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It is so simple. Keep staying inside, and keep safe. And, this time, probably no smiting will be required. (Maybe just a little smiting...)

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin help us keep informed and keep the faith:

Donald Trump has won the war with coronavirus! Go ahead, stick your head up out of your fox hole and smell the victory. Trump told you anyone that wants a test can get a test at drive-thru testing in parking lots across the country, with 1700 engineers creating a beautiful site on Google, and yet people still aren’t happy. Even his pity bump is beginning to fade.

Maybe we’ll cheer up if we quit counting dead people. Fox news tells us we are counting too many. Spain shows we aren’t counting remotely enough.

Donald Trump has always hated people counting over his shoulder, and this time is taking steps to stop it once and for all.

As government grows, oversight shrinks. Jared has something to do with it but you will never know wtf it is. $450 billion here, $250 billion there, and pretty soon you are talking real money. Well, you are, but the Federal Reserve isn’t, and neither are Republican’s installed middlemen.

Meanwhile, VA hospitals are running out of protective gear.

Trump Hotels qualify for coronavirus bailout benefits. No one qualifies for Trump Hotel donations. A former nurse who's now a bakery owner aims to feed frontline healthcare workers.

Trump’s new chief of staff Mark Meadows, starts to climb towards the top of everyone’s smite list.

The founder of QAnon has been begging to be arrested, and the FBI finally relented.

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