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What a tiresome week. David Waldman takes us… to the middle:

STFU SOTU. Donald Trump doesn’t have much to brag about, but he did give away prizes. Rush Limbaugh, who has never deserved anything that he presently has, now has a participation medal. The one thing that Trump’s speech absolutely was not: Soft and absorbent, therefore Nancy Pelosi only decided she should tear it up. How unpatriotic! Just like Jay-Z, and Beyonce and uhm... Donald Trump.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the pundits—a feat, considering the pundits themselves don’t really know where they are since that caucus-blockus brouhaha Monday. Greg is back to catch us up, Iowa Caucus-wise, so we will have one more chance to review what they are, why they are important, and how to cipher all the numbers before we move on to New Hampshire

Results are in! Some of them! Maybe! Flip a coin! Still, there are finally some crunchy numbers out there, and some evidence to conclude. Buttigieg and Sanders do have bragging rights, and Mayor Pete will do just that.  The fiascos do continue to roll in. Elizabeth Warren lost a delegate when people who didn’t know better took over from people who knew better, but didn’t pipe up. A Buttigieg caucuser discovers she might be a Trumper at heart

Today marks the final impeachment battle, before all of the future impeachment battles. David takes a dive into Ukrainian corruption history.

Is a Kentucky congressman “Peak Gop” in 2020? Nope! There’s plenty of 2020 left.

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