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One thing is certain. Being buried under an avalanche of ping-pong balls is less than what Donald Trump deserves.

Today, David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin, (The “Hugh Brannum” of KITM), along with Greg’s wonderdog Abby (Woof!), to cover the latest consequences of enabling Donald Trump (Rough!). In fact, it has become fatal for Kurds in Turkey. Will “Many will die, but not me!” look good on a red cap? (Ralph!) America First makes us a loser everywhere.

For this reason and many more, more than half of voters would be happy with a non-President Trump. Impeachment is a thing that just might unite us.

Of course, Trump despises reality, and the impeachment inquiry has become a little too real for him and his lawyers. In other obstruction of justice news, Trump tried to make Rex Tillerson make the Justice Department drop a case against Rudy Giuliani’s Iranian-Turkish client. Now, we ain’t saying he’s a gold trader… Actually yes, that, and more. We’ve also been telling you those Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman guys were up to no good, and we were right.

U.S. billionaires are now paying a lower tax rate than the working class. Hopefully someone has a plan to fix that... Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls, but it isn’t because Joe Biden is dropping, Joe just might have quit going up. (Roof!)

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