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David Waldman returns from a day of Rosh Hashanah merriment and Torah readings, aware that celebration and somber reflection must go hand in hand... unless you are some sort of sociopathic dotard, of course.

Ben Shapiro quickly scans Barack Obama’s latest speech to find hooks for his usual talking points, so that Republicans can quickly scan his articles for lib pwning tips.

Remember Omarosa Manigault Newman? She was kind of wondering if you did, so she thought she should release another recording she made of Donald Trump. White House staffers recorded Donald like parents at a school play.

Sen. Susan Collins will be voting for Brett Kavanaugh, although singing la la la with fingers in her ears does help her feel a bit less troubled by that.

The International Criminal Court suspects the US of war crimes. John Bolton is going to come over there and show them what illegitimate really means.

A court filing just revealed Maria Butina is ready to flip on her co-conspirator. And maybe a candidate or two, although there just doesn’t seem to be a shortage of candidates for Maria Butina.

If there is an opportunity for a mystery attack anywhere in the world, there are Russians up for the task, including hacking into the RNC email system, because you never know where you might find something useful, like missing John Kerry votes, or Supreme Court kompromat. Russians are cleared of an attack at a Washington DC condo.

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