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Kagro in the Morning - June 13, 2016

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Today David Waldman invites you to listen to KITM as we all try to get a handle on the tragedy in Orlando, emotionally, politically, and factually.

Greg Dworkin gives us support, and hope, calling in from Newtown: A Sandy Hook Survivor offers advice for Orlando. Mourning in Orlando.

Or you could congratulate Donald Trump. Donald likes applause following tragedies. Von Clownstick worries about Obama’s patriotism. Trump isn’t pivoting. Ambulance chasing does not seem to be helping Donald Trump’s polling. Louis C.K. quickly and simply explains who to vote for.

David and Greg discuss the protocol for linking an attack to ISIS and what "Lone Wolf" means.

Armando helps analyse the logic supporting the hot takes, and not so hot takes, and also predicts that we'll be seeing many Latinos on the casualty list.

The Orlando shooter was investigated for claiming to be linked to the Boston Marathon bombing. What would the shooter have said if he was caught alive, and what would his lawyer say?

Christina Grimmie’s church adds 49 Souls to its prayers after the Orlando massacre.

Eventually, too quickly, the media will move on, and Trump U. will be waiting for them. The Gop never noticed, is it because grifting is in their DNA?

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