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An "encore performance" for the one year anniversary of our four hour marathon live coverage of the announcement of the Supreme Court's decision in the Affordable Care Act case! Lots of Daily Kos friends chiming in on this, including Greg Dworkin, Armando, Joan McCarter, brooklynbadboy, winkk, Militarytracy, MKS and more!

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Heading into a week-plus break, Greg Dworkin and Armando help round up our discussion of the NSA/Snowden story, the IRS story, the SCOTUS decisions, the Texas filibuster fight, and the revival of CNN's much-maligned Crossfire, and more. The other big topic of today's show: the apparent evolution of Edward Snowden's views on national security leaking. And did Glenn Greenwald undergo an evolution of his own on his views on executive reaction to the Supreme Court's apparent insistence on reigning in of claimes of interent national security powers?

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Easy summary today: the Texas filibuster & the SCOTUS DOMA case. Both Greg Dworkin & Armando make appearances to discuss the latest exciting news, and we parse it thin for your enjoyment! I think it's safe to say you're not going to get in-depth discussion of the dynamics of that filibuster like you get from Daily Kos Radio anywhere else in the world. And I mean that literally, as Joe Biden might put it. Come and revel in it! Plus, we got the happy news from the Supreme Court mid-show, and we break that down into bite-sized pieces suitable for water cooler and cocktail discussion. A procedure lover's dream!

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We started with The Derp from Louie Gohmert, then were joined by Greg Dworkin for an update on The Derp of Politico's Green Lanternism, Obama's (then) upcoming climate speech, the immigration bill, etc. We were also able to sneak in an update on the IRS story, noting that pretty much everything we heard about exclusive targeting of conservatives was entirely wrong. Surprise! And we heard a bit more about how Edward Snowden came to be working at Booz Allen, at least according to some sources. But it wasn't long before everything gave way to the news of the Supreme Court's decision in the voting rights act case. Armando joined in to give his initial reactions, and you can hear him do his best to keep from boiling over. Thinking back a ways, the decision seems to be of a piece with Bush DOJ political appointees pre-clearaning of discriminatory redistricting plans over the objections of their own career attorneys. Hey, who needs to rebrand when you can simply redefine the market, right? That's more than just a metaphor, though. It works in the actual economy, as well. We'll talk about that again in the days to come.

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So, you're back from Netroots Nation, eh? Well, lucky you! Greg Dworkin joined right in with the recap of the weekend's developments on the many wormholes winding through the NSA/Snowden story, including David Gregory's insistence on crapping all over everything. Then, a roundup of the more remarkable #GunFAIL stories of recent days. Armando kept us up to date on the pronouncements from out of the Supreme Court, and previewed one to come, on recess appointments. A reading of Bloomberg's reporting (from February, actually) on the unnoticed and unofficial subsidy to banks deemed Too Big To Fail, and how that subsidy just happens to be about equal in value to... their entire profit. So, that got me thinking about amending the plan for launching the Privateers of the Caribbean. And the old Istook Amendment, too. Finally, a look at yet another way the big banks are fleecing people: getting companies to pay their low-wage workers with bank-issued debit cards, complete with fees for withdrawals, etc. Why should those lazy workers be able to force their bosses to shoulder all the costs of paying them, right?

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Greg Dworkin rounded up news of the farm bill failure (and Republican majority's attempts to somehow blame this on the Democratic minority), "The Republican War on Data," maneuvering on immigration reform, and Tom Edsall's NYT opinion piece, "Our Broken Social Contract." And that Edsall piece ended up being the basis for most of the rest of the show, so much was there wrapped up in it. Armando called in to join that conversation, plus give us a look at the day's Netroots Nation agenda. So, to borrow a phrase, "Which side are you on?" The side that posits that our economic problems are the result of the disruption of social norms? Or the side that believes economic problems stem from... other economic problems? Which one of those two sounds more reality-based to you? And just for kicks at the end, "If We Can't Stop Corporations from Hiding in Cayman Islands to Avoid Taxes, We All Need to Become Pirates." Where have we heard this idea before? Hint: Here.

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Netroots Nation kicks off in San Jose! Greg Dworkin brings us his roundup, including polling on immigration reform, John Harwood's NYT piece "Dissent Festers in States That Obama Seems to Have Forgotten," reaction to (and reaction to the reactions to) the death of Michael Hastings, and more. We briefly note the pop culture news about Paula Deen and James Gandolfini, and get an on-the-ground update from Armando in San Jose. Then, the strange chain of arrests among the Pima Co., AZ Minutemen border "patrol" crazies, and the rise of armed "community watches" where budget issues have cut back on policing capacity. Slate makes an important update to its disclaimer on their interactive gun deaths since 12/14 feature. Mother Jones reports on waste in border security spending. Are some gun rights protesters going too far in making their presence felt?

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It's the run-up to Netroots Nation, and that figures promiently in today's show. Greg Dworkin offered his own observations and remembrances of NN in this morning's roundup, as well as stories on Rick Perry's job poaching junket to Connecticut, new polling from ABC on the NSA surveillance programs, and another round of sparring between DC-centric "gut" journos and "quant" Nate Silver. Greg also notes the passing of reporter Michael Hastings, with a few stories looking back on his fearless style. Armando called in from the road on his way to the big gathering, and to remind everyone that he'll be reporting from San Jose, as will the larger Netroots Radio team. A little exploration of the latest #GunFAIL news yields typically amazing results. Then a response to the latest "threat" from Mitch McConnell over rumors that Senate Dems are considering the "nuclear option" to eliminate the filibuster on judicial and executive nominations. Basically, Republicans are threatening to do exactly the same thing they've always said they were going to do, and have in fact been trying to do, since forever. Scary! Lastly, the free market has spoken on the NRA's terrible "arm the teachers" idea, and it has spoken thus: "Derp."

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A Republican back-bencher (not a euphemism) broke into the headlines today with his eyebrow-raising claim that fetuses masturbate at 15 weeks. So... that's nice. Greg Dworkin discusses his latest for Politix, his pundit round-up of both-sides-ism, Republican rebranding, and traditional media missing the point(s). Armando called in to discuss the broad topic of trust in government, in the context of the fading IRS story, the NSA revelations, Syria, and the recent polling on all three. We read a David Weigel entry at Slate noting the Republican tactics in conflating IRS accusations behind the confusion made evident in the CNN poll, and the latest derp from Bobby "Volcano Monitoring" Jindal, who's apparently abandoned his effort to un-stupid his party. Next, David Dayen's latest for Salon, "Bank of America whistle-blower's bombshell: 'We were told to lie.'" Finally, a note about the Kansas Sec. of State outraged by a protest targeting his home. Note how quickly he goes to 2nd Amendment rhetoric here. Does it seem to you that a lot of this talk is premised on the assumption that no one will ever shoot back?

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NSA remains at the top of the charts this week, with things only becoming more confused the more articles are written on the subject. A CNET story relying on reactions from Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to a Congressional briefing stirred the hornet's nest over the weekend, setting off parallel chain reactions of rebuttal, retraction, walk-backs, debunkings, and everything in between. Greg Dworkin rounds up still more polling on the issue, and most of the show is once again given over to exploring some number of the millions of rabbit holes a giant issue like this reveals, via articles from the NYT, WaPo, the AP, and of course, our friend Marcy Wheeler. Just for a change-up, we threw in the Lower Hudson, NY area Daily Journal's follow-up on their publication of names and addresses of area pistol permit holders. Did it in fact result in criminal targeting of those gun owners?

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The six month anniversary of the 12/14 Newtown shootings brings us to a new and particularly intriguing episode of #GunFAIL, the recent killing of a 10-year-old Virginia girl by her 13-year-old brother, who was cleaning and repairing his shotgun at home. No charges will be filed, the death is chalked up to "tragic accident," and everyone close to the family insists the boy was fully trained and cautious to a fault. Except he wasn't, and now even though his sister is dead as a result, the official closure to the event will say he was. That must be because of all that "responsibiity" we hear about in "gun culture." We returned to the NSA story during the second half of the show, doing our best to turn things on their heads to give us another look at the intricacies and perplexing nature of all the issues bound up in it.

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Greg Dworkin catches us up on non-NSA stories like the MA Senate race, confidence in Congress falling to an all-time low, Bloomberg's plan to hold gun safety policy holdouts to account, and a preview of his planned Sunday Kos essays. Then a discussion about gun violence statistics, the question of whether or not suicides by firearms are properly included in those numbers, and a column from Seattle alt weekly The Stranger, "When Domestic Violence Becomes a Mass Shooting." Finally, we had to find our way back to the NSA story, reading (and critiquing) The Guardian's latest from Thomas Drake, another NSA whistleblower, and Elizabeth Goitein in Time on how "Our Antiquated Laws Can't Cope With National Security Leaks," and exploring the contradictions and expected error types built into the system we've concocted to deal with them.

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The kitchen appliance saga continues. But of slightly more importantance, so does the NSA story. Greg Dworkin first brings us a few non-NSA happenings, including the continued collapse of Darrell Issa's IRS narrative, the move by NYC Mayor and head of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Michael Bloomberg to cut off big donor funding for Democratic Senators who voted in opposition to the gun bill last month, and the state of play in the Senate of the immigration reform bill. But the NSA story still dominated today, and in addition to Greg's polling round-up on the subject, Armando weighed in on the broader questions of legality and constitutionality (and "hero" versus "traitor", as well) and what those things even mean in this context. Finally, a quick look at the continuing budget conference impasse. Ted Cruz says he won't allow a conference to go forward unless he receives assurances there will be no debt ceiling increase tucked into the budget resolution conference report. But is that even a thing that can happen? Well, yes and no. So is Ted Cruz off his rocker? Well, yes and no. But really, yes.

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Guess what? It's all about the NSA story again. And once again, Greg Dworkin and Armando pitch in on the discussion. Greg did bring us the top non-NSA story of the day, though, that being the Justice Department's Plan B reversal, plus some new and longer-term polling data on approval/disapproval of surveillance activity. From there on, though, it's all NSA, and another expansive discussion of the discussion (which might possibly constitute meta-data), including looks at the much-maligned takes of Jennifer Rubin and David Brooks.

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Total media dominance by a single, giant story has its advantages. One, it makes it easy to decide what to discuss that day on the show, and; two, it makes writing the episode synopsis relatively simple. Greg Dworkin and Armando both joined in the early discussion of the exploding NSA story. And in the second half of the show, we read the seemingly-unrelated but still oddly-related story of the internal strife and collapse of Ohio's maverick-y ultra-conservative political consulting firm (described by some detractors as a "cult"), the Strategy Group for Media.

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Our second show sponsored by Audible, which you can use to find audio books on the national security programs of domestic surveillance to catch up on the subject of the day! Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular abbreviated pundit roundup, including a discussion of previous polling on the liberty versus security issue and what we might look for in upcoming polling on the NSA story. Fans of the show knew that Armando couldn't sit silent through this discussion, and really, it wouldn't be right to complete a show without letting him loose on it. We rounded things out just a little with Lee Fang's article in The Nation on anti-ACA Republicans who nonetheless pursued its grant funds for their states and districts, and one oddly noteworthy #GunFAIL story as well.

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The NSA phone data collection story dominated the headlines and discussion today. Extended appearances from Greg Dworkin and Armando helped carry the show again. Monte Frank of Team 26 and the Newtown Action Alliance joined the show as well, for an update on developments in Newtown, and their upcoming activities both next week and planned for the fall, to keep public attention focused on the need for gun safety measures.

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Thanks to Greg Dworkin and Armando for carrying the show today! An extended pundit and polling roundup covered a wide range of topics: flu versus corona virus, patent trolls, NJ Gov. Chris Christie's call for an early special election, NBC/WSJ polling that says "scandals" haven't changed the environment, and more. Then, an extended (but friendly) revival of a long-running Greg versus Armando "cage match" on polling methodologies and analysis. Also discussed: Marco Rubio prepares to pull the immigration bill football away from Charlie Brown, polling performance in the 2012 elections, Keith Olbermann's return to television, the Bradley Manning trial, the switch-up in the White House foreign policy/national security team, judicial nominations and the nuclear option, and the controversy now surrounding 5th Circuit court judge Edith Jones.

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New roof going in at the World Broadcasting Headquarters, so pardon the background thumping. Josh Barro and Erick Erickson get in a slapfight and we get to watch. Greg Dworkin rounds the day's news up, beginning with a strange exemplar of the Freedom vs. safety debate in the comments section of a Washington Post article about road safety enforcement in DC neighborhoods. Next, polling says basically no move in Obama approval rating, despite wild gyrations from Republicans over the so-called "scandals." The Republicans finally get their culture war, and it's against themselves. Armando called in to discuss Republican rebranding and outreach, patent trolling, and the release of legislative and executive action priorities for dealing with high-tech patent issues. Afterward, by listener request, we looked at the "Moral Monday" protests at the North Carolina state capitol, its implications for social justice, and democracy more broadly. Finally, we read David Cay Johnston's latest, "Inequality Rising--All Thanks to Government Policies," and drew a few parallels between how patent trolls do their rent-seeking and how it's done the "Bain Way," both facilitated by the kind of gaming of the system Johnston points out, and our political and governing processes can't help but encourage.

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Congress returns to DC to begin the appropriations season, so we talk a bit about the different moving parts of the budget process and where appropriations fit in, as well as why certain appropriations bills always seem to move first. Greg Dworkin brings us his round-up, including: summer storm prep; "A Simple Way to Reduce Suicides"; Eugene Robinson's "The GOP is too juvenile to govern"; and in a surprise entry, Paul Krugman once again being right on the components and trajectory of the deficit, whereas Simpson & Bowles almost sorta-kinda once were, but went bonkers and ended up not. We also noted the breaking news of the death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Armando joined in to remember him, to discuss all the attendant political questions his passing raises, and throw in a note about a "civility in politics" conference he happened to attend up in Vermont. Lastly, a look at a fascinating Washington Post story about one Pentagon advisor's so-far unsuccessful attempt to save taxpayers a billion dollars or more by reforming the military commissary system.

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