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Kagro in the Morning - October 5, 2016

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David Waldman wants you to say things on KITM. It can be about politics, or the show, or pineapple. (David likes pineapple.) It can be 5 minutes to 25 minutes and range from sycophancy through calumny, he doesn’t care, he just wants audio files, soon!

David really needed some more pineapple last night, so he missed the Vice Presidential Debate. By tomorrow analysts will have untangled what they were saying, where they were looking, etc. and it still won’t matter. It’s Trump vs Clinton on Sunday!

Greg Dworkin felt it was an annoying debate with a moderator that lost control early, but Tim Kaine did one important thing: he showed beyond doubt that Mike Pence cannot defend Donald Trump. Pence’s head shaking will be fact checked to death today. Here are 6 things Trump definitely said, that Pence claimed he did not say. Bears have a rich pedigree in Russian narratives, but Mike Pence had to make up a Russian Bear proverb for the debate. Mike Pence brought Bill Clinton’s statements on Obamacare to the debate. Did Bill Clinton mess up? What did Bill actually say? Donald Trump calls tax avoidance “smart”, most Americans call it “unpatriotic”.

You know that Joan McCarter saw the VP debate. She came to KITM to give further analysis, including how nobody likes it when Mike Pence whips out that Mexican thing. Others treading water, hoping not to get too close to the Trumptanic undertow: Kelly Ayotte thought Trump was absolutely a role model for children, but reconsiders. And, Paul Ryan, a martyr for Trump.

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