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Kagro in the Morning - January 3, 2017

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Imagine a world in which Joe Biden kicked David Waldman’s Operation High Noon into action, and the Republicans didn’t prioritize removing independent ethics committees... Oh, now it looks as if the 115th Congress’ noble aims of increasing discipline by reducing enforcement by increasing transparency through secret votes, have changed somewhat. Good for us, we have such an ethics watchdog on the case!

In the rest of today’s Orwellian news, companies hoping to hire more, by reducing the number of companies in existence, and lower prices by creating monopolies, know who to go to for help: a PEOTUS that prefers to hang out with the mob, and hires unvetted gunmen to watch over his guards. His future Attorney General commits felonies to assist in his confirmation hearing. And, some journalists decide that the appearance of journalism beats journalism.


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