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David Waldman brings us today’s KITM live from the red carpet of the Golden Globes! (Cleanup crews want to roll it up, so we might need to step off...)

Josh Hawley,out in the field, URGENTLY wants everyone’s holiday vacation to be overJeanine Pirro looks around, doesn’t see anybody, figures she won.

But his emails! If aides can’t privately talk about Donald Trump’s plans to bribe and extort for personal gain, what can they talk about?

Greg Dworkin calls in to offer some high-involvement cooperative overlap in (unintelligible crosstalk). I know! Right?

War! Huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely not Trump, because this is just the thing he’d lie about... which is all things, especially war. Of course, war could be a very shiny object for a media tired of so many dull scandals. At least this means the end of ISIS, uhm, as a story. Donald promises a few war crimes for those itching to pwn Jimmy Carter. Other than that, no, Trump hasn’t got much figured out past tee time.

To sum up: Trump heard that Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation, and knew he had absolutely no ability to negotiate, but did have a lot of bombs… Coincidentally, he did have a few failed negotiations in Iran that still needed to be cleaned up, so... 

This time, the axis of evil, and not-so evil punditry might be unified against war hucksterism. Will Twitter declare war or conscientiously object?

Democrats don’t have to be all things to all people, but they don’t have to promise all things to all voters either.

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