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SCANDAL! On Today’s KITM, David Waldman explores Jimmy Fallon’s recent revelation: Donald Trump might have plagiarized the commencement speech from “Legally Blonde”. It's hard picturing Donald recovering from this one!

Also in the news, Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador, destroying decades of intelligence infrastructure, killing agents in the field, and handing untold advantages to our enemies, which he has the absolute right to do. Trump might not understand “leak” or “loyalty”, but he knows his rights. He was building a better relationship between the United States and Russia, and knows that sometimes you have put in a little extra to impress your new cool friends, even if it means having to ditch the nerds you used to hang with.

Israel was the source of secret intelligence that Trump gave to Russians. BTW, Trump will visit the Western Wall, without Netanyahu.

KITM Texas correspondent John R. gives us the good and the bad of finding a swarm of Texas Democrats vying for two Republican seats in the U.S. House.

Here is the story of a slave, owned by Americans, in modern times, and how domestic slavery can exist easily in our culture.

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