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David Waldman, on the road this weekend, hoped to return to find everything normal this morning. Of course, he was disappointed, unless he was expecting the normal level of abnormality.

For instance, Kirstjen Nielsen was fired by tweet, as would be expected, and Donald Trump ignored the law in naming her replacement, of course. She certainly won’t be missed, maybe even after we meet the new guy.

Former White House counsel Don McGahn is quoted, uhm, off the record, dropping really big hints that his boss was not fun to work for, and interestingly, that the White House operations model was hub and spoke, a business model familiar to lawyers, especially those in antitrust law.

Greg Dworkin has noticed that someone might be worried about the Mueller report. In fact, the closer it gets, the more Trump squeals, and the more lies are being tossed out. As the Mueller report coverup proceeds, the Trump tax return dodge begins. Trump has always considered his tax dodging a priority, even over the Mueller report. Democrats always considered a reasonable law-based argument would make a difference to anyone in their right mind. As a result, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney replied, Na-na ah boo boo, you can’t make me. Trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulow, backed him up with, Oh yeah, what about Nancy Pelosi?

Donald Trump's week of utter chaos sent the message that he is out of control. On the other hand, Democratic freshmen are already posting huge fundraising numbers. Democrats should stop chasing Trump’s base. They already have their own white working-class voters, plus plenty of others.

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