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Kagro in the Morning - June 7, 2016

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David Waldman brings us the KITM Super Tuesday Primary show! Woooo Hooo—wait, this just in. The numbers would lead one to presume the presumptive nominee is Hillary Clinton. But, look at how Sanders would have, could have done!

Greg Dworkin points out that not all Sanders supporters will go for Hillary, because they didn’t consider either candidate for their policies. Sanders’ supporters might choose based on gender, but also because those are the choices they have always made before. Nancy Pelosi hops onto the bandwagon.

Von Clownstick thinks only clownsticks would choose to judge him fairly. Republicans aren’t sure where to go with this. Trump minions aren’t sure where to go with this. Democrats do know where to go with it. Paul Ryan does not approve! But, Paul Ryan does that a lot. Florida's attorney general personally asked Trump for money when she decided not to look into Trump fraud. The Republican party can get even worse.

David explores another rigged political system, that is rigged by being a political system, and another accidental gun discharge that raises questions that the gun owner might just be a moron.

Tom Cotton crushes an Obama Nominee’s hopes, with the intent to inflict pain on Obama.

You need to act. Now. Yes, YOU! Yes, NOW! Forward with Foister.

Speaking of voting, today you might get a chance to send a message to Judge Aaron Persky. Others have sent messages to him recently.

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