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David Waldman brings us KITM’s “Trump is a Moron Wednesday,” which though true for all or most of our lives, we usually refer to as “Wednesday.”

Greg Dworkin vanquishes his un-mutable ringtone and doorbell to another room to bring us his round-up. High hopes, or at least some hopes buoyed Trump approval in September, but down he goes again, most importantly in rural America. Trump’s approval dips in every state, though there’s still plenty of loonies.

Greg asks us to think of Trump as Mr. Spock trying to fake emotions—a moronic, infantile, deeply sociopathic Mr. Spock. Everybody, outside and inside of Washington knows this, but why do Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin risk their reputations? Why does Washington act like hostages? Why does Bob Corker stop way short of saying what he really means, but somehow it feels like a revelation to the press? A possible explanation is indexing—the news knowing the score but waiting for someone important to first say it, and then reporting on the quote. 

It turns out that Secretary of State Rex (everything) Tillerson was inspired to call Donald Trump a moron because Trump gave him compelling evidence. Trump asked for a tenfold increase in US nuclear weapons because that’s just his style. We already knew Donald was a moron in that particular meeting, just not an F’ing Moron. Trump now proposes to nuke NBC.

David goes procedural in the second half, with an exploration of blue slips. Mitch McConnell says he’s killing blue slips for judicial nominees, one of the last mechanisms for bipartisanship, as if that’ll happen again.

Israel discovered that you might be a Russian tool, by using a Russian tool. Meanwhile local and state governments continue aiding Russian cyberespionage.

Ryan Zinke went to a ski resort and Alaskan steakhouse on the taxpayer dime, and still people avoid public service careers!

If you feel the need to mansplain how to avoid sexual assault, then maybe Terry Crews can explain a few things to you first.

Today is the exciting conclusion of Paula Apynys 8 part series of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward”.

But wait—there’s more to come! KITM welcomes new correspondents and new stories this week! You can be one too, just let us know!

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