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Kagro in the Morning - January 10, 2017

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David Waldman may or may not fend off his winter virus, but he didn’t have to carry KITM on his own once Armando called in to add to the discussion of the general state of LOL YOLO happening out there. So, today is the big day of the big week to start determining how helpful/helpless we can be. Senators will also unveil a bipartisan bill to impose new sanctions on Russia, to temporarily irk Trump/Putin.

Right now, Jeff Sessions is getting his confirmation hearing, important because it is a hearing on Trump as much as Sessions. A lot will be said, by a lot of people, but odds are he’s getting in.

Armando talks about earlier confirmation hearings, such as Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense, and his labeling of James Hormel, ambassador to Luxembourg, as being "aggressively gay".

As House Republicans inject more uncertainty into the Obamacare chaos, the plan to repeal without replacement might have trouble picking up votes. If they can’t blow it up right away, they will try to blow it up slowly to see if they can break Democrat’s will.

Monica Crowley, a memorable and unique author in shorter forms, plagiarized numerous passages for her Ph.D. dissertation.

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