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Kagro in the Morning - August 14, 2015

David Waldman invites us to take a gander at the esoterica stashed in his attic.

Meanwhile, Greg Dworkin pops in for a visit, with a big plate of toast & questions to answer:


Who is winning?  What have we learned?  What is the question that could decide the election? What about Hillary? An important endorsement for Hillary Clinton.


Swaggering Biff! carries on the family traditions.


The US flag flies again in Cuba.  Views have changed over time.


FOOD-ON-A-STICK at the Iowa State Fair!


David really hopes that Bernie Sanders supporters realize the many benefits of rising above their immediate inclinations, while examining Sanders’ Racial Justice platform.


Police unions and black labor unions strain for solidarity.


Will Pro-Life admit that Pro-Choice is pro-life? Where miscarriages are abortions.

Maine Supreme Court agrees with everyone: LePage wrong.

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