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Last night Donald Trump established his new tradition of holding a two minute standing ovation in the Capitol for the spouse of each service member killed in action during his term. Other than that, it was one of his less crappy hours. David Waldman analyses the analysis of the reviews of Trump’s style. The press just wants it to be fun like it used to be. Our next celebrity President will hopefully be a lot more fun than this.

Even though Donald met the lowest of expectationsGreg Dworkin doesn’t let that distract us from our Shared Values® in fighting The Chaos™ surrounding us. We need a Select Committee on Trump’s Russia connections. We need to look at Trump the way we look at other autocrats. Sure, All Votes Matter, but don’t give Trump voters a pass. Empathize, don’t sympathize with them.

Meanwhile, there’s Stephen Bannon. Is he awfully evil, or evilly awful? is he a villainous Leninist determined to destroy the state, or an unprincipled troll determined to watch the world burn? Whichever, he has plenty of power to do what he wants.

Joan McCarter hateblogged last night’s speech, and relives the ordeal with David. So much for Trump's “insurance for everybody” promise. Could Republican infighting over the Obamacare repeal get any worse? Maybe their plan is to do nothing and hope for the worst. Is Trump’s budget plan just continuing resolutions to Obama’s budgets? Paul Ryan believes Donald might be confusing “having insurance” with “having access to insurance”.

At least Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has his priorities straight.

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