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Dearest Abigail, so much has come to pass since our last correspondence—I was made almost deaf from the bombshells that pinned back Ol’ Bonespur’s troops as of late! Shall the battle of Ukrainium One be that “Great Pivot” all have talked about? Surely... only timeDavid Waldman and Greg Dworkin can tell us of this:

William Barr, Mike Pompeo, and Rudy Giuliani scour the world in search of dirt on absolutely anyone other than Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (while checking for some nice extradition-free retirement digs) The Federalist lies to us, and liars use the the Federalist to lie to us. Other than that, the Gop has no plan for Trump’s defence, other than lots of money. Oh, and more lies, lots more lies.

It appears “plan B” for the White House is more of the above. Tomorrow on KITM, Meet the Florida duo on Rudy Giuliani’s dirty crew in the Ukraine.

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