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David Waldman brings us part 3 of an exposé on Burisma.

Oh yes, you have heard a lot on Burisma already, and you sure will be hearing a lot more before the election. The Trump administration lower intestine will be feeding regular tidbits to our mainstream news for some time to come, therefore you might as well just stop by here for KITM’s much “less processed” account.

Meanwhile, there's a new abuse of power by Trump that should alarm you, should you ever find out about it. The Trump administration is spending millions to make people dumber every minute. So far that has worked pretty well... But what if everything you think you know about politics is wrong?

Not that it matters of course. You might be surprised to hear that Donald Trump charges the Secret Service premium rates at his hotels. Or... you aren’t surprised because you’ve known about it for years. By the time the real facts come out those facts have been so muddied that…

Wait, that’s not mud. Which brings us one more time back to the Iowa caucus. The caucus-blockus app seems to have been helped by trolls and Trumpers clogging the hotline plumbing, aided by idiot reporters.

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