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David Waldman begins another week, and another month of astute political observation. But first he has to pull himself away from this idiots tweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Dworkin shows off his new microphone cable today. If you think that’s impressive, tune in to Wednesday’s KITM to hear his new microphone! Greg recommends Independent Lens’ documentary about the Sandy Hook School Shooting, “Newtown”, on your local PBS station tonight.

Has America's “Cult of Ignorance” brought about the death of expertise? If you want to be an expert, you need to practice, and practice requires finishing it that first time. What would the Elders of Zion say about all of this fake news?

The Los Angeles Times breaks it to us: We have a dishonest President, who lies all of the time. Trump’s Presidency—and life—have been based on an ethos of narcissism, lying and racism. It still does remain tough nailing down Republicans that list those as their core values however... although it is kind of easy to see them around.

Trump is finding few in the Gop willing to act like employees, which makes the Republican majority in Congress an Illusion. Don’t count out self-absorption and hypocrisy yet—there’s still plenty to keep Donald going. Does the media owe Trump a debt of gratitude? Andy Richter comes up short on the reach-out.

Donald Trump has a lot of important things to deal with, OK? His son-in-law can pick up the slack on the national end, and the international end, when he has time. But, maybe he’s the wrong businessman to reinvent government... unless the intent is to reinvent it as a kleptocracy. The Wallace Global Fund is sick of pretending, and sick of its own elite law firm.

Don’t be mad at our Bernie brethren! Evidence is mounting that most of the trolling during the primaries and election might have been Russian Bots!

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