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Kagro in the Morning - May 2, 2016

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David Waldman is a fan of Hopping Mad with Will McLeodand Arliss Bunny, and you will be too, when you listento this week’s interview with Dr. WilliamSpriggs, Chief Economist to the AFL-CIO!

Ted Cruz gets more and more into spanking, which is whatyou’d expect from The Zodiac Killer,  the leadsinger of Stryper, or even Grandpa Munster… and especially thislady.

Greg Dworkin reviews the WhiteHouse Correspondents’ Dinner: Of course Obama was great, Larry Wilmore was too, though perhaps under-appreciated in thehouse. 

Ted Cruz manages to be even less-liked when he isn’t serial killing.Cruz probably can’t squeezeout a sufficient second in Indiana. IN Governor Mike Penceendorses Cruz, half-heartedly. Ted’s time is almost up. Sometimes it is more important on whom you reject, rather than whom you support. Republicansfight for the soul of, but first need to find the soul of, the Gop. 

On the Democratic side, Trump deals Clinton a winning card. Hillary Clinton starts shifting staff to concentrate on the General Election.Clinton is nowraising more than Sanders. The 2016 election might not break spending records.

Last week David and Joan McCarter predicted that James O’Keefewould take the bait on transgender restroom use andhe did!

David devotes a chunk of the show to the #GunFAIL phenomena of 99% law-abiding,rule-following, mistake-free, always-lucky guncarriers, when they face that accountabilitymoment prospect ofadmitting that missing lastpercent.

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