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Kagro in the Morning - May 5, 2015

Bill in Portland Maine tweets the word "wienerschnitzel," and that takes up about an hour of the show. Greg Dworkin discusses Fiorina's substantive entry into the race, but also her web FAIL. On race: we've never been more united about how divided we are. WSJ's 2016 snapshot. Christie in Sixth Sense sequel, doesn't know he's dead yet. Charlie Hebdo vs. Garland, no comparison. Three guns left behind in Capitol complex bathrooms, and the investigation is about who leaked that news! Follow-up on the convoluted story of Kinloch, MO's new mayor. Wienerschnitzelpalooza! A fascinating inside look at benefit corporations, from the 2012 diary of citisven, shared with us not by Arliss Bunny as I mistakenly stated, but rather by where4art!

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