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Sorry NIMBYs, we are just about out of back yards for this to not be in, including mine. Just don’t call it “a state emergency in Ohio”, it’s The Ohio State Emergency, please.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are the bearers of bad news, told well:

It’s now or never for the US to buckle down, and bring this coronavirus outbreak under control. We can learn from our past experiences and the present experience of others. Canceling events and self-quarantines will save lives by flattening the curve. Take Trump out of your advice and guidance if you want any respect.

Well, hello Joe! Last night white men showed they would turn up for Hillary Clinton, as long as she’s Joe Biden. Older black voters also came out in force for Barack Obama’s vice president. Youth, and math have been ghosting Bernie’s calls lately. Rallies are now out, unless you want to own the libs from your local triage unit. There is another debate remaining, though the only thing that might make it worth watching would be a table with no moderators, a couple of blue plate early bird specials, bottomless coffee, and their choice of pie... Two hours, just let them talk.

Tom Friedman, correct less often than a broken clock, says Joe Biden is our True Scandinavian. Perhaps this time he has a point.

Some good news: The House should get unredacted pages of the Mueller report. Now, if someone just gets around to delivering it...

Montana Democrats have their top candidate in the Senate race now, and might actually have a chance.

Project Veritas is James O’Keefe is Erik Prince is the People’s Republic of China.

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