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David Waldman returns to today’s Special Holiday KITM atoned, rested, and ready to tackle at least the next couple of days before the weekend:

Donald Trump was “briefed” yesterday in N.C., which is only slightly less embarrassing than being “pantsed”. At least a guy got a nice boat out of the deal, and even Donald came away learning something.

Greg Dworkin rounds up his round-up, and then some: The White House can’t withdraw Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination because that would break their winning streak of getting stuff done or whatever. Remember, the Kavanaugh train is not unstoppable.

A classmate of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford made the mistake of speaking the truth, and learned to never do that again. Men on the other side of these things know to avoid speaking the truth at all times. Women know better, although women on the Gop side of things seem to have picked the Gop side of things. Diane Feinstein couldn’t make everyone happy, but there is plenty of time to fix that. If Dr. Ford’s testimony had never come out Kavanaugh would only be known as a lying sleaze.

The FBI isn’t Trump’s enemy, or his buddy either. Donald saw a thing on the telly-telly, so he said a thing, and that’s that. Is that how it works? If so, Trump could have fixed his problems years ago.

3 term Republican Senator Nancy Kassebaum and Kansas governor Bill Graves will vote against Kris Kobach. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker thrives in adversity, so he must be growing like a weed.

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