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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us Wednesday! Maybe Wednesday brought them… Either way, it works out for us:

It’s Infrastructure Week! For real! No big trucks for President Joe to go vroom-vroom in, but some actual plans. Republicans don’t plan to vote for any of it but do plan to take credit for all of it… and talk about transgender girls.

Hey, have you been vaccinated yet? Anecdotes abound suggesting redder’s better if you are looking for a denied vaccine surplus. More people are willing to take vaccines... Is that because more people have been willing to take vaccines?  

Pfizer’s vaccine is safe and effective in children as young as 12. Satisfaction with the U.S. vaccine rollout is surging. Unfortunately, so is the pandemicDefiance of public health guidance is the Republican’s deadly virus. The Trumpiest country left on Earth, Brazil, might soon succumb to COVID-19.

Peter Navarro, nut job, ran a shadow Operation Warp Speed in the previous administration. Probably everybody did.

Tucker Carlson, Jeffrey Epstein and Matt Gaetz know what it’s like being accused of a sex crime on national TV. Now we know why Gaetz left an empty Nestor in Panama City last week, and seemed disinterested in his day job as of late. Matt revealed that he was on a secret mission with his dad to create a sting operation exposing those trumped-up sex trafficking charges against him!

Scandals like these end up dragging many through the mud, by association. Look at poor Joel Greenberg, whose only crimes before being linked to Matt Gaetz were paying buddies with about $2 million in public funds, adding a drone force to the tax collector’s office, building bitcoin mining servers, and powering them on the public dime until he lit his offices on fire, pulling over speeders on a whim, smearing Muslims, stalking, libelling, defaming and impersonating people with stolen and forged ID’s... and sex trafficking and prostitution — allegedly. Speaking of Donald Trump, his non-disclosure agreements are the trash everyone expected them to be.

The Derek Chauvin trial continues. The verdict is obvious, but no one can guess what the sentence will be.

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David Waldman pilots the KITM’s raft of stories through Tuesday without a sandbar in sight.

Hey, have you been vaccinated yet? President Joe Biden wants 90% of us eligible within 3 weeks, and the rest of us a month from now, so that we can all celebrate Get Closer to Normal Day, on July 4th! For the time being, cut out the crazy stuff! Do you want to doom us all? Speaking of, those folks who thought Covid was a hoax, and vaccines were dangerous, now believe that admitting they did get vaccinated is like the Holocaust, except with more devils and corporate communism, blarg! Occasionally, a Republican will have disaster hit close enough to them to consider it real, but those are few and far between.

Some 1/6 insurrectionists might get the sedition charges they deserve. Maga tourists who cheered on police beatings, and followed rioters into the Capitol won’t get half of what they deserve. Ghislaine Maxwell now is charged with sex trafficking, and it would just be impossible for her to receive commensurate punishment. Donald Trump would need to live hundreds of years.

The SolarWinds hack got emails of top DHS officials, which is pretty much its goal.

Lawyer Cleta Mitchell advised Trump on how to destroy democracy, and has retired to take it up full time. Perhaps the word “democracy’s” similarity to “Democratic” is what’s setting them off? Some people are talking about how Democrats in 2021 with Joe Manchin are similar to Republicans in 2001 with Jim Jeffords.  David talks about how they aren’t. 

Joan McCarter calls in to discuss how Chuck Schumer can make reconciliation work again. You would think that infrastructure would be a bipartisan opportunity, but no, you might not even get Joe Manchin to hook up with that. Ending the filibuster is the only solution. Mitch McConnell has seen this coming for a long time.

What do you call Joe Biden’s nomination of 11 judicial candidates? A great start.

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Avast! Listen to David Waldman and Greg Dworkin on today’s KITM, then find yourself a volcano and a soccer ball and have ye a joyous Passover, arr!

Giant container ship “Ever Given” finally made the long-awaited pivot to freedom, and scampered back into open water, leaving reporters misty-eyed on shore.

We are still stuck with a COVID pandemic, though. Thanks to Joe, vaccines are pouring into millions of arms. Unfortunately, cases keep rising, as will deaths. Anti-vaxxers and far-right extremists here and around the world continue to fight for death. We could have saved more than a World War’s worth without Donald Trump in office. Of course, Trump couldn’t have done it alone. Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator, now points out that she personally chose to have hundreds of thousands of people die, rather than to aggravate Donald Trump. Dr. Francis Collins proves one can be a scientist, evangelical and a Christian, all at the same time.

Joe Biden is doing such a good job as president, that his overthrow has been postponed until August. Mr. Biden will now demonstrate what effective management techniques can do at the border. Management isn’t Republicans strong suit, or even something that interests them. They don’t mind that anti-voting measures hurt them also, because they that see where we are stuck now might be as good as anywhere they will ever get to. Lara Trump was to headline Trump TV, but now is just fine being Fox Blond #3452. Hard-working journalist Brenna T. Smith exposed insurrectionist crowdfunding, irritating right wing mediocrities and slacker grifters John Cornyn is putting some actual work into making sure Vanita Gupta doesn’t go to work for voters. Brad Raffensperger did his job one time, and now he’s in trouble. Unindicted pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood hopes to hide out as chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party until things cool off. 

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer will attempt the unimaginable! Actually, as David explains, it is pretty imaginable, just a lot of work, and neither side wants that, unless it’s necessary.

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David Waldman brings us the Friday KITM morning news, traffic on the 10’s: We still have that container ship jackknifed out on the Suez, blocking northbound… well, all transit. Authorities caution that honking horns will not help the situation, and advise patience as plans are implemented.

Yesterday, President Joe Biden was asked if he was throwing his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential election. Other than that, most stupid questions and reporters were avoided. (You know who to turn to for stupid questions and answers.) President Biden introduced new team mascot Jim Eagle to describe the Gop’s sick and despicable voter suppression. Georgia Republicans attached about 100 pages of suppression onto a voter law, fixing everything the former guy found wrong with it, except for the part where he’s president. Georgia capped off the signing of their bill by having a few white, pot-bellied, crewcut, mountie-hatted cops drag away an elected black woman representative in handcuffs, just in case anyone missed the message. So, now it is illegal to offer water to anyone they’ve forced into voting lines. (This suppression has been brought to you by Coke®!) “Well, actually...” dopes rush to Twitter to explain. Joan McCarter explains that eliminating the filibuster is the only way to stop this nonsense.

President Joe is fixing stuff as fast as he can, but we still have Covid. Johnson & Johnson needs to pick up the slack. Joe’s working on that, too. Over at Fox crew members are dropping from Corona, but will that change their tune? Probably not. Some people have to feel it personally to make a change.

The long-delayed aluminum plant project near Ashland, Kentucky, once bankrolled by Russians, isn’t anymore, without Donald and Mitch in power. Vlad will have to return to his usual methods for destroying the US. Meanwhile, the former guy will go back to his old ways of milking the rubes.

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David Waldman brings us the latest KITM news for Thursday. Greg Dworkin is first up with sports analysis: UConn beats Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament second-round game, setting up a meeting with Iowa in Sweet 16. Syracuse were worthy opponents. Next up is Joe Biden’s first press conference! Joe has some experience with journalists. ABC’s Bob Clark, who scored Joe Biden’s first interview, won’t be attending today’s press scrum, leaving the hard-hitting thoughtful journalism to others. The president should be fact checking the press corps. And, oh, Kim Jong-Un has a question in the back row…

What’s happening with that boat over there? This isn’t a job for Joe to worry about… This is a job for — a bulldozer or two, or maybe a very hard-working, spunky towboat. What’s happening with COVID? There’s absolutely great progress on vaccinations, but Mr. Biden’s encouragement to take vaccines can only go so far. What’s happening on the border? Joe is a nice guy, but that isn’t why people are heading our way. Anyone with questions can now direct them to Vice President Kamala Harris. What’s happening with gun control? What is happening with gun control?

It’s not just Joe and Kamala, Democrats are being known as a pretty nice party. Republicans aren’t. It’s simply not good business to deal with jerks. It turns out that supporting mass murder isn’t good politics. They sure do pray a lot, though. Think you’ll see Donald in the pews or on the links on Easter? Are golf courses closed on Easter? Cindy Hyde-Smith doesn’t want to tempt God’s wrath by allowing Blacks to vote on Sunday. Only He, and she, really know what to do on the Sabbath… whatever day that is. Always go to Republicans for your moral guidance —  Pepé Le Pew! Hello! Voter suppression is now their moral stand.

Donald Trump wanted Sidney Powell as his Special Counsel. Sidney has found it necessary to explain to a judge how all good slander and libel requires “lying” about things to really work.

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You think you’re facing a crisis? How about that poor guy trying to parallel park in the Suez canal? In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is on his, like, hundredth election without “a clear path” (which probably still won’t get rid of him). You could be Meghan McCain.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin discuss the latest crises and non-crises, along with the latest impressions of those in the news:

There is no immigration crisis. Requesting asylum isn’t unfair or illegalAbusive detention should be illegal. Presently, Joe Biden isn’t doing much different from what the former guy did, but that could, and should, change soon.

We have a gun death crisis, for the last few decades now. Republicans know that as well as anyone, and we know as well as anyone they will never do a thing about it. In their hearts, they will thank Democrats for finally actually taking over.

Are we out filibuster busting when we could be cloture cancelling? Why no, because the Senate would abhor a Rule 22 vacuum. David explains how an extended debate could become eternal.

DC statehood would always help, while giving representation to a lot of taxpayers, which is what the founders wanted, after all. Or we could try equitable representation, as I for one would dig living in The Firelands.

Eric Greitens is attempting a comeback in Missouri, but the baggage he’s carrying might contain a body. GlaxoSmithKline Plc fires the former Warp Speed czar from the Galvani Bioelectronics board for sexual harassment. Dr. Deborah Birx won’t make a cent from you injecting bleach, but she could make millions from you breathing ozone, so…

Jerome Powell is well liked, though.

Did you know that your security camera could be someone else’s “onlyfans” fun? Wear clean undies when you go to the kitchen for that midnight snack!

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The pandemic might be waning, it’s nicer weather, and so mass shootings have rebounded. Shootings are again coming so fast, it’s hard to forget the last one, before a new one arrives.  Is it too soon to mention yesterday’s massacre while we are talking about last week’s? Not anymore — Everyone, from the NRA to Keith Olbermann already have their lines rehearsed and are ready to go. Also, this season we have Lauren Boebert, out there making her name synonymous with gun death, leaving others free to link the crimes to the quick and easy access for the mentally ill to instant death machines, or perhaps to regular folk’s inability to comfortably pronounce the shooter’s name...

David Waldman and Joan McCarter have trod this trail before, as we all have. The path out of this would involve replacing the people and laws that got us into this. For instance, Washington DC statehood would certainly help on that, along with the benefit of giving about a million Americans rights we just might take for granted. At yesterday’s statehood hearing, Republicans stated little-known founder intentions, such as the need for state car dealerships, landfills, and… Oh, DC does have those? How about lawn signs and bumper stickers? They’d be out of control! The Heritage Foundation pleads with us to honor the real founders of this nation.

Nothing good will happen with a filibuster in the way. Rich, aka Liberal Thinking, surprises us with a mid-credits epilogue to his 6 part series on Busting the Filibuster for All Daily Kos Progressives. By the way, no filibuster busting need involve Vice President Kamala Harris. Kamala can concentrate her efforts on being humane with Joe.

A Chicago hospital CEO & COO let their friends at the Trump Tower to cut in line, so the city cut off the Hospital’s vaccine supply. Speaking of that former guy, he’s endorsing the far-right opponent of the Georgia Secretary of State who wouldn’t fix the election for him. Nine key oversight probes of that previous administration might come to light soon.

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David Waldman makes it official, throwing out the first bag of mulch, and his back, to kick off the spring season. Greg Dworkin sails in with his jumbo raft o’stories. It’s summarizing time!

Democrats that like to worry, worry that HR 1 might hurt democracy. Republicans worry that HR 1 might hurt Republicans, and make them all “former guys”. Scaredy Dems want to go back to baby steps, but big plans can carry the many needed side deals required for passage.

Republican voters believe that fascism might be the only thing left that can save democracy. Senator Ron Johnson helps them reach that very conclusion by destroying as much government as he can get his hands on. Other Republicans throw in when and where they can. What they can’t destroy, they will merely keep others from participating in. The 1/6 commission, being made up of a bipartisan delegation of Democrats and criminals, is having a hard time getting off the ground. Conservatives morality and empathy are often directly linked to their own personal pain, and it’s just not nice to wish they all reach that pain, forthwith. Idaho Covid protesters burn masks in front of their capitol, 14 days later, their capitol is shut down from Covid. 14 days might be too long to expect much of them to hold a complex thought, however.

The US gets an uptick in border apprehensions. Good luck finding a Republican that can remember 2019, let alone the George W. Bush administration. Reporter’s memories are even shorter. The prior administration's policies serially violated human rights and were profoundly cruel, which is precisely what John Cornyn loved most about them.

As for COVID-19, it’s still here. AstraZeneca’s vaccine is pretty good, and that’s good enough, especially compared to no vaccine. Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine was supposed to reach people quicker, but it is going to tougher locations, with tougher people to get through to. Meanwhile, EU nations spent too much time negotiating and positioning and not enough poking.

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TGIF! At least, for those of you who are “Friday observant”, which thanks to Joe, the flock welcomes even more each week.

Atlanta police aren’t commenting on whether the killing of eight people—six of them Asian or Asian American women—was a hate crime. The spokesman for the Georgia Sheriff's Office isn’t commenting on anything anymore. Was the shooter just trying to wean himself from being enticed by women? Ex-evangelical Chrissy Stroop asks us to not discount evangelicalism as a factor in this latest masacre.

Have you noticed? All of a sudden, there are so many filibuster experts! Of course, we at KITM have the OG, David Waldman, who today welcomes his special guest filibuster reform advocate from Fix Our Senate, Eli Zupnick, to describe just how close we are to actually fixing the Senate.

“Liberal” isn’t a dirty word, and neither is “rich” for that matter. Liberal Thinking, aka Rich, is proud to be both, and presents his final two episodes of the 6 part series, Busting the Filibuster, for All Daily Kos Progressives, and listeners of KITM. Episode 5 proposes the House-like allocation of floor time for debate based on agreed criteria. It could prove a challenge to enforce with some of the more cagey and uhm, willful Senators, however. Episode 6 hits upon ways to move Senators towards filibuster reform. David, who you know has kind of been there, done that, will attest to the difficulty of this.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver the good news — Joe Biden really is here, the former guy isn’t, and COVID hasn’t canceled the brackets.

Is the worst over for the COVID-19 pandemic? Most Americans believe it is. Experts urge caution with 15 states increasing their cases by 10 to 25 percent. It has been a little while since some Americans really listened to experts, however. Sometimes it is because actual experts aren’t correct, or certain fully 100 percent of the time. Sometimes, some people are just boneheads. With Donald out, the reigning bonehead is Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who incubates vicious new COVID variants for export. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is on track to perhaps start exporting vaccines, as we will soon have more shots than people (Although that doesn’t count the non-people also in line.).

President Biden is making government great again. Joe Biden’s approval on pandemic handling is about the reverse of Donald Trump’s approval as president. If Trumpers don't want stimmies, and not a single one of their representatives voted for them, how about we keep them and split’em up with each other? In exchange, they keep Pepe Le Pew (and we keep Cardi B).

Even evangelicals are losing their faith in white superiority/victimhood. They’re sticking with misogyny for the time being. Beth Moore was a hit with evangelical women until she started finding fault with evangelical men, and now she’s cancelled.

The Biden administration intends to keep building back better, by relieving child poverty, not building border walls. This makes our friends across the aisle irate, and uncooperative... they say. Rich, aka Liberal Thinking, suggests Republicans put up or shut up in his latest audio correspondence. Joe Biden would probably concur

Republicans might not have the filibuster forever, but they’ll always have racism. Bob Menendez might be no angel, but he can still call out Ron Johnson. Democrats are seeing and standing with Asian Americans today, but as Asian Americans will tell you, this all didn’t start yesterday.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin wore green and attempted to drive the snakes from KITM World Headquarters this morning, but that’s trickier than you’d guess.

Robert Aaron Long had a bad day yesterday, entering three Atlanta Georgia spas and killing 8 people, most of them Asian women, at least half of them Korean. Who did he really hate? Asians? Women? Everyone? We probably won’t need to speculate much further, as Long was treated as gently as any young white male neckbeard should expect, and will probably snag an exclusive prime-time interview by next week to plug his gofundme.

Joe Biden finally will hold his first news conference in 48 years! No, Biden’s had a few in the past, but Joe still must act quickly, as a news-starved nation reaches out to him for their latest Megan Markle take. President Biden actually does talk to the press. We now know that his dog Major is a good boy, Andrew Cuomo might be a bad boy, Vladimir Putin is a very bad boy, and the filibuster is trash.

Republicans who think the Chamber of Commerce is “woke” and Marjorie Taylor Green is being politicizedpromise to destroy democracy, if their prime tool to destroy the democracy, the filibuster, is threatened. It is time once again for our regularly scheduled Republican Constitutional/economic disaster while Joe plans to pass the hat and pay the bills. Expect Republicans to again let loose their dick army, loaded with the same talking points from 1993, 1965, and 1935. Meanwhile, Wall Street learns to forgive and forget Republican treasonists.

The White House is set to unveil a wide-reaching, billion-dollar campaign aimed at convincing every American to get vaccinated. Boneheads will remain a challenge, and especially dislike being called boneheads. Donald Trump never said he wanted Republicans to die from COVID-19, by the way. The Catholic church also didn’t say the Johnson & Johnson vaccine shouldn’t be accepted, they would just prefer you try all the other vaccines first. China shows up with a brand new vaccine. Moderna is testing theirs with young kids. Too late for the Brazilian Juma people.

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A couple of things for your consideration today.

Have you ever wondered, how did the FBI investigate accusations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford against Brett Kavanaugh without ever interviewing either Ford or Kavanaugh? Well, so has Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Mr. Whitehouse has requested that our new Attorney General, Merrick Garland, bring his attention to just that question.

Then there’s our big bête noire around here: The Filibuster. This Jim Crow relic was a useful tool of racists, but so was Strom Thurmond, and you don’t see him around anymore. Finally, the time is now for filibuster reform. Senate Democrats have one choice: Save democracy or save the filibuster. Republicans in turn vow to save the filibuster or destroy democracy. Time is running out to use the Congressional Review Act to roll back any of Donald Trump’s rollbacks. Soon there will be no room left on the fence for even Joe Manchin.

You tune into KITM to hear liberal thinking, and it turns out that Liberal Thinking personified, aka, Rich, has recorded some ideas on how to bust the filibusterDavid Waldman and Joan McCarter consider the carrots and sticks available to move things along, from tactical carrots to the nuclear stick, and glean as much as possible from history, from the ploys of Dick Nixon to the grand strategies of Gold and Dupta, to the debate of whether the Senate is a constant when it is constantly being renewed.

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Beware the Ides of March, etc. What, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin worry? Never! They’re secure in the knowledge… and if you had as much knowledge as they do, you’d feel pretty good too:

No one should tolerate anyone that behaves like Donald Trump, even if he’s competent and Democratic. Oh wait, Andrew Cuomo is incompetent also, along with being a sexist, sleazy, thug. Ah, but he did pay many TV salaries, for a while, didn’t he? Just like Donald used to. Trump was the worst in every way, but just doesn’t feed his hosts or his parasites the way he used to. The media sure aren’t bellying up to the same feast with Joe Biden, and Joe is smart to make sure that they never do.

No wonder some Americans don’t trust government and the media… or anybody. How will the Biden administration convince the pocket of people who imagine themselves characters in “The Walking Dead” to take a vaccine in order to serve a greater good when they just don’t believe in greater goods? The people demanding evidence are also those most resistant to facts.

Ron Johnson was concerned about 1/6 rioters, until he peeked outside and saw that everyone looked like him. Democrats realize how tough it is to partner with coworkers who would watch them die.

No one is a better informed opponent of the Senate filibuster than Jeff Merkley. Okay, one. But, Senator Merkley is in a great position at the moment to get something done about it.

A Texas woman in a bank refused to wear a mask and asked the intervening police officer “What are you going to do, arrest me?” You won’t believe what happened next!

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Hey the checks are really in the mail! Let’s listen to David Waldman and the Friday KITM while we wait for delivery:

Finally, the long awaited pivot we’ve waited for! Not to a new President, but to an actual President. Yesterday we began the pivot back to real lives, in a real America. President of the United States, Joe Biden’s address wasn’t just presidential, it was essential. Wow —  show some competence, empathy and the value of truth-telling and all of a sudden people think you’re dissing Trump. Dissing is the least Donald deserves. Someday we might look back and never believe the last year ever really could have happened. Except for all the dead people we knew, of course.

Maybe someone should remember and thank Donald TrumpProsecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office keep Donald in their thoughts, in fact their memories go way back. Cyrus Vance Jr. is retiring, and hopefully those memories don’t leave with him. Georgia reminisces over recently unearthed recordings of calls between Trump and just about everyone in Georgia. And, don’t forget Mark Meadows!

Dan Crenshaw realized the COVID-19 pandemic was an ideal time to make a profit with the right investments, he just forgot to disclose that until he was caught.

Some Capitol insurrectionists aren’t just run-of-the-mill traitors and turncoats. Federico Klein, a former State Department aide in the Trump administration, was on the front line of the "first wave" January 6. John Daniel Andries earned two felony counts while on Capitol grounds, and was crew chief of the Marine One squadron.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was never in the mood to block much before, but now that she’s in Congress, her attitude has changed. If she keeps taking the top without asking, no one will want to play with her. Certainly, if Marge were to apply herself with the dedication and professionalism as demanded by the importance of her elected position, she could… heh.

Republicans in Pennsylvania accidently told seniors they were from Johnson & Johnson when they robocalled them. The youngest and first Black mayor of Stockton, California was buried in disinformation when he attempted his second term.

You don’t get to be battle-tempered troops in the Democratic party without hurting some feelings, but you learn how to get the job done. On the other hand, Cynthia Nixon doesn’t seem so bad of a choice right now.

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For pennies a day, you can help support Kagro in the Morning, hosted by David Waldman, and often cooperatively overlapped by Greg Dworkin, for the very latest in information, insight and entertainment... Except today’s show, for which David will be accepting bids beginning at $50 million, USD. (Payable through Patreon.)

Want to see some unity? Check out the approval numbers for the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and those for his American Rescue Plan relief bill, which he will be addressing tonight. Oh, what some would do or say to achieve numbers like that! Republican Senator Roger Wicker didn’t vote for the bill, (No Republican did.) but he did come up with the restaurant aid, (No he didn’t) Well, he was there when ideas happened, and at least he’s not like Marjorie Taylor, always tapping out when things become too intense. (Do that enough, and she’ll never be invited back to an orgy, let alone a committee.) By the way, Joe Manchin doesn’t want unity, he wants bipartisanship. Susan Collins vastly prefers bipartisanship over Democrats winning a vote. Have we mentioned our preferment of filibuster reform lately? Bernie Sanders agrees... now.

In the House, “no” still means no… unless it means “nay”. Republicans understand that means nothing to their voters. Rich Republicans DNGAF, at all.

1/6 insurrectionist, Oath Keeper, formerly of the Navy, formerly FBIThomas Caldwell, carries a gun shaped like a cellphone, you know, for the ”Karens”... But, why? Karens rock!

Fantastic news for Grandma huggers! COVID-19 hospitalizations have dropped more than 80% for both grannies and gramps since Joe showed up. All the Presidents have their vaccines, do you have yours? More importantly, did you get the coolest vaccine? Shut up! They are all great, beautiful in their own ways, but totally useless outside of your arm.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin wouldn’t miss this KITM for the world, and neither should you:

It’s a Big F’n Week for President Joe Biden.  Merrick Garland is finally confirmed to work in the public sector, along with several other key people. Joe saved American lives from COVID-19, and today will do the same for the economy. Joe, Spock, everyone, wants everyone to live long and prosper, —  except for Republicans. Republican politicians are making sure Republican voters get what they’re asking for. What do Republicans want, anyhow? They literally don’t have a clue. Therefore, they only want to win. What does Joe Manchin (Kinda D, WV) want? Jiminy Christmas, don’t ask him! Even John Cornyn doesn’t want to hear the answer to that. We already got rid of the filibuster once before, back when Congress members could be “present” and “absent” at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court rejected the final Trump bid to nullify 2020 election results. Sydney Powell wasn’t even worth a comment.

Newt Gingrich’s signature Congressional Review Act heads towards its deadline on the regulations that it could be used to eliminate. David flips through this year’s House calendar to determine where that deadline falls.

Marjorie Traitor Greene was certain 1/6 was some antifa deal, but her close ally and Trumper friend looked all around the Capitol that day and couldn’t find a one. Marjorie does enjoy making people bend over backwards and try to please her, but fellow Republicans who didn’t really consent to this, recall that their “safe word” can be simply “nay”. A baseball bat wielding insurrectionist husband of a Hitler admiring Congress member got VIP parking for easy riot access.

It is tough to gauge which state handled COVID-19 better, when states are still vying to handle it the worst.

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David Waldman and Joan McCarter! Tuesday! KITM! No chaos can be altogether thrilling! You’ll adapt.

Finally! Senate Democrats have passed the Joe Biden administration’s, exclusively Democratic Party facilitated, American Rescue Planthe most significant anti-poverty legislation passed in the U.S. in decades! Now it’s back to the House, then into the history books, and the pockets of people that need it.

The Dems seem solid, but just aren’t. Something is not quite… arrayed right. It might require quantum physics to explain the enigmatic Kyrsten Sinema and the inscrutable Joe Manchin, and calculate how to get them in line. David and Joan look in detail on how Manchin might be cajoled or coerced into doing the right thing, or the left thing, as it were.

A tougher, “talking” filibuster might succeed because Republicans didn’t take the job to “work”, and really aren’t in the habit. The $15 minimum wage amendment failed, but was it truly because of a lack of Democratic grit, or a wider, soon to be successful strategy? Today, David looked into the 14,000,605 procedures that if followed, could have turned out worse.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present an International Women’s Day KITM special.

The Senate passed the COVID relief bill (It is NOT a stimulus bill.), and now it’s back to the House, who will also pass it, because they aren’t idiots. This is a BFD, not just because, at long last those in desperate straits will receive the aid they need and deserve, but it is at least the beginning of the very end of Reaganomics. And, Republicans have nothing to do with it, as their job by definition isn’t to do things, but to keep things from being done.

Moderate Democrats like where they’re going, but wish progressives wouldn’t drive so darn fast. Joe Manchin is catching up with the last decade’s expert thinking on filibuster reform, and could be approaching his epiphany

Donald Trump and his chaos are finally falling off the front page, allowing that long overdue attention can now be paid to Britain’s Royal Family. Now, it turns out that Royals could be domineering dysfunctional racists — a behavior shocking and abhorrent to Americans. (Ask your doctor, or anyone, about systemic racism.) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told all to our nation’s HR mediator, Oprah Winfrey. Responses have fallen all across the spectrum, even from the same publications… and authors. Piers Morgan enjoys kissing the Royal ring. John Oliver passes.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has time on her hands and a new hobby, which aggravates her co-workers. When they mentioned it to her, she threw another huge tantric tantrumGovernor Andrew Cuomo refuses to consent to reality’s constant advances

Republican Senators are busy quitting before 2022. Zoe Lofgren has released a 2,000 page report documenting the social media posts of  GOP members leading up to Jan. 6th.

Why does the pandemic seem to be hitting some countries harder than others? Yes, you may call the vaccine the Fauci Ouchy, as long as you get vaccinated. There might be a reason to pick one over the other, but get it done. Once you are vaccinated, do you know what you can do? You can wait a while until we are in the clear, that’s what. Mississippi's Republican governor, Tate Reeves, starts the stampede for the exits. Tate has made plenty of mistakes so far, so what’s one more?

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In support of full discourse on today’s KITMDavid Waldman will not waive reading selected articles out loud before bringing them up for debate:

Donald Trump was a no-show at his own inauguration yesterday… or was he? We may never know. If you give Trump $49 million for his $20 million house he’ll be your buddy. Donald will need some cash shortly.

Drunken abusive doctor Ronny Jackson didn’t have a problem with Donald Trump and Trump didn’t have a problem with Ronny.

After putting up with the all-night reading of the Democratic COVID-19 relief bill, Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen had heard enough, and brought some process to a process fight, lopping 17 hours off of Ron Johnson’s obstruction.

Joe Manchin is a problematic Democrat. He might not be the only problem, but if we could only discover what makes him tick, we could reform the filibuster just right and… nah, Republicans will just ship him pork to own the libs.

There’s hardly a more odious gimbus than Ted Cruz, which was finally recognized by his alma mater’s Whig-Cliosophic Society.

A prominent group of Catholic bishops is objecting to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. AlsoDetroit Mayor, Mike Duggan, rejected 6,200 Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Texas congress member Beth Van Duyne made a stand for mental health standards yesterday, two days after firing her top aides and seeing her staff quit and after her communications director killed himself in her front yard.

The DC National Guard commander said he was not allowed to send troops to the Capitol, although in the George Floyd protests last year, troops were sent right in, with bayonets... It’s not fair!

KITM correspondent Steve Sittig, continuing to sound very much, just like, Frank Zappa... maybe, records a proposal for a fairer, greener financial systempublic banking. Public funds can be locally controlled and invested and available just around the corner!

The Trump administration Justice Department declined to open a criminal investigation into the actions by Elaine Chao when she was transportation secretary. The Biden administration Justice Department might not be so reluctant.

President Biden may help depower the presidency with more stringent war powers.

Is Interruption merely in the ear of the beholder?

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The best thing about it being March 4th, finally, is that it will soon be March 5th. That, and David WaldmanGreg Dworkin, and today’s KITM:

Are the calculations correct? Is this the day Trump followers have been waiting for? The day is young, but it looks like the storm might need to wait a while longer. The US House did scrap its Thursday session, but not before passing H.R.1, the most important set of democracy reforms since the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. (The insurrectionists just wish they could’ve blowed that up good.)

Fear not wingnuts, for there is still the Senate. Who needs bombs when they have a filibuster? Democrats aren’t giving up these bills without a fight (maybe), and the filibuster could get busted in the process.

Polling looks to be on President Biden’s side half way through his first 100 days. Popular policies, however, do not make a popular president, or party. Republicans don’t need to make anything better in order to keep their jobs. For instance, Stockton, California’s basic income experiment was a great success, but the Mayor that introduced it wasn’t reelected.

Joe Biden was leading our country to a COVID-19-free future until "neanderthal thinking" in Texas and Mississippi threatened to return us back to the stone ageTroglodytes nonetheless might have a hard time overcoming the emergency standards established in forward-thinking OSHA requirements.

A Wisconsin woman wished she had fought harder. Donald Trump, Jr. wishes the Cat in the Hat didn’t speak to the Mexicans. No one wishes to see insurrectionists on this side of the bars.

Is Darwin H.M., the most REASONABLE man in America, too equitable in his suggestion that Joe Biden relinquish his sole nuclear launch authority?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver us to the hump of a not-so-chaotic and informative week.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden bestows Americans with the gift of summer, by delivering enough vaccine for all of us by the end of spring! All he needs is some more good news and ‘22 and ‘24 are in the bag, right? Well, no, Democrats will need to be unanimous in passing legislation, because Republicans will be unanimous in blocking any, no matter how popular or essential it is, because they simply weren’t elected to govern, they were elected to win.

In lieu of having anything constructive to add, Republicans attack the free market decisions of the Walt Disney Company, Hasbro and Dr. Seuss Enterprises LP, and struggle with the prefered personal pronouns of tubers... although they used to be be just fine with a little makeup and a moustache performing a gender change for years.

Marjorie Taylor Greene learned a brand new trick, but her co-workers are already tired of seeing her do it.

Rich, aka Liberal Thinking, returns with more progressive thoughts on how to Enhance the American Rescue Plan, including perhaps removing child tax credits.

The generic Washington Football Team loses their cheerleaders, which is too bad, because what’s more generic than the cheer, “Goooo…. ‘Team’!” ? There’s still plenty of teams vying for “Racist Football Team.”

A Trump insurrectionist tried to cosplay antifa on 1/6. Insurrectionist Truthers aren’t quite sure. It’s pretty clear who was there, however.

Joe Manchin will never, ever leave the filibuster, and Democrats can’t leave Joe Manchin, but perhaps something can be worked out to make them both more pleasant. Are you confused about the function and importance of the Parliamentarian of the United States Senate, and when it is appropriate and prudent to ignore her, and what the procedure, processes, and precedent is in bypassing her?  Listen to David’s analysis on KITM’s final hour and learn how much, much more you can be confused about!

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David Waldman and Joan McCarter deliver Tuesday’s KITM as well as you’d expect. (As long as you expect perfection.)

Who didn’t know that Trump knew that Mohammed bin Salman murdered Jamal Khashoggi?

Governor Andrew Cuomo did remember to ask for consent before his third accused sexual harassment, but Cuomo probably should brush up on every other conceivable aspect of human interaction, perhaps on his own time. Lindsey Graham advocates for the Republican model.

Liberal Thinking is always welcome on KITM, especially when personified by the blogger of that name (and also the name of Rich). Rich returns with his series of ideas on enhancing the American Rescue Plan, today concentrating on getting the most out of budget reconciliation procedures to ensure the welfare of Americans.

Dems have avoided disarray for a while now, but that will soon become tougher once the COVID relief bill passes. Political-message bills are for losers, governing is for winners.

Filibusters are generally pretty bad. Even the original meaning of the word referred to nothing anyone should get mixed up in. Blue slips, although really blue, have increasingly become useful only for Gop obstruction.

The COVID-19 relief that communities of color are desperate for is on its way, minus Republican support. The bill is still in the Senate, with the lives of many hanging in the balance. Also hanging by a thread, the remains of the Voting Rights Act, and the voting rights of minority voters.

In Idaho, the Committee to Protect and Preserve the Idaho Constitution battle lawyers paid by the Idaho Constitutional Defense Fund.

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Remember last March? Okay, forget last March. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin introduce us to a much better one today:

Trump-who? at CPAC-what now? CPAC used to be the event Republican losers, looneys and nuts would gather at to say crazy stupid stuff. It still is, of course, but anymore that’s pretty much who they all are, and what they all say every day, and that just ruins everything. (No matter how much they rune everything.) So, A loser said loser things at a loser event. Even at CPAC, Donald couldn’t pull past 55% Don Jr. couldn’t make double digits even if Dad doesn’t run. None of them could win in the real world, therefore the real world has become their enemy. (France takes their corrupt, disgraced president and locks him up.)

Meanwhile, in the real world, Democrats need to get things done. The Senate continues to work on the COVID-19 relief bill. The $15 wage hike was abandoned, almost rescued, and deserted again. It ain’t over yet, maybe. Daily Kos, andKITM contributor, Liberal Thinking, whom you may call “Rich”, has many ideas and suggestions on how to enhance the American rescue plan. You can read Rich’s proposals, discuss them at the All Daily Kos Progressives community group, and now hear them as a series of short topics, starting with today’s show!

Joe Biden, union man, supports the Amazon workers' union vote in Alabama.

We keep making pandemic mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from our failures. Military members are a little gun-shy when it comes to vaccines, but can you blame them?

You might know Bill Harnsberger from his morning promos for Kagro in the Morning, or his contributions to local squirrel culture, but you really should know him for the Cheers & Jeers blog, which he has put together for over 17 years! It’s fundraising time for Bill, and fundsending time for you.

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