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Kagro in the Morning - January 17, 2017

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David Waldman is honoring his New Years resolution today by supporting media he can trust to keep him informed… Yep, I’m looking at you. Remember, each dollar you donate to KITM is another dollar we can use to buy a lottery ticket and make some real money.

President Trump will Make America Great Again mere moments after taking the oath, by going away, at least until Monday morning. At least that’s the date he pulled out for The Times of London. However, each word Trump says does not seem to be informed by the previous word, making it tough on reporters attempting to portray him as “not an idiot”. It is also hard to portray Donald as “not a crook” or “not a perv” when no one proves or disproves that dossier, although you know people are working on that, too. Donald Trump is putting people back to work, diagraming sentences, tracing leads, and reading The Constitution. Armando helps us with those Emolument clauses. Take your time to absorb his article as the Trump learning curve will remain steep. For instance, Donald Trump's company says it will donate profits from any foreign governments that use his hotels. You know that is BS, David explains why. Trump has always played around in various scams and urine, as well as fake news, so the corporate media should have been prepared, although they still had a hard time cornering even the Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

The population of protesters, tourists, and journalists are up at Trump Tower, but not enough are buying jewelry. Gun-friendly statehouses see occasional” reckless conduct. (But so do gun-friendly steakhouses.) The Missouri Capitol institutes the “leave a gun, take a gun” rule.

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