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Wow, a whole bunch of things happened in the last few days! I know, right?

David Waldman is is ready to bring illumination and insight to all that—tomorrow. He’s on vacation today. Today you get a shiny new pre-recorded KITM, full of illumination and insight about other stuff.

For instance, Steve Bannon. He’s probably still around, although it is hard to tell… even Breitbart can’t say when he left them. The knives are still out for Bannon, his scam is getting unmasked, he continues to collect money for doing nothing, except making those lowlife connections, and introducing them to the Mercers. Bannon’s right-hand woman, Julia Hahn, follows in his shadowy footsteps, but seems much sweeter doing it.

David brings us the procedural politics feel-good story of the guy that made the 27th amendment happen—still the most recent amendment to The Constitution.

What’s at stake when the President alleges politics in intelligence and we run out of people to trust?

Think you are caught up on all of the entire Trump-Russia network? How about the Spanish connection with Trump’s Russia scandal?

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