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Kagro in the Morning - March 15, 2016

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Are the end times near? They could be, at least as far as primary delegate math goes. Many voters go to the polls in big states today. Many knew who they were going to vote for long ago, and many have voted earlier too

Armando is in transit today, so Greg Dworkin is forced to pick a fight with David Waldman: Will the #NeverTrump movement never make a difference? Or can it still effect the Republican convention, or maybe the election?

Greg looks at the Republican race today. Kasich may hold off Trump in Ohio. Here’s the recent polling, and here is what 2012 looked like. In Florida however, voters care less and less about Rubio and are going Trump. Here are their recent polls, and their 2012 results. Also, here are North Carolina’s polls and results from 2008, and Illinois polls, and 2012 results. In Missouri, The Show Me State would rather not show you much up-to-date polling, but here’s where they were in ‘08.

Are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump two sides of the same coin? Some think demonstrations at their rallies are unhelpful and counterproductive

So what does the #NeverTrump dog do if it catches that car? David looks into the mechanisms behind contested conventions.

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders for living a long life, sensibly building his retirement account.

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