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Kagro in the Morning - January 4, 2017

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David Waldman tells us that for a while there yesterday, Republicans had the bowels of the Office of Congressional Ethics in their greasy hands, ready to yank, then we came to the rescue. Why was this such a priority for the Gop? They seem to have invented a new kind of stupid, while putting the perfect spin on the Trump presidency.

Greg Dworkin calls in to discuss why the OCE is important, focusing on how we would never have known about cases like Michele Bachmann’s without it.

Of course “draining the swamp” was just another Trump scam. Newsrooms have their work cut out for them, every detail needs the utmost care, right to the headline. The easy part is knowing that everything they will be told from here on out will be lies.

Republicans finally have the power to repeal Obamacare, but they're still not sure how. Here is what they plan to do, but is that what they are going to do? They can’t say they weren’t warned. The devil is in the details, and will take care of that "Day One" of his presidency.

Joan McCarter also talks about the House Republicans reversing on OCE. House Democrats give the finger to Ryan, and the Republicans over the new fine of up to $2,500 for members taking photos on the floor. The Senate has started investigating Russian interference in our election—by probing the Obama administration response. Chuck Schumer sure wishes Democrats hadn’t nuked the filibuster.

Donald says he hardly knows his acquaintance Joey “No Socks” Cinque. This probably breaks Joey’s heart, considering how much he admires Trump.

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