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Monday. Another day and… hey, another day? We’re all still here! Donald Phumpher Trump laid in bed with various bowls and spoons and switchers and didn’t get around to completely wiping out everything this weekend...

Well, except for the Kurds. They are out of luck, again. (And again, and again.) Donald just might be a professional wrestling hero, or a cartoon villain, but former Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk knows he’s no Commander-in-Chief. Even Lindsey Graham took a second to pop his head out and complain about Trump’s Syria policy. Time to sign the #3 Trump Tower deal.

David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin to play Jenga with Trump’s house of cards:

You knew Rick Perry would turn up eventually on Presidential Apprentice. (Place those bets on now on Ben Carson!) Who would have guessed Donald Trump’s search for corruption in Ukraine would turn up Donald Trump? Well, KITM listeners, probably. Liquid natural gas is at the heart of the Ukraine scandal.

A judge orders the White House to preserve records of Trump’s dealings with foreign leaders, because really, who would trust that guy? Still, no one can expect the Office of Legal Counsel to fix this mess. So, you should vote, especially if you happen to be in Virginia. And, there’s impeachment, a popular solution.

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