian propaganda in US social media. Cambridge Analytica left voter targeting tools online for nearly a year, if Putin knew this he probably wouldn’t have paid for his copy. Vlad shared his Netflix password with his troll minions.

Breitbart wanted to collaborate with the FBI to help catch themselves DDoSing themselves. The UAE planned to rent an army from Blackwater to invade Qatar.

Terrorists run rampant! No, wait—they’re white, nevermind...

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David Waldman gets us all the way to the weekend! Whoo hoo! Too bad it just doesn’t feel like the respite it used to be... The weather’s nice, so Donald Trump at least might shut up and golf.

General John Kelly is a loyal soldier, valuable to a Commander in Chief prone to fragging his own troops. Donald loves the gratitude, but where’s the profit in following through?

Are we missing the untold story on Niger? Maybe not now! At this rate Congress should be subpoenaing Hillary Clinton by Wednesday.

Are we missing the untold story on Trump’s Fake Renoir? Nope, but The Art Institute of Chicago adds an addendum.

Are we missing any other untold stories? Not if you’re listening to KITM

Neil Gorsuch might convince the other eight to retire.

Unapproved Trump nominees are trying to serve in their positions, by obfuscating acting “like” and acting “as” their titles

An presently un-assassinated Putin rival ties Jared Kushner to the Kremlin.

Joan McCarter and Chuck Schumer tell us the Senate just passed “one of the worst budgets Congress has ever passed.” The scamming runs very, very, deep.

Josie Duffy Rice tells us about the myth of the “progressive prosecutor”.

A story best untold—the Gop candidate abducted by “Jesus-like” aliens.

You can eliminate untold stories. Just tell them yourself, and send it to David! Today we listened to a couple:

David Raatz recorded his own article telling us that In an era of stigma and discrimination, undocumented immigrants have strong privacy interests.

Eric Posner takes Hillary Clinton’s book one step further by describing what could have happened, if she was elected President.

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Donald Trump hasn’t hit the bottom yet, he won’t hit it today either, or even tomorrow—Trump will make your head spin, you won’t believe how low he’ll go. Considering the Overton Window is free falling to Hell, yesterday doesn’t look so bad...

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin give us their perspective of our collective plummet: 

Representative Pat Tiberi decides to bail out before impact, Senator Thad Cochran says “Why bother?” 

Donald Trump was lying about no president ever offering financial support to grieving families, but Donald did break ground with stiffing them on the check.

There’s the Trump’s lies about the Gold Star Families, and Trump’s lies about his lying. Trump lies, everybody knows he lies, and America just gets dumber, debating whether he’s a moron or just mentally ill. Fox knows this whole mess is President Hillary Clinton’s fault, while the rest of the media wonders if it might be both Presidents fault equally.

Donald thinks you’re kinda cute when you’re angry—anyhow it beats working on stuff. If the Gop can get their tax cuts, they’ll cut that loony loose. Meanwhile, Democrats work to keep the focus on those cuts. Also, the fight over Obamacare isn’t over.

Back to the Russian invasion: Russian social media influence worked, it was probably also the subject and focus of collusion. Trump personally thanked a fake Twitter account linked to Russia. A pro-Trump Twitter account with massive clout was run by Russian trolls. A Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election. David revisits how Americans Were Tricked Into Working For Russia. It just isn’t collusion without some great partners—Facebook and Google helped an Anti-Refugee campaign in swing states, and Robert Mercer opened his heart and checkbook to just about every treasonous bigoted Nazi he met.

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KITM World Headquarters renovations continue, but with ninja-like stealth, so as not to interrupt David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Joan McCarter’s broadcast of the latest crazy.

Which is good, because the crazy’s coming at us fast and hard today—you couldn’t make these stories up! Donald Trump’s hurricane approval rate has dropped. Hurricanes don’t vote, but if Democrats do, 2018 will be a good year. As midterms approach, the Gop’s own words are the Democrats’ best weapon. As they cling to tax cuts, do Republicans know what they signed up for? Trump is poison. He’s a deranged animal that will turn on you in a second. He didn’t call soldier families until he was forced, then he didn’t bother to find out their names.

Trump is a heel that wants you to believe everyone else is. Donald Trump negotiates like a hostage-taker. Fox writes his scripts though. Things were nearly normal for a few hours on Tuesday, but someone reminded Donald of his role, and he got back into character. Obamacare is not dead, but now it’s becoming Trumpcare.

Normal is neck-and-neck with crazy in Alabama.

Maybe pro-wrestling, NASCAR, football, and basketball were getting pretty boring, but thank God for Women’s Tennis.

A second federal judge is blocking Trump’s Muslim Ban 3.0. The Army bans green card holders from enlisting, probably breaking federal law.

Your wing-nut friends are whatabouting “Uranium One!” today. Find out about it here. A Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election, but some were tricked into helping for free.

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Notice to any listeners returning today to listen to the KITM cymbal monkeys, their encore performance has been rescheduled to this Wednesday. Instead, David Waldman discusses Donald Trump’s very best day, which is always yesterday, although just wait until later, today or tomorrow or very soon. Psychiatrists warn the day is coming sooner than some expect.

Televangelist Jim Bakker says Christians will start a civil war if Trump is impeached. Well, some Christians anyway. Don’t make fun of Jim and Donald unless you enjoy being smote. (At least we know who will play Jim in the movie… and Tammy.) How much of a Holocaust denier are you? Take this Scaramucci quiz and find out!

David looks into the story you’ll be hearing a lot more on—Is Donald Trump Installing a Mole in the Mueller Probe?

Armando calls in to make a lonely principled stand on the tax shenanigans, the CBO, and the upcoming finance hearings. Remember when we "had to" slash half as much from Medicare and Medicaid in order to REDUCE the debt?

Jared Kushner might lose the 666 Fifth Ave. property that got him into all his trouble in the first place.

How can we rank the most corrupt in government when contenders keep dropping out and entering the race?

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There is some sort of racket at KITM today. You can’t stop David Waldman that way—he’ll just crank the tunes and move on.

Greg Dworkin plows through the chaos to bring us the pundit round-up. We are all buried in chaos. After all, chaos, turmoil and havoc is the Trump game plan. Also, for Trump to win, you have to lose, therefore millions will need to be hurt for him to feel victorious. For instance, Trump can’t revive coal, but he is allowing more pollution and death. Trump is emerging victorious over Republicans as their civil war takes its toll. Congress is barely functioning, its to-do list keeps getting longer, but its priority now is just to hold on so Donald Trump is not impeached. The insurgency against Mitch McConnell might fail because Mitch is probably the best they can do, and no one wants the job. Ed Gillespie says “Trump who?”

Jerry Brown’s ethics save Donald Trump’s hide.

As the White House becomes an adult day-care center, the enormously high cost of doing nothing becomes clear for everyone. Donald is given a subpoena for all documents relating to assault allegations. Trump Or Weinstein? Take The Quiz!

The Weinstein company, Fox News, Steve Bannon’s apartment—well financed sex cults. Donald Trump knew all about Donald Trump. For Hollywood producers the hotel room is their office, but the couch is always the destination.

Wilbur Ross shuffles billions so the right people think he’s rich, and the wrong people don’t.

For Facebook, manipulating you is not a feature or a bug, it’s the whole point.

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KITM is not immune to Friday the 13th luck, but nothing David Waldman couldn’t reboot us out of.

Maybe it was all a Russian plot, because as it is turning out, everything is. Russia is using LinkedIn as a tool of war. Russians are manipulating us on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and even Pokémon Go. Facebook’s Russian connections are being shown to go deeper with each passing day. Facebook has taken down data and thousands of posts to obscure the reach of Russian disinformationTwitter’s deleted data is potentially crucial to Russia probes. Oh, and Russia’s propaganda campaign infiltrated Instagram, too. Russia recruited YouTubers to bash Hillary over rap beats. Homegrown racists join with the Russians to fight globalism, and brown people.

The gun-packing King of Instagram couldn’t shop out the yellow streak that appeared down his back during the Vegas massacre. An officer on the scene was not a fan.

In a case of indexing gone awry, an elite’s history of pedophile rape is overlooked to gain elite credibility for a story.

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It’s Thursday! Don’t give up—we’ve made it this far and David Waldman and KITM are here to get us to the weekend. It looks like Donald Trump might even make it, even though he hasn’t golfed since Monday and hates every everybody at work.

Greg Dworkin calls in with some freshly rounded-up punditry. Grazing herds of press discover they have permission to tell you that sexual harassment is really bad and maybe Donald Trump is pretty incompetent, but why hasn’t Hillary addressed these issues, and who does she think she is, butting in? Republicans thought Trump would lie like they do, but he showed them! With Trump in office, do scandals matter anymore? Just in case scandals do matter, Trump proposes that people quit talking about them, and while we are at it, let’s take the government out of the USA, beginning with Puerto Rico. Evangelical conservatives remove the morality from Christianity.

Armando reminds us that all consideration of Donald Trump must first note that he is an idiot, mentally ill, and not fit for office. Consideration of Puerto Rico needs to include the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, and Statehood. Bondholders will take your money, Trump will take your praise, Puerto Ricans will remain hungry, thirsty and dying.

Has there ever been a more hypocritical leader in the U.S. Senate than Mitch McConnell?

Camo-wearing white guy places a bomb in a North Carolina airport in order to fight a war on U.S. soil. He is not Muslim enough to worry about.

Congratulations, young ladies! What girl wouldn’t want to move up to being a Boy Scout?

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David Waldman brings us KITM’s “Trump is a Moron Wednesday,” which though true for all or most of our lives, we usually refer to as “Wednesday.”

Greg Dworkin vanquishes his un-mutable ringtone and doorbell to another room to bring us his round-up. High hopes, or at least some hopes buoyed Trump approval in September, but down he goes again, most importantly in rural America. Trump’s approval dips in every state, though there’s still plenty of loonies.

Greg asks us to think of Trump as Mr. Spock trying to fake emotions—a moronic, infantile, deeply sociopathic Mr. Spock. Everybody, outside and inside of Washington knows this, but why do Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin risk their reputations? Why does Washington act like hostages? Why does Bob Corker stop way short of saying what he really means, but somehow it feels like a revelation to the press? A possible explanation is indexing—the news knowing the score but waiting for someone important to first say it, and then reporting on the quote. 

It turns out that Secretary of State Rex (everything) Tillerson was inspired to call Donald Trump a moron because Trump gave him compelling evidence. Trump asked for a tenfold increase in US nuclear weapons because that’s just his style. We already knew Donald was a moron in that particular meeting, just not an F’ing Moron. Trump now proposes to nuke NBC.

David goes procedural in the second half, with an exploration of blue slips. Mitch McConnell says he’s killing blue slips for judicial nominees, one of the last mechanisms for bipartisanship, as if that’ll happen again.

Israel discovered that you might be a Russian tool, by using a Russian tool. Meanwhile local and state governments continue aiding Russian cyberespionage.

Ryan Zinke went to a ski resort and Alaskan steakhouse on the taxpayer dime, and still people avoid public service careers!

If you feel the need to mansplain how to avoid sexual assault, then maybe Terry Crews can explain a few things to you first.

Today is the exciting conclusion of Paula Apynys 8 part series of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward”.

But wait—there’s more to come! KITM welcomes new correspondents and new stories this week! You can be one too, just let us know!

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There are so many immense things about Donald Trump, but the immensest is how yuge his IQ is. This is not Donald’s fault—he’d be first to tell you it’s almost impossible to hide an endowment so generous

David Waldman contemplates the vastness of The Donald’s intellect on today’s KITM. Trump’s head is like a broken pressure cooker, but Forbes decided to go and open it anyway. White House aides think their tricks can keep Trump from exploding for just a little while, at least until they finish looting. It is fun to watch Bob Corker play with fire too, but remember: He’s not your friend.

Trump picks up an extra $137K renting golf carts to Secret Service agents.

It is true a Green Beret advised Colin Kaepernick to kneel, rather than sit.

Judge Roy Moore has an outlaw son. Cyrus Vance’s son is a disappointment also.

Guns on campus didn’t work out.

Yay! The good guys are winning as we head into Part 7 of Paula Apynys  “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward”.

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David Waldman is out, celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, Indigenous Peoples Day, and Drive Out to the In-Laws and Help Fix Their Fridge Day. So what are we to do? Nothing! David simply couldn’t resist telling you about the latest news so he recorded a new real KITM to play fake live today. Listen up—if you don’t learn it, you won’t know it.

David takes a long look into how Steve Bannon, Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist ideas into the mainstream conversation.

Paula Apynys continues her fascinating, informative, and useful series, now at Part 6:  “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward”.

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It’s quiet… too quiet.

David Waldman keeps us informed going into the weekend, maybe we can get there without setting anyone or anything off.

Maybe we should ban guns.

Just three percent of adults own half of America’s guns. A father’s family protection gun destroys his family. Is the use of instant killing machines to kill masses of people really a grave misusage? Actually, bump stocks are useful to assist persons whose hands have limited mobility.

Rich people were supposed to be impervious to corruption, but it seems they like free airplane rides as much as us regular folk.

Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan and Wisconsin, a Russian-linked group was working to amplify political discord, Russian operatives used Facebook retargeting tools to identify American voters susceptible to propaganda, and Facebook cut Russia out of their April report on election influence. So, how guileless is Facebook? Does even Mark Zuckerberg know?

And—Part 5 of Author Paula Apynys’ “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward

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It’s Karma Thursday on KITM and David Waldman is here with guest Greg Dworkin to serve up just desserts: 

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy has zero issue posting his pro-life stance all over the place and no issue asking the woman he had an affair with to have an abortion. Now he’s thinking of spending more time with his family.

The organizer of the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville, Va might go to jail for perjury.

Elijah Cummings wants to know who’s paying for Kellyanne Conway’s jet trips.

The Trump/Russia/Steele/Pee-pee dossier is now in the hopefully latex-gloved hands of Robert Mueller.

Senator John Thune thinks perhaps you deserve to get shot if you don’t get small.

Turns out Donald Trump is both a dotard and a moron. Trump’s speechwriter used up the “A“ material on his first post-massacre speech, raising the bar for subsequent white on white slaughter addresses. The Gop realizes that now is the time to politicize tragedy. Some Republicans might be open to discussing meaningless gestures—so is David if it eventually leads to something worthwhile. Gop donors are finding less and less worthwhile.  

On the Democratic side things are looking up in Virginia, as Democrat Ralph Northam has a clear lead over Republican Ed Gillespie for governor.

When David and I win the Nobel Prize for Kagro in the Morning, the rules state that we can only pick one more recipient, which is really unfair when you think about it. Nobel Prizes in Science distort the nature of the scientific enterprise, rewrite its history, and overlook many of its most important contributors. Did Jim Watson and Francis Crick steal Rosalind Franklin’s data on the structure of DNA

Who would guess Milburn Pennybags would be a lefty troll? But there he/she was, at the Senate Equifax Hearing.

And—Author Paula Apynys is back to read Part Four of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”!

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It’s only Wednesday! Turn off your TV, listen to KITM and get away from the cable news perspective for a couple of hours:

David Waldman has been telling us bump-stocks are real, it’s just that they don’t have to be, and that is why gun legislation is tough. Here is a big, but interesting article: How guardians can sell the assets and control the lives of senior citizens without their consent—and reap a profit from it.

Greg Dworkin calls in to discuss the politics of it all. It is not too soon to talk about it—but the Gop does decide it might be too soon to open up the silencer market. It is a great time to work at the local level to end gun violence. (Every sea change is a drop at a time.) It is about time to bring back respect for intelligent debate. It is always time to call Donald Trump a moron. Today Rex (everything) Tillerson thought it might be a good time to call Donald Trump “very smart”.

Our Consoler in Chief—sorry, that’s his job—goes to Las Vegas today to trigger migraines, and to share that email list your aunt sent you after Sandy Hook. At least he’s getting away from those Puerto Ricans, because he hates those guys, as most have noticed recently.

Three years ago Jared and Ivanka could have been privately regretting Donald’s behavior from behind prison bars, but that case just went away. The Trump kids’ ski vacation costs—over $300,000—just went away too.  Donald Trump says we will have to wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt. And by “we”, he always means “they”, except with the wall, then “they” is “we”. We can finally identify one of the largest holders of Puerto Rican debt.

Joan McCarter makes her Wednesday visit. The Las Vegas massacre was only a speed bump in the Republicans’ push to roll back gun laws. All of these hurricanes are ruining healthcare repeal, although some see it as a cue to ruin healthcare even more. Republicans don’t care about the deficit, or accountability. But all is not lost, because a team of Obama administration veterans are stepping up to save Obamacare open enrollment.

As Tom Price moves on to new leaching opportunities, what does that mean for the rest of Trump’s swamp?

Also—Author Paula Apynys returns to read Part Three of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”!

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One Day Later. Welcome back to the fantasy marksman, the “but criminals don’t obey the law” argument, the “evil will always find a way” argument, the “this is all too technical for you” argument, the “We’ll have to look into all of this, someday” government, the “but, what makes this story special, rather than all too common?” media focus, the guy that finds out that bullets really, really hurt, and on and on, etc.  Sure this must seem idiotic to you, but the other side must be doing something right, because almost all of it remains legal, and everything about the situation just keeps getting worse. Steve Bannon warns that if the gun fun does end, it would be the end of everything.

David Waldman takes us away from this dismal, depressing, awfulness to—oh wait... Children forced to hide in a bathroom during shootout at California day care. Now, let’s move on:

Here are three major bombshell Trump/Russia stories you missed yesterday. Actually, not much escapes KITM’s watchful gaze. Listeners already know a lot about Paul Manafort’s private briefings to Oleg Deripaska. Manafort was using Trump as a bargaining chip before the election, the question is did Donald’s value go up after the election?

There is a yet another Kushner private email account, plenty more secrets to come, although you know his risotto could never be as creamy.

Author Paula Apynys returns to read Part Two of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”.

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Doesn’t it seem too soon, or perhaps too late to talk about anything, anymore? Oh hell, let’s go at it: Another guy used unregulated pure evil (made more efficient by 8 assault rifles, and 200 loaded magazines) to kill so many people last night. Check out all of the latest right here.

Greg Dworkin calls in from NewtownConnecticut, site of where the gun control debate was mortally wounded. More shootings will happen, because of course, pure evil

David Waldman and Greg catch up on the failed Trump presidency. As Trump brings the US down to a tweet, he is conquered by photography. Geraldo Rivera only photographs living people in Puerto Rico, therefore no one died. If everyone knew Puerto Rico was completely surrounded by ocean water and was about to have a big hurricane, why didn’t the TV tell Donald Trump? A real crisis comes and Trump can’t handle it. The Donald is not good for medical.

An argument over Puerto Rico ends with a girl shot and her step-father in jail.

Republicans are wise to keep Roy Moore and  his “controversial views” at arms length. Even Roy Moore is smart enough to do that.

Donald Trump reminds you to come on down to the White House—Home of The Craaaaaaaaazzzy Deals!

Author Paula Apynys, aka Paula Writer, aka @PApynys, reads from her latest—“The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward, Part One”!

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Almost out of month, totally out of week, but chock full of serious contemplations and lots of water (hydrate!David Waldman presents us with plenty to consider over our weekends.

Tom Price-tag regrets your concern about your money that he’s spending, almost as much as he regrets you catching him. Trump’s cabinet loves living large, but don’t they know they’re supposed to milk lobbyists for this money

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and others in the White House used private email accounts and servers to do government business, so the White House will look into that and get back to us about 2 weeks.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, she wasn’t the only Democrat whose campaign got hacked in 2016. Mark Zuckerberg’s monster has already gotten away from him, and maybe even the Russian government can’t control it. You can’t out fake fake news, it will just eat that and get stronger. Fake news even outwitted Sebastian Gorka, so we might as well all surrender.

Paul Manafort didn’t owe Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, Deripaska owed him for $19 million in American secrets, so there.

Colin Kaepernick started by sitting during national anthems, but was counseled to kneel by veterans. They didn’t have to tell him white people wouldn’t like anything he did. Speaking of inscrutable whites, these western ethnocentrists just hate white nationalists.

Meanwhile, while we fight against Obamacare repeal, two vital programs that serve 18 million Americans are set to expire.

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Settling behind the KITM microphone in his trademark smoking jacket and monogrammed pajamas, David Waldman tipped his yachting cap to Hugh Hefner, who started/fixed/ruined/ended so much.

While Donald Trump is still determining which side of the Hefner debate can be exploited best for him, he decided to fail slower by suspending the Jones Act. Puerto Rico is Trump’s Katrina, according to the general that fixed Bush’s Katrina. A corrupt government can’t respond quickly when it’s so busy taking care of itself. An incompetent government can’t either. Donald Trump’s government is both. Even Trump is skeptical of his tax plan. The “doubled standard deduction” in the GOP tax plan is a lie, in fact the whole point of raising the deduction while abolishing the personal exemption is to screw middle-income itemizers. Really, there is no bill, or a plan, outside of the lies.

The Donald is not fit to be the President. Trump voters blame Mitch McConnell. Trump lies to his cultural base when his fiscal base lies become too complex. This might be a hit with Gimmetarians, but might lose some others. Trump and his party have unleashed forces they cannot control. They are shocked they empowered guys that act and speak like Trump, but actually believe what they are saying. They might even know what they are saying,  or when they will do things, which puts them way ahead of Donald. Why has the US expanded its travel ban to Chad, but removed Sudan? Don’t ask Trump, ask Exxon Mobil.

House Dems ask a federal judge to reject Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Good luck, the Supreme Court is abandoning legitimacy for partisanship.

Russians impersonated real American Muslims to stir chaos on Facebook and Instagram. The alt-Right converts a Christian shooter into a Muslim, because it works for them.

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Donald Trump would like you to know that his Katrina is in the middle of the ocean, but not that it’s full of Americans, full of debt, but not his debt, that he’s working all day on it—heck of a job Donny—but at least it’s not some faraway foreign place, so it might receive his love someday.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin sift through the Trump Rubble in search of the real truth. Here is what you really need to know about Puerto Rico. Here is what you really need to do about Puerto Rico... Don't forget about Flint.

Roy Moore is a crazy fringe evangelical populist, but not the Trump kind, so there’s that.

The New York Times should grapple with its coverage of Hillary’s emails, while yet aware that fact checking rarely works on boneheads, and will probably even backfire. Millennials give Trump low marks in a new poll, too bad it wasn’t in a voting booth. 

Joan McCarter brings our attention to how we (yes, you) can contribute to support victims of Hurricane Maria. At least Mitch McConnell had a very, very bad Tuesday. In fact, most Republicans are having a super bad week, so far. That is why Mitch is trying to sneak a vote gutting a major consumer protection rule in, it is again time to pitch an anti-abortion vote in the House, and of course there’s always room for another assault on Obamacare.

Paul Horner, who wanted people to think for themselves and not blindly share things and made a living off of stupid people blindly sharing his things, died. Fake news is moving real crazies to shoot real people for fake reasons. Fake news uses a real beauty to attract a million followers. Then she found out, so they had to stop.

Hey! Want to know how to help Puerto Rico?  Look at this!

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How ‘bout that KITM? Another day loud and clear, “Five by Five” as the kids say. Wouldn’t you like your message heard that clear? You can! Record 3-5 minutes of your opinion, or some opinion/article you admire, contact David Waldman or me and we can put it on our crystalline signal. 

Donald Trump faces a difficult 48 hours. (Not because he can’t golf, most Tuesdays are like that.) Donald is pre-regretting backing loser Luther Strange over loser Roy “Ray” Moore and his Trump-sized pistol. For Roy flashing a gun is American as the Ten Commandments. There’s never enough gun-wielding at Gop meetings.

Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy debated Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar after their health-care repeal defeat, but before their upcoming health-care repeal defeat… They might even choose to be defeated once again on this one before starting that one.

Facebook knows people have varied interests, and are always happy to help you with that. After all, rubles are rubles. Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos also have varied interests, but one shared interest was getting a mole into Facebook.

A Palestinian, a Jewish person, and a bunch of white suprematists walk into a Marriott… which is OK by Marriott.

Get to know the #1 Russian—Oleg Derisaska, to the first Russiagate Domino—Paul Manafort.

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The giant planet scheduled to hit Earth last Saturday had to postpone until next month. We didn’t even have a little planet hit us this weekend. So, David Waldman and KITM are back to address the relatively smaller disasters striking everyone. 

It is however, horrible in Puerto Rico. Greg Dworkin rounds up the latest on the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, Graham-Cassidy, and the Anti-flag Burning Amendment Athlete Protest controversy.

The Gop bill is swirling pretty low, but might require another couple of flushes this week. It would be probably worse for Republicans if it passed, but then again if it passed it would be worse for everybody…. Therefore, Single Payer maybe? As some Democrats determine who they’ll vote for in 2016, we all remain united on the big stuff.

Barack Obama tried to give Mark Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news. Now we wake up to Jared Kushner using private email to conduct White House business, a Trump nominee committing voter fraud, and appointees to the Agriculture Department including a long-haul truck driver, a country club cabana attendant and the owner of a scented-candle company. Tom Price-tag wakes up and stops with the private jets.

Milo Yiannopoulos trolls for Free Speech Week, trolls after it, and will continue to troll.

Armando calls our attention to Puerto Ricohot, isolated, running out of supplies, and near desperationbut without FEMA, difficult to access by national news crews, therefore too low in television ratings to interest Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has ideas on how to fix things, which will probably slow Donald up also. The US government needs to fix this before anyone else can.

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Friday, end of the week, time for David Waldman to bring us articles and topics to ponder over the weekend. Ponder briskly, as the weekend might be getting busy, and short.

We all know Donald Trump is a dotard, we just didn’t think of that until now. Thanks Un! Trump’s also a 멍청한 아기 , so he might just dote us to armageddon thanks to his tweet war. Also—Donald alienated those Nambi-Gambi-Zambians.

Is Trump’s defining trait “idiocy”? “Insanity”? “Racism”? A tough call, but Armando chooses “crazy”. He and David search for a rule or a standard that would ever really matter in the healthcare repeal reconciliation process. Why listen to experts? Why obey the constitution? Not if winning is the only Gop goal, and it is.

Tom Price took a private jet to South Dakota to give a speech on wasteful spending.

Facebook failed to protect 30 million users from having their data harvested by the Trump campaign. Trump still uses targeted “dark ads” on Facebook to lie to the followers led easiest by lies. Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion is evolving.

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The Jewish New Year, the Islamic New Year, and the International Day of Peace all coincide on the same day this year! Given that, it makes perfect sense that planet Nibiru will be colliding with our planet shortly.  End times being nigh and all, David Waldman took today off, but not before recording a new pre-recorded KITM. Today’s show thumbs its nose at the apocalypse by addressing several “tip of the iceberg” stories due to reveal themselves over time. (If time continues to exist.):

The first receipt of taxpayer funds flowing directly into Mar-a-Largo, and Trump’s wallet—$1,092 for 2 nights.

More connections between Trump’s business partners and the Russians are being discovered at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.

The first evidence of Russians explicitly manipulating Trump supporters in real life on Facebook surfaces.

More facts, and more mystery emerges on Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Team Trump.

News breaks on Paul Manafort offering “private briefings” for Russian Billionaires.

All of above is of interest to Robert Mueller, who is probably linked to Armageddon by someone.

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Sorry, no penis weightlifting do’s and don’ts today. However, between David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, today’s KITM manages to address all other conceivable topics — with the exception of those David reserved for tomorrow’s KITM  Rosh Hashanah Special... Stay tuned!

Norms! Donald Trump is the Normless President. Actually, his single issue, himself, reflects his supporter’s single issue, themselves. His “tone” indicates that focus to conservatives.

Fury! As if what the public feels truly matters.  It’s not just our opinion though, we need to win. Jimmy Kimmel has a right to be furious Bill Cassidy doesn’t need to lie, it just helps. Republican Senators blow a Category 5 anal smoke hurricane. CBO? What’s a CBO?

ChaosRepublican Plan B — destroy everything, anyhow.  The Gop is closing off all exits. The Koch brothers are turning off their money spigot.

She might have seemed heroic fighting alongside her daughter in the Cupcake Wars, but Kelly Roberts doesn’t have what it takes to be Ambassador to Slovenia: a transparent business record.

Tom Price used to dislike fiscal irresponsibility, but then…

Trump won’t shut up, but California hopes to censure him occasionally. 

Trump’s lawyers never know when to shut up, just like the boss. Michael Cohen, who has a Trumpian daddy-daughter thing, loves the news cameras too.

People buying MAGA hats knew, deep down, their money would be paying Donald’s legal bills, but so did the big donors. Nearly a dozen cities are calling on Congress to impeach Trump over foreign emoluments. Someone figured out that the United States Coast Guard administers the charge card program for the Department of Homeland Security!

The Free Telegraph is the new Republican fake news you’ll soon be seeing cited.

The day a doctor’s husband leaves her and her house is burgled, she began research on saving women from cancer.

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Today on KITM: David Waldman tackles the inconvenient placement of Yom Kippur, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (arr) and psychic vampire vaginal egg skimmers (arr). Don’t look for those at Toys 'R Us, they’re bankrupt. (arr)

Donald Trump made Robert Newton sound like Trevor Howard as he told the United Nations that he will destroy Rocket Mantotally, believe me, once he razes this UN dump.

Donald Jr. works to keep his secrets, even though it’s Eric that tried to hold a secret event at a Trump club. They just can’t keep enough of the nosy people out.

Trump told you he was being wiretapped! Soon, we will find out why.

Fox’s first rule about the sex-cult: Don’t talk about the sex-cult. Soon, Miss Universe 2013 will bite Donald harder than a Moscow hooker.

Warren Buffett knew the S&P 500 index would outperform a portfolio of funds of hedge funds, once the managers took their piece.

Republicans are desperate, in a corner, out of time, and quit caring a long time ago, so...

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Hello, and welcome to another week of Can I get a Whoop Whoop? David Waldman helps us cope with the new normal, without letting it get too normalized.

Greg Dworkin invites us to step back and look at the bigger picture. Republicans have to pass something, or they might be seen as... “failures”. So, the CBO score doesn’t matter, coverage of 32 million, including poor, children, disabled, those affected by emergency or disaster doesn’t matter. The future, near or long term, doesn’t matter, as long as they can get people to shut up about it for a moment.

People won’t shut up about Russia either. Including Donald’s own lawyers, even when they are sitting in the restaurant next door to the Washington bureau of The New York Times. Trump’s lawyers were arguing, not about the innocence of their client, but how much guilt they’d like to accept. These people who can’t avoid giving away secrets in restaurants worry their friends are wearing wires in private. Mueller doesn’t need to place wires when he can just follow the rubles to Facebook.

We can’t let Trump become normalized, although the more people get used to his use of Twitter, the less strength Donald Trump gets from using it.

David looks back into the Trump mess that was happening even before the transition.

Free Speech Week is a sham for suckers, but who wouldn’t have guessed that?

The dystopian future of harvesting organs from the poor is now.

The folks that want to keep Robert E. Lee statues up really have no problem destroying national monuments.

A moment of silence for the Russian officer that saved the world.

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Kagro in the Morning is a real radio show, you know, so you can listen to David Waldman and KITM live on WRFZ, Rochester Free Radio on your device dial, although it might mean missing the Francis Sawyer “You Homos” speech from Stripes each day on the usual stream.

You think David dived deep into Spy Mike Flynn’s nuclear “Marshal Plan” scheme yesterday? That was kiddie pool stuff compared to today. The grand scheme was to build nuclear plants in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world… and South Korea… and Virginia and Tennessee.

Does Donald Trump lack a rapport with Republicans that draws him to small talk, and dealing with Chuck and Nancy? Or is he a sociopathic animal only interested in immediate satiation? Trump humiliated Jeff Sessions after Mueller appointment, which should surprise no one.

Ivanka Trump, also a sociopath, knows it is unrealistic to expect her to influence Daddy. In fact it is unrealistic to expect her to perform Senior Advisor duties.

Steve Mnuchin only asked to borrow a military plane, but would have gladly chartered one, just like his holiday rental of Fort Knox.

Former Montana Republican House Majority Leader Michael David Lange is now a former meth trafficker.

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David Waldman pushes all the buttons, and pushes them well, in today’s KITM

Donald Trump proves himself the master of the “Art of the Deal, Who Said There Was a Deal? There Never Was a Deal, But If It Was, It Would Be This Deal.” MAGA!

Greg Dworkin and David discuss whether The Donald ever has a strategy with a beneficiary in mind other than The Donald. Diehard supporters are dying hard, but dying. The Charlottesville resolution will give Trump a chance to knock off a few more.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin wanted a military jet for his honeymoon. Who wouldn’t? Good thing he knows a guy who just happens to own the ethics watchdog.

The crown prince of the United Arab Emirates snuck around in the US, and Susan Rice, United States National Security Advisor, decided that might be a national security matter. If he was here to work on a scheme to build Saudi-controlled fuel enrichment plants in the middle of America's largest naval base, plus more than a dozen other locations, then maybe it was.

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Today David Waldman has the KITM media infrastructure figured out and working smoothly, because unlike Ted Cruz, he doesn’t let his staff make decisions he personally might regret. David owns his mistakes—but urges you to pitch in if you have a chance.

The Greg Dworkin twins did make a short appearance, but were soon out of there. Greg rounded up the latest on white Presidents, destroying the Gop, and sham commissions (all about the same thing) Kris Kobach’s sham commission isn’t off to a great start, as if they even cared about that, when there are votes to suppress, and guns to sell—nothing Democrats would be interested in.

When disaster hits, good people jump in to help in any way they can. Trump wants to cut corporate taxes. Some Republicans have helped out by retiring. Dems are picking up special election seats in OK and NH, by big swings.

Want to feel old? Now you can look for people you know in a Ken Burns documentary.

Joan McCarter reports that Bernie Sanders “Medicare for All” bill will be introduced with at least 15 cosponsors, a really big deal, albeit not one that will be passing anytime soon. It’s a big deal considering the tide is turning so fast that before long it will be a Republican idea.

Presently the world’s biggest screw-up, Equifax gets the federal contract for verifying Obamacare data.


Direct download: September_13_2017_64.mp3
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Ted Cruz popped up last night as just another shade of the rightwing sex-cult. No soup porn... yet. If you want to spank Ted for it, get in line. David Waldman’s KITM paddle has holes drilled in it just for these occasions, but today it’s reserved for bigger asses:

Where to start—Russians or Trump? Trick question, they fade seamlessly into each other. Which we knew since the Steele dossier, and which many knew long before that. Just when you thought Putin and Trump couldn’t be more intertwined new connections emerge. Trump lied to conceal his Moscow business partners right through the election. Russia used Facebook events to organize anti-immigrant rallies. How could they get away with that? Pretty easily. Let a Russian Russia-splain American sovereignty to you. 

Russia to white supremacy to Trump is a short path. The Senate passed a resolution on Monday condemning white supremacist organizations, which could force Trump to go on the record about these fine people.

Hope Hicks, how does she do it? We might find out soon!

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There was a small hitch in David Waldman’s brand new KITM’s brand new equipment today, but with a few tweaks it sounded perfect. Is this the big reset we’ve all been waiting for? Only time will tell.

Greg Dworkin, who sounded great even when there were two of him, rounded up advice on Hurricanes, Hillary, and how to cover them. (And it’s the 9/11 Anniversary.) Florida awakens to flooding and devastation, with some more woke than others. Hurricanes suck. Trump sucks more. Donald Trump, always a couple pivots short of a presidency, wasn’t hired to govern, he was hired to win. Republicans can’t govern, but aren’t interested in winning, so Donald is tired of them. The biggest mistake in “modern political history” doesn’t like how Donald Trump fired James Comey.

Telsa shows the future of corporations doing whatever they damn well want.

House Democrats challenge Trump's electoral college win! Oh yeah, they did that awhile ago, maybe it’ll catch on someday.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son sees a lot worse people than Nazis—Antifa, BLM, Jews… David Duke figures that boy might be one of the good ones.

About a third of luxury real estate hides money laundering, well duh.

Trump Tower, where everyone has a secret, and where BDSM, rape, murder, and management overreach (just some of the depths of degradation residents go to) were all detailed in a book—starring Donald J. Trump and almost a TV show—starring… John Barron.

Can you think of a better time for Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) to divulge an extramarital affair? See—you already forgot about it.

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As with most days, our broadcasting day begins with Trump rage-tweets. Today, he’s mad that Republicans—whoever they are—haven’t delivered on Obamacare repeal. But speaking of Trump’s moods, he’s actually thrilled at having gotten good press on the latest budget deal. It’s fun to dream about what would happen if Dems really could manipulate Trump into doing good things just by flattering him constantly. But Republicans are still bending over backwards to protect him, presumably in hopes of hurting more people.

Immigrant-bashing right-wing-blonde-lady-of-the-moment Tomi Lahren is shown the door, but probably won’t leave America.

OK, everybody knows Facebook f*#&ed up our election. And everybody knows Russia is f*#&ing up all the elections, everywhere. It’s what they do. Once again, top Republicans knew too, but swore each other to secrecy so their party could reap the benefits. So now that we know Russian trolls were buying Facebook ads as well as circulating fake news, is it really impossible that they did their own targeting? After all, they have had some practice at it. And it’s not like our fringiest fringe kooks were keeping it a secret that they were vulnerable to manipulative political f*#&nutteryNow look at the particular brand of craziness just now spilling out into the streets. Hmm!

Oh, also, this: Wife of Trump Org ethics attorney arrested after tryst with Fauquier inmate

Direct download: September_8_2017_64.mp3
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David Waldman invites us to join him at the firehose of filth. Let’s!

Greg Dworkin opens today’s tap. Donald Trump reassures us that he’s all talk and no action, nonetheless yesterday Republicans found out Donald’s very good at backstabbing. Trump’s triangulation makes the Gop’s skin crawl for once. A debate forms on who really won or lost. Democrats see this as a big win for Democrats, but Republicans see this as a big loss for Republicans. In fact, some on the right suspect Trump might not be one of them. The far right are especially aggrieved. Maybe it’s time to just quit.

The Mexicans are coming to take our tithes! Hillary haters find out they don’t like Trump either. Trump remains the president of Obama haters.

Facebook gets around to admitting they sold themselves to Russian trolls a few times… 470 of them, 3000 times. Jared and Ivanka might be appalled to hear of the investigation heading their way. Twitter might want to get their things in order also. This woman takes us on a tour of Trump’s Alamo.

Russians flock to Trump properties to anchor some babies.

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David Waldman presents an echo-free KITM! And a new computer is coming, providing untold fidelity next week.

Today Greg Dworkin comes in so clear, you can almost count the number of socks he has in his dryer. Greg brings the latest on DACA, hurricanes and North KoreaHarvey woes aren’t over, Irma is a beast and Jose is not far behind. A Texas couple postpones their wedding and serves three-course meals to victims of hurricane Harvey instead. Ted Cruz demands generosity (and gets it).

Trump didn’t have the balls, nor the brains to take out DACA, but he does have a triggerman happy to step in. What’s a little abuse of public trust to a guy that always abuses trust? The Gop sets ransom demands, and the rest of us will pay dearly.

Remember when the rich couldn’t afford to get richer, and let others have some? The world changes, most change with it, except certain snowflakes

Jeff Flake’s reelection leans upon Trump’s popularity.

Threads fixed Twitter while becoming the literary form of the Trump era. 

Devin Nunes is no recuser. Now he’s gone off the deep end, threatening Jeff Sessions and the FBI unless they tell him more about that pee tape.

Joan McCarter sounds as great as usual. The Senate is actually beginning hearings on potential legislation, unless Irma throws them off track. Donald is also doing his best to keep anything good from happening. States and insurers struggle to guess what to do. Democrats need to shut the Judiciary Committee down, and Al Franken does his part by withholding his approval of David Stras for the 8th Circuit Court.

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer gives Trump another slot to fill.

Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president, and USA Today has proof.

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David Waldman brings us a KITM to get us through the Mondayest Tuesday ever. Last week was Trump's worst legislative week ever, and Congress wasn't even in session.

Boy, when Donald Trump finds out Jeff Sessions cancelled DACA, he’s going to be so angry! In 6 months—approaching the 2018 elections—the beneficence of the Republican congress is due to shine through as they grant it back no doubt, just as Donald told you they should back when he had more brain cells bumping together.

Armando doesn’t buy the Trump spin, ever, and calls in to discuss what’s really happening, and going on behind the scenes. Trump calls NAFTA the "worst trade deal ever negotiated", Canada and Mexico might like a deal without the US next time.

The Right is trying to bend the narrative about Fascists and Anti-fascists, Mike Stuchbery bent it right back at them. Here’s how Russian and Alt-Right Twitter accounts work together to skew the narrative. Germany joins the fight against Russian cyber attacks. Putin denies either pitching or catching.

Now Utah police have to stay away from Utah nurses.

We not only live on a fragile planet, we live on a tiny, fragile thin shell.

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Hey, you got the day offgood for you! What better way to spend it, than to do whatever you want to do today, plus some David Waldman and KITM flowing through your earbuds.

Donald Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay (maybe to get it closer to the 2018 elections?). Matt Damon says the guy was always an ass. John Kelly has to keep Omarosa away from Trump so Donald isn’t triggered. Kelly finds it tough leading a despotic ball-busting baby-man.

If you are celebrating Labor Day today, maybe robots haven’t yet taken your job. Unless you are actually a robot, and you are just saying that to impress people on Twitter. If you are on Twitter you probably are a bot, in which case congratulations, you make a lot more than me. The Bot King is pro-Trump, but denies that he is Russian. The remaining humans on Twitter are mired in futile bot wars. Our Sarah Connor might end up being Valerie Plame.

Russian election hacking continues to turn up, with little attention being paid. Meanwhile, Cambridge Analytica tried a move into the Kenyan Elections, but they don’t allow crap like that there. Around the world, Denmark and Sweden team up against Russian cyberattacks and propaganda, and Norway preemptively orders a manual recount of all ballots to prevent tampering.

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David Waldman brings us a KITM to finish off the week and start the month and give you a few things to think about before the Friday afternoon news Trump dump.

Olympic Alpine Skier/Nurse Alex (Shaffer) Wubbels was not authorized to violate patient rights for some blood-sucking cop in Utah. Salt Lake City police Detective Payne had his authority respected, temporarily. A Georgia police lieutenant who said “we only shoot black people” has retired/was fired. Donald Trump arms his thin blue line, and last respectable source of support.

David looks into limits on the Trump’s power to pardon criminal contempt of court cases.

The Alt-Right works together to achieve just the right balance of overt racism.

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In order to conquer the KITM echo, David Waldman tried the Discord app, and it wasn’t helpful. Next time he might try a more effective means of telecommunication, like a seance maybe.

Want to help Harvey victims? There’s ActBlue. Probably a better pick than Red Cross. Donate, but think about it first.

There were explosions at a flooded Texas chemical plant. Well not an “explosion”—kind of a overpressurization, followed by a violent containment rupture, a fireball—well not a “fireball” , the volatile chemicals are flammable—well not “flammable” more like Inflammable, that is to say you probably shouldn’t be living around there.

How powerful is the Mayor of Charlottesville supposed to be? Now he’s supposed to be less powerful

Robert Mueller is teaming up with the New York AG to box the Trump gang for good. What can Donald Trump do now?

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Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter called in to today’s KITM via Skype. If you listened live, their voices had a strong “reverberation”, David Waldman’s did not. If you listen to today’s podcast you will not hear any echo on any voice. During the broadcast David did not hear any echo, Joan did, but Greg did not… but Armando did yesterday... Is there an audio/computer/streaming engineer in the house? Let us know which button to push!

Greg Dworkin rounds up the latest on Harvey and Houston. The worst is yet to come for the chronically ill or in need of any health assistance

We all pull together in times of crisis… OK, we used to. For the Gop any time is a good time to for tax cuts and cutting services. Donald Trump won’t allow Harvey to be like Obama’s Katrina and it won’t be, if hat sales are any guide. The same folks whatabouting Katrina really enjoy Donald’s personality and style. Republicans find themselves defending Trump’s stench, even as more of the stink rubs off on them. Still, more than a fifth of his support has smartened up.

Greg Gianforte body-slammed Ben Jacobs, promised him an interview, and is of course not planning on doing anything.

Joan McCarter informs us that the real test for Republican government starts next week. She expects them to fail. The disaster in Texas was predicted. Trump can also be predicted to attempt to route disaster relief to his wall. Here is a way to support victims of Hurricane Harvey$350K so far! 

Jim Mattis isn’t contradicting Trump on transgender policy, in fact he is implementing the order exactly as directed. Mattis might have to contradict us out of nuclear war.

Donald is still a little bit short of actually running a dictatorship. The legal challenge to the Arpaio pardon begins, and it looks as if Trump can’t pardon his way out of Russia trouble.

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Here is what sets KITM apart from other shows: David Waldman finds it a necessity from time to time to dig way way way into the news compared to the sources from which he borrows. Today, listen as David does the research into the stories live and finds the answers to  the questions you’d ask: Is this true? Does this check out? Is the the right answer? Things you just can’t do in print:

Two men were finally arrested in connection to the Charlottesville violence they committed in front of many eye witnesses and cellphones. In fact, David pieces together two viral images to tell the story of one moment at Charlottesville. Who was in charge at Charlottesville? It helps to know who was supposed to be in charge.

Melania put on her wading heels and went to survey the Hurricane Harvey situation. Harvey is her husband’s big chance to claim… something. Donald continues his laser focus on his image. Republicans know Trump sucks. He’s not even a Republican, who are supposed to suck. We don’t need Louise Mensch to make up stories when we have so many real ones.

Meanwhile mass shootings slide right on by on the news feed. Two dead, 4 injured in Clovis, New Mexico. What causes gun “accidents”? Negligence? Ignorance? Stupidity? Yep. The 95th child under 15 accidentally has been shot to death this year.

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Week 32 of The Presidential Apprentice kicks into gear with a new challenge, the “natural disaster.” Lucky for our contestant, this is a huge, historic, chocolate cake of a calamity, because when things go wrong it will be hard to compare him to Obama.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin talk about the many dilemmas left for Texas, it is no time for self congratulations.

Donald Trump might have sucked less as a 19th century presidentJoe Arpaio might have been more secluded as a 19th century sheriff, but they didn’t allow anti-government extremists then either—and that is the least of Arpaio’s evils. Arpaio once staged an assassination attempt to win sympathy, then framed a man for it. Taxpayers paid the damages.

So, of course Trump pardoned Arpaio. Heavens! that puts Donald in “uncharted territory”! Why, he certainly crossed a line there, a bit like the last ten lines he crossed. People will become so troubled by this. Then Trump will do it again, and then he’ll do it half a dozen more times.

Armando calls in for a nuts and bolts discussion of DNC Unity, and how the charming tradition of the Iowa Caucus is an affront to democracy.

Remember when Trump said he had “no links, no loans, no nothing” with Russia? It looks like he had a lot of no nothing with Russia, including attempting a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president. Maybe Trump (and Jill Stein) were trying to share Christian values… or mob connections.

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KITM doesn’t bring you the news first, it just feels that way with David Waldman keenly pointing out the details of what will later become news, and fun gifs.

Trump keeps trying, but justice just won’t stay obstructed. He would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling journalists connecting the dots between Russia, spies, and him. Paul Manafort is going away for a long time, or maybe a shorter time once he cooperates with the FBI. Some more pardons to toss on the pile: Anyone connected to FL Group, an Icelandic bank connected to dodging a few hundred million in taxes for you-know-who.

You know that Steve Bannon is not your friend. Trump probably always had him pegged as well.

Donald Trump doesn’t have a tax plan. But if he did, Trump almost lost his key economic advisor Gary Cohn who was almost forced to leave because of Donald’s bigotry. 

Here comes Hurricane Harvey. Trump just flunked his first natural disaster test, and then goes out of his way to endanger more.

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David Waldman returns from vacation well rested, but because of the eclipse he’s only tan along his outer edges. KITM is live today and David is ready to get back to work—more than some people we know.

Greg Dworkin’s back too! Government shutdown chances are rising by the day, maybe because of Mexico’s stinginess, or Mitch McConnell doesn’t know who’s boss, or maybe because Donald sucks at what he’s supposed to do. Most feel Trump isn’t honest, a good leader, caring, level headed, strong, intelligent or share their values. Trump hopes to make up for all of that by being the hugest racist, but nope, his base is leaving him too. Daniel M. Kammen, who can spell just as well from top to bottom as from left to right, resigns his Trump post. Which “Trump” though—teleprompter-reading Trump or speak-out-his-butt Trump?

 A UN committee charged with tackling racism has issued an “early warning” over Charlottesville.

What does this all mean for 2018?  Pretty good things probably. The Hillary vs. Bernie argument will still persist through 2020, as will interminable dissection of Clinton’s loss. 

A guy witnessed the terror attack in Charlottesville and became Alt-Right “fake news”. A guy constantly posts fake news which becomes rightwing “real news”.

Lest anyone forget about his obstruction of justice, Donald will just do it over and over until they remember. Putin will attack democracy everywhere in case you don’t have enough evidence he’s doing it here.

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David Waldman likes vacations so much, he put a vacation in his vacation during which he worked on today’s new KITM:

David finishes up the William Regnery II story. Proof that a racist can spend millions of dollars over most of a lifetime and find people that say they agree with him. Tim Gionet, thoroughly talentless idiot, would probably agree with Regnery, but already is raking it in as a Trump idiot. One more look at crying virgin nazi-boy terrorist Chris Cantwell. Does the Alt-Right attract idiots or create them? Either way, they are coming to a legislature near you... Antifa!

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David Waldman remains in awe hangover after experiencing both the moon and the sun right over his head at the same time, but he does hope to return to live KITM’s this Thursday! Unfortunately, Steve Bannon and the Alt-Right continue to be relevant topics:

Steve Bannon is back baby! Charlottesville allowed Steve to “pursue other interests”. Now he’s ready to bring us more of… whatever he brought us in 2016. Like any of the Right, governing was just not his thing. So, back to wingnut welfare. William Regnery II has doled out cash to racists for decades, and is finally seeing some returns.

Know your Alt-Right catchphrases! "Duke Lacrosse” brought us Richard SpencerStephen Miller and just about every creepy jerk right now.

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David Waldman’s being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow... It’ll catch up with him later today, but for right now he is still producing new, but non-live versions of KITM. David is in South Carolina, but probably not visiting the state’s protected Confederate monuments. The whole point of Confederate monuments is to celebrate white supremacy. That, and to make money for statue makers. The clone army is in retreat, but might rise again if we aren’t alert. We are just now rediscovering the lost history of the only coup d’état ever to take place on American soil.

So, who the f@&$ is Steve Bannon? It’s not too late to ask that question, because he’s not actually going away like he really should. Steve Bannon stayed at the White House to advise Trump on very fine Nazis, but everyone knows Gorka’s the house Nazi, and Bannon wasn’t awfully up on Muslims, or geography. Steve Bannon’s expertise lies in climate denial, meth production, porn, and ass-kissing, but unfortunately he wasn’t meeting Trump’s standard.

A white nationalist ship refused help from a refugee rescue boat, so maybe they think they are superior swimmers as well.

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No, that’s not your cat throwing up. The “Gorka-Gorka-Gorka” you keep hearing is David Waldman continuing his analysis of Nazi Sergeant Pepper Sebastian Gorka, the “Moe” of Trump’s three stooges. Gorka lost his temper, on tape of course, with terrorism expert Michael S. Smith II. Sebastian isn’t the only anti-Islamic Gorka devaluing national security judgement. Sebastian’s wife Katherine Gorka collaborates on twisting discourse, right down to altering Wikipedia articles.

There is no pretty one, but here is the ugly way Trump’s rise and Putin’s are connected. Gop campaigns took $7.35 million from a Putin pal. Trump Jr. is now tied to the banker behind the Russian money laundering scheme. Brian Benczkowski, nominated to lead the Justice Department's Criminal Division, says sure, he used to work for the Russian banks that propped Donald up, but he doesn’t anymore. In November, Russian cyberattack targeted an elections vendor tied to voting day disruptions, including North Carolina’s bluest county.

Mar-a-Lago doesn’t want Americans working there, but the Labor Department makes them ask, so…

Customs and Border Protection employees are told to ignore Congressional representatives trying to do their job, Congressional representatives are shocked to find.

John Kelly might as well start packing up his office. Hope Hicks picks up the Communications Director Job on her move up.  How Does She Do It?


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David Waldman isn’t sure when “today” is in today’s new, pre-recorded KITM, but he does remember about when last week was, and he certainly can find next week on a calendar—that’s when he returns.

But how au courant does one need to be nowadays, anyhow? Throw a dart at a list of reprehensible, inhuman, unAmerican traits and actions and prescience is yours. Today’s words are: Nazi, and… Gorka. To some Sebastian Gorka is synonymous with “Nazi”, but his reprehensibility has somewhat more depth and nuance. Gorka tried to bring a handgun through airport security. He thinks the Minnesota Mosque Attack was probably the fault of the left. Gorka says people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much. He is exactly the pit bull Trump doesn’t need, which is precisely why he has his White House job. He tried pulling this stuff in Hungary, but just couldn’t find the right tin-pot dictator to hook up with until he came here.

Remember the Jewish community centers bomb threats? There have been more than 100 since the election, but the FBI arrested a few suspects so far. One was some loon trying to harass an ex-girlfriend. Another was an Israeli American teenager, who could also be a loon, but really, he was just in it for the money.

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This morning David Waldman left on a journey to position himself beneath a totality, but he didn’t totally leave—he’s busy producing new programs right now in the passenger seat of the KITM minivan, and if it all works out, the show above should cover the following topics:

The Greed is Good ideology continues as core business school indoctrination, because maximizing shareholder value remains the primary goal over the wellbeing of the company, community or workers.  America’s middle class dies along with the American concept of shared prosperity.

You probably know that Donald Trump is a racist and a fascist, but did you know that Trump is a liar as well?  He is! Trump attempted to weave a parable completely out of lies to instruct his top generals.

Each sip of Fiji Water® contains more than the recommended daily requirement of shameful feelings.

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Today is the last “live” KITM, for at least a week. Don’t worry—no summer reruns! David Waldman will be releasing pre-recorded shows on many timeless topics and concerns.  

White nationalism and Nazis, are unfortunately a pretty enduring aspect of American life. Inexplicably, so is the Confederacy. Donald Trump calls them all “The Base”… actually he doesn’t call them anything, he just blows his dog-whistle.

Greg Dworkin rounds up news on White nationalism, enabled by the White House. The Alt-Right’s rebranding effort has failed. The Gop is more likely to vent ‘personal disgust’ for Trump after Charlottesville, which is really the only way a Trump voter has a chance to hear any bad Trump news. Americans realize the President Is Un-American, and there aren’t two sides to this question. Trump’s technique of babbling in the face of tragedy has failed him. Trump’s triangulation has failed, his dog whistle is broke, so Donald, uhh by the way says he thought Nazis and the KKK were bad all along. That’s after Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier resigned from Trump’s advisory council and Trump tried to kick him on the way out.

Nazis are getting punched here and around the world. Not nice, but neither are Nazis.

Armando calls in to discuss Netroots Nation, a place where, like Daily Kos, Twitter, and everywhere, all members of the Left respect and appreciate the viewpoints, judgements, and convictions of each other, mostly. We agree it’s time to be unapologetically progressive in 2018. Also, Comey and Mueller are pretty dreamy.

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KITM continues to evolve—just this week David Waldman fostered relationships to listeners, opened new communications networks, and sharpened his skills in a variety of applications. (Consider giving him a raise before some other place snaps him up.)

Speaking of raises, Trump Hotel in Washington is experiencing soaring profits, enabling it to raise its rates even higher, allowing Donald Trump to make incredible amounts of money for a financial imbecileKim Jong-un considers cutting the payroll in Guam. Trump considers countering global warming with just a touch of nuclear winter, and no one can stop him. 60,000 Psychologists say Trump has a "Serious Mental Illness" and will have multi-city town hall meetings on October 14 (which looks so far away). Two key aides to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley have found some “family concerns.” Married former White House Communications Director Jason Miller attempts to repopulate the earth in his image.

Armando calls in from an undisclosed location, actually he’s at Netroots Nation, but he can’t disclose much as he just got there.  He’ll bring us up-to-date next week!

Two guys you do hear a lot from are Bradd Jaffy And Kyle Griffin, who step in front of the news before you read it.

Donald Trump, who works with no one, won’t be working with Democrats on infrastructure.

Good news — the Statue of Liberty is now an anti-MAGA symbol, at least to MAGA types.


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