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Did you hear the latest on KITM today? You didn’t? Well, no one did, because the live feed didn’t make it on the air today. Not to worry, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin record all of this stuff, and are happy to share!

Donald Trump told you that the 15 coronavirus cases in the US would be down to zero, and so far he’s been absolutely correct. On Sunday, Florida alone reported 15,300 new cases in one day. There will be plenty more cases and more denials to come. There will never be a second wave if this one doesn’t go away. Some are catching COVID-19 for a second time already. Some will catch it more times than that. Some only needed to catch it one time.

Against this wave, instead of sandbags, Betsy DeVos plans to stack children. Daycare kids are already going down. Without CDC guidelines, schools are on their own.

2 marine bases in Okinawa  have a major coronavirus outbreak, and Japan knows why. Military cases of COVID-19 are increasing at double the national level.

Oh wait, there is a welcome wave carving through the sunbelt… a huge blue wave! It’s sweeping through individual states and across the big beautiful electoral college map. People have preferred to identify as “non-racist”, “non-lunatic”, and “non-moronic” lately. In fact, that Washington football team also decided to not identify “that way” anymore, after 87 years, following a similar moral epiphany

Racist lunatic moron Donald Trump however stays the course—are you not entertained? It looks as if Roger Stone really got his commutation, plus a few bonuses

Due to the hard work of lobbyists, gun silencers will now be able to be licensed and exported like any other weapon on the U.S. munitions list which includes satellites and nuclear weapons.

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