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Tuesday? Does it feel like “Tuesday” to you? I bet it’s still “April”, too.

Joan McCarter keeps track of such things and shows up right on schedule for today’s KITM with David Waldman

We seem to be in the world’s dumbest Star Trek episode, when the away team is always the same 5 idiots and a couple of redshirts. Our captain of course has to be this dim-witted lunatic who had yet another meltdown yesterday. Who could have predicted that? President FDT is no FDR, or Truman, or Hoover, and was hardly even himself once he discovered his campaign commercial didn’t shut up all those questions on how he saved America through knee-jerk racism in January followed by… absolutely nothing. At least you know he boosted the ratings going into tonight’s show!

The world-wide disaster continuesOne third of the NHS staff tested in the UK have coronavirus. Sweden calmly watches the tsunami approach. Back in the USA, South Dakota’s rugged individualists herded themselves into tight enclosures over at the Smithfield foods plant, infecting 450 workers. Trump fan, Governor Kristi Noem, plans to send all the infected down the chute where hydroxychloroquine waits for them. Don’t worry China, you’ll still get your pork shipments. Unfortunately, California does not have herd immunity.  A million people in New York City might however, and there is only one way to find out.

While you wait for your big $1,200 check, millionaires split up a bonus $90 billion, a surprise to Democrats, but not so much Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer try to keep emergency aid for hospitals and unemployed away from the most dangerous man in America, Moscow Mitch McConnell. Time to play chicken with Trump.

If there is still “voting”, there is still some good news coming from Wisconsin and Maine.

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