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Kagro in the Morning - November 7, 2016

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David Waldman has pre-recorded today’s KITM. He’s back after the election on Wednesday to analyze the post-Trump America, as November 9 will either be “Post-Trump”, or “Post-America”.

Russian hackers aren’t hacking into the voting results. They are attempting to hack into our trust in voting results. Vladimir Putin’s Russia is backing Donald Trump, because nobody in the US can break trust more effectively.

Why won’t Trump back down from his support of Putin and Russia? Because not backing down is Donald Trump’s only consistent characteristic.

It is hard to trust intelligence officials, when a guy who used to be the U.S. military's top intelligence official passes along FWD: FWD: FWD: emails on Twitter, which are manufactured by teenagers in the Balkans.

Then there’s Donald Trump’s foreign policy and energy expert on Russia, Carter Page, who is not known by Russia experts nor energy experts nor Russian energy experts, and appears largely unknown to Trump’s own campaign. He is described “a gray spot”, a man whose story never quite adds up, and a guy making some money from Donald’s name dropping. How useful is this idiot to Russia & Trump?


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