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Such a hubbub this weekend! Mick Mulvaney, for one is certainly is having a hard time getting over it. Mulvaney’s three rationalisations for Ukraine’s quid pro quo might need to be exchanged before next weekend. Now, The Trump National Doral won’t be hosting the June G7 summit, forcing a switch to the “B” location, Lev Parnas’ basement... and Greg Dworkin’s wonderdog, Abby the doorbell, had a cousin crashing over.  All of this, but nothing can stop Greg and David Waldman’s early Monday appointment to set us on our way right:

Trump’s reelection bid is weak and getting weaker, bolstered only by the vast wealth of his donors and his keen fear of going to jail. There are two kinds of Trump voters, the kind that doesn’t mind the pile of bodies on 5th Ave, and the ones feeling those heebie-jeebies seeing what’s coming out of the woodwork. Donald Trump is searching for a third kind, people so Trumpy they haven’t been able to find even one voting booth in their life. Want insight into this strategy of fracking your base to extract just enough winning votes? David suggests watching the movie Brexit. Meanwhile, in the UK, people are finally catching on.

Sunny Isles, Florida, has kept its kitsch even after gaining 6 Trump towers and the Russian mob.

You just know that Carlos Danger and Pierre Delecto were “lurkers” long before there even was a Twitter.


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