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SURRENDER! The people in his head have spoken, so Donald Trump yesterday welcomed our viral overlords, introduced by our new national anthem. The US coronavirus task force will shut down this month or will run forever, depending on whether you are asking Donald Trump or Donald TrumpIt’s all news to Dr. Anthony Fauci and probably anybody else on the force for that matter. And, there’s likely another crisis out there that’s begging for Jared Kushner to solve. On coronavirus, Jared had some buddies, (all legal age with real IDshonest!) fan out on a PPE hunt, which might have gone better...

Who needs a team anyhow? Donald Trump has solved every problem on COVID-19, even with a lot of other things on his plate and several niggling hoaxes. Nobody knows more about full plates and distractions than Donald Trump.

Of course there will always be hatersDr. Rick Bright was always prioritizing ‘science and safety’, and look what happened to him. At least dissenting doctors and experts don’t fall out of windows in the US...

Anyway, our couple-month-long war is finally over, everything is back to perfectly normal, get back to work! Our brave warriors—meat plant workers, anyone in a county with a prison, your grandma—will be left on the battlefield, along with soldiers, sailors, farmers, etc., etc., for some cleanup. As in the movies, once the problem is solved in New York City, the credits roll, and people can go home.

Still somehow, Trump finds his favorability ratings receding as fast as his hairline did in the 80’s. Donald has always been ready to sacrifice the all for the good of the one, but it looks like he might not even pull that off this time. The good news is that we have remained united while Republicans became divided between their stupid and their self-centered. Jeanine Pirro wants it both ways.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin balance the benefits vs. the risks of reopening. Should you go out? Somebody asked seven others, and they weren’t sure. More people now personally know a cautionary tale, unfortunately.

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