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Kagro in the Morning - June 10, 2016

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David Waldman gets us to Friday, and KITM gets us through the weekend with today’s wide-ranging show:

Arliss Bunny hops on to the show, hopping mad that think tanks like the Mercatus Center have framed our understanding of Social Security and made it all feel like “common sense”. Arliss helps us redefine (back to the correct definition) insolvency, inflation, bankruptcy, and gives us insight into the physics of money. Want to know more, and more and more about money? Find out the most with The Smart Bunny's Guide to Debt, Deficit and Austerity. Would you like even more new economic perspectives? Check out And, tune in to Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny this Monday at 8AM EST, to find out why this former Bernie or Bust woman feels berned.

Florida correspondent Darwin Mesadieu has got a report that rolls up Governor Rick Scott, the Zika virus, and that other loathsome disease, Donald Trump. Rick Scott, pretty loathsome on his own, does not want to join forces with Von Clownstick, and even Rick Scott thinks the Gop congress is loathsome in its disregard of the Zika Virus.

Back to Donald Trump. Did you know people are voting for him because of his business skills? Now, It looks as if Trump’s skill of holding on to his money comes from his holding on to your money. Along with Trumping, pumping and dumping, Donald pretends he doesn’t have the money, underpays on his vendors regularly, and just skips paying people at all. Maybe he gets votes from reminding people of that boss they used to have.

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