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Kagro in the Morning - October 13, 2016

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How would you like to be Donald Trump today? If so, contact Donald, he can probably find a way to work something out.

Usually KITM is your source for the news, before it hits the “news”, but David Waldman Just can’t keep up with all of the new Trump accusations popping up!

Good thing Greg Dworkin is available to lend a hand, although he first wants to make sure no one is going to get sued. (Don’t worry) Check out the testimony of women caught too close to Donald’s fingers, tongue, leer, in the Abbreviated Pundit Roundup, then move on to Twitter where there will be more shortly. Are you still at the non-acceptance stage on the Donald Trump assault news? Or you might even be at the Kellyanne Conway or uncontrollable rage monster stage. If so here is an acceptance guide.

“The Tape” trebucheted the Clinton campaign last weekend. There’s lots of polls at APR. Listen to Greg to learn how to savor the fine nuances! For polling and psychology, Pennsylvania is a state to watch, as Hillary dominates the Philly suburbs.

As Trump accusations flood in, Trump troops fight on, and lose, in skirmishes. Donald Trump invests in 10 year olds with potential, checks in on the progress of 15 year olds, until he finds the right moment to strike. Donald has a certain preference, and certain preferences.  Assaulting a journalist was a big mistake.

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