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Kagro in the Morning

May 26, 2023

On today’s Special Friday KITM, David Waldman reports on the local and national news, the murderers, pedophiles, arsonists and catfishers, the cops and the criminals.

We are also reaching the denouement of our present debt ceiling crisis. It’s either that, or a smash cut to black next week. The Democrats brought the...

May 25, 2023

One lone Karen was behind the ban on Amanda Gorman’s poem. Though Karen was pretty sure it was Oprah Winfrey’s.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the reviews panning DeSantis’ attempted Twitter-based campaign launch.

Rough seas ahead for Medicaid enrollees, if the Gop gets its way.

Republican voters do like their big

May 24, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin! KITM Wednesday!

Everyone expected Ron DeSantis to run for president. Except for maybe Ron DeSantis, who is probably pretty shocked that he did decide to go for it. Of course, if Ron did not run, $200 million would just be sitting in the bank, not going into anyone’s pockets, and what...

May 23, 2023

David Waldman presents the Tuesday KITM.  All of the argle you expect with none of that annoying bargle

Joan McCarter won’t be summering in Krasnodar this year, as Vladimir Putin is expanding his enemies list to include anyone unfavorable to MAGA.

Marjorie Taylor Greene spent $100,000 for a ChapStick used by Kevin...

May 22, 2023

On today’s KITM, David Waldman reveals that he’s almost finished pushing his babies out of the nest and will soon be able to devote all of his time and energy into getting his own breakfast together.

Greg Dworkin is here to recoup the deficit in the media’s coverage of the debt ceiling fiasco. Kevin McCarthy has...